Aug 22, 2009

An empty space ... yet HOPE abounds.


Yesterday morning my treasured four legged friend ‘Sandy’ left this earth plane for sunnier pastures. She was 12 years old, yet I believe she had a lot of life left in her … had it not been for a tick that had lodged itself upon her body and its poison began its fatal work. I wonder if ticks have a ‘good purpose’? Surely they were not created to simply cause such a horrendous death to another?

As anyone with a family pet will understand … her parting has left our house with an eerie emptiness. She was my constant companion and shadow. In the last 24hours I have come to recognise how everything was conducted with general acceptance that she was at my feet. Every room is filled with her presence and it is a great reminder of how blessed I was to have experienced her unconditional Love. Her loyalty to all my friends and family when they visited was expressed by high squeals of uncontrollable excitement and spinning round in circles before lying on her back in a most unladylike fashion enticing the visitor to tickle.

How we could learn from these souls. Nothing complicated. Just presenting themselves to be loved and yet really … it was an exchange. Sandy’s eyes were deep pools that penetrated into your heart. No words needed ... indeed they are great teachers of wisdom.

I thank her for teaching me so much. She was always there ready for my cuddling and through that my heart was able to release all that was necessary at the time. In my Truth I know I shall meet with her again, and that her energy will come and visit me from time to time. We just sort of belonged together.

Two weeks previously I had gone with a very close friend of mine to have his beloved dog put to sleep due to illness. So quick …. One minute they are in/of this world … the next they have moved to another place. I felt such deep compassion for my friend. He lives alone and ‘Sasha’ was just about as close to him as any human and dog can become. The gap in his life was so painful and he put out to the universe for another to come and fill the empty space. Five days later the universe answered him with little ‘Hope’... an abandoned puppy that was left outside the pound, very underweight and alone. Destiny!!! The name ‘Hope’ sent tingles of Truth through our veins and happily we drove two hours to pick her up to meet her new dad! My friends face was practically ‘licked off’ at their welcoming union. The universe surely provides. We need to REALLY KNOW that.

Yesterday morning I went round to tell the same friend that Sandy hadn’t made it through. As we sat … something caught my eye …. Three feathers hovered in the air. Angel white feathers … one separate from the other two, which were fixed together and presented themselves as wings, as we watched they floated as if in a current of a gentle breeze down to the side of us. They appeared out of nowhere and our hearts knew that these feathers were a gift from ‘angels’ perhaps … just to let us know that all was well. Even as I write the tingle of Truth causes shivers across my body.

Sometimes in life … our souls can feel such grief and yet we do not allow this grief to come out for fear that it would be too painful to endure … so we bottle it inside and hope it will go away. Then, something comes along and one finds the pain SO STRONG that it cannot be held inside. It simply has to be released … and the blessing is … that through that pain, one can let out all the years of other retained sorrow which has been desperately pleading to be set free from the self in order for the soul to be able to move on into the Higher vibration. We cannot take these sorrows with us.

So … I THANK Sandy for this also. She has served me in so many many ways.

I guess my point of all this is … a) I needed to dedicate this to her; b) I needed to express myself (not particularly well I feel) and C) most importantly …
To take a page out of our furry friends book. Greet everyone as if they are your long lost friend and you haven’t seen them for years. (Perhaps not appropriate to lie on you back with legs in the air) … Allow the excitement of even just a car trip to make you squeal with delight. Sleep plenty. Live in the NOW … but most of all … no matter how another may treat you … offer them your unconditional Love. Be there for one another. Let your eyes be the windows to your soul and just by a look , let one FEEL the unconditional LOVE that we TRULY are … all of us … deep inside… we come from it …. Therefore we ARE IT …. Unconditional LOVE .

Dedicated to Sandy and Sasha. 22nd Aug 2009.


ps. I was concerned of how I was to pay the vets fees when Sandy first went into hospital on tues night ... I asked the universe in all Trust to provide the money in a way that I was not going to be owing to another. In my bank account the next day an ammount was deposited 'out of the blue' that would cover the cost.Gratitude in so many ways fills my heart.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Bloss xxxx


Unknown said...

dearest blossom,
my heart goes out to you for your loss, but as you said yourself, she will be with you from time to time and you will be with her again. sandy will watch over you and all is as should be... unfortunatly its not as we would always like. thank you for writing such a dedication to her though, i got a lot from it. if we could be more like our furry friends and greet with unconditional love wouldnt the world be a much better place. which of course is a constant message from the feds and all our angelic messages.... love unconditionally.... you have done sandy proud by writing such a tribute and pointing this out to us....... thank you and again my heartfelt sorrow for your loss
all my love corrina

Anonymous said...

Blessings to Sandy.
I too had to depart from two of my much beloved cats recently ("Franz" found dead, and "Rocco" who disappeared)...I know how it feels to loose a pet. I'm sure they're going on in their development just as we do, so golden rays to them, they'll be fine.
I know it sound silly, but the best thing now is to consider giving a home to a new "pet" companion as quickly as possible...the pain goes away as a new "love" begins.

Pamela said...

Blossom, I am truly and profoundly sorry for your loss. Trite words, but sincerely heartfelt.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
My heart shares your loss and pain. I, too, have many furry loved ones. My husband would quickly say far too many.
My grandmother told me when I was a child that crying was good for you. I never understood that until I was an adult. Crying produces tears and the tears are a cleansing of our souls. We shed tears not only for what we have lost or pain we feel at the moment but also that we have hidden within ourselves. When we cry the tears wash away our sorrows and renews our energy and love.
Thank you for sharing your love for Sandy with us.
Sending you love.

Faith said...

Thank you Blossom for that beautiful tribute you wrote- and I have experienced what you described, where an event comes along that pushes you over the 'edge' you have been trying so hard not to fall over. And it's a blessing.

Much love to you, golden ray hugs, Faith

Anonymous said...

Blossom I was wondering today how Sandy was,my staff were talking about their beloved dogs that had passed on and the new lady called my dog Blossom,I said I can't stop thinking about Blossom today and you have just called Pumpkin Blossom! I opened up A New Dawn, I really needed White Clouds wisdom I was feeling so lost, I opened it up where he speaks of animals.
White Cloud said that when an animal is loved its energy raises, so Blossom Sandy will be there for you waiting in the other world,I remember when I visited you Sandy was communicating with me, we recognised each others heart,remember I said to my daughter look she is talking to me:)she is so beautiful. I have been a dog groomer for 40 years so it is not as if I get all excited over seeing dogs, but she is a beautiful soul.
I was thinking about the vet fees also, I am glad the universe heard us my friend:)
All is as it should be:)
The feathers were such a confirmation for you that White Cloud is there,remember I said to you that when I dreamt you were unsettled the other night,I awoke and saw a feather stuck in some mud that must have fallen off my slippers just near my bedroom door.I know that was White Cloud I felt him so close that night, I had all of 3 hours sleep. Stay strong and "In Love" Kerrie

Anonymous said...

