Nov 13, 2009


Well ... here I am in week five of whatever it is that is ailing me! I think I over did week three, thinking I could push my way through it and ended up back in week one!!!
Very up and down ... one day feeling brighter and therfore do an activity such as 'hold a conversation!!!' ... only to find that is clearly too draining and spend the next day studying with great intensity the inside of my eyeballs!!! Hey Ho.
However ... lessons in patience and acceptance ... understanding more of what 'letting go' actually means ... and simply allowing each day to unfold in its own way are part of the healing process I am sure.Plus so many Golden Rays sent from folk, I could Light up the run way for the FOL landing pad all by myself!! Thanks very much everyone.

This was google earth the other day .... I was waving like mad and screaming at Scottie to beam me up but he obviously had his mind elsewhere!

Also this was put up the other day ... not sure the reason for the delay , but it gets interesting (if you were me ) as it goes on.(thanks to kerrie for sending it on)

Ok ... thats it from me for now , but I would like to leave you with this word of warning. (thanks Eveline)

Happiness pandemic hits worldwide!!
A worldwide epidemic is spreading worldwide with an enormous speed. The WWO (World-Wellness-Organization) foresees billions of people being infected in the coming decade.
Here are the most prominent symptoms of this awful disease:
1- The tendency to let yourself be guided by intuition instead of acting under pressure of fear, forced ideas and in the past conditioned behavior.
2- A total loss of interest in judging others, convicting yourself and preoccupation with things that create conflict.
3- A complete loss of the capacity to worry – This is one of the most serious symptoms.
4- A continual pleasure in appreciating humans and things the way they are, which strengthens one’s tendency not wanting to change others.
5- The desire to change yourself so that innate thoughts, feelings, emotions, bodily maters are managed in a way they facilitate health, creativity and love.
6- Repetitive attacks of smiling: a smile that says “thank you” and stimulates being one with all around.
7- A growing openness towards childishness, simplicity, laughter and happiness.
8- More frequent moments of communication with one’s soul in non-duality, that creates the pleasant feeling of fulfillment and joy.
9- Finding pleasure in acting as a healer who spreads joy and light instead of criticism and indifference.
10- The ability to effortlessly live alone, in a couple, with family or in a community on a basis of equality, without the need to play a role as executioner or wanting to be sacrificed.
11- A feeling of responsibility and joy to offer the world one’s dreams of an abundant, harmonic and peaceful future.
12- Total acceptance of one’s own presence on earth and the will to choose each moment for what’s gracious, good, truthful and alive.
Do you want to continue living in fear, dependency, conflict, disease and conformism, then avoid at all cost people who display these symptoms, since this disease is very contagious. If you already have these symptoms, know you’re condition is probably very hopeless. Medical treatment can temporarily repress the symptoms, although the progress of the disease is inevitable. There just isn’t an anti-happiness-vaccine.
Because this happiness disease causes the loss of fear of death, which are the central pillars upon believe of materialistic modern-day society rests, a risk of societal turmoil with a complete loss of interest in warfare and to always be right, gatherings of happy people who sing, dance and celebrate life, emergence of people who celebrate their (physical and spiritual) healing and crises of extreme joy and séances of collective emotional vent is at hand.
Pass it on...

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays to all.
Bloss xx


Anonymous said...

That is so funny Blossom love it!

And how good is google earth fantastic!!!!!

Re the youtube I sent in,
The youtube WAS shown last year can you believe only 3 people looked at it???????? the man who emailed me put it back up now for me to look at, he is one of those quiet souls who feels that it was not meant to be seen until now, he said he is just in service of the light and he will go now, I said to him don't go too far my friend!!!
It was on that other satellite program that wasn't covered up like google earth, probably not as popular as google earth so not seen as a threat.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear from you, Blossom. and, no more calling you Vera Virus! That's the LAST thing you want people calling you! Happy healing!

yk248 said...

Hi Blossom, I really liked the part you put in this post. It's awesome :) All the best of Health Joy and Laughter.



Joan said...

Dearest Blossom
Glad to hear that you are feeling, a very little, better. I have had a lot of diseases in the past polio,pneumonia, glandular fever, viral meninigitis (?) MS cancer and I know that with your wonderful belief you will get better but as you said you have to be obedient and let go the reins. That is hard as everything is getting so exciting but all is as it should be. love light and Golden Rays. Joan

Coach Enrique said...

Steve from England left a very interesting comment on your previous post, Blossom, and I'd like to share what I know about seeing randomly 11:11, 3:33, 4:44 or intelligent patterns like 12:34
a)it's the way to say hello from a Highly Evolved Energy telling us is present among us.
b)it is Universal in nature, since it is happening to thousands -if not millions- of people since 3-5 years ago, but at the same time is deeply personal since it makes YOU turn around or wake up at the precise time in the right direction to witness her salute in some digital display.
c) the best part is: this shows you that you are now able to receive "instructions" from this Energy, not everyone can. She has touched you and you have responded.
So, don't try to use your mind to make sense of anything. Mind is against True Freedom since mind has been trained to keep you down and controlled. Don't try to UNDERSTAND anything, that is why some people literally "go crazy" about things. This is not to be UNDERSTOOD, this is something to be FELT.
Your reaction Steve was brought up by your ego (your installed mind) feeling its end. Ego's energy is dropping down real fast and -in desperation- it clings to anything to survive. Your ego had to took energy from your wife by making her feel mad at you and then by the sadness you created on her. That's the way ego feeds himself, not able to feed from Divine Essence, it literally takes in and gives out garbage.
KNOW of this when ego comes back again in fear and internally smile at him, tell him that you understand its fear, embrace it and put it aside, don't let ego run your life anymore, its density will always keep you from flying.
One final word: we all carry this installed mind but it doesn't possess us. It has deceived us to make us believe we are powerless but it is not more than a shadow, may look big and dark but it doesn't have any power on its own. The ilussion is over, don't fall for it.

Meredith said...

Hi Blossom, I've been reading your channeled words for over a year now and I think of you and your bravery often. I, of course, have been one of many sending you golden rays to help you through your recent illness. Today I feel compelled to share with you some powerful words that I have been taught that have helped me many times over the years. The words "infinite love and gratitude" carry a whopping energetic punch (for obvious reasons) and I have even been found to be muttering it in my sleep!

My gift to you is to recommend letting those words tumble through your mind and lips, especially during your weak moments. You will find they lift your energy.

