Mar 21, 2009


Hi All.
Some poeple have said that they find it hard to visualise in preparation for 10th April. So ... I asked White Cloud if it was appropriate to assist.Clearly it was ... and he did!

(I am SSSSSo SSSSSorry about White CloudSSSSS SSSSSibilanccccce. My old drama teacher would have thrown a wobbler!!I shall have to give him ssssome ssssspeech therapy!!!)

Lasts 20 mins.

And here it is in words, for those who have no sound.

A Global Visual Affect meditation from White Cloud.

A very warm welcome to each one of you that comes across these words to assist you in the visualising that of which you have been asked, should you choose , by those who are known to you as The Federation of Light.
Dearest Friends, it is for one to know that one’s desires can only come about if they are felt from deep within the soulself.It is of not much use if one desires only from their minds. For if that desire from the mind is not connected from the heart place then it simply cannot come to be.
So it is my friends that together we take three of your deep breaths … bringing into you the Light that is of the purest Love. And as you breathe it inside of yourself, allow it to circulate and allow yourself to feel this Light that you are.
(3 breaths are taken)
And I ask as I continue with my words that in a gentle fashion that is comfortable for each individual you continue to breathe so.
And now my friends I ask, that with your heart connected to your minds eye, you visualise yourself in a place outside that you personally find to be a place of peace and beauty. Allow your senses to become alive. If there are seas, then smell the water. If there are flowers then smell their scent. Be in that place inside of your minds. Feel the peace that is surrounding you and that is within you. And I ask you perhaps as you sit or you lay down to cast your eyes into the skies. With your heart my friends, welcome those who do not reside upon your planet. Those that you know in the name of The Federation Of Light … welcome them with all the Love that you Truly are. Let them know by the vibration that your heart is sending out to them, that you as an earthly resident at this time are now ready to receive them … as brothers and sisters of Light. As you send this vibration of Love into your skies, visualise vivid colours of the rainbow covering the blue of the sky. Allow your being to become Lighter as you look upon these colours that carry with them their own energy. And then it is that from your heart place to visualise a ball of Light colours that compliment those in your skies. Allow this ball to remain attached to your heart center. Yet visualise it growing in size and depth of colour. Watch this energy. Feel this energy my friends as it grows and grows. Become this energy. As you feel it, watch as the colours from the skies come down to merge with the colours of the ball of energy that is coming from your heart place. Feel all the while dearest souls of earth, the Love that is you … The Love that is coming from other realms … and allow yourself to become One with the All.
Take a few more deep breathes and from the physical part of yourself feel the reality of what you are about to visualise. Know it as a reality my friends, for in that way it shall be so. Look up … see the colours swirl and merge and then softly, gently, they divide revealing to you a sky full of colours that you have not yet seen in your human form. And as you look upon this with your hearts the feeling of Love my friends is one beyond all your imaginings so far. Allow yourself to lift your vibration as you connect with these Lights that are Love in a purer form than you have experienced. Allow the Love that these coloured Lights are to literally fill your being. Lift yourselves up my friends in Knowledge of the Truth within side of you. Allow this feeling to remain as you send Love to the Lights and the Lights send Love to you. And KNOW that the smiles upon your faces are recognised by those who reside within those coloured Lights.
My friends, your world can be the world that your hearts dream about. It is up to each one of you to make this so.
Be LOVE. For that in Truth is who you are. And as the days ahead reveal to you Truths that your hearts recognise … allow the Light that you are to blend with the Light of another… each other … to bring you forth into the New World that is necessary. So that you may once again know of an earth that is how it was designed to be.
We give thanks to the Divine oneness for allowing these words to come forth. We ask always that we may remain humble in order to serve and to receive and they we may continue to walk boldly as the Light and the Love. Adieu my friends … Adieu.

Love Light and Laughter


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much and I will participate on the April mediation!...thank you so much for sharing your messages and allowing us to feel the light!

Love & Light
Yshatar Xzatara

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

Is it possible to have the White Cloud Meditation written, as some PC as mine are not prepared to get sound and I would like to translate it to join to the latest channeling whose translation I will do today and put on my blog.

Hoping this would be possible and thanking you for this extra work, but it is for a good cause

Love and Light and Golden Ryas

Anonymous said...

White Clouds back!!!!!
soooo good 'ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE'
I knew we were up to stage 2.
Now I know why he had his full head dress on!(in my meditation last week)
And its the first day into the 21 days of the equinox (that looong Archangel Metatron channeling)and I've been getting heaps from some saying Well Kerrie I cant FEEL anything yet!
heres a bit............
The Intergalactic Forefathers
During the 21 days, the magnetic shield around the planet will be somewhat opened and weakened slightly in a rebooting effect. During this time there will be literally thousands of ships from the Intergalactic Command of Ashtar and the Intergalactic -Brotherhood of benevolent Masters brought to the periphery of the planet to provide stability and protection and oversee the transition while this phase of 'open portals' occurs. In fact these Star Ancestors are your extra terrestrial origin, and all of you co exist within them. They are always helping your planet in numerous ways, but in this planned scenario, they will be present in vastly greater numbers to oversee the magno-shift. It may surprise you to know that many of you will simultaneously be aboard the starships , in multidimensional aspect, to supervise and observe this long anticpated occurance.
Love,light and heaps of JOY!
p.s. How well do the Feds know us, that bit about not worrying about thinking we are not doing enough, that we will get orders,They were reading my mind.(as usual!)
Thank GOD for you Blossom, you Goddess you!

Anonymous said...

