Nov 15, 2014

Sharing my thoughts ...

I felt it might help some of you to know a little more about my feelings regarding the Nov 14th channelling ( ) and why this issue came up. Obviously, because it needed to!
Indulge me if you would!
It’s not that I don’t believe that I am channelling these High Beings. I have obviously questioned this many times over the years, either due to a particular email received about something they may have said … or, perhaps the issues regarding the Pillars of Light and indeed the entire Oct 14th 2008. (Yet, I have totally found my peace with that.) Many channellers that I highly respect confirmed that the Oct 14th message was not a hoax and that indeed it was due to take place. (Matthew, (Suzy Ward) being one of them) … and so I am ok with this TRUTH.

However, it is more to do with the issues of ‘The Event’, ‘The Pillars of Light’ etc. … or, at this particular time … The FOL saying quite a while back … that people would know of them by the end of 2014 … Eh Hello?
These are the things that confuse me … and yet, if I were to put those things aside and look at all that they teach, then I really think they are magnificently kind and Loving, and I honour them greatly.

Put yourself in my position, if you would for a moment. Yes, I have White Cloud speak through me, and that to some, may seem a little ‘extraordinary’. Over the years I accepted this gift and considering I was ill for 19 years, and that illness went away the minute I began channelling my Indian friend, I felt very strongly that this was a ‘mission’ for me to carry out in life.
However, due to the Oct 14th message that went viral, more or less overnight … I had no idea that I would end up in my present position. That is … many thousands of people reading my conversations with … for want of a better word … E.T’s.

I do this neither for fame nor fortune, and the very fact that so many enjoy these communications keeps me going. In one way, I look at it … that it must be Truth, otherwise, why would so many follow their teachings? The Universe provides for my needs always, in one way or another … and that too, makes me FEEL that I must be on track.
I do not ‘see’ The Federation. I do not hear them. I have a telepathic conversation with them. They speak in a different manner than I do, and often I have to ‘Google’ a word to check if it fits in with the sentence. It always does …profoundly!  THEY use a lot of words that I am only vaguely aware of!

So, are you still putting yourself in my position? Just a ‘normal’ person … making my way through life, like everyone else … apart from this ‘thing’ I seem to have going on with Light Beings.
What if it was you? What if the conversations you TRUSTED you were having with E.T’s were shared with thousands, many thousands? What if The Federation said they would bring up the issues YOU had discussed with them, in their High Council meetings? You! Your issues! How would YOU FEEL? Would YOU think it to be real? 

It’s not that I thought they were lying … I've  NEVER felt that. I just make a joke of it with friends and family … in the sense of ‘Yeah right! As if!’. Like, THEY have these Highly important Universal meetings and then say ‘Next on the agenda, that Earthling Blossom Goodchild is putting forth the needs of Earthlings once again!’  Could YOU credit that? If that was YOUR name instead of mine? And fully KNOW it was an actual reality?

I guess, when I try to sort it out in my head … I just don’t see myself as being THAT important! Would you? Do you see where I am coming from? What if The Federation were putting YOUR thoughts on ‘Showing up’ or ‘Getting on with The Event’ … to these very High powered E.T’s that OVERSEE the OVERSEERS! Would you believe it REALLY happens?

So, that’s where I have been in my head of late. Sometimes, just wondering if this is all for real? For me, it is essential that I am bringing through TRUTH … that is why I have had so many ups and downs with my relationship with them.

I KNOW DEEP DOWN, The Federation of Light are of a High vibration and the Purest Love. Over the years, I have had quite a few ‘surprising’ emails from ‘unexpected’ people who have ‘let my soul know’ on a deeper level that I indeed should carry on … and that what I am bringing through is of the Highest Truth … and these particular emails have given me such a boost of reassurance .

The energy that The Federation brought through on this last channelling, when repeatedly asking me if I believed that these issues I put forth, were brought up in their councils … took me by surprise! It was by no means telling me off … yet; THEY were ADAMANT that I answered the question. I totally understood where they were coming from, as it dawned on me HOW IMPORTANT it was … to LOOK AT this situation.
They were so right … If I only half-heartedly believed that this was the case … then there would be little point in carrying out my mission! (That’s how I felt about sending out the Oct 14th message. That’s why I had to do it! ) I hadn’t really looked at these ‘present’ matters that way.

If I think too deeply about it all, I cannot help but think ‘Why on Earth me?’ On one level I have totally accepted it … I tune in every week … and off we go. I send it out … Done!