I'm sure hes in a better place

Meanwhile were stuck here in a very mundane existence and were getting very very bored and tired. A few egos need to be adjusted down here with SHOCK. The federation needs to do something big right NOW or theres going to be hell to pay. Tell em to hurry up or they might as well not even bother at all with this generation.

Daphne said...

Dear Blossom,

I am sory for your loss.
You are dealing so well with your emotions, giving them space so they don't 'freeze' or get blocked. Take care.

@anonymous. Sorry to hear that you are in such a needy and angry place at the moment. I feel that there has been so much change in the past year. So many people open up and lighten up. The Federation ARE here already. Within us, when we connect to our own light and are loving towards others.

I too am feeling low at times (quite many I have to say). I have come to discover that when I am allowing my 'negative' feelings to be there, they come into movement and I become more relaxed, lighter. Also reaching out to my friends for help, just sharing my feelings, works for me.
Last week I felt a lot of anticipation, expecting something to happen in our skies soon now. I do hope they show themselves shortly...

Love Daphne said...

Hey Blossom, I feel really sorry for you and I think you've expressed yourself just fine. I so know how you feel as I've lost a best four legged friend myself a couple of times in my life and they, just like two legged or none legged pets for that matter(no pun intended ;)) really are the most sincere unconditional buddies you can have. Fortunately you can be sure that Sandy's energy will be with you whenever you think of her. We really should come from a place of unconditional love at all times, without the lying on our backs with legs up as you wrote much to my amusement, unless ofcourse it seems appropriate to all parties involved LOL :) Whatever happens let's make sure we continue having a laugh as much as we can as it really does help lighting things up and helps level out our emotions that can at times get the best of us. Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you. Many blessings to all.
Take care, be well.
Jerome de Bruin, the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom,

So very sorry, but what a beautiful tribute to Sandy and thanks for sharing your relections on all they teach us and Know the day will come when we are reunited with these very special faithful friends of ours. A big hug and much love.
Take care. Caroline

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss Blossom
Your words on this were very inspiring, so thankyou :)

Anonymous said...

hello blossom, im sorry about your loss....

well, i found this video a few days ago.
it´s beautiful!!
we have a huge family in the skies!!!!

pablo, from chile

Wanda said...

Sweet Blossom, as I sit here writing this now, I have tears flowing. I lost my 2 furbabies, 18 & 13, within 5 days of each other 2 years ago. It was devastating to say the least. I thought I could never think of having another anytime soon after that.
The beautiful tribute you have written just demonstrates how much we are touched by the little bundles of unconditional love. As Kerrie says, when we love an animal, we raise it's energies up, so that they may advance on their path. And what LOVE they give us!!
I'm thinking of that poem called "The Rainbow Bridge". Just know that Sandy will be waiting there for you, free in the Light.

Blossom, let the tears flow, feel the love you have lost, and just be prepared. Sometimes I get little ghost kitties rubbing my ankles, or I see a little black shadow playing with the kitties I have now, (my Beauty was black).
Yes, the Universe provided me with 2 new babies that needed homes, and right now, little girl Kenya wants to help me type this!

And Anonymous, now is the time for LOVE and COMPASSION. In fact, is that not what they have been trying to say?

Blossom, once again, brightest blessings to you for everything. With much Love & Light.

Anonymous said...

I just received this after your last channelling Blossom, from the lovely simone

I know there's someone
who's sure to find me..soon
after the rain goes
there are rainbows
i'll find my rainbow..soon

soon it won't be just pretend
soon a happy ending
love..can you hear me
if your near me
sing your song
sure and strong and...

Sharyn said...

Hi Blossom,

So sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Sandy. No matter what our understanding of death or our beliefs, it is still paniful, so my love and thoughts are with you now. Take care and thankyou so much for your channelled updates from the Federation. In anticipation of showtime.

Anonymous said...

I have just compiled some interesting things happening as we head towards the 09/09/09 stargate I have posted them on my blog
videos and extracts from the 08/08/09 channeling and the 17/08/09 channeling also a couple of important crop circles that have gone down it is all pointing to balanced light, I have posted what I am thinking / feeling, the universe has been supplying me with so much info, I just wanted to share it with you guys now before the 09/09/09 just in case you want to do the candle forgiveness ceremony on that date, I don't know if I'll have time to talk much as I am moving house so I wanted to put it all up now. Love,light and faith Kerrie

P.S. I just thought as I signed faith it has been almost 3 years now when I said to a friend, I would love to have faith, I am so over living in fear! that was a week before I had my vision of Jesus on Christmas Eve

You said...
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Dave Lennon said...

I loved your words in this heartfelt and poignant summary. I was brought up to fear "pets" because they were "dirty" and "dangerous".

Later in life I met some of our fellow Earth-dwellers, and felt a lot of empathy, just as you said dear Blossom, by looking deep into the eyes.

There is so much love abound on this planet right now amongst all the "prime creator"'s beings. Your words and chanellings just enhance my own beliefs.

