Nov 25, 2008


As I sit here watching the world go by, there are so many shapes and sizes, so many different languages spoken ... people dressed up to the nines ... people dressed down to the zero's ... and each one is living inside a body that is the same as everybody else's and yet it is so different. Different in appearance, yet it is the same make up. Ones thoughts running through one's mind are from the same original make up ... but each thought is a world apart from another's at any given time.

And then there is the heart... each one the same and yet ... miles apart ... each heart experiencing the gift of life that it was offered , and yet wrapped in designer paper. Some adorning ribbons and bows , some with just a tag ... and your heart? What would the tag on your heart say? How would one identify your heart from anothers? Is it filled with song? Is it laden with burden unable to see the Light of day? Unable to share that gift of life with all that is life?

Read your tag. What have you written there? Are you proud of its message? Do you intend to keep that same tag? Does it suit you? Is it your TRUTH? Because you know ... if you don't like what it says, if you are uneasy with the way it reads, how it portrays the un you ... then you can always change it. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from doing that ... (unless you can't find your rubber!) And if you can't, then throw it away. Make a NEW one. Decorate it with colours of the rainbow and splash glitter everywhere to brighten it. Let others see who you really are. And what are you? You are a creation that is designed to create ... create what? YOURSELF. So many say they do not know what it is they are suppossed to do. CREATE YOURSELF. Be your own designer creation. YOU can make YOU into anything you want ... yet it is best to draw a draft copy on paper first ... iron out the rough spots and make sure you have 'put out there' exactly how you wish YOU to be. No holding back! Then simply BECOME it. Live, sleep eat, breath that YOU that YOU ARE. Forget the words I can't, I should, I ought, I musnt, if only, one day perhaps ... REMOVE them from your vocabulary ... to be replaced by ... I CAN ... I WILL ... I MUST ... WHEN I DO ... NOW ... and GET OUT THERE... get off the treadmill and get on the merry go round!

On your death bed, which could be in a minute or in 90 years, do you want regrets?Regrets about what you could have done, what you could have been?


Thats's what we came here for... To give it all a go! Not just a bit of it ... ALL OF IT! At least give it a try ... what ever your 'it' maybe. And if it turns out it wasn't for you after all, you will be a better person because of it. You will have 'LIVED' that life whilst you tried. And if it turns out that it IS for you , but not yet ... NEVER GIVE UP. Maybe you just need to turn the corner and there it is ... just the way you imagined it ... only maybe ... even better. But if you give up and stay stuck in where you are, you will never know.

Keep on keeping on! And then keep on some more. And then keep on keeping on from there ... and then maybe ... just maybe ... you will find yourself in a place of the most exquisite happiness, and as you purvey the wonders all around , you take a moment as the Golden Breeze waves a little tag that lies attached to your heart. And as you read it ... tears of Love stream forth to water the seeds that you planted ... the seeds that you nurtured when you decded to change what was written on that tag, from something that made you sigh, into something that made you SO PROUD to be YOU. To be a part of it all. That one heart, that is the same as everyone elses yet so different ... showed itself and the world that it can make a difference ... and once it understood that ... it did something about it ... and that something ... helped to change the world. And isnt that what we all want? To be a part of the change. To have contributed to this NEW WORLD that we are designing?

So ... if you do nothing else today ... read you tag ... if you like what it says , then simply jazz it up a bit ... and if you don't ... well, you know what to do ... but the big question is ... WILL YOU?
Have a Golden Rayish kinda day ... you know you want to!
Love Light and Laughter my friends. Love Light and Laughter!
Bloss xxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Integrity... I am that,I am
Compassion... I am that,I am
Creator.... I am that, I am
Peace..... I am that, I am
Forgiveness..... I am that,I am
Joy..... I am that,I am
Unconditional unjugemental
LOVE....I am that,I am
Grace.... I am that,I am
Spirit....I am that,I am
And it is so
Love and light Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Coach Enrique said...

