Sep 8, 2009


Its been a while and so much seems to have happened! First of all may I introduce you to little Ned. We had decided not to get another dog after Sandy's passing ... then a week later this picture turned up in my inbox from a friend saying he needed a new home as his owners were moving to the UK.Take a look in those eyes. What was a girl to do? So Ned was flown up from Sydney all by himself and has now made a new home with us. His family were so sad to let him go, but oh me oh my .... how thankful am I that they did. He is an absolute cutey! It seems he had a dodgy start in life and it is thought he may have been mistreated as he has a 'strange' front leg ... which I find totally endearing. He was then taken in with the family that passed him on to me and you can tell he has been well loved. And now .. he gets smothered in it!! I checked with Sandy that it was cool to give him a home ( my heart still droops when I see a picture or think of her, but this too shall pass and change into a smile of fond memories))and I felt she very much approved. Its all about LOVE at the end of the day ... an' I got plenty o' dat to give away! He is very timid, but with each passing day he gets a little more confident with his new surroundings. Again its all about TRUST isn't it? It takes a while to gain TRUST with another if you have been badly let down in days of yesteryear. But I reckon that it simply is better to let those untrustworthy times go ... just pretend they didn't happen and 'start all over again'. And hey ... if you are let down again ... then 'pick yourself up, dust yourself off ' and get back on the ladder! There is simply no point in hanging on to what didn't work out. Keep looking ahead in the Trusting that any moment now,on that next rung ... that someone ... that something ... will be waiting there to greet you.KNOW IT and allow it to come to you. If you put up a wall to protect yourself from further pain you could be blocking off that very thing you have been desiring all your life. Use your instinct wisely though. Don't jump in without checking out the temperature first!

They say we learn by our mistakes. Sometimes it is anothers mistake that you must learn from. But Truly ... when one has been hurt back down the track ... should we not thank that soul for acting/behaving the way they did? For indeed it has made us stronger today and ceratinly wiser. AND ... allowed us to recognise what we DONT want! Past hurts teach us SO much ... blessings in disguise should you be humble enough to view them that way.

I've always lived by a rule of 'once bitten ... not shy ... do it twice ... goodbye!'

Ned is snoring away in the chair ... and all is well in his world. Its not where you start its where you finish!!!

Golden Rays to one and all. Here endeth 'pets corner!'
Bloss xxxxxxxxxxx


Victoria said...

Congratulations Blossom!

Ned is sooo cute! He looks so much like my baby Peaches. Is he a Shih Tzu?

The Universe always provides what our hearts desire...or one way or another! ;)

God Bless him!

Much Love,


Caislin said...

As always Blossom, your words are so powerful and seem to lift my mood up a few notches every time I read them, so thankyou!

It seems like everytime we look for an answer, we try to work it out in the most difficult way, but really we should be simplifying matters and take a leaf out of Ned's book! Take every day as it comes and just allow yourself to be! :)

You said...


Blossom got a doggy :D

Anonymous said...

Ned is beautiful Blossom love him,nuture him as a mother nutures from the hearts knowing not the minds concerns, what I am saying is your heart will know what to do in the now moment with this little one, those dogs that have been confused by other people need a leader to feel safe again, not someone who is going to validate the fear that they have learnt, it is important you treat this dear little soul normally and not think too much about his past be the pack leader from the heart this is what you are good at Blossom so do it with Ned also,

I can't help myself can I! once a Dog groomer always a dog groomer:)

P.S. I'm off to the park with my dogs and a candle now (9am 999)my intention is to release and receive
And it is so.

RafaelVR said...
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Wanda said...

Awww Blossom, Ned is too sweet. Yes, looking into his eyes, he looks so sad, and ready to be swallowed up in Love !!
I said before, I know what you have been through. My 2 babies in the same week...then little exotic kitties were kinda shoved at me...what's a girl to do .. LOL

hopefully, this will post... a link to a great shot I got on my cell phone... My 2 loves.. Nakobi and Kenya.. (kobi's the big boy).

we'll see tomorrow..haha. But this kinda ties in with the last message, huh? LIVE..LOVE..LAUGH.. and share the happiness and joy that is NOW.. not waiting to happen.

funny, I grew up in Florida.. 3000 miles from where I have ended up. I'm near Mt. Shasta, in California. I've seemed to migrate here with friends and family, Victoria... lot's of celebrations and rituals going on up there. I must work, but my soul is there!