Thx Bloss! xxx

~~~*~~~ said...

sat nam.. blessings family. So happy for you Blos that you had this precious pup, quite a teacher in your life these past 12 years. Sandy felt her job done and was ready to go as hard as it is to understand, these spectacular wise souls come into our lives specifically with a purpose to teach us and then move on and maybe return in another warm, sweet loving fur body. It was beautiful the way you remember her. I have recently heard my fav fur person has what vets term one of the fatals and refused to listen to their usual plan and got him on even better immunity building nutrition combined with every kind of healing I know even with that I appreciate all his love and when he feels its time to go will respect that. I have seen him in journeying accompanying me when we all cross that bridge with Mother Earth, so I paint that pic and keep that one in my visuals.
This last communication with FoL, gives me strength each time I read it (& a huge smile). I think they are there if we suspend disbelief. Also mention of bridges, possibly they are asking us to re read The Bridge which will remind of who we are, why we are her.
Luv and lightswords up !

Unknown said...

Dear Blossom i am so sorry that you have to go through this pain, i know that it's terrible to loose some one from your family it's very hard; our pets are our family and they give us so much love and company without getting something on exchange only love is what they want, Blossom i wish you to have peace and harmony and like you said she will be in another way keeping you company , her energy will be with you always,
Love Ines

Blossom Goodchild said...

Just wanted to thank everyone for all your kind comments. They have really helped. I am doing fine ... Truly ... just letting time heal and undo the automatic habits! Golden Rays and again many many thanks. xxx

Blossom Goodchild said...

By the way 'YOU' .... I think that last youtube is your best so far. thanks!

You said...

Ur welcome.
Thank you so much for appearing in my life.
I almost let them take away my Universe from me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom
I've definitively had enough of the false promises of these "FOL"-chaps!
I wonder what (nonsense) excuse they'll bring up this time to "sell" yet another miserable failure on their behalf. They're just teasing us, I would stop the channelling immediately until they get the thing done. If they think they can make us believe that "in the next couple of days" could very well mean "in 40 years" time or "not at all" they better return back from where they came from and leave us alone.

pablo said...

to anonymous:


golden rays!!

Wanda said...

To the last Anonymous...

It is obvious that you have not been able to understand or feel the messages that have been shared as your truth. If you had, you would know that every step is a higher vibrational opening. It has to be from the heart, with the utmost LOVE for ALL, and it must resonate inside you.

If not, then you are only looking to outside sources for solutions, or fixes for the things you have not yet been able to deal with.

When you are centered in your truth, you can, and do , have bad days when it all seems askew. But you know... and you are always able to find your way back to your heart, and find home.

As for the impatience, well...let's keep in mind that "time" does not really exist in the Quantum scheme of things.

And sweetie... they can't go back to where they came from, they have always been here. We are them, the are us...they are here to help.

Sorry Blossom, for the rant. It just had to come out.

As always...Golden/Pink Rays of Light and Love to ALL.

Any Day Now !!!


Anonymous said...

@Wanda: I appreciate your words, thank you. The thing is...for the whole day this latest channelling was put online I almost felt the FOL-chaps beside me, so close did they feel.I also knew that later on a new channeling would be available. The odd thing however was, that sometimes in the early evening I had this clear feeling that something had gone wrong again and everything had come to a grinding halt. That made me quite sad and angry, that's all.
On a second thought however I realized, maybe for the first time in such a clear way, that Blossom is not making this stuff up after all...there's something going on, I had the privilege to get aware of it quite distinctivly that day (again, as back in October and in February). Sorry for my English.

By the way..I feel them quite strongly today...but on a much more finer level.

Victoria said...

Hello Everyone,

I dreamt of Sandy the other night. When I saw her I knew she was Sandy and I pet her and gave her my Love. I also felt her love for you Blossom.

I also want to share with you all my latest dreams about the 'event' as promised earlier. Oh, the last two are sooo good I can't wait to share them with you.

The first one is about First Contact and how we can re-gained full consciousness after being activated by a Light Ship. They put up the most Amazing Light show. This is the link:

The second dream is about my question of how 'soon' is soon. I too have been feeling a bit frustrated lately about when this 'event' is going to happen. So in this dream to my surprise Jesus appeared and explained how after some alignment it will 'soon' all be ok. But after his message the MOST INCREDIBLE thing happened. I invite you ALL to please read at least this dream, I really want to know what you think about it as this is the MOST spiritual dream I had so far in my life! I think we are very, VERY close or I am just loosing my mind, either way this is a good one! and this is the link:

By the way, my daughter's tooth is still loose but hasn't fallen yet (LOL). I am getting goosebumps just thinking about what is really happening on Earth right now.

I feel so grateful I can share this with you all. What would I do with all this all by my own?

We need each other to get through this the most sanely and possible way. We can do this! and As Daniel keeps reminding us "We cannot and will not fail!"

With all my Love to you All,


Victoria said...

Hello everyone,

This experience happened last Thursday August 20th in the afternoon after reading Blossom's channeling # 39.

Again, this is about 'how "soon' is soon". After reading Blossom's channeling about 'soon' I thought "I wish soon was now and they were already here" and I heard a 'voice' that sounded like many voices at once within me saying "but we are here" and I said "where?" I heard again "Look outside, We are here!". I rushed to open my balcony door from my office and I saw there was a thunderstorm going on. I wasn't even aware of this because our windows are kind of noise proof and I had the blinds down. Then I said "I don't see anything" and I heard again "We are here! We are here!" I stayed outside for about 30 minutes waiting to see if I saw anything flying by, but all I saw were clouds and rain. I kept hearing like a tune "We are here! We are here!" Then I came inside and turned on the tv to check the weather channel. There was a "Severe Weather Warning" to all people in Southern Ontario to immediately take cover because there was a "tornado" passing over us. In all 20 years I have lived in Toronto I have never experienced a tornado that I can remember. This kind of things are not usual in Toronto.

Then my mother and sister called me to check on us, they were scared and said there was a huge black cloud over Toronto, there were very strong winds and everything was black. I went back outside and it wasn't that bad over here (we live about 40 min north of downtown Toronto) I could still see a little light behind the many clouds and it had already stopped raining. At this point I asked again "where are you guys, FOL? and I heard again "Were are here!" I said but all I see is Clouds! I heard "WE ARE THE CLOUDS!" and I heard laughter. Then I noticed the clouds were moving in a very unusual way and very fast. I have never seen clouds move this fast and this weird! I said "noooo you are not the clouds!" I heard "Why not? Clouds are Energy made of Consciousness, we are Conscious Clouds! We are cleaning the air and we are helping clean the environment" That's when I said "Ok, I am now loosing my mind and I am imagining things!...Talking to Clouds now...!" and I went inside. I didn't get the feeling They were offended for I heard some kind of innocent and kind laughter.

