Sep 1, 2016

The Fairy

In a wood, along the path … a fairy sat there weeping,
Her dress was torn and through her shoes … her little toes were peeping.

Alone she sat … her head held low … with eyes so sadly staring,
All will was lost inside her soul … for the world seemed so uncaring.

‘Little one’ I softly spoke … ‘Pray tell me of your sorrow.

Lay down your load … let tell your thoughts and the sun shall shine tomorrow’.

‘My heart’ she said … ‘if Truth be known … is filled with much despair

For when I want to enter it … I knock but no-one’s there.
What is it I must search for to open up that door?
I’ve lost the key to reason and I can’t seek anymore.’
My child’ replied a knowledge … that can touch the very Being.
‘Don’t see what you are looking for … Yet, look at what you’re seeing.
Find beauty in the pastures … Find wisdom in the air,
Find Peace within the songbirds tune … and your searching will end there.
For once you have the insight and there is no fear and doubt,
You’ll realise that inside your heart … it was you who had gone out.’
By Blossom Goodchild. ( some time in the past! )


Unknown said...

Oh, how absolutely beautiful, Blossom . . .
Thank you for sharing this!
Ann xx

Unknown said...

You talked exactly what I was going trough in your lasted channeling...It's scary but I don't wanna keep thinking 'what if' all the time, I'm gonna have to face my fears eventually, and I want to.
Btw I love fairies and I believe in them ;).


Anonymous said...

I love this! Pat

Kathy McDonagh said...

This beautiful little poem really struck home. I'm very drawn to your youtube videos and just discovered your website. It fills my heart with hope. Thank you for helping me find my way back to the path.

Anonymous said...

Divine poem Blossom!
Just what was needed in this moment too, so very fitting, thank you for sharing :-)

I just read your jan 16th FOL message. Wow - reminds me of a lucid dream i had 3 years back now. It was one of the first truly lucid dreams i experienced.
I was outside my rural home looking up at the night sky when my awareness entered the dream and i said to myself ''Aha! I'm dreaming! Woohoo, i can do ANYTHING HERE in the dream realm'' (It took some training during my waking hours to instill the notion that i am able to create my dreams and be/do anything - before this training i would become lucid in the dream and just that awareness made me sooooo chuffed, the excitement would wake me up!)

So in this lucid dream state, looking up at the sky, i'm wondering what i should do in this dream to 'test' my theory of i create it all and can do anything. So obviously i choose to try to fly. It was literally like in real life, i felt the weight of my body, but i'm being bossy with my mind to force it to believe i can fly. I put my arms up in the air like superwoman!...ahem...i really did hahahaa! ....and i feel my heels lift. I got so super excited! I them said outloud ''I CAN fly!'' and my heels and feet starting to move upward wobbling. I repeated for a third time ''I CAN FLY'' and my body lifted off the ground and i SHOT up into the air and i'm sooooo shocked!!
Lucid dreaming feels just like real life! It really does!
I was flying and wobbling and then i focused my eyes on being smoother with my flying and so it became smoother and i was zipping around going higher!
At THAT moment a 'knowing' entered my head "If ONLY we TRULY believed we could fly in real life, we REALLY could! We just HAVE to BELIEVE and KNOW we CAN!!"
That realisation floored me. I felt that sooo deeply to be absolute truth. I was astounded that came to me in that moment.
I looked down on earth and i saw thousands of people suddenly on the ground and only the very few were taking off from the ground and flying - they were glowing golden lights and i could make sense that they had seen me fly and so believed too that they could fly...but only the few.

The next day i recalled the dream instantly as it's so easy with lucid dreams to do. I went outside to the spot i took off from in my dream and i tried to really believe i could fly and just have that levitational feeling lifting my heels, at least!, like i had felt in the dream. Alas, it didn't happen.
I realised that we are all under such a 'weight' of years/decades of 'mind conditioning' as to what is and what is not possible in this realm, that for anyone to break down this 'indoctrination' requires a lot of mind conditioning to counteract the limiting conditioning of what is truly possible in this reality.
So i have a general personal mantra that 'Anything is possible' - for me that covers everything at all!!
I was astounded to read the FOL echoing that we can indeed perform 'miracles' and fly or move mountains or ....anything IS possible :-)
Thank you and the FOL for the reminder, it is most timely.
With gratitude and love,

Anonymous said...