Blossom, you get that little baby settled in, and you settle into your new family. As always,

Love & Light to ALL.. golden pink rays of LOVE


Victoria said...

Hi Everyone,

I just posted two dreams under the name "The Power of Knowing and Standing in your Truth". I hope you enjoy them!

If you want me to send you an update to your e-mail when I post a new blog, you can request an update under my picture on the right hand side column.

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

What a cute dog :)

I have something to say though. I'm not sure if FoL exists or not. but from the way things are going down here on earth the governments are gonna out of control. We earthlings really need help. Enough of this hiding from aliens, were screwed down here! Please let them know

Anonymous said...

I write a blog on mental health. A few weeks back I wrote one on how good pets make us feel.
Hope you enjoy - Susan

Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria, how is your daughters tooth? Still hanging?

Sharyn said...

What a beautiful little Ned! Im so happy for you and Ned Blossom. Enjoy.
Love Sharyn

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Rafeal. If you want to contact me via I will give you details. How I began channelling is on my website.And for channelling The FEDS I was aked to sit at the computer and write down what came thorugh telepathically, which is what I do.Many thanks. Golden Rays.

Anonymous said...

I have just booked the Sydney Abraham Hicks work shop Blossom it's a couple of days after the work shop up your way, on the 13th December so excited!
Feeling on such a high today absolutely wired,my mind felt so clear and I was talking to people at my salon today with such clarity on what is happening.
It was lovely this morning at the park with my dogs sitting on the grass doing the 999 candle meditation the birds were singing the mountains were clear and the crisp breeze felt so nice with the morning sun, as I closed my eyes I saw the lumiene crystal that I was given by Rev. Magdalene Morning Star on my site, I gave thanks for my beautiful house I have just moved into, I am so happy here PERFECT!

You said...

Blossom. It's amazing how they always know what to say.
I was already getting lost with so much information in side my mind, that i almost forgot that i can always keep my essence in me.
That I am what I am. Yourselfs, what makes me a Human being.
Our home, and you, my Brothers & Sisters of Light.

We are.

Much Love to all.


Victoria said...

Hello Everyone,

Happy 9-9-9 to All!
(FYI, I am 14 hours behind from where Blossom is.)

Blossom, where is my comment about little Ned?

'You', where is your blog? I am looking forward to reading about your Alchemist and Mayan God experiences! C'mon you can do it! I promise to visit your blog. ;)

Anonymous, I have been meaning to share about my daughter's tooth but I either got interrupted or I remembered only after I have already pushed the publish button.

I actually typed up half of it three days ago (last Sunday night) when I realized that it was getting too long to share here. So I will blog about it as soon as I get a chance. Thank you for asking, it proves how we are all connected. My Higher Self has been asking me to share about this for a while now. You will be surprised with what I have to share about my daughter. It's chilling (in a good way).

Love you guys!

Lots of Blessings and hugs for everyone!



PS: My in-laws are coming over today September 9, all the way from Nova Scotia to Toronto and they are staying for 2 weeks+! They are nice and sweet but I wish they came in another time. But all is as it should be!

Let's hope I can still sneak to my computer at night and get in touch with you guys. I have so many more dreams and experiences to share. ;)


You said...

I only have my youtube page.
But please bear in mind, that I'm evolving on my own.


Anonymous said...

Victoria as I have said to someone else on this blog our posts go into cyberspace I have missed mine because I havn't noticed that they appeared at the top days later, yours is there, scroll my friend:) see you now need your connection to us with all this! you my friend have been "ACTIVATED" too I am soooo glad I am not alone now feeel the love it's adictive!

pablo from chile said...

I LOVED the latest channeling!!!
wow, i really feel conected with it, a very very appropiate message to us all...

i think its a "kind slap on the face", hehehehe

peace and love to you all


Anonymous said...

