Jan 21, 2009

We're all just doing the best we can!

Sometimes in life you find that things don't always turn out the way you had planned. Not exactly anyway. You can either look on it as a learning curve ... you can become despondent ... you can TRUST that its exactly how it should be ... you could give up ... you could find new hope out of the old . So many different avenues to choose from as to how one deals with a particular circumstance.

I am learning that how you deal with something, ...your attitude toward it ... is an easy access to finding out where you are within your personal evolvement. Or do I want to put 'involvement'? For is not your involvement connected to your attachment to something?

How are YOU recognising your evolving? When I look back as to how I may have behaved in the past over certain issues , I am thrilled to pat myself on the back when I see how far I have moved on from that place of self pity. It was simply self indulgence of wallowing in the 'what should have happened and didn't'. Now ... it's so much easier just to appreciate and accept where you are. Even if you would have preferred it to be different. The fact is ... it isn't. It is exactly as it is. No more , no less. How do you choose to 'feel' in that space and how will you deal with it? What attitude are you going to adopt to that something that isn't quite to your liking?

LET GO! Let go of whatever it is that is holding you back. It is SO liberating. Now and then we may 'need' to ponder on the what ifs , but as we grow we are all learning that staying in that space is of no service to the soul whatsoever. So we move on ... rapidly. And I LOVE THAT!!It makes life so much simpler.

Lets face it ... at the end of the day we are all just doing the best we can ... in the only way we know how ... and we can't ask for more than that. If we were perfect, we wouldn't be in this vibration, we couldn't be. So just by accepting this, and not beating ourselves up when things don't quite go according to plan, we can learn so much from OURSELVES.

We are our own teachers.If we follow the path that we know to be TRUTH then we cannot help but pick up flowers along the way. Flowers of different types and hues that we choose to collect ... we decipher which ones are to be kept and which to be discarded. Each flower represents another piece of knowledge that has returned to our memory, and as we manifest the bunch of our desire we smell the essence of our inner Truth, leading us onwards.

AS long as we KNOW that within our hearts we are doing our very best, as long as we KNOW that we are moving forward in Love then we can LET GO of all doubts and fears. And TRUST!

What kind of friends are you surrounded by? That's always a good sign is it not? I feel so blessed to be among those who are concerned only with kindness and Love for one another ... as I said to a very special friend of mine only yesterday ... the gin I thankfully no longer need ... but I will always need a tonic ... and she definitely is mine when I need it!

Let's all just keep on keeping on ... none of us know where it is all leading, but we can tell whether or not it feels mighty fine or distinctly rotten ... and the best thing of all is KNOWING that it is up to us to follow those feelings that make us feel good about ourselves because ... we are all just here, at this time, on this planet earth ... doing the best we can.

Hope every one is well . Busy doing my show at the mo ... and even White Cloud has taken a holiday it seems. Hope he's got his sunglasses cos I know it's exceedingly BRIGHT where he goes!!

and it is definitely effervescing with
Love Light laughter and Golden rays
Bloss xxxxxxxx


Corynder said...

lol, he's just getting a good cancer free tan. Probably with the beloved Feds. hehe

Or moon walking. I wonder if the Feds would take time off to try moon walking? Or is the amusement at that just a human thing?

Enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

Blossom Hi,
About we wouldn't be in this vibration if we were perfect.I feel it is true to a degree, I said this very same thing to an ex boyfriend:)) However, I feel that the fact that we choose were chosen to experience this very dense vibration speaks volumes of our warrior spirit. As FOL said this individuality that linear time and perceived separation from source has created, required a strong spirit,and this is a precious gift we have given ourselves, not too many planets are like this one(snapshot.)So as we ascend and realize the illusion of separation from source we will be one yet retain individuality quite a feat:))
Remember they said 'we are to return to the Golden Race from which we came.As the vibration moves into the correct level, you yourselves move 'back into the frequency in which you were designed to resonate'.
'Appreciate how blessed each one of you are for being chosen.For not all who volunteered were able to be on this earth plane yours is a magical time'.

How many other planets have had to deal with an unworthy ego that screams out and creates dramas to prove its worthiness,
They KNOW who they are, we have done well and look who YOUR friends are!!!!!!

This is not ego FOL said. And I agree, once you are resonating to that vibration you don't care what others think, there is no judgement. Just joy of spirit and appreciation for self and the all.

Claudia said...

Just thought you would like to know about Obama's plans on opening the UFO files:

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(PS- my "word verification" below says "blessnes"....lol!)

Anonymous said...