Judging from many emails I receive, I CLEARLY am not as deep a thinker as many. My head just doesn’t go to places that many people’s seem to do.

Do I really think ships will appear in the sky? Yes, I do. Or, do I just HOPE they will? Yet, I cannot grasp the reality of it … and what would take place when they do. So, I don’t think too deeply about it. The way I look at things is … how can we KNOW until it IS taking place? I just KNOW I want it to happen!
I don’t know whether or not I may have offended some folk who read this. You may think I do not take it all seriously enough. Truly … this isn’t the case. I hope you know that! I take ‘my responsibility’ of bringing through TRUTH, very seriously indeed.

I just can’t quite get to grips with the fact it was ME that got chosen to do this, out of so many that must have volunteered! When I think about that TOO deeply … it blows my head off! So, I don’t!
I will carry on doing what I do. Yet, I KNOW this last conversation with them has ‘shifted’ something within me. I could FEEL that so strongly, as they continued to ask … in order to get the answer.  

I FELT it only fair to try and explain why it came about … and to try and let you know where I am coming from.
Hoping I have … if only a little.

Thank you all so very much for sticking with me … walking along side me … holding hands as we travel. There are so many beautiful souls who write and tell me to keep on keeping on … so I do!

Where it will lead us … who knows! Yet, I do know …. I’ll see you there!
Many thanks.
Golden Rays to you.
Blossom G.



Ami said...

Dear Blossom,
We know and appreciate the love and the effort you put in these matters. Your position is not easy at all. I think and feel you are bringing it all forth very well!
Keep on keeping, please!

Vicky said...

Dearest Blossom,
I have not written before to tell you how much these messages mean to me. I am somewhat jaded myself after so many years of promises! And yet, I choose to keep reading the messages from the FOL simply because they ring so true to me. I don't read many others any more. But when I see your latest post in my email inbox, I get excited! I FEEL the LOVE that comes through their messages, and it fills me with hope, when I might otherwise get discouraged. So THANK YOU for keeping on!
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
I totally enjoyed this last Federation message. It had "Bite" to it...not just for you but all of us.
Do not be a Doubting Thomas. You are just the same as the rest of us, however you have a certain "talent" that the Fed. of Light needs to get their message across to the rest of us. Ego, Either Way, has no footing in what you do...if you understand what I mean.
God Bless You, and May We All See Results SOON!
Searcher ML

Anonymous said...

Blossom, you're doing a brilliant job. Just carry on being you and bring the FoL's message to all who continue to believe in them - and you. I can understand your awe at the position you hold, and who would not also feel so in your position? You are the 'chosen one' and what an honour that must be!

Take care and love to you and yours.

Anne A

Anonymous said...

Thank you for expanding and extending in your queries * understandings here... and there !!
...and through some level of free * will: you have chosen them ( from Being ONE Love at the beginning...)

Anonymous said...

These are my thoughts...

It is not your responsibility to be responsible and give proof for The Federations view of the truth.
We as readers has to read the conversation and feel if it fits with our personal beliefs.
It is though a great gift to us that you do have this communication and that you share it worldwide.

It is not The Federations responsibility to help us out and remove forces we do not want to be ruled by here on earth.
We are the ones that creates our reality, either we acknowledge it or not. We are the ones we have been waiting for.
It is though a great honor and of great assistance to us all that The Federation choose to help us and enlighten us,
so we can proceed forward.

You wrote:
"Like, THEY have these Highly important Universal meetings and then say
‘Next on the agenda, that Earthling Blossom Goodchild is putting forth
the needs of Earthlings once again!’ Could YOU credit that?
If that was YOUR name instead of mine? And fully KNOW it was an actual reality?"

My answer is yes. Think of it as a job. You are giving the council the human angle and the human perspective about the situation.
You are broaden their knowledge of how we normal human earthlings thinks and feels right here and now.
So you would not be fit to do that job if you where among the rulers of this planet.
There is a need to have an "ordinary" person doing this job.
Otherwise the perspective you gave could be to much colored by a personal agenda of power.

So if you feel the love trust it and most of all trust yourself :D

Anonymous said...