Breathe in that pink light people I am needing to big time as my body digests the 999 download the feelings are tiredness, head feels full, aches and pains,dizzy,left brain activity slow, not sleeping but when I do dreaming a lot, the mind is trying to go into fear mode RELEASE the mind and go to the hearts knowing that all is as it should be and this too shall pass, this gives me moments of connection and that nice love feeling as if I am being assisted, I know some will say sounds like a virus but I go through this every star gate opening, so after 2 years of this (that I am aware of)I am getting to know the paton. Love and light hugs to Ned Blossom, cuddeling my poodle helps also:)Ned looks like my poodle just with out the poodle hair cut:)

Wanda said...

Just have to share this guys are probably the only ones who'll think I'm still sane.. lol

Last night.. 09-09-09 ...approximately 8:00 pm Pacific time.. I was standing outside, looking at the sky, as usual. I noticed this HUGE star looking light drop from the sky and flash. Then, it started slowly on a course north to northwest... very slow...then, another one showed up about 30 seconds later...dropped down and followed the same path as the first... these were NOT airplanes..they were under the flight blinking lights.. no sound. Glowing like stars. I watched them for a few minutes til they went out of sight. I had such a great feeling of Love and happiness come over me.
So I got bold, and reported it to MUFON... turns out..they got tons of calls, all seeing the exact same description...the guy called me back, and told me that my 2 were spotted 15 minutes later in Washington state...
Funny thing...they were about to fly over Mt. Shasta when I saw them ! I was too afraid to go get my camera..afraid they may be gone :-)

Blossom, my eternal gratitude for being the light you are, so completely you. You've opened me back up. Much Love and Light to you.


Sharyn said...

Hey all,
Wanda you are soooooo lucky to have seen those 2 UFO's. The last time I saw one here in Victoria Australia (sth east coast) was in a friend's back yard at a party, at night. My husband, our son and I saw it - an orange light flighing south east, for quite a few minutes, then it just disappeared suddenly. No sound. Not an aeroplane - no flashing lights. That was about 4 - 5 years ago. A close friend saw 3 UFO's (orange) in formation coming from the north and heading into our town ( of about 12,000 people) whilst she was in her car with her parents one evening. They all witnessed it. That was about 2 years ago now. The same day, dolphins were sighted in our river. That's unusual.
Thanks so much for sharing with us.
Blossom - I love your new photo. Very groovy!
Lots of Love
Sharyn, Bairnsdale

my truth said...

i feel 911 whas inside job dont juge me but i feel it in my heart god bless you ALL

Anonymous said...

Wanda that is Fantastic! remember this:

Sept 7th ~The Federation of Light~

We would say with a smile … one may be so encumbered by the searching on the machine that they miss the glory that is taking place in the skies!!!!

Blossom I love your new profile, you look "Evolved" and "in love" smiles!!!!!

I am feeling better today, so many people aren't it would seem, my new lady that works for me is blown away by the amount of people who need to come in to my salon and talk!and are so comforted to know what they are feeling and this too shall pass, she is very in tune and is now starting to know that knowing,she said to me yesterday that she still thinks about that man she saw (spirit) in my salon, she said he felt so loving,she said she is not a religious person at all, but she swears he looked like Jesus and what with Victoria's Jesus dream, and my vision in 2006 that started me off,well things are starting to point to ?????? are we all being called? when I was doing my healing circle with these 4 counselors that work with torture victims from Iraq Jesus came through and bought tears to our eyes. Love,light and so much joy Kerrie

Anonymous said...

hi blossom,

I just wanted to say that i have been following you and the FOL from the start, and i think it's about time they gave us something to hold onto. Unfortunately a lot of us have not felt the overwhelming love that they have sent you, even tho i have asked and begged for it nearly every night since your first channeling. We have all put so much energy into this, and... well i just need something. I'm not trying to be greedy or anything i just need a sign, i think we all do. Something solid to hold onto.