Blossom please remember to mention "Global Unconditional LOVE" day on May 1, 2017 - it is the only way we as a species will survive while on this volatile somewhat hostile planet - We need to get off the End Times Mentality or we will think it into reality.

Enjoyed your last post as always, remember you are more down to earth than most.

Global unconditional Love is the only way !

Anonymous said...

I think this movie clip sums up your last chat....

Unknown said...

Hey! <3

Anonymous said...

Bloss - I am close to your age (39 and holding) this incarnation has been rough on many of us light holders. Do you think we will actually be able to witness the coming positive changes coming to this planet ? Will the Cabal finally be eliminated after so many thousand of years ? I hope and pray you and your entire family are doing well. Looking forward to your next post or video.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Who would know! I just try to walk forth in a Loving way in the knowing that the plan is going ahead ... and see what happens next! If it is in our life time ... how wonderful ... If it's not ... we will receive the Energy of it from else where, so we will be part of it, wherever we are!
Many thanks.
Blossom G

viola-annai said...

Dear Blossom, I wonder, whether the eclipse occurence was t h e Event, the GFL was always talking about in former conversations? I son`t think so, but may be, I am not right? May be, you can ask them? Thank you.

From Germany my greetings.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hi Viola.
No, the Eclipse was not the Event that they have been talking about ...
Thanks for your inquiry . Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Blossom - as you can easily see this planet is under attack by weather wars aiming to cause massive loss of human life and endless property destruction. Could you please discuss the possibility of off planet intervention to stop this war. Regardless of the source Human or Half Human or off planet species it needs to come to a halt!

Anonymous said...

I agree:

3 storms now in Atlantic

2 more storms in Pacific

Then there are predictions of this coming Saturday 9/23/17 as our last day.

What will it take for all light warriors, light holders, starseeds, etc to band fight this ?

viola-annai said...

dear Blossom, the descriptions in August by the GFL were so beautiful. And indeed, I feel, that it is true .. They said, that the next three to four months would show much more effortlessness, more lightness and ease.. more of our old and/or new capabilities. Well, may be, that it will unfold.. but for now, I feel even heavier (body, who is mutating). From the day of the eclipse on and then even more since mid September all began to increase again in the direction of more symptoms or symptoms again i thought I left behind. I know all of the up`s and down`s for years, but was sooo glad to hear, that it now will become easier. Not for me and friends, who are forerunners in the process of mutation. How comes? May be, it is not for all..? Thank you for answering my question.
Viola from Germany

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hi Viola. if this can be spoken of with the FOL then indeed I shall do so. It is in keeping with what many are experiencing at the moment, so hopefully, it can be addressed.
Many thanks
BG. xx

viola-annai said...

thank you, dear Blossom.. and yes, hopefully..

AscensionForYou said...

A lovely poem indeed Blossom! Thank you so much for sharing! Peace ... David- AscensionForYou

viola-annai said...

dear Blossom, I just red something abotu KI. Artificial Intelligence. It is so whacked out, so so strange. I nevertheless feel within, that it is n o t possible for the KI to inherit (? right wocabulary ? ) a human, who knows, who he or she truly is: a sovereign Being, an integral aspect of Source ITSELF. What does the GFL say to this special topic? Thank you very much. Greeings fom Viola

Anonymous said...

Wow Blossom - that nov24th FOL post!!

As a (healthy) skeptic of all and any subject matter - with also high intuition, i'm not easily convinced by most claims made by the 'alternative community' regarding spiritual matters...especially concerning 'ascension' of humankind.

I've followed your FOL posts since the beginning - you're the only 'channel' i KNOW is genuine. I have always believed in you - you 'soul essence' shines through so wonderfully it is impossible to miss, and it's so natural to you, ego-less..which is why i think the FOL chose you to be honest. You have no ego agenda, you in fact stand to lose much (reputation mainly) and i admire your strength, faith and trust in YOUR intuition to continue to bring the FOL info to us all. You have an incredible gift - i think you are one of very FEW GENUINE CHANNELLERS on this earth.