Victoria said...

However, two days later I found this in one of the channellings I was reading from This is from one of Matthews' Messages posted on August 22nd at the Lightworkers website mentioned above:

"PROMETHEUS: We are among these lighted beings and are the forefathers of some of your own human selves. We are from a planetary system in a constellation named Orion. There is no individual aspect of our civilization, but there is perfect harmony in the rhythmic motion of our searching ever toward the light. We have evolved into the needlessness of physical bodies, and our advancements in intelligence and spiritual truth-knowing has enabled us to materialize in thin strata formations that represent the cumulative soul essence and minds of billions of souls.
We understand that it is difficult for you to think of intelligent beings as odd cloud formations, yet we are in this appearance of proximity to Earth to exert the force required for maximum assistance. We are one of the civilizations working on behalf of your physical survival, which is one of the most important aspects of what you call “the cleansing.”
Please remember that only a few such as yourself, who are anticipating otherworld helpers, will see anything other than frequent cloud formations in unusual configurations. The clouds will be your stratus-cirrus variety with “puffs” where an energy vortex is required to lessen the intensity of pollution from the chemicals and other toxins in your soil, water and atmosphere."

Needless to say I almost fell off my chair! But what blew my socks off is that last night FOR THE FIRST TIME (shame on me, lol) I finally watched 'Close Encounters of The Third Kind". (My excuse for this is that I was never a fan of ET's, UFO, Star Trek or anything like that, until this year.) When I saw the way the UFOs were moving through the clouds, OMG! I couldn't believe my eyes! Then I believed the Clouds! (I already apologized to them by the way!)

So as They say: They are here! Look outside, look at the Clouds!

Much Love and Light to All,


Pablo said...

@ VIctoria:
hey!!! very nice dreams!!! glad to read them!!! i resonated with them somehow, these days i´ve felt some sort of "lightness" in the air, and a very calming feeling...

anyway... thanks for sharing your dreams!!! they rock!!!

much love to you all

Sahari said...

A shared experience of letting go:

I knew our dog Nicky had cancer, and my daily mantra/prayer was that she would go peacefully, that we wouldn't have to make the decision for her. That was not to be. In the last couple of weeks, there were two occasions when I knew a portal was opening up for her -- I knew it in her reaction of anxious refusal as she gazed into another world that I couldn't see but that she clearly could see AND didn't want. When we were finally asked to decide for her, it was truly shocking to witness the 'here now, gone now' blink-of-an-eye departure. Two days of on and off water works later, our guides came with the news that they had received Nicky, although there had been a little difficulty in catching her, they said, because she didn't want to leave us, but that she was fine now and already onto her next adventure. We did get to be together one last time in a powerfully experienced dream state -- she wore her old form -- to acknowledge our shared love. Even so, the grief I encountered in her absence was startling, and at the same time was a perfect opportunity to discover that the grief I was experiencing existed in direct proportion to the limits of my consciousness. For in the perfect world that we are of but deny via the 3D paradigm, there is no separation. Only the changing experiences of love.

Thanks for sharing Sandy's love and lessons with us, Blossom.

Victoria said...

Hi Guys!

I'm on a roll here! lol!!!

But this is amazing and exciting. It is happening!!!

I found the following from a channeled message, which confirms that we are not NUTS! it is really happening:

"Where there was red you might now be starting to see something that you call magenta or pink, you know the pink platinum. How many of you have seen the magenta, turquoise, orange crystalline light. All of the colors of the higher dimensions have that crystalline glow, that platinum that shines and makes the colors so luminous. Some of you have seen the ships emitting the mysterious colors, it’s like ‘Hello, yes we are here for you and we are signaling.’ Open your heart just a bit wider and feel the messages that come in as you see the light of the ships. Does this mean you all have to run outside and see the ships otherwise you have flunked? No it does not. As you are looking out at the sky with your 3D eyes open, close your eyes and use your third eye and see all. You are all having wondrou s connections and experiences, so share them. And for who you are, for the totality of who you really are because we have told you many times you are not all you are in the mirror because now you are more in the mirror, enjoy it, love it, live it and be assured you are on the right path, because it’s your path."

It is from the following August 25 message, here is the link:

I suggest reading the whole message for it has much information about what is going on right now.

This confirms what Daniel shared in my blog on 'Jesus Message' about his experience of seen a big Bright Light and a Pink Cloud the other day in front of his house!!! He also felt the presence of a Light Being beside him!

His experience just happened on August 25th, the day of the previous message! (but he posted on my blog on the 26th).

What is also amazing is that on August 20th, the same day I saw the clouds, millions of people in China witness UFO sightings !!!

This is what I found about that:

"Two huge, rotating, glowing, mist shrouded, mother-ship type UFOs have been seen by millons of residents in the Chinese cities and regions of Shahe, Xingtai, Ren County, South County, as well as Yongnian County. The event occurred on the evening of 20 August beginning at around 8:30pm. The UFO crafts hovered above, making large circles over the area, for over two hours and had locals terrified. Police received thousands of calls regarding the UFOs and various government authorities have rushed to the area to investigate further. Officials have offered explanations as to what the object was. One theory is that it was a laser light show. Another that it was a bizarre weather pattern. Interestingly China's mainstream media outlets conceded that the many witnesses who saw the UFOs were certain it was neither of these things. The event has been widely reported by media within China...THE SONG IS FRANK ZAPPA "Cosmik Debris"..."

This is the youtube link:

OMGness! Those Lights look so much like the Light Ships in my dream! The difference is that in my dream there were hundreds of them!

Much Love,


Sharyn said...

I love your postings - they are so happy and up.
Thanks for sharing so much, especially your dreams. I had a Jesus experience about 9 years ago when I was training in Reiki and having my final attunement with a Reiki Master. Jesus came to me in a vision during the attunement, held my hand and asked me to walk with him, which we did, down a long road, as friends. I felt as though I had known him for a long time. It was a wonderful and uplifting experience and I felt so loved. After the attunement, my Reiki master asked me what I had seen and I relayed the vision to her. She smiled knowingly, having had the same vision of me with Jesus. Now, I share this with you as a non-christian in the religous sense. I do not hold to any one relgious belief or doctrine but have a deep and profound love for the energy we know as Jesus.
