Dec 2, 2008

Concerning Channelling 13. NOV 29

Hi everyone . Just wanted to share part of a letter I received (among many) regarding NOV 29 channelling Higher /lower frequencies. Won't be making a habit of this, I just thought this was lovely. Enjoy. thanks to Sowelu!

When you physically die... when your form "decays and deteriorates", do you become devolved? Do you become somehow less than you were? Your essence is freed (expanded, more) and your form goes on to become part of a new creation (freed, expanded, more).

We assume that if an orange decays its form, that it has devolved from an orange to something lesser... but is that so? Really?

If sugar in its hard form blends with water, melts, and creates something new... has it actually devolved because it appears to have dissolved? Or has it, in its inherent creativity, merged with another form of life and created something entirely new? And now that it's co-existing with other life energy in a new format does this mean it devolved? Or could it be that it has Evolved? From one form to another... and since it's now in this new form, does it mean that its frequency is LOWER? Why would we make such an assumption?
For some reason I'm suddenly thinking of "falling in love". Have you ever felt it? You melt, don't you? You fall, in a sense, and merge with another and together you create something new. A new form of life, so to say, in the form of the relationship. Same with the sugar melting into the water. Or an orange "falling" for transformation (which, to outward appearance is decay, but for the orange is a new experience of itself in relation to the All, merging with yet more life energy in new ways, perhaps becoming "lighter" as in gaseous form, or liquid, etc).
And then that sweetwater blends and merges with, say, a human being drinking it. Does this "contaminate" its frequency and make it somehow LESS than it was? Lower frequencied? Or has it evolved yet again, merged with yet another form of life and become something new? And is that new something lower in frequency than the sweetwater was in the glass? Why would we make that evaluation? On what do we base this kind of assumption?

Fear. Fear of death, fear of change. This is what promotes ideas like "lower can drag down higher". Energy always rises, grows, expands and transcends its previous form. Constantly. It's just that humans fear death and change. And from that fear, they filter what they see in the world around them, translating their perceptions through a filter of fear. So that when someone dies they see loss. Not transformation and new life, but loss and finality. It is not truth, it is the illusion. That death was a freeing, a transcendence and an experience of growth into more.

Death is not devolution. It is merely change. Death of ANYTHING... a human being, a belief, an orange. And always... change brings more, not less. Always.


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

I couldn't have said it better myself. My hat off to the one that has explained, so eloquently, a universal truth.

All my love,
Sharyn, Vic

penguins said...

I always assumed "death" was just a natural end of the physical form for that lifetime, nothing to concern the soul, despite angst over temorarily "leaving" loved ones on the same plane. However, I haven't seen a sweeter or more succint description than this. Top chanelling Bloss. x