This is not intended as a plug in any way, but if you would like to learn more about the power behind those words, you can visit the site of my dear friend who has dedicated his life to spreading love and gratitude at

Keep up the great work, my friend. Thank you for having the guts to put yourself out there and deliver these messages. Your optimism and honesty inspire me.

With infinite love and gratitude,

SD said...

Hello Blossom and all!
Good to hear from you, Blossom and here's hoping for a continued and speedy recovery.

It sure has been strange not hearing from the FOL at this time when so many other channels are abuzz with news of disclosure being imminent.

I hope it will be soon but I also know that I personally have a lot of work to do before the Golden Age. Rather than hoping the FOL or anything external will come to save us I know the most important thing I can do is continually live in my heart centre, acknowledging negative thoughts but letting them pass and staying focused on the light.

This journey sometimes seems a difficult one but sending love to each other certainly helps. Thanks for this facet of community everyone!

Love and Light to all

Anonymous said...

Another post with potentially 60 "we're so happy all is good"-replies...well Blossom, from my point of view, neither you nor the FOL have delivered yet, and I doubt you ever will. In fact, I suppose if one thing has become clear in the last year it is that you and your "friends" are nothing but CHARLATANS. That was the word I was looking for so desperately during all this time, shame on me that it took me so long to find it. Blossom, the charlatan...yes that does sound right to me.

Blossom Goodchild said...

mmm! ... Bloss the charlatan ... and your name is??...
The reason I dont have comments up that are not of Love and Light is because I wont post any swearing, and those that are not of 'happy mind' are usually full of that. But yours isn't ... so ... I posted it for you! My aim here is for it to be a nice place to visit. If this doesn't suit your needs then best go elsewhere.
Look out though, as you are now likely to get bombarded with Golden Rays from all here. Fasten your seat belt!

Andri said...

Ok, cool Blossom, to also post "critical" opinions on your blog. My name is Andi, and I'm writing from Switzerland to answer your question.

No, I won't swear and I won't go away, and neither will I retract what I've posted.
The day I'll see you cruising around in an "alien" spaceship I will review my opinion, be assured.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Andi ... and I'll give you a wave!!! :)
Bloss x

Wanda said...

To 'Anonymous/Andri'.. Sending you TONS of Golden Rays and Love to you. :-)

Oh, but our Family from the stars HAVE been delivering for so long now. So many sightings all over the world..seems to be suddenly openly accelerating at an amazing rate this past year!

Is it because we are finally, globally, looking up in expectation? Or have they always been here, but we had yet not opened our hearts and minds enough to see?

To some of us, Blossom has been a door opening, a shift in conciousness that has allowed us to awaken to our true selves. I don't know how else to put this, so here goes...
If you live your life waiting for someone to come save you, then you are wasting prescious time. Change comes from within. Some of us have been blessed with sightings, and proof that they are always here. Because we KNOW.. in our beings, that this is our truth.
And anything else this duality based world throws at us, is just another step in our ascension.
Don't let the fear take over, we all have our down days, I know. But trust me, once you make peace with the reality of you are open up to a whole new vibration.
Open your eyes to the skies..haha..
You will begin to see some strange things .

Our families will be here soon, and they are making themselves known more every day. Check sooo many new sightings all over the world.

So, when you see Blossom flying over waving to you...just know that the rest of us are there in spirit too...waving at ya !..

Love & Light to all.

John said...

Eeeekkkk, I think I have this disease; I am deffinatly showing symptoms of 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Egad, you say there is no cure for this; ugh I am destined for a life of happiness, shoot. Oh well, I guess I will have to accept this and go on with my life, being happy and looking on the bright side of things, finding silver linings to gray clouds, and all that stuff.

Take care Blossom,
Your friend

PS Andri, I hope that you too are struck with this disease, as it is catchier than the H5N1 virus and so much nicer to live with.
Golden rays folks, golden rays!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow today I have had some stuff going through my body, all sorts of energies,some were quiet uncomfortable, at one stage my heart was ready to jump out of my chest,BREATHING!!!!! I kept sitting down to listen/feel, stuff is going on!!!!!!!I came across a lady from Byron Bay on the net, who has assisted me with what is going on with me, she has just been to Sydney to give a talk and transfer some sound energies to those open to them.We are not alone thank God.Love,light and GOLDEN RAYS TO ALL (and I mean ALL)I found myself forgiving myself over and over today feels so good.

I just now received this on my site:)

Ok, 6 hrs after your first post about Google Earth, now the shape is right between east coast of South America and the western coast of Africa, it reaches almost all the way from the North Pole to very close to the South Pole, by Google Earth measurement it is 10,000 plus miles long!! (not over Australia anymore; it's moving! And hasn't it been on Google Earth most of this past week?) Is this a gigantic Ship??? Exciting!!

Laura said...

Oh Blossom, you're a peach my friend!

to Andi...or is it Andri? I understand how frustrating it can be to truly believe something with all your heart, only to be let down when it doesn't happen the way you thought it would. What can I say.... God/Divine Spirit works in mysterious ways!

One of my favorite quotes says it all - "Whenever God closes a door, he always opens a window"!

All I know is that my life now, compared to my life over a year ago, when the FOL said they would appear, has soooo changed for the better that it's almost hard to comprehend at times.

I actually consider it a blessing that they didn't show last year - because it forced me to go within! I learned who I really was on the inside, and I realized the true power we all have within us. I no longer NEED the FOL to show up, like I once thought I did. Though it certainly would be nice, and I would welcome them with open arms - I'm at peace within myself either way. And I owe Blossom a great deal for that! Her bravery in sending out that message has changed thousands of lives for the better and has significantly helped raise the vibration on this planet! Instead of calling her names, you should be thanking this beautiful lady.

I'm sorry that you feel so hurt by all of this - but does it really make you feel better to lash out at a person who is really just spreading a message of LOVE? Maybe it's time to stop....and go within yourself for a time being....and really find out what is truly behind your anger. Trust me - I know it's not really Blossom or the FOL. And you're not hurting Blossom or the FOL with your angry words - you're just hurting yourself. Go within, open your heart...find the TRUE reason for your feelings...and you will set yourself free!

Much love to you - I truly hope you find what you are seeking.

And as always, much love and Golden Rays to you as well Blossom. I hope you're feeling better soon my friend!

Andri said...

Thanks Lara, will try to follow your advice.
I must say though that I've improved a know, I was one of the chaps who didn't mind "shouting abuse" a couple of months ago, but that has stopped, you know, I realized that even if Blossom was a "hoax", she still would not deserve to be treated without's just that sometimes I need to "vent off" some anger about this issue, and I guess it is an eternal struggle to bring across one's point without being hurtful (to myself and others)...
Anyway, to round this off...I've been on this ride with Blossom since it all started and have not missed one channelling since then...I agree that I too consider to have made some personal progress since last year's failed showup. I've lived in the countryside and in the open all my life without having ever noticed something that would remotely come near to your experiences, I'm just saying that some factual evidence to all this would be much appreciated...