With that background info, i wish to say that, despite me being healthily skeptical throughout all these years regarding the FOL, i continue to read their knowledge..alongside collating my own knowledge from other sources.
In the most recent months the FOL have been discussing matters which i, from other sources, have come to know about. Synchronicities of this kind are the subject matter is very 'fringe' indeed!
Certainly the subject of 'manifestation' which they really are trying to drum home to us to GET IT! We manifest whatever we wish! It's really that simple. I imagine they can't believe we don't 'get it' yet! LOL
Their talk of 'higher vibrations' entering the planet i have taken keen interest in and i, being very empathic, was confused by this as i felt that there wasn't a noticeable shift in vibrations from society as a whole...certainly not good vibrations!
They have spoken of energy shifts for a while i know - but NOW - NOW i KNOW THEY ARE RIGHT!!
For the past 2 months i have been sooooooo content - from out of nowhere!!! If you knew my life and me personally you would see this as a huge shift for me because i've been extremely challenged physically with illness for years, and also my living situation - all life situations - just dire. I've been calling it the 'dark decade of my soul'...thinking it would never end - having put so much effort in, and getting zero returns for that effort - so have been feeling extremely deflated, depressed, done-in, very ill...just horrendous really.
However, 2 months now - i feel sooooo optimistic - i don't know why! It's like i've been zapped by something! I now feel the time is NOW to be my true self and i really can be. Also i've noticed that my vibe is INFECTIOUS to others!
Something has shifted - for it to have affected me personally from the darkest pit i've ever experienced. I've changed nothing during all this. I haven't induced this feeling. I know myself well. I know what comes 'from' me - you know? This is a force outside of me that i am able to access - that WASN'T THERE BEFORE.

When i read the nov 24th channel - i felt so ALIVE and electrified as they described the EXACT journey and experience i've been having these past few weeks.
This is astounding.
I'm not easy influenced by much to be honest. Hence i notice and sense acutely when i am being influenced by anything outside of self.
There's some MAGIC sauce coming through that hasn't been here before. It's amazing!!! Spectacular!!

I had to share this with work hard to follow your heart to be your authentic self, and i know the journey hasn't been easy for you - i hope this message is a nice reminder that WHO YOU ARE is changing this world for the better :-)

THANK THANK THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your gifts Blossom *HUGE HUG*

This is it! We're on our way!
We CAN do this - all of us need to KNOW it!
Love and gratitude,

Blossom Goodchild said...

Dearest Bee. What a beautiful and encouraging message. Thanks so much. I, like you, can feel so much change.I feel things are really happening now ... I just feel different inside. So much more gratitude for ... Everything!
Bring it on ... and I am so happy for you ... Well done you ... An upliftment to read. Thank you. Blossom

viola-annai said...

dear Blossom, the last conversation now seems very urgent in my ears and heart.. :-) and although I am execising years and years .. these words are so powerful, that I think: hu, what will come along, I still don`t know.. ?

I was pausing, when I red, that earth needs us (humans) . I do n o t think, that she is not able to shift into a higher level without us. She sure is strong enough to do so. So that was irritating for me; to hear, that we have to help her. People will need us, o.k. very much I think.. but earth? Why do the GFL think so?? I sometimes heard that, but I always had more resonance to hear, that earth doesn`t need help from us... Please, ask the GFL, why they think this way...
and thank you so much for your wonderful service, dear Blossom.
Greetings from Germany and me.

Unknown said...

I read your latest channeling, at first I was left a little bit confused, so I had to do some soul searching.
The best way I can describe it is that, if you really want something best thing to do is to follow your heart. This is what I will do.

Love & Peace.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

Feb 1st channeling is SOOOO powerful!
The FOL are really trying to get people into a state of LOVE - for that is ALL that we need to focus on to shift the entire planet!
This is an extremely exciting time.
The light within they talk of that has been 'shut off' from our awareness for eons and eons... is stirring in many. We stir it more by thinking of how much we love the earth, how much we love each other, we need to think and FEEL it with all our hearts.

Obviously the entire 7.5 billion people on this planet are not aware what is stirring in the aether. If they were we would all be of Love and would have evolved into enLIGHTenment by now!
Which makes me wonder - how many people out of the 7.5 billion would it take to achieve a 'critical mass' powerful enough to drive the 'shift' forward? Can you ask the FOL this question?