Dear Blossom,
It's refreshing to read Human thoughts about Human issues. I am delighted to read your words.
I know most of your readers are looking for more alien Energies words or prophecies, but just wanted you to know that YOUR thoughts and feelings are as important and relevant as theirs.

NightHawk said...

Blossom, today I start a new job playing the piano in a bar/resturant. It's the first time I will be playing in front of anyone. I was feeling very nervous and afraid, but your message has obsorbed all of those feelings. Thank You. The gift of music is something that should be shared by all. I hope the notes of light ring as true as your words of light. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom for such an uplifting post! Even if we are happy with the tag we have created, some days it still flickers or goes out of focus (old habits die hard!!) so this was a great reminder to get back there! I think our hearts are maybe our greatest gift. They communicate so clearly on a feeling level when we are and when we aren't living our truth.
thanks as always!

Louis Hart said...

This is a wonderful post. The world needs more of this kind of writing.

Blossom Goodchild said...

To Nighthawk ... wanted to send you trillions of Golden Rays for your new job. Surround yourself in them! Sit at that instrument and let your heart stream through your fingers. You'll be fab!!!!! You are there because thats where you are ... so ENJOY that gift. Much Love Blossom xxxxxxxx

Pam said...

WOOT!!! who needs the FOL??? rofl
Your words are like the song that the birds bring in the morning and the light that the moon gives us at night :))

lots of love and light to all xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder this post was to me...recently my heart tag read "out to lunch" due to uncontrolled sercumstances. But before that it read "open for for given love". I havent given much thought about where my mind is, I have been on autopilot lately with a very busy life and personal problems. I am reminded though, that I am of LOVE, and am only trully happy when freely giving and recieving love...I remind myself today to love me, those around me and those that are far away, and those I dont know.
Sooo, I am ripping off, ouch that hurt, my old tag, to make a new tag for myself one that is trully reflective of me....A beautiful, happily,open loving being.....

Thanks Blossom, sometimes, all we need is to hear it from someone else for us to see it in ourselves..
much Love and golden rays of Light to you Kiddo and to you and you and you and you abd you....

Pam said...

Hi my dearest Blossom :)

As I said before, your message is really uplifting!!!

I was reading the last message the FOL sent through you, and I understand people's feelings as well as yours regarding the no show of the FOL when it was supposed to happen.

There are so many things at stake, and one of them is our survival as a race as well as the implications that it would for the rest of the cosmos if we fail.

Everywhere I go to learn about what our brothers from space and from other dimensions intents are, all practically coincide with the purpose of assisting us through our ascension.

Nowhere I have seen that they are here to solve our problems in any way.

However, I do think that they will solve our problems once we ascend for we will recover the treats that come with the fact that we all are part of God All Mighty.

This will also trigger the goodness of the many lost in our current reality, and things will change for the better.

I truly believe that we all need to leave our fears to a side and start projecting peace, light and love to the world to help the process of ascension so it happens faster if possible.

I haven't seen in the FOL message nothing but goodness in exchange for nothing... There are no conditions in their propposal to help us.

So what is it that we are fearing?

I truly believe that we need to stop doubting ourselves and start giving more credit to our on capacity of love and our capability to prevent the worst from happening.

We need to accept from once and for all that WE CAN dictate our future... that WE CAN stop evil, that WE ARE infinite beings of love under the grace of God All Mighty. Because we are His love.

I love Kerrie's declarations of I AM ... Moses Code tells it all, because ... WE ARE THAT, WE ARE ... God's love, God's power, God's might... We are His children, therefore we are the solution to anything that might come our way.

I AM THAT, I AM ... just repeat that untill you all can no more so you finally understand and believe that God is within you and You all are HIM.

I love you all :)

Pam said...

Heyas again Blossom :))))

This note has nothing to do with your message this time but I thought it was the fastest way to get in touch with you rofl.

Sweetie, I want to buy your books but I would like to start with the right one first..

Which one would you recommend me to read first?