Coach Enrique said...

@ Laura: while I fully agree with you that Blossom shouldn't EVER be blamed -much less cursed- for what happened last year, let's be fair and admit that she shouldn't be thanked either, since the final result of the no-event is entirely OUR responsibility and not hers. That's why some still carry a lot of frustration and some others feel a positive change, it has been up to us. "Blaming" others for our curses or blessings has been going on for thousands of years, now we must take full responsibility for what we choose to believe, think, decide and make. If there is "someone" to be grateful-to and thankful-to is only to the Creator and to our Divine Essence for relentlessly putting before us the circumnstances that lead us to Freedom. This doesnt' mean we cannot admire other people's Light, AS LONG AS WE KNOW that we have the same Light inside of us.
I admire you, Blossom, I really do.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Laura I love you:)

Sharon V said...

To Laura.....that was so well said! I feel exactly the same way! My life has also changed so much for the better in the past year...on both an inner & outer level. I have overcome many challenges that I have been battling for years. I just seemed to "get it" at last! I hope Andri will "get it" too sometime soon. Calling Blossom nasty names isn't what it's all about (& besides, it doesn't work anyway).
Love to everyone on this site...get well soon Blossom. Sending healing thoughts to you!
Love & light,
Sharon V

BlackSwan said...

Dear Bloss,
just a short email to say we are all seeing you well and healthy and sending golden supportive Golden Rays. I think I can feel all our energies rising and understand why it is very beneficial to maintain a detached but ever loving attitude to prevent stress or burn out. We all thank you for your human service even more so now as we see it comes at a cost.

You are pushing your energy up constantly in order to bring us lovely messages of hope for mankind in these strange times. That takes it toll. Your current situation is just your body telling you to slow down and take a rest. But of course you know that so are at peace.

Lots of positive energy from us all

Ami Drutman said...

Hello everybody

I know it's hard to wait, to be patience, when it's so difficult to live in a world with so much hate, hunger, domination... We try, each day, to spread light, love, a smile...
I think we must take care of our messengers, like Blossom. If any of us had the ability of channeling and we were sincere persons, we would like that others believe us or, at least, respect us. Make yourself in her place: she, like Mike Quinsey, Matthew Ward, Sheldan Nidle, Mark Kimmel and so many, are doing a brave - hard work. They represent our silent fight of love warriors. They are transmiting us something beautiful, very different from fear and lies that are the seed of domination... If you were a messenger, a contactee, I believe you would have liked that others believe you, hear all you have to transmit. Our channelers are humans like you and me; they deserve respect and love to continue in their mission.

The messengers are our ascension helpers; they remind us again and again the same thing in diffrent ways: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.
Thank you, Kerrie, Wanda, Daniel, Enrique, John, Laura, Andry, Anonymous... Everyone. We are one family. I believe we'll get a new harmonic earth; maybe it wont be as fast as we need and want, but it will occur, because things are going to bad for mother earth and for many brothers and sisters that are suffering each day.

I'm sorry for my bad english. Telepathy will be easier ;)

Love to all you, and thank you.

Ami Drutman

Faith said...

Hello everyone- Blossom I'm so glad you are having some good moments, and I know what you mean about analyzing the inside of your eyeballs, I was doing a bunch of that recently.

And I am going to thank you Blossom for opening up this topic in the unique and loving and fearless way that you have. And I know we are very close to some decloaking because I met a man in my dream Wed. night and told him about it....I got his name too. Woke up and looked him up on the internet and now we are emailing! An adventure....Love, Faith

Anonymous said...

Yeeh guys for once I am speechless!!!!!!!! well almost..... my Angel Leanne who works for me, has 'BLOSSOMED' these past 2years from not knowing who she is to knowing her knowing, going off her antidepressants and after 2 years of the two of us talking spiritual/scientific stuff! she said to me the other day I don't need you anymore! I said good that's what I like to hear, she not only has gone and got her own business happening, she is talking about this stuff to others and spirit is coming through this beautiful young gentle soul from the heart ( Leanne is not like me, her head NEVER gets in the way) It is probably that I need her still, but she said she can't leave me totally so she works with me every now and then:) Thank God!Love,light and gratitude
P.S Still feeling these energies soooo full on,last night in meditation I saw this Guy, I have seen twice before he looked like a Wizard or something long White hair and beard and every time I have seen him an energy goes through me not in the heart in the solar plexus and I need to breathe big time, he came through once about a year ago at a healing circle and he had his arms outstretched and five stars were in an arch over his head (who needs TV)this is much more fun!

The Happy Picker said...

Hi folks, I have been lurking in blossoms blog pretty much everyday. I always look forword to what people in here have to say about there experinces. I use to go all around the web looking for more details about FOL and 2012, and I saved quiet a bit on my laptop *videos*, but as of today I thought none of this stuff I was viewing felt right, so its all gone.
I sense this feeling of good vibes and peace all around. Good things are comming if not already around us.

Back to banjo practice, and maybe a bit of drawing for a giggle.

Take care everyone

PS:I just hope they like banjo :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom and all.

Well, after all the comments, let me just ask you one thing:

Mike Quinsey(Salusa)said that disclosure WILL happen before christmas 2009. What if nothing happens? How the channeling messages will work for you all?

Just for the record, i feel the same way:"To some of us, Blossom has been a door opening, a shift in conciousness that has allowed us to awaken to our true selves."

Light up the darkness.

Eddie, from Brazil.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Andri ... thanks for your honesty ....... welcome aboard!!And thanks too to everyone for doing what you always do best ... help each other out .....
@YOU ... if you go to and click on 'Our channellers' we explain how channelling works for us. Hope that helps.
Much Love to all. the last few days I really feel I am improving . yeeha! look out world here I come!! Golden Rays!

Laura said...

Wow, so much love in this place - it's wonderful! :-)

yk248 said...

Awesome Blossom!!!

Get Well!!

Happiness :D


Pam said...