I completely understand where you are coming from Blossom, and I don't honestly think I would be able to believe I had been given such an important task if I were in your shoes!
You may have followers who will fall by the wayside if things don't come about, but there will always be those who truly believe in what you are doing, and just continue to enjoy the messages anyway xxx

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom
you really don't give yourself enough credit. I for one absolutely love your messages from the FOL. When you are busy with your life and take a break I feel a big void when there are no messages. I have been reading your channellings since October 2008 and have thoroughly enjoyed them and learnt a great deal from each one. I also get to compare their ideas from what I have so far learned in life and the amazing thing is that every single one tallys with mine. Its all about the love.... they have always talked and taught us about love. You are so very brave for putting yourself out there with these messages and before todays blog I hadnt given it enough thought. So a big heartfelt THANK YOU from another normal soul xxx keep your sword of light up and know who and what you are.... for you have many souls behind you awaiting your every word from the FOL. Xxxx all my love and hope
Corrina :)

Rafael VR said...

HI Blossom my dear dearest SOUL!
How long! I hope you remember me.
I am so glad you are having this questioning because sometimes we need a more direct approach to situations we are evoked to do. But remember something…

Our MIND WAS CREATED TO HAVE ANSWERS. Whenever we ask a question to ourselves, our BRAIN immediately finds answers, and sometimes most are irrational because they were provoked out of fear and not love. It seemed you fear yourself of being chosen to such responsibility, that for me it is!

So, chose wisely before asking things again to you. Because your brain will give you answers that you may not like at all, even if it is not true, the MIND WILL DIG until you are satisfied with your answer.

I hope you understand this. Our MIND/BRAIN is such a wonderful ‘machine’ that will take you whereas you need to go!
So… sometimes, the benefit of doubt is better than torturing yourself with questions that have not answers on earth.

I love you! Keep doing the great work you do!

Golden rays! Always!


Rafael VR

Diane said...

The uncertainty and the questioning you present are very much a part of my journey into light as well. I know that I know and then the doubt creeps in. It's difficult to be absolutely certain of anything because we all create our own reality! With that in mind, I'm with you as you search for the absolute truth. Do keep on. I'll be reading. Love, Diane

Anonymous said...

Dear StarChild Blossom,

A HUGE jigsaw puzzle, indeed.
EVERYONE contributes"Their" piece.
ALWAYS remember:

Ciao for now.

Anonymous said...

What more can I say Blossom? White Cloud showed you that all this was real,by reaching other humans to get to you information from him and from The Federation,other humans that were not mediums,other humans who were ordinary people,other humans who had no agendas,just an open heart and deep reverence for The Federation of Light.
What happened ? I learn’t to keep silent,I learn’t that I was judged,I learn’t that there was fears of ego,I learn’t confusion,my innocence was lost.
I was bitter yes,but now I am strong.
I know who you are on a soul level,that hasn’t changed,I also know what us humans are capable of and I need to be strong,I continue on under guidance from The Federation of Light and White Cloud as are many,this will continue on thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

I think the problem of people interpreting the messages is the fact that we are earthly humans and "they" are not - we have our mentality and our expectations and keep in mind that even on our little globe there are so many different mentalities in each country and even each area of the countries, I experienced that when being abroad. - Even if you can speak and understand each other's language you might have completely different feelings and meanings when speaking out the same words you would say in your language and situation - so you can easily step into something you didn't mean to say and be completely misunderstood. So now imagine "people" from another planet or dimension! How can they use the same words as us and even then - what do they really mean??? And all our different stages of enlightenment of development spiritually even if we try our best - its a wonder we can almost figure out what could be meant, isn't it?

Love, Anna

Teasy Love said...

hey Blossom,
it seems to me like there are many shows people can watch, much like on tell-a-vision.
it appears to me like you were "hired" for the job of tell-a-vision host or presenter for a particular show that has quite a large scope.
not all people watch the show (yet), but i feel the impact is much larger than what "meets the eye".
i am personally enjoying this show you are presenting very much, and i feel that all your feelings, regardless of how "positive" or "negative" they are, are all valuable, and deserve to be heard, seen and expressed :)
much love to you and everyone here watching the show :)

yk248 said...

Blossom, I want to share with you a big wave of good energy and Love :) Just because!! :) Love to you <3

Anonymous said...

Blossom, just keep doing what you're doing for as long as it feels right to you! You are loved and appreciated.
Peace, NYC

Anonymous said...

I think I understand you very well what you are saying here. I understand and I support you. Thank you for sharing it....and I hope and trust that it helped you. And a bonus....I feel more closely connected with you.

Unknown said...

