Jan 10, 2009

They are just saying HELLO.

Now I've sussed how to put Youtubes up like this , there will be no stopping me! Hold me back... Hold me back!

I got sent this TODAY. As I watched, my soul just kept saying 'Hello ... Oh hello ...HELLO!!!'. Does yours say the same?

Golden Rays of course,
Bloss xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Love u bloss! I was, or am, number 67 on the 'old' 14 oct-list. Keep up the energetic inspiring spirit, it's very uplifting, thanks!!!!!! xxx love light laughter

2muchdo said...

Hello blossom much love and light to you. I won't even mention the journey I have been on as yours has as I am very sure been extremely difficult. Dealing with the negative and vitriolic crap. sheeples we shall call them as I feel that is appropriate (not there fault). Trust me i am trying to lose my ego. I have been on your journey and many others in the past few months and all I ask is have you watched , if not please do. Greg Braden , science of miracles . Thought and thinking is counterp roductive , we have to FEEL . This is scientific fact not fiction. Watch with many friends and enjoy the miracle as you gave to me and many others . Whether your truth is my truth or many others it does not matter any more. We are all together in this beautiful thing we call love. I truly believe you are a warm , genuine person of love. If I'am wrong so be it however i do not judge you on your truth and the awakening of so many people. I only have love and positivity for you and all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
Yes I've seen this one, so good. It is good to see it on your site.
I had a laugh at your comment, now you know how to download ect.Like me, I have learnt so much with the computer these days due to all this. I said to one of my staff today something is happening, you will have to hold me down tomorrow 1/11 full moon in cancer,I am flying, feeling so focased so???? like something is going to happen.I said to my staff, I've got to take a couple of days of on the 13th your on your own. (I work 7 days, I never leave my business with anyone. I rarely have a break)they nearly fell over.Talk about letting go!!! I think I know where I am going, I've been getting some hits so to speak for a couple of weeks now,one of my staff said she saw White Cloud cruises on the shop next door. that is the shop I was going to book my flight in we'll see what else happens such fun:))

NightHawk said...

The full moon is tonight for my part of the world. As I veiwed the almost "full" moon last night I couldn't help but think about something. There is a pattern in the entire universe that sometimes gets overlooked. It's the simple shape of a circle. The sun, The moon, The planets within, ect...everything is round. Why? It is no mistake. It is simply the circle of life. It represents continuity and how one's veiw of the end is the begining for another. It should be all the proof you need that a divine createor had something to do with it all. As you veiw the soft quiet glow of the moon reflecting the sun keep your eyes peeled one never knows what one might see.

Claudia said...

Blossom, if you have the chance to "ask them", could you please ask what those spheres mean? Are they 'cocoons"? Do they have anything inside them?


Thanks dear....smooch!


Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom! I've been keeping up with you and your channeled friends since before Oct 14, not coincidentally, I presume and I believe it to be only part of the story and a small, controlled part.
There are so many things to be learned...

- ladoremila

Lyran Earth Angel said...

Oh yes, our Galactic Neighbours are here as they and many of us from our past have been here for a very, very long time. It is the same as when the Explorers visited the Natives that had never seen anyone else from the Outside World. We are being made aware and allowed to get used to the Visitors so that it won't be so strange and frightening.

We are going to get more and more sightings and also visitations including us whom have the connections ( and there are so, so many) visiting our Teams abroad. When one goes to sleep and does not wake up till the morning, slept like a 'log' not remebering anything par from going to sleep and waking up one can almost 'swear' one has taken off for a visit or then simply to work.

Happy Days to you Bloss and thanks for keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

Beloved one

Thank you again for the autumn that went and your great courage!

I cannot seem to open the last video you posted... Wonder if there is a trick to it.


Anonymous said...

I have just sent this to my friends on Brads site,so many people sending you their love, one guy said 14th had actually woken a few of his friends up.