Hi Blossom, hope you continue to recuperate. I would like to reply to Andri, regarding the presence of ETs. I have had a close encounter with a UFO, back in 1989 when my area had a flurry of sightings. I was a somewhat skeptical newspaper reporter at the time, but even so, I decided one night during the sightings to set up a camera with a telephoto lens and tripod on the balcony of a nine story building, and see what may or may not show up. I hadn't been sitting in the dark for more than 30 minutes when I saw a red light approaching directly for me, from the east. I trained the camera on it and started taking time exposure photos. It was very close, within half a mile, but made no sound whatsoever. It was triangular, with a red light at the front, and two white lights at the back corners. It veered off to the southwest and went between my building and another tall building about three-quarters of a mile away. The photos were later shown to some top scientists who could not identify the object. The oddest thing about the whole experience is I got the strong impression that the UFO had deliberately shown up at my station so I could photograph it. Later that same evening something landed in a country road 15 miles southwest of me and scared a family who was following it. Upon being interviewed later separately, each member of the family described the exact same details about their encounter.

Anonymous said...

To that Germany guy, here is the other one I was looking for as well for you.sorry for the delay info overload at the moment!

Greetings, This is Ashtar. One of these days soon there will be mass declaokings of our Ships, all over the World, simultaneously.
New developments recently have made this possible.
When this takes place, you will know arrests have taken place. We cannot make the Galactic
presence known on a worldwide scale until everyone is safe from any threat of danger,
including world leaders, news media, and military officials.

Wanda said...

To Eddie from Brazil.. first may I say Namaste' to you my brother.
Mike is not the only one who has stated this very same information.
If you google Obama November 27th ET disclosure.. there are many different sources.
And, if nothing does occur on that date... I still have knowing in my being that it is very soon.
I think that every message we receive vibrates deeper into our conciousness...opens new doors.
I know I've been seeing some cool things in the sky !!

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better, Blossom. Me thinks you needed to step back during this new stuff. You are so loved and protected. You needed to let go of the feeling of responsibility you were carrying. Now, you'll be rested, and ready to join the rest of us whom you have touched so deeply.

There is so much LOVE flowing here right now. Let's keep it going, and shine our lights bright. Golden Rays and pink Love to all.

The Happy Picker said...

They want to make sure the following people are safe: world leaders, news media, and military officials. Boy these guys and gals from federation of light must be super forgiving, to look after those that wish to keep everybody else in the dark.

I can't wait to see something. I have been looking at google earth and I saw what looked like a ship that was as long as the earth, and about as wide as western australia. I reckon having that decloak above me might freak me just a tad, but I can get use to it :)

One thing I hope is that these FOL are approachable too all, not just the people in power.

I got a strong feeling that Somehow things will turn out great.

Let the good vibes flow, and have a great day :)


The Happy Picker said...

As of 12:37pm I saw a HUGE ship over blossoms house. I wonder if its the same one I saw before. They seem to like Australia as I've noticed these big ships seem to over us.

Take care.


Blossom Goodchild said...

@Rich . yep I see it too.. but sadly only on google earth.... that is some big thing!! I remember once They said they have vehicles (? spelling) to travel in inside the ship. No wonder.
Oh scottie scottie scottie ... where for art thou Scottie!!!
Love it love it Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

@Happy picker That was not The Federation of Light that was Ashtar, the link was just to my site,
@ Pam 1989 was when I saw the lights here in Australia that was reported in the local newspaper and when I saw that being working on my chakras.

I just now received a return email from Dennis Whitney :
He writes for & for my blog 'Strange Planet' on all things that help us to raise our consciousness during these great days of change! From ETs and UFOs, to Survival, 2012, Orbs, NDEs & exposing the lies of government where I spot them!

He said what he finds interesting with what I have told him, is the 3am time that I get spoken to by spirit, as this is when he sees most UFO activity.

I have just found 6 emails from this Astrologer/medium on my old email, that I never use, this poor lady has been desperatley trying to contact me since the 14th Oct! as she is getting intuitive hits that something very big is about to happen to me ( I wonder what that is!) hopefully it will be me inside a capsule, I can do with a top up, Blossom I will be in line behind you:)though I just now went so deep again in meditation for 30 min. mind was switched off and I was out of here!I feel heaps better once again, I was so tired.Love,light and JOY Kerrie

Anonymous said...

I Have seen people state that they have experienced physical symptoms?.
Does anyone have a feeling that there body is undergoing a change.
I know myself I haven't felt that good, but by the same token I don't feel the anxiety and fear I once had.
I am 42 years old and to be honest I have been expecting these days, I just didn't know what that niggling feeling in the back ground was.
I'm very grateful to be able to observe everyone's input, we truly are in interesting times.
I especialy enjoy Coaches posts, I would love to spend an afternoon talking to you.
When I started seeing 11 11 about 5 years ago my intuition told me someone is saying hi.
God bless

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda. I do understand what you mean.

Let me put this way, after Blossom 14 otc message i learned about: The Law of the One, David Wilcock, Disclosure Project, FOL, Mike Quinsey, Salusa, Metraton, Galactic Roundtable, galactic friends and the list goes on...

I came from a spiritualist family, so in a way, from the first moment a heard about Blossom;s messages everything kind of made sense to me. I never dout it.

I do understand messages that inspare us unconditional love, seek our high selfs, etc.
But i've got to tell you all, i have trouble to understand a message from a "superior" been that affirm that there will be contact, disclosure and nothing happens...

And by saiyng this i dont mean Blossom, i did get the FOL response from last year... But again, Mike Quinsey, Mathew and others are saying that disclosure will happen this year, and before that they always said soon, too soon now, its on the table, its happening, etc.

Bottom of line, its just that sometimes i get a little frustated...

Just wanted to share with you all.

Light up the darkness!

Eddie, from Brazil.
ps: sorry for my english.

Andri said...

I wanted to ask Kerrie if you could direct me to a good site where I can find info about the 11:11 phenomenon: For me, lately it has become an almost daily experience to look at the watch at 02:02, 13:13, 04:04 etc. and I don't know what to mahe of it..

Walter Amantéa said...

Wonderful!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

To reply to Anonymous about the physical symptoms, is that I have too (and I am sure many others) have been feeling very very tired lately.
Even to the point where I wake up, feeling I haven't slept at all as if my body has been so busy with undergoing some change... And I have not changed my sleeping pattern in months. How interesting I think, but I welcome it. :)

On the other hand, I have been feeling a LOT more happier lately. :D

Lots of love to everyone,


Anonymous said...