This is just so KNOW we have won...all that is required is the manifestation of this new state - globally! WE HAVE to do this - no-one can do it for us. Fill the heart with love for ALL. It's simple really! (Yet so hard in this dual dark density to FOCUS on it - but we must)
Can you imagine Blossom?! Such wonders to come!!
Thank You for your wonderful gifts to humanity!
Love, light and twinkles :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
After my first two days of joining the game changer project, I became ill: 4 days in bed without eating and feeling miserable and sad and full of pity for myself and full of guilt for making my life so uneasy and a bad example for my children who now have their own children carrying on the burdens of their ancestors?
This morning I knew I had to finish once and for all carrying with me this burden I could not say goodbye to. I really thought I already had done this, for ages already I saw tarot readings, angel readings, I had psycho therapies, bad relationships from which I learned such a lot....and yet, here i was crying like a teenager, not being able to see the bigger picture of the life ahead, mourning about stupid parents, unfair siblings, and not feeling loved..
With my beloved Master Whom i called upon, I looked at my life, like I did in pieces so much times before and i said to my Master that I did not want to just throw all the negative feelings about my life away, because then I would have nothing left!
I looked again to my life and it began to form like a separate entity, no longer part of me and a new idea formed in my head: I did not have to throw away the painful feelings that were the foundation of that life, directed that life and draw all the people I loved and liked into it. I did not want to throw away the control freak I saw, the judger, oh what a terrible judge i had been... I just wanted to bless all that and even more I wanted My Master and the Angels blessing it, please, Bless this Life of mine!! It must not be a waisted life!!
In my two hands I took my life and went to Jesus and asked Him to help me store it in the Akash, I started to form the life into a little booklet and I loved the booklet and saw it was Blessed! I went up to the Akash and two little guardian angels were giggling about my bringing the book to them to keep it there with my other lives. They laughed and said it was not normal to have an unfinished book in the Akash but well, hup...there it went, safe and sound! While I handled over the book I saw that a seed, seeded in my early years, had grown beautifully into something shining and glowing. Alongside my normal living I had created this secret life in my garden of Eden, of course in the beginning it was all fantasy, I never believed TRULY in it, but well, it could do no harm could it? It gave me a better feeling believing Love is the answer, perhaps I was not worth it but hey, everybody needs it, me too. So, more and more I became aware of The Other Path. A Path I now never ever want to derail from..
And while the little guardian angels put my book on the shelf, this Other Path was before me, ready to be continued..Serving My Soul
Full of anticipation and excitement I started watching Blossoms invocation and full of gratefulness I wanted to share this 'fantasy', to thank Blossom from the bottom of my Heart to thank the Federation of Light for their sharing their Wisdom and knowledge with us. In the life, now up there in the Akash I was only the taker, in the Now I want to learn what giving is. But sure enough I want to send Love Love love, to All.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful news again. My question to the GFL is whether people who cannot withstand this love wave and can receive it without dying must necessarily be above all the old, frail and sick people. Because dire bodies may not tolerate these frequencies, while the being may quite welcome them. So what's the real criterion for dying? ..I ask because I have five old siblings, two of them sick or frail, yet certainly longing for love and always searching in their way. Then suddenly losing all my siblings - who are around 80 and over 80 years old - would be a great loss. Thank you for passing this question on to our friends, some of whom we are certainly ourselves.

Blossom Goodchild said...

A late reply ... yet better late than never. I think the thing to remember here is that WHEN the Event arrives, it is a MAJOR WAVE OF LOVE. Everyone will benefit from it, regardless of age. All is as should be. Many thanks.

viola-annai said...

Dear Blossom,
Mmny of the discussions with the GDL were encouraging, illuminating and invited to a joyful attitude. This last conversation was very strange, not even in the tenor that would have been expected at that time. Why such a hype was started again and already in December 2017, in order to "go down" again now, I really do not understand.... because - although there is no time there at the GFL - it is now clear that they should know that an expectation that is fueled should not drag on for many months - after all that the tired and exhausted forerunners and pioneers have now survived. To be honest, it didn't really sound like the GFL, it made me and my girlfriend feel weird this time. Nevertheless: we stay tuned - what else! ? Kind and loving regards from Germany by Viola