This was awesome, brought tears to my eyes. Special heartfelt thanks to White Cloud for lifting us up so, and no less to you Blossom for allowing this to be and for sharing, and of course to FOL for their words which always reach the heart. We have a phenomenal future in front of us! Much love and light to all, especially on Good Friday when we all unite!

Hopelight said...

Thank you so much Blossom for sharing this wonderful, powerful meditation!
Is there any way you could do it in your beautiful voice?
I will share this with many!
Many thanks!
Love and gratitude!

Anonymous said...

I love your words and chanellings in general, but this one might be a deal-breaker for me unfortunately. Sounded like an actress taking the mick. Hope I'm wrong but, alongside the "buy my book" stuff, feel a bit disillusioned. Sorry.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

re your comment of actress taking the mick sooo funny!Because you obviously are not familiar with him,no offence to Blossom, But the wisdom White Cloud has come out with over 9 years, numerous groups and 3 books is (to quote White Cloud) 'Blossom is questioning what I have just said and would like me to clarify, But I say to Blossom I am a little bit more wise then she is and the people that needed to hear this will benifit from what was said.I laughed when I read this in one of the books, his sense of humour and his wisdom is beyond not only Blossom but most of us, at least on this planet.But his compassion and his love for us can be felt in his writings,You get used to the voice, I have all his meditation cds and the visuals are so beautiful, I have never come across anything like them.

AnonimaAnonima said...

Direct voice channeling is something not many people are familiar with, and to be honest I always find it a bit scary myself when a spirit guide literally starts speaking through a channel. I prefer to be an "energy translator" myself, I pick up the energy and I use my own words to describe what I pick up. Although my own thinking could get in the way while doing that. Keeping channelings pure and aligned with the source you are channeling needs some serious training and a lot of practice. I'm also still learning.

Those channelings from March 21st and 22nd, wow! :-) How I LOVE those guys. Although I don't exactly know who they are, their energy feels so familiar. It feels like getting a phone call from an old friend or family memeber you haven't seen for ages. But you still feel this instant click and you still understand each other perfectly.

Yes, they talk about ascension and spiritual growth, but for me it feels like a family reunion I've been waiting for such a long time. Every time I read their messages I "fall in love" and I'm so incredibly happy without exactly knowing why. It's their energy, it's the familiarity. I wonder if I ever pay attention to what they are saying. Well, I DO pay attetion, but my joy is bigger than that, sorry guys, I can't help it :-)

How much I would like to talk to them, channel them, meet them... Just to be in their energy, just to learn to know them a bit better and to understand the whys and the hows of my own existence. I always thought that First Contact was a bad movie script, but now I understand how real and close they are and how eager I am to read their messages, that gives me an entire different view on First Contact.

Blossom channeled: Many feel they do not KNOW why they have the feelings they have about us. They feel they should be ‘doing something more’. We say to you ….. for those who feel this way …. KNOW that when we come, your orders shall be activated. You will know why you are here … for you shall be putting into direct action the duties that you came here to emit. There are ‘manyfold’ who shall KNOW your roles as leaders for those who are lost. There will much organising to do. But it will be a time when the souls of earth feel at last that they can accomplish what they came here to do. There will be no doubting of this knowledge.

It seems they won't just drop by for a cuppa. So we better get ready. The time is NOW.

Bless you all :-)

NightHawk said...

Thank you Blossom! Lol I had to relisten to this today, (I fell asleep during the breathing part :p) It's beatiful, Peace n light to you too! Also can you tell me the New York time for the full moon meditation? It's pretty special cause my mothers birthday happens to be April 10th too. Peace n thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

hello blossom and brothers and sisters of the light!!

this guys seems to have very good footage,the stuff he has recorded is very recent and not visible to the naked eye, he has used various recording filters something that he discovered by coincidence..

much love to you,i hope you find it interesting
for one I'm totally sure i feel our galactic family are already here waiting for the right time to appear into our third dimensional reality.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nighthawk -
The time is definitely 7 am in
New York for the event. Don't stay
up too late the night before eating
bagels! :) Faith

NightHawk said...

Lol thanks Faith!! Peace

Unknown said...

Blossom, I listened to White Cloud's visualization assistance and I have never meditated before but I had the most amazing experience. I closed my eyes and did what he said to do. Then, I saw on the back of my eyes, clear as crystal, Mayan writing on a pyramid, Egyptian hieroglyphics on a pyramid as if I was standing right next to it (I can even remember the symbols I saw), a man in a white shirt (just his torso, no head or dark skinned), and a woman in a white dress pouring water out of a jug that looked like Sumerian pottery! My mind was completely detached for the first time ever and I KNOW it wasn't my imagination. It was amazing. All of the images came one at a time and ended when White Cloud said Adieu. Amazing experience. They said they would send something while we practiced visualizing. Well, I believe they did! Thank you for everything you do, darling. I wish you could come to my town!

Anonymous said...

Remember The Feds 'We give you rainbows'
After listening to White Clouds visual on the colours that we are, merging with the colours that they are and the resulting display of rainbows in the sky, I am reminded
of a resent book I got hold of at a show I went to by Australian medium Ezio De Angelis, this book I feel was from spirit, It speaks of a new truth that spirit told to a young shaman, this truth speaks of releasing control and fear and harmony with the all the oneness,The energy that is unconditional love, The older shaman wouldn't accept this new truth as he enjoyed the control that he had and his forefathers had over everything, he said the new truth was weak that we need to dominate and master over the earth.The young shaman was told by the chief of the tribe to prove the power of this new truth, The young shaman humbly requested the assistance of spirit, if it was spirits will that the people get woken up, the old shaman laughed and said you have broken the first rule of never giving your power away. A rainbow appeared in the night sky followed by yet another.The book is called Rainbows in the dark