Hi Andri, I am sure there are a lot of sites that talk about this, I can't think of any off hand, but on my site there is a lot of info on it,you will be able to start there and get leads, I just don't have the time to search, I am lucky in so much as because I have taken The Feds to 30 sites info comes to me in my email and I put it on my site, people have put up youtubes and even in my White Cloud group I have put what White Cloud says about it,and another energy that came through Blossom, which was interesting, here is the link to the recent event we had on my site:)Namaste

P.S. Blossom talking about White cloud and your books I wonder how many people have read them all, is it just me! because if they did all this would make sense, I am still blown away by what has come through you and yet you stay so cool? I have just now started a new ning site up just for me with my favourite pictures and quotes from White Cloud and The Feds. see this is the thing it is all about the beauty in the words that keeps me going, I see such hope now where as before I despaired that maybe I was wrong in feeling that we are so much more then what I was seeing/experiencing.It is amazing to me that we in our truth are so beautiful.Not just the words they use but how they interact with you, this is what is so unique the interaction,the patience and the love they show towards you/us.

yk248 said...

Hi Lee,

Yes I've been feeling tons of physical symptoms in the last months but mostly this month I've been experiencing a lot of fatigue that seems like it's coming from nowhere making me have to lay down for an hour, sometimes sleep for an hour or more even though I've slept good at night. Also sometimes my whole body aches with pains (I don't have any physical syndrome or something like that).

I know it's going to all be released and then the body will be able to hold more light and be more healthy. I'm also losing a lot of weight and fat this month.

Lots of Love and Happy Being.


Anonymous said...

hi guys just thought i would say hello hope everyone's alright.i have just came across a book written some time ago .the story is about a Indian tribe that helped a alien being back to life after their ship crashed to earth and he in return told them a story about the origins of everything .i have only just started reading it so other than what i told you i dont know what its about ,BUT from what i have seen has been pretty good. here is the link.

ps i hope i am not offending anyone here i just thought you might like it to let your imagination run a way with you.thanks

Andri said...

Thank you Kerrie, didn't want to bother you really. It's just that I keep on seeing the patterns on a daily basis, and I have no clue what to make of it..

Anonymous said...

Andri, as I stated in my earlier post my intuition told me it was contact, but thats not to say it didn't freak me out.
One day I was on a job site and over heard a painter tell his co worker " I keep seeing 11 11 every time I look at the clock".
You could have knocked me down with a feather, I told him I keep seeing it to. I was so relieved I wasn't the only one, I really thought I might have been loosing it.
He also told me that lots of people were seeing it worldwide, and like me he was seeing sequences of numbers.
When I think about it, it has tapered of since I discovered Blossom and the other channelers out there .
I only see it at certain times, but those times are perfect in there timing.
God bless

BlackSwan said...

Everyone, here is a good summary of the different channels etc saying we are in for disclosure before the end of the year:

Anonymous said...

Andri no bother my friend, happy to talk about my favourite things,and happy to find others that do also!Namaste

this is good:

Government Admits to Aliens Being Real (HQ)

Anonymous said...

Thanks lawrence for that link I copy and pasted the page onto my site lets get this out there, I didn't go to bed until after midnight last night, actually when I looked at the time on my computer it was 12:12!!!!!!
and I awoke at 3am on the dot and I felt that I was gone somewhere, I vaguely recalled a pleasant feeling, I had a smile on my face, I went outside and looked up to the sky and sent them my love, I have been telling my friends,family and clients what is happening, some are opening up to it. Blossom I had to laugh at your 'where for art thou Scottie',what you must be feeling my friend, sending you heaps of Golden Rays and I know that once all this happens, we will get activated and be in a space where all this waiting and confusion will be of no significance at all, for I have and I know you have felt what it is like to be in that space, all be it briefly, it is sooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!Freedom....


If you take the time dear ones to go within … but there is now a difference … it is as if you are now further down the road on your journey … so therefore, what is there, is presenting itself to you … and yet if we may put it this way … it would be fitting for your ‘inner eyes’ to take a more conscientious look. For now there is so much more to see … (within). You are aware of ‘a’ change, and now it is time to discover exactly what that change is/was for. We would ask you to visualise during your meditative state … removing your blinkers … slowly, so as to adjust. For there is now brighter Light that is available to you. Even to the point that as it merges with you, it can be known to literally take your breath away. This is perfectly acceptable, although it may appear a little unfamiliar to begin with.
Dearest souls … each one of you … each and EVERY one of you … are living in a time frame whereupon you are experiencing an integration of Higher energies that have not been present upon your plant for eons of your time. You came to earth to assist this transformation as you know. Yet for many of you there is a frustration as you ‘FEEL’ that all is not going according to plan. Yet we would say differently. Everything is on course. Everything that was discussed and debated in different ‘time frames’ is indeed heading in the correct direction in order for its final position to reside in its correct alignment. KNOW ALL IS WELL.

Anonymous said...

hi there andri,
heres another 11:11 link to check out... these are a nice bunch of folks that are also being prompted with 11:11 signals. the site is a forum / discussion of celestial messages and the messengers. i hope this helps you with your journey.

happy tuesday blossom, hope you are having a peaceful, healthy and happy day. thanks for all that you do, all the inspiration you give. bless your heart.


Andri said...

Thank you so much Martha...just seconds ago 05:05 on the computer watch...freaky!

Tried the channeling exercises last night described on the page you suggested, I do hear an inner voice, and frankly it sounds quite natural to me...but something must be wrong (albeit it's only early morning time here in Europe, and you never know, don't you?): it told me that they would show up...TODAY :-)!

Anonymous said...

I just received this email from a lady I met months ago, I was only just thinking of her recently, it just keeps getting better and better, last night I went somewhere beautiful again! the sky was ablaze with all the colours of the rainbow:

November 18, at the peak of Pleiadean Lineup.
Lavandar says that many of us will be able to see 3 Pleiadean ships at sunrise and sunset, when the earth and the sun are in a perfect line with the Pleiades.

klinton said...

i found this at 2:22 am in the morning.. thought id share

Anonymous said...

Well guys I found out who that guy is with the stars I saw, it is Merlin! their all here assisting us, we are not alone by any means. All the pieces of the puzzel are coming together!
Last night I saw thousands of ships in the skies in my dream state, all of different types, the ones that caught my attention were like bright white shinning snow flakes flashing, people were just calmly looking not affraid at all. Love and light Kerrie

P.S. Blossom I keep getting error when I sign in here, I just ignor it and click on your link again and I'm signed in.

Anonymous said...

Almost just one week left to the rumoured disclosure, 27th of nov. Do you think blossom will be able to make a channeling before that? I really hope so. :)
Love and light from Sweden
Hope you get well soon Blossom

Blueagle said...