I also had a thought this morning about your Jesus dream and the three pieces of tape lining up. The 9.9.9 date is almost here. Perhaps the lining up which was referred to by Jesus in your dream is related to those dates? I suppose we shall see very soon. Here's hoping.
Take care and much love to all,

Sharyn said...

I love your postings - they are so happy and up.
Thanks for sharing so much, especially your dreams. I had a Jesus experience about 9 years ago when I was training in Reiki and having my final attunement with a Reiki Master. Jesus came to me in a vision during the attunement, held my hand and asked me to walk with him, which we did, down a long road, as friends. I felt as though I had known him for a long time. It was a wonderful and uplifting experience and I felt so loved. After the attunement, my Reiki master asked me what I had seen and I relayed the vision to her. She smiled knowingly, having had the same vision of me with Jesus. Now, I share this with you as a non-christian in the religous sense. I do not hold to any one relgious belief or doctrine but have a deep and profound love for the energy we know as Jesus.
I also had a thought this morning about your Jesus dream and the three pieces of tape lining up. The 9.9.9 date is almost here. Perhaps the lining up which was referred to by Jesus in your dream is related to those dates? I suppose we shall see very soon. Here's hoping.
Take care and much love to all,

Victoria said...

Hi Everyone,

Thank you Pablo and Sharyn for your encouraging comments. It also crossed my mind about the 999, what about any planetary alignments coming up soon? Does anyone know of any planets lining up this year?

I have so many dreams and experiences to share, I could spend days writing about them. I promise to bring them to you as I am able to make the time to write them up now that I know they make a difference. I am glad that my sharing is actually making a difference to some of you! Thank You!

And if I don't respond right away or if I am quiet for a while it probably means that I am exhausted for staying up too many nights writing and I am actually sleeping, which is good because I could be dreaming some goodies for you. lol ;)

By the way, I think I got the dates mixed up about Daniel's experience as he is 14 hours ahead of my time in Toronto. Either way it happened so it is still GREAT!

I want to 'confess' that I am one of the people that got a distant channeling from Blossom and White Cloud. The experience was AMAZING!!!

I have been meaning to share it with you for a while and I am working on it so I will post it within the next few days in my blog and I will let you know over here. There is so much to share with you about that so it is going to take some time to write it all up. But for now at least you know what I am working on. (& keep you in!!!)

My daughter's tooth is still loose and hasn't fallen out yet but it looks like it is hanging by a few, 'soon' it will fall!

I have to go to sleep now since I haven't slept much lately! lol :)

I love you guys!!!! Brothers and Sisters of Light!


You said...

Ok guys. this is going to sound nuts.

But since we are all it goes.

I think I was an alchemist on a past also Quetzalcoatl the mayan god...

how crazy is this.

Love to All

Anonymous said...


you think there for you are
but who you are is more important than who you think you are

you are not nuts
but you are
you are the gods
and your not

you are everywhere
and then nowhere
and then somewhere
and then nothing

you are the wind
then the water
iam part of nature
and iam not

iam you
iam me
you are i
you are me

we are love

April said...


What a beautiful dedication to Sandy! One only has to read the words to feel the love you had for her and my heart goes out to you.

I have found an article that struck me broadside! I did not think any of it untill I just finished catching up on your latest channelings and blog.

When you said..."I wonder if ticks have a ‘good purpose’? Surely they were not created to simply cause such a horrendous death to another?" I almost fell out of my chair! Here is the article.

Much love in your time of grief,

Anonymous said...

PLEASE everyone, DISCERNMENT of ALL "alien" anything is a MUST.

Remember, the world governments have back engineered "alien" technologies since the 1940's.

Who knows what is abounding Earth ?

Benevolent "aliens",

or governmental agentcies?

Just be careful.

Claudia said...


"Mysterious Tubular Clouds Defy Explanation"

You said...

Hello Blossom and All.
I came with great Love today.

God is at play.

I have learning new things remembering others.

So at this point I think its better not to post in your space anymore Blossom. This is your space not mine.

Please keep your harmony.

To all of you who want to follow me.
I advice first to watch this video

And then add me on youtube and subscribe me.
This is my account

I am preparing quite a show and you will not want to miss it.

Love and Life

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks for spending time here 'YOU;, wishing you many Golden Ryas as you travel on your journey ahead. Bloss xx

Ami Drutman said...

Dear Blossom,
I love to read your thoughts when you channel with the FOL. I feel that you express a lot of feelings we have day after day in our expectations, our deep hopes...
Many of us admire your sincerity, your courage.
Thank you blossom. I know you do a very hard work. Thank you so much... You are a light worker to all of us.
My wife and I understand you and feel the same you evoke; you express a lot of things we feel in our "human form". We shall be persistents, patients and to smile always, to shine...
Sorry for my bad english; I hope the essence of my message is understood.
Love and peace.

Sharyn said...

Hi Blossom and everyone else,

Your latest channelling summed up where I am at as well. Its not that easy being green, to coin kermit the frog! Thanks for sharing with all of us how you are honestly feeling and the responses from the FOL were pertinent and apt.
Lots of love to you Blossom and the FOL

You said...

O Blossom,
Our Love is so HUGE.
Imagine all the Planets, all the Stars, all the Nebulas, all the Galaxys, all the Universe, and God above it.

All that is in between us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys well I am at the library as I have moved house and am having connection problems with my computer,Hi Blossom love you, I have missed you, I havn't looked at my site or my email yet too scary! I am sending love to my site trusting that all is as it should be, I received a rainbow over the real estate when I signed my lease so I must be on the right path, so many people around me at the momment going through stuff heaps of releasing me included, moving house does that, but the house is PERFECT, I love it. I was thinking how blessed I am to have White Clouds meditation tapes and his books to comfort me at night when I fall into an exhusted heap on the bed, what with moving and my busy time at the salon I needed him.
I opened up his book 2 at the last chapter when he was a way for 5 mths. and you expressed how you missed him I can imagine how that would feel for you my friend, stay centered in your heart, in love we are all going through this as we are one, but we need to CHOOSE to focus in the now not to allow our minds to tune into the collective painbody, that is out there at this time of the great shift, I was sending you love these past 2 days (just remember to say this too shall pass) my dear friend stay strong I/we love you and am soooo gratefull for what you are doing for us. Hugs Kerrie

You said...

OMG Blossom.

You are channeling the energy of the Federation of Ligth to me, and I i'm sending Gaia's energy back.