Blossom, I know that humbleness you feel as I have felt it myself; the words they bring through us mere mortals bring tears to our eyes. And yet we are so much more than we could ever imagine and perhaps we do sit in council with those magnificent creatures that we are also a part of. Thank you Blossom for persevering at times of doubt; you have brought me so much inspiration to keep on keeping on. In all Love and Light Eileen.

taumdahu said...

Blossom, Hello, and God Bless you for you endeavor to bring Truth to so many; I must say that I do not trust these 'Channelings'; It sounded to me that in the message on the 14th, where you question their Integrity and Truth, was very telling; what I heard, was some entity that did not want to be questioned, and when you did, they did not 'Love' you, but, rather, admonished you for being a non-believer! What an uncompassionate response to such a Heartfelt query;
I trust only in Jesus Christ; please take the time to ask for guidance on this; (I would Love to hear what 'they' tell you) I think most of the channelings are being given by Demons, to deceive us!
I feel the Love and Truth of Jesus Christ; His Love is All-Encompassing, and absolutely gives reassurance to the Hungry Soul. Never would Our Lord make you cry anything but tears of overwhelming Joy over the Love given freely by Our Lord, Christ Jesus!
Please think this through with your Heart. Thank you, Thomas E. Sperhac; (, if needed.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks Thomas,,, yet I have to say in MY TRUTH ... you felt it all wrong. Why do people assume that because I am a channeller I am not able to FEEL the Love of Jesus Christ? Far from it! Thanks to ALL here for your comments .
Golden Rays . Blossom

Unknown said...

My only doubt in regards to your story, is Jesuscause with Him in the picture, doesn't make much sense that extraterrestrials exist, but I think that we still have a lot to learn.MY OPINION. <3

Anonymous said...

Thomas don’t do to his messengers what was done to Jesus by religion 2,000 years ago.
Jesus’s sacred heart was shown to Blossom when White Cloud through Blossom was speaking to me.
A few years earlier on Christmas Eve 2006 I had a vision of Jesus and a healing before I knew of Blossom and The Federation of Light,then in 2009 after I found out about Blossom, The Federation of Light guided us all on a global meditation on Good Friday .......
April 11th.2009 ~ The Federation of Light ~ It is you of earth who have created this Higher vibration of Love. This is why we say to you ‘it worked’, that channel they referred to that higher vibration of love as ‘pink light’, the pink light flooded my being some years earlier,soon after my encounter with Jesus in 2006 making me sleep when I had said out loud I am so very tired,when I awoke I was replenished,body and soul.

....The Federation of Light are very much in alignment with The Christ Light...

22nd Oct 2010

Think of yourselves as columns of the Brightest Light. See the LIGHT BEING YOU and extending upwards into infinity. See the LIGHT anchoring into your beloved Earth and implanting itself into her roots. Firmly stand in that LIGHT that you are and KNOWINGLY shine it out as far as you can see. Knowing it reaches beyond the human visual capacity and touches that which you do not even need to be aware of, you just need to KNOW that it is so.
Practise this whenever the thought occurs to you. Say to yourselves ‘ I AM AN ANCHOR OF THE LIGHT OF CHRIST’.

THE CHRIST LIGHT … THE LIGHT OF CHRIST is not a person. It is a LIGHT. That is not to say that many souls have descended from shall we say … extremely Higher realms at given points in your history … that indeed are directly from that DIVINE CHRIST LIGHT.

Rafael VR said...

Blossom... after the last channeling, which I was baffled as I imagine many more people are… I DO HAVE A QUESTION FOR THEM:

How many percent of their Brain (these ‘greys’ that are hold on captive) use in reality?

I am not into science that way, but I have heard that if a human achieve more than 20% of their brain capacity, we would be able to manipulate our body pain. Yet, they said they feel the pain the same as we?

Scientists believe we use only 10% and still we are able to achieve so much. I imagine they achieve much more than humans do?

I believe this must be a question of priority, since they never spoke about it…

This information for us would be of a great importance, don’t you think?

I hope you do question them… this will be epic.

Golden rays for you and everybody as always!

Kisses and hugs!

Rafael VR

Rafael VR said...

I mean, this isn't an imposition to ask them ; )

But according to your conversation with them lately, I think the question fits well.

Because I am confused about this.

But perhaps, they aren't able to use full access to their brain power due to the construction and structure involved at where they are been hold on captive...

I am so sad because of the last channeling... but we must accept this reality...

That's why I got so anxious for having an answer...

Golden rays!!!

Rafael VR

Blossom Goodchild said...