Is White cloud getting around to others?
Rainbows in the dark (the tale of red Eagle)Australian author Ezio De Angelis.I went to see this medium at a club in Penrith, a few months ago now, where he communicates with passed loved ones of the audience, not normally my thing.However, a few months prior a client had mentioned him to me and then I saw his add for the show when I was wrapping up my rubbish with a newspaper, I still resisted until one day I was having lunch with a friend and she mentioned that her and some others were going to see a medium show, I asked if it was Ezio and she said yes, so I said ok that's it I've been told so I invited myself, she said I hope we can get an extra ticket at this late time close to us, I said we will and we did:)) well that was some months ago,I have only just started reading now (Divine Timing) All is as it should be:))It speaks of a new truth a spirit guide brought to a young red Indian the shaman opposed this truth, as he believed only he and his family line should know of this magic and it is not for the people to have this power.That this power this magic was to be used for control,We are dominate over all, including women and this has always been our way it has served us well.A meeting was set up for both to present their case the young Indian spoke of brotherhood and sisterhood and of cooperation with ALL life he spoke of owning your power but honouring the ALL and not living in fear and survival mode,The young Indian called on spirit to assist him and the shaman laughed as he said he broke the first universal rule of giving your power over to spirit .
A rainbow came over the group where there was no rain and no sun just the night sky.It was necessary to awaken the people by this display so as to assist them in owning their power and use the magic in a new way.

kerrie said...

Blossom so much is happening too much for me even to write, White Cloud has been sooo busy guiding me, so many people coming around even skeptics,I got this reply from the lovely Jenny her and her son Mike are Australians that I have a big connection with on Brads site,this post was in reply to a post I emailed you out of the bridge.

I've got to get this book next Kerrie after I finish the other ones. Mike and I have such a connection to the FOL. They have revealed themselves to us on numerous occasions and Mike feels that he has channeled two different aspects of his higher self that are not on the enormous light ship that was meant to show on October 14, but on a couple of smaller ships and he feels they are quite close. I also got to see one only last week during the day for the first time when it seemed to change from solid into wispy cloud then back again into a ship a couple of times.


P.s. I've noticed that the owner of the site I took FOL Group off due to his opposition to the UFO content has gone to another site and joined FOL group there, so I
guess he is reading, I wonder if he'll make any more comments, I may need to call in my Angels for assitence I hope White Cloud is available:))

Anonymous said...

Is White Cloud getting around? a posting I put up here and on a couple of sites came up with this response:

Kerrie ... I saw in one of your blog posts that you mentioned White Cloud - he was my lifeline for many years! I was told it was his job to keep me alive. Not an easy task for my journey - but we made it. I think I actually remember a visit from him in the 90's. Tell me about your relationship with him - wish I were more able to interact with my angels & guides but need every bit of energy for survival right now. Pls write me and tell me what you can about Chief White Cloud.

And this:

White Cloud was,is and shall be around guiding many. I am currently reading a book written by a friends father, from 1962. It is a description of White Clouds' birth, and life on earth, written in prose. My friend said that White Cloud was one of her fathers guides and channeled this story. It is very compelling and brings words to life. So, in answer to the topics question, yes.


And this all happened on the 26th jan New Moon in Aquarius,This is definatly the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. As the 5th Dimensions sing.
And not to mention Australia Day!
In love and joy Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom !

Just wanted to check in and let you know I have read all the channelings and most of your blog, am still thinking of you and sending you golden rays!!!!!!!!

NightHawk said...

Lol Corynder, I would love to moon-walk. Imagine how great it would feel to be lighter than air on a peaceful place like the moon. Looking back at the earth and realizing how small it really is. I was just thinking yesterday how great it must have been for the ancient civilizations to veiw the night skies and all their glory. Once upon a time all of the distractions we have today simply weren't there. Imagine a world with no skyscrapers, no menacing noises, no bright lights on every square inch of land, this is the world that the ancient Aztecs, Myans and Egyptions were so lucky to experience. Hence no wonder they created such unimaginable tasks and recorded, witnessed, and predicted such unbeleivable events. I wish just one place still existed on Earth that hasn't been tainted with technology just so I could take one real look at the stars and see what they saw.

Anonymous said...

As a result of the recent Universe-wide cleansings made in conjunction with the commencement of the New Universal Age, many members of the Anchara Alliance have been forced to change sides over to the Galactic Federation of Light in order to ensure their own continued survival. Recent Galactic Membership of the "Federation of Light" has risen from over 100,000 to over 200,000 Star Nations. Many of the members of the Dark "Anchara Alliance" belong to the "Reptillian Races" (bipedal Reptile Beings, also known as the Dragon Race), who originally came from a newly disbanded nearby Universe when it was amalgamated with our own.

I rest my case are our friends "The Federation of Light" the top guys or what!

How did everyone go with the energies on 26th jan? my heart and crown was alive apparently it was not only Australia Day but new moon in Aquarius (my moon is in Aquarius) And a Solar eclipse. And there was recorded another 'BUMP' in our atmospheres this wave of energy is assisting us in our evolution of consiousness.
And the syncronisities at the moment wow! I have been invited to attend a visiting Guru at the last moment because the lady organizing it couldn't get my name out of her head, this talk is on whats is happening in the lead up to 2012 questions may be videoed so hopefully I can get FOL mentioned.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Philip, Blossom here. If you read this it would be great if you could send me your email address as I am still having probs with the audio and you offered to help. Yes please!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU. Golden Rays . Blossom.