Serge has reminded me that it is the FEELINGS that allow us to choose the reality we wish to experience, I feel that this 19th jan.candle light request that I posted in events, that was on Blossoms blog may synchronously be of significant value, I have just realised that the president elect Obama's inugralisation is on the 20th (by the way did you know he quoted in his speech the Hopies WE ARE THE ONES WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR ) see http://saviorsofearth.ning.com/forum/topics/the-hyperdimensional-election
So back to the FEELING, as in the Moses code and as Gregg Bradden says it is how you FEEL that is important, If we are judging our reality now and we feel a holier then thou frustration that (OTHERS) have caused this and WE need to fix a broken world this will not place US in a space of PEACE. Be the nature of the Divine Oneness ,As Deepac says A God who can be pleased or displeased isn't a God of Grace as the essence of grace is unconditional love.It is my feeling that if we purify our intention by having an attitude of gratitude for the experience this 3rd dimention has given us.We will empower ourselves by aligning with our true selves the one real truth the energy of love as FOL say. So feel the crystal clear water, breathe in deeply that fresh air, feel at peace and know All is as it should be.As White Cloud says.
Love.light and gratitude

Anonymous said...

I just posted this on lisa's site a memeber has just had a vivid dream of FOL.
Dear souls of earth … ask your hearts where we are. You will feel them beat faster and louder and this is us telling you we are so very near. We said we would not leave until we have accomplished our mission. It is not accomplished yet and that is why we are still here. Keep searching within yourselves for your TRUTH. Seek and thou shall find … is this not so? Adieu.

(I've been having these words in my head these past few days, I forgot they were in this channelling)this morning has been so syncronysic so far.

Adieu. I am so happy to hear that word! Perhaps White Cloud is up there with you!!! Some things are beyond our comprehension due to the earth density. So I shall take that no further … for now. Thank you guys… and I feel it right to say thank you from many of us down here, that so look forward to hearing your words of LOVE.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if any1 can confirm this for me, about these orbs of light: ive been noticing that around the internet people have been posting a lot of videos in infra red cameras. maybe these things can light on and off whenever they like. so they may be hoovering our skies for a long time now. i would like to ask anyone that has infra red cameras, if its possible to test this theory. many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom-
I just had a dream that seemed to
be relating to something about our
Space Family- seemed like a number
was involved, like a six-digit one
or so, something like 456..789.
I was very happy in the dream as I had clearly contacted some Space
Entities who were positive!
Much Love, faith

NightHawk said...

Is the human race serving just by existing? Sometimes too much thought is put into it when it really is so simple. Think of the life of a bee, a tree, and the many other overlooked creations on earth. Bee's buzz around never wondering what their existance means. Yet they pollinate and spread the flowers of the world while producing the sweetest of honey. A tree never questions it life but it produces beauty and sacred oxegen. People must stop questioning their existence and spend more time makeing it worthwhile. The quest to prove something already proven must be put to rest. Please live your lives to the absolute fullest for one day you might wake up and find the search consumed everything. Ask yourself is it really worth it?

Anonymous said...

I had my first sighting last year, it was the first time in my life, and then I've been having sighting after sighting after that. Had one a couple of weeks ago, looked like something exploding and then like a star disapearing, thought to myself "supernova?" but didn't see anything in the news about it, and there were flashes of strange light before it all throughout the sky as well.

My first experience was a bright blue orb that was racing through the sky that lit up the ground and everything with a bright light blue light, it was freaky.

And what they heck are they doing not talking and all? arg..

someone posted:

I had to watch it :P I never really watch that girl because I never agreed with her on anything, but I think this video is interesting. I agree with her on a lot of points too.

And with David Icke when he said "Infinate love is the only truth, everything else is an illusion."


Anonymous said...

ok blossom, I heard that their lightships look like diamonds with recorded. There is a light that i assumed was a planet, but it turns out it looks like a diamond when i record it. I was wondering if it is actually them. I also recorded my neighbors lights and they were diamonds too, soooo thats a problem

Anonymous said...