Thanks for your time,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you sound a little despondent it is hard to be shown a taste of heaven and not be able to have it,I feel for you my friend and I know there are a lot of people feeling the same, Imagine though what we would be like without all this, with out hope we have been thrown a life raft so that we don't sink,I have noticed so many people around me that are feeling the change they are in dispare but they are starting to awaken and feel something inside themselves, I feel that the more of us that get this the more it will go out to others,remember what the Feds said that even those that don't have computers or anyway of reading this will be assisted by the reading of the channels as it goes out from us energetically, it is hard when you are alone and have no one to talk to about this, I am fortunate enough to have others who are awakening around me and I can discuss this not only the channelings but what is happening on a quantum physics level to back up the channelings,what I am trying to say is try to be patient,stay positive don't feel that your prayers fall on deaf ears, they do not but as I have said before our Angels cannot interfear with our soul choice even though you don't know why your soul has choosen this experience you have my friend, you choose to be here at this time of the great shift and experience what you are experiencing, so forgive yourself and move on and make your prayers that of gratitude for what is around you, there is so much beauty, give thanks for that, as The Feds said to Blossom Aug 30th 'First of all may we express gratitude for life' when you do this you are no longer residing in victim mode and imediatly your vibes are raised and your more likely to feel the love that they are sending, you know there is a better world but honour this one, we created it so honour that, we did the best we knew how, so feel empowered that we did that and then we will own that we are creators and not victims and create our better world from that place of power that place of unjudgementle love,learn to love you! sending you my love Kerrie

You said...

Dear Anonymous.

I hope this helps.


Pamela said...

Blossom, I am so thrilled for you and little Ned. I love reading stories like that one. When something (or someone) practically lands in your lap with no effort on your part, you realize just how much the Universe is working on your behalf.

I love, love, love your new profile pic as well ♥ You look very young and very happy ♥♥♥

Wanda said...

Wow Kerrie... I wish I'd read your post before the conversation I just had with my daughter! But it just validates everything I just told her. She's 24, never fit in her age group, BORN a dancer, lol, and feels the only place she feels alive is dancing. We've lived through anorexia & self harm, but as a grown woman.. She is so darn insightful. She was asking me questions about how I can be so sure of what I believe, and when did I start questioning. She shared so many of her own thoughts.. It makes a mom's heart happy that all these years, she was listening. She is on her quest.
I told her that even though I'm not sure yet of my real purpose, I believe my purpose right now, is to let it all out, and plant the seeds into other peoples hearts and minds. Get them to start questioning. Perfect example, I told a few people at work about my sighting, got all the jokes. Until, one of my bosses shared his story from a few years ago. I love it!! More and more people are waking up, and I no longer have to keep it to myself! Such a wonderful feeling.

Blossom, as always, thanks to you for giving us this space to come together. Love & Light to all.

John Lovejoy said...

What a cute doggy, I am so happy you got another one, have a great day Bloss. Love you,

You said...

Guys nobody, takes the Swine Flu vaccine do you hear me?

It has poison.


Anonymous said...

thank you, ms.goodchild, for what you share with others. you're sharing is one source of encouragement for me. it's just great that you and ned found eachother. i send love and good wishes to you, your family, and your new addition! take good care of yourself and thank you whole-heartedly again.

Dave, Brighton, UK said...


Looks like the fates conspired to bring you two together.. and I'm sure it will be a very loving and beneficial experience for both doggy and human souls.


Anonymous said...

I have just met a lady who has told me about the swallow crop circle and that it is showing the releasing of ascension codes!
The Feds told me a few weeks ago now to listen to the bird song and whispers in the wind, It was bought to my attention when I was in the park doing the 999 meditation, the birds seemed to be talking to me, I have noticed that this connection I have with nature is getting stronger. love.light and joy

Dave, Brighton, UK said...

I don't know what the "Fed" feel about this, but I guess the "Big reveal" may well be visualis(z)ed in different ways.. maybe some will just see the rainbow, maybe some a Jesus or (substitute appropriate figure here) image. In any event, one hopes if and when it will lead to such a massive upswelling in desire that a better time is within tantalising grasp that all humans, no matter their belief system, will combine to make it all a reality. I sort of think this MAY be how it happens so ALL souls (even those on the old restrictive belief systems) play their part. Comments?

Sharyn said...