Hi Blossom and Family!
There sure is lots of wonderful Light energy flowing on this blog of late. It feels sooo good too!
First I wish to thank Coach for the wonderful thoughts on the numbers. My sentiments exactly. A way of tapping into the Cosmos or... the Higher Energies. I have been studying the numbers for years and they actually speak to me. I studied the Cosmic Cube' which is another way of tapping into the Cosmic Consciousness.

Klinton, thanks for your video that you found at 2.22 It also posted at 2.22. On The Cosmic Cube that is 'Planetary Domestics'. (telling what is to happen to our earthly 3d bodies as they vibrate higher) That was a great video for me to watch and I might add very timely. I have been on the path over twenty yrs and it is telling we are the first wavers and how our bodies will change and they must be able to vibrate higher or we will have overload. It will feel like the nervous system is plugged into an electric socket. I have got to the point to where I feel like I am going to jump right out of this body or it is going to explode. Of course I do know what is happening but for those who wouldn't know it could be extremely dangerous. That doesn't mean it feels any better. Of course to me it is exciting but we must be able to hold those extra incoming currents, to transduce the high energy and fit it into the body. I have been to the point in the past few weeks that i just want to cry at times because if I'm in a 3d situation its hard to deal with. (like if I'm away from my home or sanctuary for over 3-4 hrs. Even just here it home, it can be frightening. I ordered some Bach flower essences today for anxiety as it feels like every cell in my body has moved up to about 50 times there normal speed. "Oh the times, they are a changin" :)))
Much love and big hugs to you Bloss and all of you!
It's us we are waiting on! And our Great Brothers of Light are going to Assist!!

klinton said...

thank you Barbara ...ive never posted before on things like this ..and it is good to see that i have helped... i did not know who i would help but you have let me know that i am on the right path... (lol even the numbers helped).. thank you.....which mean's you also are on the right path... follow in the truth and all makes seance is your best guide...and mine.....thank you blossom for guiding us on this road.. so far my fair lady you have paved the way for many travelers to follow. blessing's on you..and you'r family

P.S.(Dogs included)

love light and peace in you'r day


Blueagle said...

"Everything is in Divine and Perfect Order" and we are exactly where we are suppose to be. Whenever I post, I usually always check the time to see if it co-relates or has a messg for me. Klinton you posted your reply at 5:23 (5.5) that's 'Destiny' on the cosmic cube'...When I read it this morning it was 5:23am here in the States. you think we're not being worked with? I get sooo excited when the numbers speak. And now that we have been speaking of it, we will probably start seeing, rather noticing it more and more. Spirit loves it when we realize we are being worked with! and the more we notice, the more He/She/It speaks.
Its a like/love attraction.

Another thing I have had fun with lately is the Orbs. Someone posted a video in the past few days here of Diana Cooper speaking about the Orbs. I had really never studied them much but I ask if I had Orbs here and got a resounding yes' right off the bat...soo got out the trusty digital, and as it was still early morning here and dark out I turned out lights and started taking pics inside and out. Talk about a surprise! Totally totally cool! I had a big Blue one and a White one right over where I sit to study, meditate, contemplate and take daytime naps.
(I have always thought i had Michael and Gabriel with me) Michael sits on the first ray (blue) Gabriel on the 4th ray of purity (to me thats white) And there were several outside. When you blow those up to where you can see, there are such intricate desidgns inside. Its amazing! I also had several in the back yard.
The Light Presence is with us and all about us!

Wishing everone a wonderful LIGHT filled Day! Much L.O.V.E. (limitless oscillating vibrational energy)

Faith said...

My roommate Katie snapped a photo of me and Oscar the cat recently and it came out with one sweet white orb over my!

Anonymous said...

I have just posted two channelings up they are coming in almost daily, I am over the UFOie content tonight, I miss the balanced light of The Feds ,I feel that my heart is not expanding when I read them as Abraham (law of attraction) says, Abraham says that everything is source energy but source focuses on expansion so focus on what feels good, that is why I guess there are many truths on the way to the one real truth and I must honor these UFO conspiracy channels unjudgemently, but focus on what assists me with my expansion,my son today said I am too focused on The Feds and I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket, but as I said to him you know me, it takes a lot to get me this focused and when I feel that my truth is being represented in the most Divine manor and that is where I will expand then this is why I am so focused on them, it is all about the creative energy of expansion,Thanks for listening I am just missing them, but Blossom this doesn't mean I am hanging out for you to channel, I just needed to vent Love you/them as they said you will find your group you will be attracted to it like a magnet.I'm off to see the Dalai Lama in a few days that'll give me some good vibes I'll send some your way Blossom. Love, light and gratitude

Andri said...

Blossom, now that you have seen that I'm a miserable channeller...please resume your work as soon as possible!

BlackSwan said...

Yes Kerrie, for me only Blossom's and Mike Quinsey's ring true in tone and content. the others are all possibly-maybes.

A while ago I became a member of the yahoo group in an attempt to dig deeper but a lot of what they say just doesnt connect or strike a chord within if you know what i mean.

Does anyone else read that groups posts. I would like to get feedback from yourselves on how they sit with you.

I realise I do not yet have all the pieces of the jigsaw but some of their pieces do not fit e.g. the Nesara/St.Germain gifting where everyone will receive 10 million dollars so that 'all are in abundance' and also the cloning aspect e.g. they say Princess Diana and JFK among others were not killed as they were replaced by clones just before their deaths. Hard to swallow.

Let me know what you think/know


You said...

Humanity is Truth.

Be the Love and Light you are and Celebrate all times.

Rob said...

Dear Blossom.

Hope you get well soon. :)

It has been a while since i have posted on here but i have been having a look every week to see whats happening. Just been having a few "coincidences" happening lately, it seems that every time i start to think of UFOS apearing & disclosure comeing about & the benifits to the human race that will come of it, I turn on the radio or the very next song that comes on is Starman by David Bowie.
Let the children Boogie. :)
Don't know what everyone else is feeling at the moment but the air around me is feeling like something big is about to happen. The best way i can describe it, is it feels like a stick being bent & the presure being built up in the stick just before it breaks.

Light & love to all.

Blueagle said...

@ Rob...this is too funny! I feel the same way...and I just watched Starman w/Jeff Bridges last week. I loved that old movie. The energies are wild right now. I feel fully tuned in and toned. I can even clap my hands and get tones. Mon, Tues and Wed this week were over the top in energy for me. also the tones flowing from one ear to the other.

