Mar 16, 2009


Golden Rays One and All.

Regarding the forthcoming Global Visual Affect on April 10th 2009.

Please take note that daylight saving will have come into effect in ceratin countries/states. I had not taken this into account! DER!

May I suggest that wherever you are in the world you check out what time it will be for you .... when it is 9pm for those of us in Queensland , Australia.

TRY THESE. map.doc

Using this time converter, the times come out as below. The converter compensates for Daylight savings time.

11:00:00 a.m. Friday April 10, 2009 in GMT converts to
07:00:00 a.m. Friday April 10, 2009 in US/Michigan
Daylight Saving Time is not in effect on this date/time in GMT
Daylight Saving Time is in effect on this date/time in US/Michigan

09:00:00 p.m. Friday April 10, 2009 in Australia/Brisbane converts to
11:00:00 a.m. Friday April 10, 2009 in GMT
Daylight Saving Time is not in effect on this date/time in Australia/Brisbane
Daylight Saving Time is not in effect on this date/time in GMT
(Thanks to John)


to check the right/time putting the mouse upon Brisbane and they'll see the difference between their countries and the Brisbane hour.


I’ve been reading your blog and this time zone business seems to be causing a deal of confusion so I’ve put the following instructions together in the hopes that they will help your readers work out the right time in their part of the world.Just to make sure we all arrive at “the party” at the right time .

1. Go here: -

2. Select time and place to convert from : - April 10th 2009, 09:00 p.m. Australia – Queensland - Brisbane.

3. Click on "Convert Time"

In the example shown here for London, the time converts to Friday, 10 April, 2009, 12:00:00

Location Local time Time zone
Brisbane (Australia - Queensland)
Friday, 10 April 2009, 21:00:00 UTC+10 hours EST

London (U.K. - England)
Friday, 10 April 2009, 12:00:00 UTC+1 hour BST

Corresponding UTC (GMT) Friday, 10 April 2009, 11:00:00

Good luck with that people!!!!

Many thanks . Hoping this makes sense.

Much excitement is building. So many already visualising on a daily basis. It's got to be good!


Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays

Blossom Goodchild


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, and everyone,

Please note regarding daylight savings times that GMT stays unchanged, it's local times that change with respect to IT! So, after the 'clock changes', 11:00 GMT will remain 11:00 GMT. It is all very confusing, I know! But we'll work it out!! :-)

3xL and best wishes,

Unknown said...

I am in Panama City, FL and the visualization will be at 6AM! Woo. I will get up early to be there with bells on! I am visualizing everyday. Hope everyone else is too. We can do this!

Anonymous said...

I have been visualizing and staying focused in positivity as The Feds said stop spreading the fear this was not your mission, a lovely elderly lady told me yesterday that at church she felt the Holy Spirit come through her stronger then it ever has,she sent the energy to a lady in front who is always in fear, this elderly lady is a joyful soul and is definitely a light worker who didn't know until now (I had to tell her:))
On some UFO sites they are focusing on theories of the photon band cooking us.
The Angels have been synchronisly guiding me of late big time and I was able to find a posting from AA Metatron again,It is very long and involved I'll post it on my blog but it describes how The Angelic realms and Stella beings are going to assist us with the photon belt transforming and stabilizing the energies,here's an extract:
These will revolve above the 144 double-penta dodecahedron of the 144 Grid. In highly technical terms, which we realize will be meaningless to many, the firmament will perform the function of transducing supra-crystalline frequency oscillations in a piezoelectric step-down to interface the grid, thus enabling full circuitry integration of the gamma-crystalline energies of the Unified Field from Tula, the Great Central Sun. In more understandable terms, the firmament will transform powerful celestial energy waves into a benevolent form that can be more easily received on the earthplane.
more on my blog
but as you say Blossom you better make a cuppa, its looong.L&L

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

Have you thought of setting up a Twitter profile? This might be useful in the hours leading up to the event itself, as your short messages will be relayed to everyone following you in near-realtime.

Neil J

Anonymous said...

Whoops try again!

Roger Alexander said...

u are beautiful

Anonymous said...

That's my birthday!

Greetings, Mark (Netherlands)

Anonymous said...

To the people in Spain:

The Event will take place on 10th April 2009 at 01:00 PM (12:00 Noon on Canary Islands)

Para la gente de España:

El Evento tendrá lugar el 10 de Abril 2009 a las 13 horas (las 12 del mediodia en Canarias)

Thank you very much

Best wishes

Hombre Azul

Anonymous said...

Blossom, you truly are working some miracle getting this out to the public. I will gladly be joining in on this Love and Light that we'll all share on April 10th. I feel it in my heart that you definitely aren't crazy. They'll show up in some way to the world. :)

Love and Light!
~Cory P.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder:))
Some more out of Archangel Michaels channelling

The dawning of this return is a sacred oath fulfilled, a promise kept. Its beginning phase is occurring on the March 20th Equinox in 2009, in which long dormant magnetic codes will be reactivated in specific generation points on the earth. Indeed, this equinox will initiate an incredibly intense energy for 21 days in fervid momentum through the post equinox full moon on April 9th. Dear Ones, all of you will discernibly feel the piercing frequency generated. It will be the most powerful and compelling magnetic wave-force released on the planet since the fall of the Firmament in the antediluvian age ( an era in which the earth's magnetic field was exponentially stronger than in current times).
All is as it should be L&L