Blossom Goodchild said...

@ YOU ... not going to post that last youtube...the you tube was fine ... the language on the info not befitting this place :) You shold know me by now :)
Golden Rays. Hello!

You said...

Blossom I know.
Its ok.

Don't worry.
We are almost there, just one more video to go.

You are my freedom, my liberty.


You said...

Blossom look!
God transform himself in butterflies.

Ok guys.
Blossom if I may.

I'm a Mayan God.

I'm an alchemist and created the philosofer stone.

I put a karma spell on reptilians and almost a voodoo spell on illuminati (but chose not to)

I'm a a scoutmaster, Delphic oracle, hero of the silver screen and father of the multitudes, and according to that the leader of a nation.

There are crop circles of phoenix and indians showing up everywere.

Universal Logos creation?!

Jesus Christ!!

O wait...that too!


C'mon guys, I wanna see some magic happening.

I want a Book!
A real book, one that I can hold in my hands, one that I know its real.
With a nice cover.
A book that speaks of The Truth.
A gift from the heart.

All Love

You said...

Blossom, we do not need dimensions.
God let us keep our humanity.
He grant us with eternity.


You said...

God is our friend.
He let us have all of it.
He surrender himself to us.
He lives in us, in our lifes, in our Love.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@YOU. Could I ask you to keep the topics relevent.A few have asked if i could talk to you about this.Happy to have you here, but we need to keep on track. Had you thought about starting a blog yourself. Then you wouldnt be restricted. Thanks for your understanding. Golden Rays.

You said...

I'm sorry Blossom.
I wont do it again.
Its just that its too much.
And I can only find understanding on Love.

Its The Truth.

Anonymous said...

I'm on line again soooo good,I just came across this today from The Feds 16th May channeling,I thought it would help us as we go through this releasing and forgiving that we need to do before the 9/9/9 stargate:)

The Feds:
And yet we say to you that these times shall pass. It cannot be that there is no resistance from that which is clinging on and wanting the soul to remain in the lower vibration that your planet has experienced for such a vast expanse of your time frames. It is for you now to recognise the necessity to remain in your Light at all times. When one is feeling the ‘squeeze’, when one is wanting to ‘give up hope’ … remember the Light, the flame within your soul, within your heart space that cannot and will not go out. It maybe that you may need to blow on it, to place your hands around it as you do so, in order to give it the warmth needed in order for it to burn brightly once again. But know always dearest friends that YOU are here to BE that Light. This is the time more than ever, as this turbulence is taking place for you to look into that flame and stand in your strength. Bring it forward into the very heart of all that you are. Stand strong and firmly place your feet into the soil of your mother earth. Lift your swords of Light to the Divine that is part of each and every one of you. Ask for that Divinity to carry you through at a time when you are feeling frail and lost. KNOW that you are ONE with that Divinity. The Divinity of Love that is All.

P.S I had the strangest experience last night I awoke at 3am to an electronic sounding voice coming from outside, I thought I was dreaming and went to go back to sleep but it started up again louder, I went to my window and my dog had left his kennel and was looking also, I went outside and I saw what looked like the sunrise but it was 3 am. I looked to the moon and it had a beautiful gold halo so I sent them my love just in case it was them!

Anonymous said...

I just received this and thought it was interesting remember The Feds refered to the Light of the world

Esoteric Astrology as news for week Sept. 3-9, 2009

Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde, Labor & Evolution

Friday is the Full Moon (Virgo/Pisces, 12 degrees, 9:03 am Pacific time). Join the New Group of World Servers by reciting the Soul and Great Invocations at the time of the festival. Each of the twelve signs in the zodiac has a task to perform for humanity. Virgo’s task is to “shield, nurture and finally reveal the hidden spiritual reality within matter and within our lives. Virgo is represented by sheaves of wheat and corn in one hand (representing our spiritual food). Her other hand holds a lamp signifying the Soul shedding light in the darkness. The lamp also represents that within matter (mother, Virgo), gestating quietly and silently, is the Holy Child, the Light of the World, birthed at winter solstice.

You said...

Blossom aprove this if you want.
I'm speaking with my heart.

Has anyone considered the possibility that humanities destiny or potential may be greater than anticipated,and IT IS OUR BELIEF SYSTEM AND OUR ATTRIBUTES THAT WILL MAKE THE UNIVERSE A BETTER PLACE?

That we may be a better alternative than what is out there?

That we may actually be the NEXT STEP?

That some existing powers would prefer humanities amazing, unique ,absolutely powerful, ability to manifest physical reality from MERE THOUGHT, never be allowe to travel the universe freely?

Why do you need dimensions?
We all have been fighting for so long to be free, AND YOU WANT TO BE IN PRISON AGAIN?

why? stop being dumb.

You can have it all.

wanda said...

first, LOVE for ALL my family !!

To Victoria...the beings you described as being the clouds, it sounds exactly like Sylphs... PLEASE google it. You'll know. Pictures and all. They are the air energy beings that protect us, and try to clean the trails of pollution in our atmosphere.

Have you seen what looks like Angels in the sky? Large, beautiful...and lots of times just looking like they're on parade.. lol.. when you start to notice, they get majestic. :-)

To Blossom, don't you kind of find it funny that little things keep clicking into place with all of us who are connected by your LIGHT ?
Thank you for that, you are truly one of the greatest Lightworkers here.

As we keep pushing forward and living our TRUE selves, it's hard to put it out there in your glory.

I AM surprised though, more people than I thought were open to hear parts of it all. Cool.

Brightest Blessings of Golden Rays and Pink Heart LOVE to ALL.


Victoria said...

Hello everyone,

Claudia, thank you for the link, by the way your Blog is AMAZING!

It's filled with great information. Great Job!

Speaking of blogs, @ 'YOU/Frosti', you can start your own blog for free here:

It is very easy, you sign in, follow the easy steps, pick a template and start posting anything you like to share, FREE.

Speaking of sharing, I have much to share and so little time. So many new experiences have been happening to me so quickly that I haven’t been able to keep up and share them all.

Have you guys read my post about Obama's speech on SEPTEMBER 9th!!!?

I think this might BE the announcement we ALL are waiting for! Something is up guys...

It is so EXCITING!!!!

Love and Light to everyone,

Thank you Blossom!


Blossom Goodchild said...

welcome back kerrie!! hope you are settling in with Ease and Grace.( mmm ...could get a bit crowded!!) Golden rays.
Bloss .

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom,
Hi guys energy is high I see:) fantasic! what I do to ground is bring myself to the present moment as many times as I think to do it, this connects me to my soul to the all and assists me to tune in to those light beings that are assisting us with these energies, the Feds said they can only do so much and that it is up to us to filter some of these energies ourselves depending on our individuality, they said are you ready for us? that they will come in on a frequency that we will need to digest, it is our heart that knows when we are ready as Blossom said before the Easter visualization, not our minds desires, they said that minds will turn if they are not ready, so it is my thoughts tonight to remind everyone that we need to be prepared in our souls to digest these frequencies.So take control of your mind and with respect ask it to take a back seat at times, even a few seconds a few times a day is enough,Love,light and gratitude for all of us here sharing our journey back up there where we belong:)