Hi all,

In response to your comments Dave, it makes sense that what we see to differing extents will relate to belief systems - many paths leading to the same point perhaps? It would be interesting to see what FOL have to say about this Blossom? Also, it would be interesting to get some update on how 'soon' the big 'shock' will be taking place - from the FOL.
Any thoughts? Feelings? Comments?
Love Sharyn

Anonymous said...

We wish it to be understood that on the 14th day of your month of October in the year 2008 a craft of great size shall be visible within your skies

We give you the opportunity to capture on screen this particular ship. There shall be no contact in the form that those of your planet would like. For this initial presentation, we shall simply be presenting our ship to you.

You question as to why our ship was not presented to you in the manner we had promised. You question as to whether it was ever going to be of that way that we presented.

Therefore … we took it upon ourselves and many that were in alliance with us … to create thousands of ‘smaller’ scenarios … that could be presented to individuals in order to let them KNOW that we were with them as we had said we would be on that given date. Many saw ships In your skies …

The particular ship that we are communicating from has been circling your orbit for thousands of years. Therefore we do not have one position for we move when aptly convenient and necessary.

Upon our ship, it is like your world. It has to function. Therefore there are many that are assigned to the continual upkeep of the energies of the vessel. And in answer to many … our particular ship IS an actual vessel

And I can’t find the one where Blossom says that people say that a light ship would not be able to come into our density and The Feds say that they have a ship that can.

Anonymous said...

Nedddd....go have your afternoon nap, will you, Blossom needs some time for some new channelling!!!!

You said...

Hello everyone.
I think the most import thing here is to LIVE IN THE NOW.
We should not tap into things that we are not sure of.
At least that is my line of thinking.
Keep an open mind, but stay with your feat on the ground, do not mix reality with imagination and unproven facts.

That will only confuse our minds.
Always treasure yourself and your beliefs.


Faith said...

Hi Everyone-

@Kerrie- did you know there is a 'language of the birds'?

and William Henry has written a book on it, called Language of the Birds..

also your analogy of the 'life raft' we have been given made me remember a dream I had over 10 years ago- in it I saw lots of water everywhere and people kind of flailing and floating in it. And in that scene I declared, 'We are going to have a RE-Creation'!

Love to ALL HERE.......Faith

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Faith thank you sooo much for that info on the bird language that explaines so much even my connection to the birds when I visited Blossom (Long story) but here is the old post I just found last night that I think I may have posted here earlier so it is not just the recent swallow crop circle it is the hummingbird one also:)

I got this when I went to visit Blossom:)

I was told that the light is shinning bright now and to climatise my self with it that we are it, later on I was told that we are to align with each others light that together we are a great force of power,I got this info in on a different frequency then the heart it came in on a frequency of the solar plexus so I was unsure about it ( I am such an elitist if it doesn't come in with ecstatic bliss in the heart it goes in the maybe basket:) but the universe has done it's thing and backed it up apparently the hummingbird crop circle is activation of the solar plexus ( personal power) (individuality, ego) don't forget we are ascending body and soul,ego gets a look in too just not the wounded ego it gets healed, I also was told to listen to the sounds I asked what sounds? and I was told the whispers in the wind and bird song, I questioned and in a humorous feeling was told 'You know you like puzzles Kerrie,enjoy' and just now I checked out the new birds crop circle, I will think on that one!

You said...

Hi guys.
I don't know if you guys have notinc google lately.
They have been putting all these Alien/ufo themes on the main page.
I found this article it's worth a read for those who are interested.

Much Love to you Blossom.
And once again thank you for this place of gathering with all you wonderful people.


Hi Blossom. sorry to hear about your puppy. My dog also died a month ago he was the best! and died before thy could figured out what happened..a few days later after he died he came in my room and gave me a bark to say good bye I saw him happy and beautiful, still I cry I guess for me more than for him, because I miss him is a video I made for those who are separated temporarily from their best friend..and in memory of those wonderful furry friends who give and give expecting nothing in return...
these are the two videos honoring them beautiful creatures

Anonymous said...