@ Lawrence.....I would definitely go with my feelings if something doesn't feel quite right. I also agree on said site. Sometimes there might be others stuff posted on that site that you do agree with but it doesn't belong to or come from that particular channel. Our Higher Self right now, and always, is the only true Source and the ONE we should listen to.
Love and Peace for ALL of Earth!!
oh! anyone looked at Google Earth in the last little bit? halfway around the earth again in a totally new spot. :))

Anonymous said...

hi guys the truth is slowly coming out. released today hackers are are friends

love and light


RafaelVR said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A Believer said...

A New Message from Matthew!!! - November 19, 2009

It's incredible!


4. Official recognition can’t be further delayed because much has to be accomplished during this phase of universal activity. It’s essential to repair the severe damage that has been done to Earth so she can regain her health and restore well being to her inhabitants, and there’s no time to waste. We’re here by Earth’s request and God’s authorization because we have the capacity and desire to help you, but your representatives are responsible for making decisions because this is your world.
5. The program announcing our presence is a complex undertaking. The numbers of folks who are expecting us and will greet us wholeheartedly are very few, and the program is being designed for the multitudes. It has to be presented without creating fear or undue backlash. There’s formidable opposition to any recognition of our very existence, and the security of all persons involved in the program is a foremost consideration. When I say “security,” I also mean the emotional security of all witnesses and other participants and their families, not only their physical safety—we have that well in hand.
6. The program can’t be just film clips of spacecraft sightings. In some areas these are so numerous that it’s ho-hum, they’re back. There has to be solid evidence about our presence and that’s where personal accounts come in. Testifying before a panel that pledges witnesses to secrecy is quite different from letting the world know their identities, and the same goes for the people who have been working with us or at least know why we are here. Some have been blackballed in their professions or declared delusional or crazy. In some cases families have been threatened and individuals killed by factions that don’t want you to know we exist, especially not right here with you. Those in charge of the program want everyone who’s willing to speak about personal experiences to feel emotionally secure doing it.


Anonymous said...

Well I told you I was over the UFOie stuff, Arch Angel Uriel has been making his presence known to me these past 2 days full on, I was impressed upon very strongly to contact an old friend I haven't seen for months today, she is a medium who is up on Angels, so I see her in a couple of days, I looked this Angel up and it all ties in with me seeing Merlin the other day it is all to do with transformation, alchemy and Kabbalah, I looove Kabbalah my son bought me a beautiful book on it a couple of years ago. I went right into it before all this started, so until The Feds start talking again I'll just focus on my Angels,I have put links up on my site to all the UFOie stuff so people can find it.
We all may need to have some go with in time.And what with me seeing Esther Hicks Law of attraction soon and also the Dahli Lama how perfect is that! I love the universe it is spot on! ask and it is given! Love,light and GRATITUDE
P.S. Blossom we'll have to compare notes my friend, I know you are going to see Esther a couple of days before me, up your way.

Rob said...

Hello all

Have just found a couple of interesting articles.

@ Blueagle
I think i know what you mean with the tone flowing from one ear to the other. If it sounds a bit like a Tibetan bowl it could be someting to do with brainwave patterns & altering states of awarness. Here is a link that may help explain it.
These paterns can be achived through sound waves. If you want more info you can sent me an email

Light & love to all.

Cory P. said...

Hello Blossom, it's great to be back around. Just recently, I've gotten that feeling again of heavy energies around me. Joy and light seem to be building up inside me pretty immensely, and considering I only felt this way when prepping for the 10/14/08 incident, I felt as though I should come back here since it's been a month or so! Not that I'm saying that I haven't been giving or receiving Golden Rays, but it just wasn't as powerful as it is now!

Last night at my workplace, I had a huge spike of some sort of pressure on my being, not physically, but more spiritually or mentally. It felt like I was sort of shaken! Being quite the believer in sending out Golden Rays and raising ourselves to that higher vibration, I figured it must be something to do with that, and I accepted it. I can see how many people would not be prepared for something so drastic though in our current state of being, and even that feeling I got wore me out! But it did keep a smile on my face all through the night as I worked! People around me seemed a lot more friendly than usual as well, maybe I wasn't the only one hit? :)

It seems that my life is starting to take a very loving and happy step indeed! I feel something heavy coming this way that is for sure. I keep looking to the sky to see if maybe some of our family are seeing what is going on with me and many others, and feel that energy we emit in our joy of it! So much excitement!

Much love to you all!

yk248 said...

Hi. My life is also becoming so much lighter in the last couple of days. Many purifications and detoxing in my body energetically and also mentally (thoughts). Like so many things coming into awareness and then just dropping!! off. Like so many thought constructs and beliefs drop away giving way to lightness and beginning of joy. And also relationships suddenly become so much more friendly and I can feel myself emitting happiness and joy.



yk248 said...

I have never used the phrase "Golden Rays", But here are some Golden Rays sent your way!!! all.



Anonymous said...

Well I know I said I am over the UFOie stuff but this man is beautiful I love his heart.

Dr. Steven Greer presents "Contact & Disclosure: The Final Sequence" at the European Exopolitics Summit 2009. This is the presentation that triggered the interview/debate between Dr. Greer and Kerry Cassidy/Bill Ryan of the following day.


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ time4wakeup who's comment I didnt publish due to length and content ,yet do not wish to ignore you. It is not that we here are not aware of all the horrors of war and the starvation of children. we are not hiding behind a 'lets pretend evreything is wonderful'. White Cloud has taught that to add our energies of horror regarding these matters simply feeds the darkness. On the other hand , if one sends Love to these places and if each soul finds Lightness within their world then this assists greatly as it lifts the vibration of the whole which in turn is the greatest way to help these situations that as you so rightly say are far from 'happy happy'!. I hope this helps you to understand the importance of not feeding the dark. It is the same when one watches the news... when everyone falls in to the trap of 'how terrible' everything is, it keeps the darkness happy (?) yet, if we watch it (at all) we should simply send Love Light and Golden Rays to a situation or soul ... without judgement. Rise above the conditioning that leaves us in chains and allow the Light that shines through each individual to transform these negative energies of our world into positives.

@you ... hello , didnt publish the last you tube as it was 'targetting a certain individual' ... just incase you wondered why I didnt post it.

Up and down still folks .... I get too enthusiastic and overdo it, only to be reminded I am not yet ready to climb every mountain and ford every stream!!! so , I'll just slip back down this molehill for now and be back in the game when I'm back in the game.
Love to all and thanks again for making this such a nice place to visit ... assisting each other as you go. Golden Rays shining through my heart to yours...

Coach Enrique said...