If it comes up I will certainly ask about it ... Many feel saddened when they heard this ... Yet, I will be clearing up an issue in the way it reads, concerning The Greys ... My fault entirely ... Hoping to have it done by the weekend ... as usual.Many thanks .

Unknown said...

I love you. <3

viola-annai said...

dear Blossom, well.... this is something I found yesterday and was surpriesed. I am not sure, whether this is true. I am not feeeling it quite sure. May be - it is a hologram .. but the words seem to be true - so ... what do the readers think? And: you and teh GFL? They were always talking about the event - more then one year ago!!
And no this!
Greetings to all pioneers <3
Viola from Germany

Blossom Goodchild said...

Viola. I am not sure what it is you are speaking about ..
Love Blossom . xxx

Wendy said...

Hi Blossom.. if there is any questions you can ask the FOL from what I say here.. it would be great please.
I guess one of the biggest dissapointments in all this is .. I realise there seems to be no "divine" power or help I thought the channelers were in cahoots with the higher spiritual side of things and were able too..
that they were our side to get us out of this mess and to help us get assistance with what is known as the "aluminatti" etc.
It all no matter what is boiling down to having to be "allowed by our politics and governments" even show up... I am sure i dont get this.. if that is so then we are screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The promise of that "special dust" ages ago .. and other light shows and a visible sign of sorts..even tho I dont need it to believe in them.. the frustrating part is they are sounding more and more like Star Trek captains.. unable to go against the planets governments for ethical interplanetary reasons..and not able to via spiritaul/divine reasons..
The other thing I find hard to understand is .. governments are made up of " new people" every term .. do they then for the first time get to know all the "secrets" they didnt know about before they got into government " aliens" etc..and then agree to the extreme power control of us all in such a inhumane way...then they leave politics with all that knowledge...
Also they seem to be able to handle the " news" O.K without "histeria"
..Also I want to know please is there an
" underground government" not necessarily Earthlings even... controlling everything?.....
( seems that way with the capturing and holding of the "aliens" do we have the capabilities even? ) ....not the "shown one" we all see and think is ruling our countries & planet?
Thanks for all you are doing to help us Blossom.
Love Wendy.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hi Wendy .. I do understand your frustrations . yet as I said in my latest newsletter and channelling ... I have chosen not to go down this path of questioning ... You are not alone in the way you feel ... Yet, know we are all in this together. I know you know this!
Keep on keeping on , what else can we do? Many thanks and Golden Rays. Bloss xxx

viola-annai said...

oh :-), dear Blossom - hehe, sorry, I forgot to post the link:

Heartgreetings as always <3

viola-annai said...

dear Wendy, there is no doubt - the shift is overshadowed and supported. And the GFL are several beings a n d of course, y o u and m e . We know, what we are going to do. Nobody is forcing whatsoever upon me, you and mankind.
And that means: w e know, what to do, when to do and how.
I admit, I am very unpatient sometomes, v e r y exhausted, and just now, in these times it feels like the peak.. I don not know, whether it is "shortly" before. The special quality in the atmosphere , you know... incredible, amazing. It was said long time ago, that the light - more consciousness - will bring the darkl to teh surface and the chaotic circumstances. Bingo!
That`s at least a brilliant sign, .. sigh..
The focus has to be s t r o n g.
The heart intelligence is the main factor.
Love, love, love to all of us.
And greetings from Germany
from Viola

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, One quick question: Why has the comments on the channeling page been removed? I'm always interested in the opinion of others. All should be heard whether we agree or not!! Thanks, NYC

Unknown said...

You latest channeling on November 29, 2014, FAR OUT. This is all very exciting I'm loving it. I think your on a completely different level now. Please don't stop :))) <3.

Anonymous said...

Something to quiz the Chaps about..

City of Light Sedona materializing in December, 2014!

Blossom Goodchild said...

I met Genni in 2012. A lovely lady .. The city of Light appearing in Sedona is her department ... and therefore, I choose to leave it that way . many thanks. Blossom .

Lucide said...

I feel compasion for this Lady Ginni. She will be dissapointed like your were dear Lady Blossom. And what will be the excuse this time?

In your late channeling, the fol says that we don't need any proove....and I agree. But if I remember correctly, they were the ones who proposed to appear on october, didn't they?

I really don't trust them (oct. 4, pillars of light, event), but i keep reading their messages because sometimes they do say interesting things to me, and i really like you dear lady.