Hi technus,
With regards to this girl, I know of her and while she is very good, she is also focased on conspiracy theories and so be it if that is her souls path she is helping in that way,for I guess we can't know what is untill we see what isn't sometimes, however FOL have made it clear that they are not GFOL, and personally I was glad they made that clear, as I do not resonate to a lot of GFOL channeling's, As for mind control, I wish them luck trying to mind control me no one on this planet has ever had any influence on me, and I dare say no one out there controlling us through the white light would be able to either, anyway I rarely use the white light:))to much like a fear thing.
So basically its back to KNOW the truth of who you are,Love the one real truth.Go to your soul truth, go to your heart, you can not be manipulated for this is what your soul is TRUTH, LOVE.How do you do this? meditate 10 min. a day be in the now moment in the void of infinite possibilities not in the Matrix (what pill will you take? the red or the green)FREE WILL
Love,light and gratitude
P.S. Sheila Gillet's recent book Soul Truth is good she is the channeller Ester Hicks (Law of Atraction) saw before she started channeling Abraham

Anonymous said...

i am here to make emends, my last post was really awfull when i said "screw channeling". im sorry

NightHawk said...

I recently watched a series on how an ancient civilization once prospered on Mars. It was brilliantly put together and has definatly proven to me without a doubt that a city of pyramids, temples, and unexplained structures exists or has existed on the Planet Mars. I wish I knew the name of what I was watching, if anyone knows what it's called please post it here, thanks. Anyway in the documentary an artist overlays outlines on an actual photograph of Mars taken by Nasa. It shows how ruins of an ancient city would have looked when it was built. It depicts pyramids, places of worship, and undeniable proof that they were built by beings and not some sort of natural occurance. A structure dubbed the "power house" is outlined in the photo and suggests that this ancient city was powered by free-energy. I highly recommend everyone to take an hour and a half and watch this documentary. If anyone knows what it is called please post it here. Again thanks.

NightHawk said...

I found the documentary on You-Tube. It's called: UFO - RedStar - Moon & Mars - Part 1 You have to type it in just like that in the You-Tube search engine. It's a 12 part series of videos but trust me it's not a waste of time and you won't be dissapointed.

Anonymous said...

Remember Blossom I told you 21/12 about my visual I got of a mountain opening up and a large gold orb coming out.
Well I got it again tonight, only this time it was while I was doing the candle event meditation I was visualising planet earth and I saw it suddenly open up and a gold orb come out.Then I go on Brads site and this:
"Watching the fireball it seemed not very far away, quite close actually. It was orange and yellow flames inside a perfect, perfect sphere. There was no glow around it and no sound. There was no trail behind it, it just moved as a perfect sphere that looked like a fireball.

This lady was writing to the Herald
She lives in Melbourne.She saw it New years night, we have had 2 members on Brads site that saw a lightship new years night. One lady Jenny an Australian said her son was told to look out for a lightship in meditation by FOL they did and they saw them.
Love and light
P.S.I was in my back yard doing the meditation and when I finished I noticed next to me a small white feather:))

Anonymous said...

Hey, there are some nasty viruses on your homepage. I think a hacker could have gotten into your site. They are associated with Adobe Acrobat. My virus scanner went off like crazy, and it has never done that coming to this site before.

-other than that, I think they will be back soon. My impression is that Obama may have something to do with them showing up, or announcing them or something to ease everyone into it.., just my suspicion.

I came back today because I got a "feeling"

Anonymous said...

Blessings Blossom.

I believe this sighting in Slovenia on October 14th is worth mentioning and has been verified by many witnesses and newscasts:


Philip said...

Hi Blossom

If you would like any help with the blog, uploading You-Tube links or anything else, I would be more than happy to help. Just send me an email and I shall help you out.

Kindest Regards