Nice words Blossom about what we should do about the dramas that a lot of people are experiencing in their lives. Most people feel compelled to talk about it or to DO something about it, but it is solely by BEING our own best version that we can really make a difference on those people's lives, even if we are thousands of miles away from them. But I also agree with those that think that some comments posted here feel very superficial and in some sense, "artificial". So, here's a suggestion: your blog was clearly created to share messages from High-Evolved Entities. Since these messages have stopped, it would be good for all of us that you set a new frame about what this is about. Is it about UFO's? is it about Enlightment? is it about paranormal stuff? is it about dreams or visions? is it about Ascension or 2012 End-of-Times? is it about Numerology? is it only to socialize and be nice to each other? Whatever you decide, you need to take control and give a specific direction to your site, Bloss. Otherwise, people will keep using for whatever they wish, even to promote their own blog sites or share things that only concerns to them. Love to you...

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ coach . These blogs have never really been about the FOL messages, just random posts as it takes my fancy. I am happy to post comments that are about anything that might assisst others in their searching. Keeping in mind there are many that I reject as they are not suitable. I feel this is a place where souls can express their joy/dreams/hopes freely and if others find it artificial then that is their choice. I really dont have a problem as to whether comments stay on the subject as long as they can uplift. I also don't mind posting links to others sites if they too have something to offer. Thanks for your input though. as you know I value your thoughts always.just letting you know my thoughts on the matter. have a great day one and all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, I had a dream last night that I was speaking with my real estate agent and this morning the phone rang and it was them! so as I had been last night asking spirit how can I do more to get this message out, I thought I'd talk to this man on what is happening, he was actually very open to it, I gave him a printout and my sites link, so as The Feds said to Blossom 'be open to opportunities that will be presented to you'. Love. light and communication!

P.S. Coach do not worry about Blossom attracting that which is out of alignement with who she is my friend:) All is as it should be. TRUST the flow it always serves

Coach Enrique said...

Blossom, you are the Queen of politeness! you really are. I am aware that my comments sometimes may feel rude or too direct to some people, but this is only because of my feeling of having "no time" to lose. I felt your blog was kinda drifting away because of the no-messages but it's clear now that you're on top of it. Love to you and to everyone that read these words.

Faith said...

Wow, that was a lot of scrolling to get back up here! Looks like the community on this site continues to evolve and become kinder and gentler, and I mean everyone! that's great....and though Blossom may have had a lull in her FOL messages, I dreamed last night that I was saying to someone that I needed to get going writing my 'ET 101' speech that I will be called upon to give....SHORTLY! Love, Faith

Andrew said...

The time is so close now...
I am literally shaking with anticipation.

Any day now.
We're all in this together.

Jim - aka Kosams said...

The latest Salusa Message is very encouraging relating to the energy that everyone is feeling although most do not relate it to what is about to happen.

25/11/09 "You have every right to feel pleased with yourselves, at the turn of events that are leading to definite changes soon to be apparent to you. After a long period of Endeavour, you are about to reap the result of your dedication to bring the Light to Earth. Your faith has been remarkable given that you have been unable to appreciate the whole picture as we do. Where we have seen positive movement you have found it hard to detect, indeed at times the chaos has seemed to accelerate. As we have pointed out with regard to the cleansing that it is taking place, it has inevitably given the impression of uncoordinated events because of its nature. The truth is that each occurrence is following a pattern that will make way for the new systems to take their place. It is not easy to prise people away from what they have been used to do doing for decades. Therefore the answers to your problems are not necessarily evident, but with the assistance of our allies you will begin to see positive signs of what is to be done. They will satisfy your pleas for a new way forward, and will eventually bring about the long awaited peace to Earth."

It's funny how many people are now saying "Bring it on!"


Anonymous said...

wow wow wow wow this is all i can say is wow i feel like iam going to explode and start a big bang in this chair lol .this energy is truly amazing (words just dont do it justice)lol .i was going to say the day is soon upon us but its not the day is now right this second soak it up friends and be the now that we are.

Anonymous said...

I have been asked about the division of beliefs that there are bad ETS and Good ETs and that some say to only focus on love is being irrisponsible and that we should be discerning. It is my feeling and I am supported by Dr Steven Greer, David Wilcock and another lady that I can’t remember now, I wish I could! that there are NO bad ETS,it is my feeling that the so called bad ETs are from us, we DO have the technology to create this,remember everything is energy and this was the plan to discredit the ETs, if you watch this beautiful mans presentation Dr Steven Greer
you will know/feel what I am talking about. Blossom he has trained thousands of people to connect with these beings and it is through love that they can be connected,it is my feelings it is through love that we can stay disconnected from the technology that we have to access our thoughts and to keep us controlled through fear,this is why I feel so protected, I don't have those fears, love is a high vibration energy this is the energy that can connect us to them, the energy of love in its pure form, that is the energy the Feds have been assisting us to be,Dr.Steven Greer and his team were going to call them in on the 24th, 25th and the 26th Oct. notice this is 3 days! I don’t know how they went as this youtube was in Aug. but they have had them come to them many times before, what was interesting in another youtube I watched was the beautiful fragrance that also was around when they came to them, this is the Angels calling card.

Anonymous said...

I'm so ready right now. I think I haven't been this prepared for anything in my life before. This is gonna be awesome. Love & Light to all

Avraxis said...

Faith - this is curious. Some half a year ago (or even more) I had those images of me giving a speech to a mass of people. And wouldn't you know... the speech was about ET's! I wonder what that means. :)

And as a sidenote:
Make sure to check out the videos he updated this info with.

Coach Enrique said...

If you allow me Blossom, I'd like to share what I know about "being/staying in the Now", since it is the KEY to speed up the materialization of the New World. To me, the Now is actually the "narrow road/gate" to Salvation that Jesus referred to in the Gospels. The Here and Now is the space and time where Divine Essence resides, it is where Eternity exists. To be more precise, it is more a State of Being and not a "real" place or "time", but that's just semantic. And while Eckhart Tolle is speaking Truth when he describes the Power of Now, I think he fails to mention one essential aspect. To be able to Be and to stay in the Now, one doesn't need a technique or an exercise. Since the Real Now is such a powerful State of Being, one needs a certain degree of personal Power to be able to access and to stay. Without the proper level of power, one may think that is witnessing the Now by forcing our senses but it's not so. The veil remains there, and you can feel it.
Before going any further, I'd like to know if anybody is interested on this subject and I will continue, I don't want to extend this without a purpose. Peace to all of you.

BlackSwan said...

Dear All
the following resonated with me:

no wonder you have been feeling out of sorts Bloss!

All is well

Anonymous said...

Fire away Coach.