In the last channel they talked about to focusing on the breath and avoid expecting anything. They right, if we do that, all our thoughts will dissapeared and we will be in a mental silence. and this silence is the door to many good things.

Send you lot of love to you dear Lady

Rick Phillips said...

Hi Blossom - I hope these words find you well. I was one of the bloggers...UFO bloggers who covered your prediction in 2008. Recently, at the same blog, in my statistics - a blogpost, one of 6 that were tagged with your name, came up...I went to it to read and eventually found your blog again. I've read nearly all your posts here and a good percentage of the comments - your writings did a lot of good in my opinion.

I've recently ran across and read a book with the title Tesla And Me - by Didier van Cauwelaert - a French author, book is in English. The book involves "channeled information" FROM Tesla - which is being gotten to Didier from TWO different mediums/channelers. In virtually all instances - the INFORMATION provided by Tesla was about formulas or people that the mediums had never heard of or understood. The mediums conveyed all the information given to them FOR Didier (Tesla said it was for him - he knew the two mediums independently from his work in the paranormal field.) - Didier, also had connections with scientists who worked on advanced Quantum Mechanics. AND...Didier...Like all of us..had Google.

It turned out that EVERYTHING was already found on the internet - yet...Didier KNEW that the mediums were totally on the up and up. When one amazing sliver of new research after another by virtually unknown scientists keep turning up in these mediums notes/sessions (the sessions for one of them included the being who looked like a ghostly Tesla) - Didier had to ultimately decide WHY WAS HE involved in this loop between the beyond and the here and now......... It sure reminded me of your heartfelt writing of this post and the reactions by your readers.

So...what did Didier take away from the experience? Well, I'm paraphrasing and probably just picking my projections of what he wrote - but - essentially it was that "information can gather" and "loop" into our reality. That Telsa "existed" as "his pursuit of his discoveries/and information tied to it" - and that THAT being - could project information to others. Including into our reality.

Now...if you don't mind - I hope you will indulge me and my thoughts as to this tying into the UFO in the Alabama skies in 2008 to the 12/21/2012 disappointment and from what I gather in your blog the same idea about pillars of light, etc. ..... First, the negative side in my opinion. The "alternative" internet became profitable in the lead up to 2012 and largely due to the possible uncertainty about what may or may not happen on a cosmic scale. An "event" certainly could not be written off until the date had come and gone...and until then..all belief and disbelief was suspended.

Of course, there was the logic that OF COURSE nothing will happen on a given DATE. But when the time came and passed and when 2013 rolled around and the "alternative" people were looking for answers or at least someone to follow anew - and some "questioned" their "otherly influences" like yourself - and others plowed ahead with "belief intact" - and began relying on more CGI and such to prop up their now dubious claims. It was becoming entertainment and with millions of followers or hits on a YouTube...profitable too. But..was it all sustainable? (Evidently...I need to split this response into two posts)

Now..enter the good or possible esoteric side to your visions in 2008 and belief in 2012 - IT'S ENTIRELY POSSIBLE THAT SUCH SPACES WITH IDENTITY

Rick Phillips said...


Now..enter the good or possible esoteric side to your visions in 2008 and belief in 2012 - IT'S ENTIRELY POSSIBLE THAT SUCH SPACES WITH IDENTITY YOU DESCRIBE EXIST beyond our existing actualizing spaces. IS POSSIBLE FOR INFORMATION to be conveyed to a receptive mindful person. (And you are entirely right ..can be interpreted correctly or very occasionally not.) And, IMO, (in my opinion) - much like Shaman Lujan Matus's prediction of Orbs/UFO's making their presence known on 3/8/2011 - time-cone actualization is not so precise.

So...where's the esoteria right? Well, what IF the information you communicate with IS from another world where "the same scenario is going on? A parallel reality/now in a sense. OR, has happened in a similar way in another time/place. The "ascension" was real...there/then, just not here now. The misplacement of the when/where - when emotion is involved and a consensus with others - can and more than likely will lead to non actualization. The attachment is the pain.

Bottom line.... empathy can transfer information with no spacial limitations. And...information cannot be placed into a closed continuum, as it is open and porous.

For those wishing to dig deeper - I will be posting this at my blog too.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks for sharing Rick. I very rarely post on my blog anymore as you can see!!!
Interesting concept indeed. I have read every word shared yet cannot go into detail as my inbox is calling to reply to many many many emails ...
Thank you ... and I Trust many will go in depth with you along these lines on your blog.
Blossom .