I think that if I buy the wrong one first I might not get the message as I am supposed to. :P

As I told you once before I am not very well versed in metaphysics or new age things but it is about time I start right? :P


All your help will be greatly appreciated :)))

Thanks millions

Pam :)))

oh by the way my email is or

Anonymous said...

i think my tag'd be saying geddonwithitthen! patience is a virtue, i know, i know :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
I was just reading Snapshot again and came across THE CHANGE OVER and a thought came to mind that it is already happening, I was thinking of what I experienced last week at a mediums where I went out of my body to somewhere so beautiful I didn't want to come back, and then just before I came back to my body I saw a dark red swirling mass overhead and a being descending then stopping just outside the entrance. anyway I've described the experience in your previous blog 11/11. And I was thinking of when you went to the point with your 12 people, how do you know nothing happened?
At my healing classes my teacher has noticed an increase in my abilities and I feel much more 'in love'
Love and Light Kerrie

NightHawk said...

Dear Pam: There is no such thing as a wrong book. Words are a powerful tool when used properly and can make all the difference. Whatever you read, hear, see and practice you will always walk away with something, what you do with it remains your choice, free-will. Pam don't stop at blossoms books, read read, read everything. If all else fails turn on the closed captions feature on your telivision and read that. Remember your brain must be physically exercised as well as spiritually. When you stop questioning, you stop learning. The one who knows everything, Knows nothing. I recommend to you the first book you pick up today.
Blossom, thank you for golden rays everthing worked out great.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Blossom
This 4th dimntional quickening is getting quicker!!!!Before your interview tomorrow with Brad I want to give you a heads up on REPLACEMENT!!!!! of the moon.I had a repeditive thought a couple of months ago about not being able to see the moon, after a few days I saw it but it looked as though there was a unusal bright glow around it(new moon) previously (full moon) one night there were stars and clouds in the sky except for a perfect clearing witnin a circle around the moon.This week others are commenting on the absent moon on Brads site.Alex Collier said if there was a problem with those of us, that do not have our best interest at heart, those of us that are working with the greys, intervention will have to happen. FOL do not have a war type nature but they did say Other beings can DEAL with such as this.Brad has been notified of an event and can't disclose source.
Love and LIGHT Kerrie

Blossom Goodchild said...

kerrie... interview with Brad was last month!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

hey blossom,

some thoughts from the last contact with our friends upstairs. one of their comments was "WE understand more now from your perspective", which i found interesting. i've always assumed that they are telepathic and able to gauge the general, if not specific, state of human consciousness, and that therefore simply stating what i feel and think doesn't really matter that much, as it's included in the overall state of the human mind. but that comment that now they understand more rather sways me to think that there is value to clarifying my position. ya reckon they read this blog? lol, i imagine they've got a decent broadband connection.

so, here we go. my take on this overall subject is that there are 3 possibilities. that they are who they say they are, and this is simply truth. that none of this is real, and we are all simply seeing what we want to see. that there is some reality, but the communicators are actually part of the NWO/bluebeam/alien invasion meme disinfo.

rationally, any of these options might be true, as we have no physical proof of anything. intuitively, if i listen to my heart, i feel the first option is true. that's a toughie because certainly i want it to be true, i think that one of humanity's greatest needs right now is its own form of the disclosure project, whereby people are shown all of the lies that we generally accept as truth, from fiat fractional reserve "money" to chemtrails to suppressed technology etc. etc., and it is easy to see what one wants to see. yet still their words ring true to me, and obviously i do not think i am fooling myself.

so, where do we go from here? i'm reading from other channels that obama is one of us, i guess i can say, and has genuine intentions at making things better. a latter day JFK. if that's true, the least shocking way that disclosure can happen is if it is initiated by humankind. when obama becomes president, if we swiftly see his administration (podesta, perhaps) open the US archives on the UFO subject, and simply hold open hearings on the subject, do the disclosure project but actually at congress, the subject will become far less laughable to the average person. that would be a huge step forward in our consciousness of them (god help me if i hear the xfiles music again in relation to UFOs), and i imagine would lay the path for their disclosure, i.e. a ship in the sky.

if that's a reasonable game plan, we have to wait on obama. in the meantime, keepin' on keepin' on with whatever we're all doing to waken people here to at least the possibility of a larger reality than they've considered previously is the most useful path.

i still say geddonwithit, though :)

Anonymous said...