Victoria said...

Hello Everyone,

Thank you Wanda for your recommendation! While I was searching for Sylphs today I had another experience with the Clouds!
It is in my blog by the name "The Clouds' Show"

I also want to share with you another Amazing experience I had with the Clouds last August 29. It is in my blog by the name "Castle on a Cloud".

I hope you enjoy my sharing!

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

Abraham-Hicks: This will make you laugh!

Sooo funny:) lets lighten up light workers, Blossom you will love this my friend

Blossom Goodchild said...

Kerrie that link to Abraham is SO GOOD. So funny. I might have to put it up on the main blog. Thanks so much for that!! Especially as my best mate is treating me to a days workshop with them in Dec for my birthday. How good is that!GR'S PEOPLE!!

Anonymous said...

Victoria I have one word for you WOW!!!!!!

I have just been to your blog and the clouds the crystal castle is sooo beautiful you leader from the heart you:)Namaste

P.S. 999 is picking up momentum I have taken the event to a few more sites, still have sooo much to do... oh well... All is as it should be!

Blossom I am so glad you loved that video another syncronistic thing from my angel on my site ametrine she is so in tune:)

Victoria said...

Hello Everyone,

Thank you Kerrie! Like I said in my blog, I feel Your Light all the way across the world from where I am Kerrie. You are wonderful!

Remember you were there for me when my Light was getting dimmer? You didn't give up on me or let me fall off the wagon...You are an Angel Kerrie!

I would like to share this now with you all, in the past 3 days I have been requesting healing and Soul integration while falling asleep. According to something I read we are supposed to ask for healing, merging with our Higher Self and integration of the higher frequencies every 3 days or 72 hours. Well twice, 2 days ago and today I woke up without any pain at all!!! (As you might know the 'doctors' say I have "fibromyalgia"...). And not only that I woke up feeling as if I had slept all night on a cloud!!! :)

During the day I feel so light as if I am floating on a cloud or a bubble, I can verily feel my body. (I don't do drugs by the way...and don't smoke either). So how about asking the FOL, the Arctuarians or your Higher Self for healing and Soul integration before going to sleep? Try it and let us know if it works for you!

I am now asking all throughout the day!!!

This is Great!

Much Love and Light to ALL,

Victoria :)

Coach Enrique said...

@You, nobody is in prision here on the 3rd, or in the 4th or 5th dimension. It is only your mind who makes you believe you are in a prision. Even in the middle of all the struggling, one may find here in this World the Peace and True Freedom within your Divine Essence.
Your mind is creating a complex scenario when the name of the game is actually Simplicity and Humbleness, not the humbleness of the person that lower his head before a King and expects others to lower theirs before him, but the Humbleness of the soul that knows that he is no better and no worse than anything else in the Universe.
Turn off your mind and turn on your Heart.

Coach Enrique said...

To Kerry, while I believe the concept that numbers have power, I don't think the Gregorian Calendar rules our world, much less the Universe. 9/9/9 doesn't mean anything to the Universe, as year 2000 was nothing either.
If something happens on that day, it will be originated by humans for human reasons.
The Real Event is happening inside us, and is not conditioned to dates, and is neither related to rainbows, vessels or clouds. We must learn to pay less attention to the material expresions of Life and learn to enjoy the richness of our True Essence, regardless of what we see, hear or witness.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Victoria for that info:) soul integration is what we are doing, bringing the orphans home as Theo says in soul truth, healing all our multidimensional selves through forgiveness. we are asked to bring in our light and stay in our own light especially at this time with so much negative energy being released, so know who you are love only love all else is an illusion, stop that mind, go home to your heart, I am feeling so much love today, but it has been necessary for me to stop my mind and in love not fear disconnect from some people stuck in fear and control, yet honouring their choices unjudgemently,and be there for them if they so choose, quiet a balancing act, the mind sometimes trys to judge my choice to disconnect, but I must honour ME first,as The Feds say collect yourselves along the way. Love,light and gratitude 999

Victoria said...

Blessings Everyone,

Coach Enrique, Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Here are my thoughts on that:

The real event is indeed happening inside us. However, it is also manifesting in the physical reality since EVERYTHING is related and connected. We are beginning to wake up to this realization, of our connection to the ALL through the ONE Essence of Life that we ALL ARE, as Consciousness, formless self-aware Energy from which EVERYTHING is created. Yes, the clouds, the rocks, the trees, the birds, everything, material and non-material, manifested or unmanifested, they all have this in common: Life Essence, the ONENESS of ALL LIFE, LIGHT, LOVE, ENERGY, CONSCIOUSNESS, GOD...however we choose to call it. And towards that awakening there are many paths and we are ALL FREE to explore the paths that resonate with our hearts. The rainbow has more than one color and we LOVE to explore and experience all the colors in our own unique way, the way of our individual hearts.

Since we are all in this planet together I believe that as we learn to work together towards our goal of UNITY, we must learn FIRST to acknowledge and ALLOW each others' right for freedom of expression, creativity, peace, love, harmony, abundance and all the wonderful things that come with living and BEING in a mature and Galactic Society without divisions and perceptions of right and wrong, 'the only way', etc. but complete WHOLENESS.

Yet again, this is only my humble opinion based on my own awakening experiences with the ONENESS of LIFE through my Soul. I allow and accept that there are many other ways to experience the same while different than mine.

Much Love and Light to ALL,


Anonymous said...

blossom, whats going on with the channelings page??? All i can see is Archives and they stop in August 2009?

On another note, lots of light and love to you and yours, and i pray everyday that the FOL will come.


Blossom Goodchild said...

The reason the channellings stop in Aug 2009 is because that was only last week and the last channelling I did! :)
Needed to have a tidy up thats all.Take care. and Golden Rays.

Anonymous said...