16th Sep. channeling Blossom my heart is full my love to you my friend this beautiful spring morning the birds are singing and all is well! I love how they mentioned the word family this is what I have called them at times, this is how I feel so close so in love, the frequencies I get raise my vibrations if that helps, I feel they send the frequencies to me and it is in free will that I accept, how could I not, I guess ones vibration has to be receptive of the frequencies, is that not why they come to assist us to raise those vibes and allow them in. It is with grace and gratitude that we accept the assistance of The Federation of Light for the betterment of ourselves and the all:) Love,light and gratitude:) ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE as the honourable White Cloud always says:)

Wanda said...

Awsome channeling Blossom. I read it quickly at lunch today, and just finished FEELING it in the 2nd read !!..
This is all exactly everything I already KNOW... they are our Family.. they are us and we are them...frequencies vs vibrations...all of it... that we are already seeing the next levels and stages that began years's just that the TRUTH... is finally being revealed. The veil has thinned, and we can't help but "tune in".

The one thing they have humbly reminded me of is, that what good is it to KNOW there is so much new energy, if your not USING it, and incorporating it into you very being? BREATHE IT IN !!

Love, Light, and Laughter to ALL

Faith said...

OK @ Kerrie again you are reminding me of a recent dream- your comment about us helping each other adjust in these trying times...I have been having some ego/control issues lately and going through some ups and downs of moods with it. Nature always helps me feel better. I dreamed recently that I was about to be in an important choral concert but I hadn't been attending rehearsals (!!)...I decided that since we didn't have to memorize the music that I could look on with whoever was standing next to me and kind of 'wing it'...not great, but at least I could be in the concert. I wonder what the concert symbolizes.Seems like something big is imminent, as usual...:)

Also a bit on Wm. Henry who I mentioned with the bird language book- he says his recent book has the exact idea of Dan Brown's new book- says the dome of the Capital in Washington DC is a stargate! He's not mad at Dan or going to sue, just wants everyone to know this info is REAL , not fiction!

Anonymous said...

Dear star-child Blossom,

You are a blessing indeed, and I concur with your latest channeling as do many channels I've come across.

Ned is another special animal-soul destined for you to care for, and this also is a blessing.

Please don't ever give up your TRUTHS !

Ciao for now, dear one.

AnonimaAnonima said...

I like your new haircut Blossom, it looks sunny and shiny :-)

I read on a forum that there was a new channeling posted, but I couldn't find it on Blossom's website. I always clicked the following number, but there were no more pages after page 20.
But after some browsing in the side bar I finally found the two latest channelings :)

I've been pondering a lot upon First Contact lately and I think that the subtle and gradual unveiling is the best strategy. 10/14/08 has a been major reminder for me, it's like I've been re-educated about the history of this planet, mankind and about my place in it.

My star family also made themselves known. I now know who they are and where they are from. I already was in contact with them, but I never realized they came from the stars. Just like I never realized that several ET races and the people of Earth had such a close relationship with one another.

But the human/ET link makes a lot of sense to me, it's the missing link the darwinists and scientists are looking for. Even the stories of the bible make sense if you are aware of the ET link. The awakening of mankind is also going to be a historical awakening. And that is huge.

I really would love to meet my starfamily but I think it's wise they take it slowly when it's about the awakening of the majority of this planet. I think they also realize that after the "try out" of 10/14/08

Much love! :)

John said...

Something very strange is going on here.

Quoting the FOL:
"THESE ARE THE WONDERS THAT WE HAVE SPOKEN TO YOU OF. And they shall be right in front of you … before your very eyes. The change … the change will take place as you watch. The Transformation will display itself to you in a more apparent fashion. It has been working subtly behind the scenes and then, with in the blink of an eye it will have changed. And yet it has been ‘morphing’ in a silent world as many of you sleep on."

Sounds a lot like a quote from the bible:

1Cr 15:51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

The FOL has been doing this quite a bit recently.

You said...

Frequency raises vibration.

The flutter of a butterflys wings creates an earthquake.


Wanda said...

Ha.. I just realized that my last post said.. BREATHE IT IN !!
This was before I listened to my reading from Blossom with White Cloud.
Seems my greatest need right now is to do just that...Breathe in the NEW energies... JUST BREATHE ..
FEEL . The more we breathe it in, the more we feel it. It is there waiting for us all. No more hiding. Time to step into the Light!

As always,..Love, Light & Golden Rays to ALL.