When are you going to post more channelings???? i know there is no such thing as time but come on!

Blossom Goodchild said...

Channelling now up Steve. For ever at your service!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
Loved the last channelling, about 20years ago (the first time I came across White Cloud in Dawn Hills book 'A little help from my friends')It was mentioned there that A high Vibration will out do lower vibration, that one Master, of this earth (OR NOT) will out do thousands of lower vibration.It's all in the perception of us humans as to what consitutes a high vibration. An "I'm unworthy" ego(low vibration) is a more dominate ego than "I'm so good" (higher vibration)these egos lower our frequency as we are judgeing ourselves and as we are all one therfor judging others, Rather then just BEING the full magnificencs of what we are, without careing what others think as you speak your truth.Because you have gone beyond judging self and others.You are just BEING and shinning your light and giving others permision to do so also.By BEING in the now moment we do not allow our mind to play its control dramas, we are aligned with our higer self and raising our frequency.See what FOL are doing assisting us to get this frequency thing happening so they can come and do their thing:)))
Bring it on Brothers and Sisters.
Love and Light Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Beloved Blossom!
I have just read that you deleated part of the last communications with Federation of Light.
And I was just beginning to love their way of explaining and felt I was missing some part when you started to hurry them up.
PLEASE give us the deleated part also!
I feel this was one of great importance, about energies not being able to go backwards/downwards...
Love and Light and much Laughter

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!! The Moon thing oh my God this is all happening. I was just on Brads site when a fellow Australian posted Nov.30th channeling we are COMUNICATING people, we are doing it, building a NEW EARTH we are one. Today at 11 past 11 I was doing Brads global meditation and the FEELING of peace as children played in the park near by and the birds sang and the sun shone was beautifull.

Pam said...

Blossom!! I loved your channeled messages LOL mannn you are hillarious rofl

If you see the definition of magnetic wave and frequency you will understand what they mean... specially the physics of it :)))

Regarding the moon and the vibrations too I found a very interesting blog about a guy that channels ETs beings too.

His name is Mark.

The website is:

you can find there all his channelings since Oct 7

I recommend you to read from that date up so you can grasp better what he is saying lately but it has a lot of similarities with your message Blossom :))))))

Love and light!! xoxoxooxoxo


PS: Please don't listen to those people that say that your channelings come from the guy with the two horns :PPP ... it is not true..

These people that have their hearts filled with doubt and fear need more help than any of us for they are hopeless now, but the time will come that they will know too and they will understand.

Don't let them fill you with their fears and doubts friend ... you got a great mission to accomplish and you will find a lot of blockades on the way so stay firm o your truth friend we are here to lift you up and help you continue! :))))

Anonymous said...

didn't know about the meditation today, but i was sat at a friend's house just watching the garden for a few minutes...both my partner and friend passed by and asked, are you meditating? ha. didn't think i'd been more than enjoying a snowy garden view, but i did feel something today. i've noticed over the past year a kind of sparkling light in the sky...easy to not notice, as it's not obvious, and because it's there all the time, easy to dismiss (as if you live next to a noisy road, you easily stop hearing it after a while). since i've been noticing it (mostly on clear sunny days), again today i saw this more strongly than i've done before. i'd in the past assumed it to be reich's orgone energy. i've no idea what it is (well, i am perhaps just not so brave as blossom :), but that i saw this earlier today more strongly than i've seen it before, coupled with that peaceful feeling, and now i read there's was a group meditation today, i find it interesting.

going to keep an eye on the moon, too! we're not more than a few days from a new moon now, so perhaps in a week it'll be bright enough to have a good look at its colour.

Anonymous said...

One more thing... Does the FoL believe in a Christ? or did I miss something? Thanks again :)

NightHawk said...

Steve: The important thing is that you believe in Christ!