Thank you coach you always make me go within and ask myself what it is my mind is doing? because I am a dog groomer not an academic! as The Feds said you will know that knowing, I was guided by my heart to this 999 event and I trust my heart Why? because I trust my intent as simple as that! I have been guided by my heart it would seem all my life, the feelings I get at times when I am connected now are the same feelings that I have had all my life something inside of me that was of such a truth my mind had to follow, I didn't know what it was, but it gave me inner strength and confidence in me, as if despite everything I have been through in life I could depend on this knowing and others could depend on this knowing. I lived in this world that was beautiful despite the world outside. Just now I turned on the computer and an add came up "not for the faint hearted" this is exactly what I read a few days ago in a one of Blossom/White Clouds books about 11/11 star gate, so I take these little guidances in if they resonate and mostly they do resonate other wise the universe would not be gifting me them, unless my soul was requiring them, but it is in free will as to whether or not our mind choose to follow, this is all we can do, as all this is too much for the mind to digest, it would not be able to cope, we have to trust the hearts guidance on this and follow your truth (collect yourself along the way) so what is my intent here on Blossom's blog? why bother? growth, clarity of mind evolution of the ego connection with others, the mind is learning to express the heart:) Love,light and grtitude

P.S Blossom I hope this video isn't too soon my friend, my angel ametrine put it up last week and well the Dog/God thing is a special thing for me, hope it fills your heart and not too many tears.

Faith said...

Yes, YOU, I agree. Something is in the air. Did you all see that huge butterfly crop circle that appeared in the Netherlands on either 7/8/9 or 8/8/9? Here's a link to a youtube that is a bit dramatic with music and sort of implying the circle is man made, but you do get to see it. Otherwise there is a page on OV but you have to join to see it. Here is the first youtube-

and here is the link to the OV page-highly recommended.. hugs, Faith

Victoria said...

"Let go of the striving to find the answer to what really is going to take place in the next decade of your time."

I don't know about you guys, but my jaw hit the floor when I read this!

What about???

"...we are happy to announce that very presently
(?) there shall be an awakening..."

" your doorsteps..."

"...soon in the following days of your weeks..."

What about the "kettle"? it will disintegrate by then???

All I hear in my mind right now is "next decade, next decade, next decade..." over and over again.

I am hyperventilating now...!!!!

I feel I want to dig a whole in the ground and bury myself right NOW!

Sorry guys, I try to comment only when I am happy to bring positive energy to you guys but this time I need your support...What is going on with this last message just before 9-9-9? I don't get it!

Go outside? I spend hours looking at the freaking skies, talking to the clouds, trees, animals, angels, faeries! A decade of this will put me in an institute!

And about reaching higher frequencies as they mentioned on previous messages...well my experience with this is that once I got there I was sent back down again! So why we keep reaching out to only hear "you must return now" :( (Remember my Jesus' Dream?)

Sorry Blossom, I just needed to express myself...I know I will calm down sometime...'soon'. I am sure I am NOT the only one who feels this way right NOW, that's why I choose to share my other side... :(

I know, I know, I have some serious meditations to do now and reconnect with my Higher Self...But "Next DECADE???" OH no, I am on it again.

I better go now.

I love you guys,


Blossom Goodchild said...

WOAH NEDDY!!!! @ Victoria.... 'interpretation!' Let that steam out of that pressure cooker!!!!! For me , (hoping this calms you ).. I dont see the issue. Life will go on , come what may in whatever form and wherever it maybe, so the comment of the next decade is a fair one. The Mayans say there is a window for the New World any time between 07 and 015 ... who knows? besides there is no time! 9.9.9 is another day. many dont even know that anything is taking place. We are told it is an energy shift. We have had many before. Golden Rays ... good to let off steam... no worries and thanks for your honesty. well expressed . all is well. Truly. So come on ... come out of that hole you were about to dig. xxxx deep breathes. All is as should be!

Victoria said...

LOL Blossom,

Yes thank you! I am laughing at myself now...Coming out of the hole with a :)

My steam is usually very short lived. I actually felt better after I hit the 'publish' button.

You know what's funny also? I didn't even spelled hole right, I actually wrote "whole" :)

I know there is no time in reality, I loose track of it often as it is artificial. However, I know there is a syncronization of consciousness on 9-9-9 and since it is the first energetic shift I have actually been aware of and intensional about, I have built up this energetic expectancy, remember I am new at this channelings thing (Following only since April-09).

I just really want this 'event' to happen once and for all. The wait is driving me Nuts! I can't imagine that some people have been waiting for years for this, some of them for over 30 years. See, now I know why I didn't know about this before. I would have ended up in a "whole" or in an institution by now. lol!

Thank Goodness I have only found out about this recently!

But I am good now! :) I'm good to go! :)

So THANK YOU Blossom for allowing me to express myself, lol, it was funny tho. They are probably laughing at this now.

Much Love,


Andrew said...

I just want to say Blossom that the latest chanelling from the FOL really spoke to me.

I took the time to carefully read it all. My heart was feeling so warm and excited and for no reason at all I just could not stop laughing.

I really did feel it, and I am so much more aware now; That my feelings are my truth and I cannot deny it.

I'm really going to try and be the bright light in the crowd now, rather then the usual dusty old lamp...and go outside to. I spend to much time on this computer of mine.

Sharyn said...

Great new channel Blossom and FOL. Once again, what I have been feeling & thinking these past few days but not able to express quite so succinctly. Thank you so much. A timely reminder - who wants to be chained to the wheel! Off to play with friends tonight.
Much love to all,

Anonymous said...

I love you Victoria:)just needed to say that! now I am going off to play!!!!!!well soon when I get this channeling out, but I have noticed that there are a few sites that I don't need to do Blossom the lovely Madeline has been spreading the word lately,if this keeps up I can indeed focus on another clump of trees:)....or not! whatever I feel like doing in the now moment:) oh the joy of being free to do whatever one desires, how is the mind going to digest that I wonder, to wake up and say good morning universe what will bring joy to my heart today? I'll let you guide me and be open to receive.

Abraham: THE VORTEX - Esther & Jerry Hicks

Anonymous said...

I have just been playing and here is the youtube I choose to go with this channeling Blossom, again surplied to me by my dear friend ametrine:) soooo cool!!!

More than 200 dancers were performing their version of "Do Re Mi", in the Central Station of Antwerp. with just 2 rehearsals they created this amazing stunt! Those 4 fantastic minutes started the 23 of march 2009, 08:00 AM. It is a promotion stunt for a Belgian television program, where they are looking for someone to play the leading role, in the musical of "The Sound of Music".

Faith said...

Question for @YOU--if you could be free of duality and chemical hatred now, with no negative consequences, would you say yes? I feel that is what we are coming up to now, and yes it is a BIG CHANGE. And I am ready.

For Victoria-

I thought of you when I was reading this beautiful Essene teaching from Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa. Here's a link-

Love to all from Faith, and Ned looks perfect!

TheFaithfulSkeptic said...

Back to your question Blossom, about why ticks are on this earth. In fact, in Brazil, scientists have found that a breed of tick native to Brazil, has potential CANCER curing properties to it. Here is the article... I always wondered what ticks were for myself : O)