Dec 19, 2013

Merry Christmas and a happy Pillar Of Light!

 Usually I am not sure what to write about these days … this time I am not sure where to begin!

Firstly, let me address the Pillar of Light issue! Over the last few years, since the Pillars of Light have been discussed with the FED’s … I have been sent many photos of that which people considered to be what ‘they’ were talking about. Yet to be honest … none of them have been anywhere near close to the image I was shown in my vision as ‘they’ were describing it to me!

Until now. This image that was captured by Marlene Swetlishoff  is so very like that which I was shown. The minute I saw it I thought ‘at last!’.

So I asked about it in my latest channelling 

 You can read what Marlene had to say here, in an article written by Stephen Cook .

Wouldn’t it just be ‘perfect’ if we were to start seeing more of these? We would certainly KNOW something was about to begin should that happen! What clarification for that KNOWING that we KNOW!

I guess the thing is to keep our vibration high … and just hang on in there! For however long it takes.

 I mean … we’ve waited this long … and we’ll keep on waiting … until we need wait no more. Because something inside drives us on.

How blessed we are to have such strength … even when we have down days … we still KNOW that we will keep on keeping on. We KNOW we will never give up and never give in … for our LIGHTS have become so bright now that our presence on Earth is making such a unique difference to the entire cosmos … just through a simple smile. How easy can it get!

Another year has gone by … here we are again … doing what we do. I don’t know about you, yet I FEEL so much stronger within my assurance of KNOWING that I am here to BE OF LIGHT … under ALL circumstances. That strength tells me our mission here is on target ... and we shall continue on track until we take that step over the finishing line.

All thoughts, dreams and hopes shall be validated. That ‘THANK GOD’ FEELING as we fall to our knees in that moment of THE EVENT! Just imagine … imagine really strongly how that will BE. Nothing will match it. Nothing to compare it with … No need. Just to drown in the euphoria of BEING IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE … Oh! The Bliss!

Keep imagining people. That is what we are good at! That is what we were trained to do! To ‘image in’ our FEELINGS into what we term ‘ Our reality.’





And from that moment on … nothing shall ever be the same again.


And lastly, yet by no means least …

I am proud to announce the birth of my baby grandson Oliver Fox Harland. Who was brought into the world by a C section after a 62 hour labour! Yes that’s right … I said 62 hours … on 14.12.13.

 I could not be a more proud mother of my son and his partner as they so valiantly moved through what turned out to be a very traumatic experience.

Yet moving on … All three now doing very well indeed.

So may I proudly present to you little Oliver Fox and his ‘Nanu’ .
HAPPY CHRISTAMS EVERYONE … Allow your hearts to be filled with LOVE for your fellow man/woman/child/ animal/plant … in fact ALL THAT IS.

For when we are able to do this, we KNOW that we are surely ready for an EVENT to reign down upon us!



Blossom G . xxx



Richard said...

congrats on your grandchild :)

Anonymous said...

Cheers Blossom !! Many many blessings to baby Oliver and congrats to his Mom and Dad. Isn't being a grandma the most glorious feeling?? Love to all, NYC

Jane said...

Congratulations, Blossom! Thank you so, so much for keeping going with the channellings - they are wonderful. A very happy holiday-time to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom, I too welcomed my first grandchild into the world on 12/9/13 his name is Maxton Wolf McNeil...a fox and a wolf...i just had to say that! Merry Christmas! Thank you for all you do...soon all will be Love<3<3<3

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dearest Blossom and family on your beautiful new family member!! Sending love and light to all of you. Thank you for the messages from Fed I truly appreciate your work and wish with all my heart that The Event is upon us SOON!

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for continuing to communicate with the FOL and sharing it with us all, Blossom. These days I find it a nourishing quench while we continue to wait.

Today's message confirmed a part of my own knowing that I haven't seen expressed before in such clear terms. I'm speaking of "taking the form with"...

The sense I have had is that All truly IS "One", and there is no real separation... and so physicality is not less than Divine, nor separate from our divinity. So it must be included in our totality of Self.

As they said, however, not everyone will be "up to speed" with this realization for a while, but some certainly are and/or will be, quite soon, as I feel it.

Methinks the landscape on earth is about to change in some beautifully "drastic" ways, in that we will see things on the ground here that humanity has not seen before. Some of us will be what we have never been with form before.

Very exciting times to be embodied on earth! Thanks so much, all, for sharing this wild ride!

Much love and blessings, one and all (((Hugs)))

yk248 said...

Congrats Blossom for your grandson :)

So, I don't know if it's just me or the channeling itself, but the last channeling's vibration was so high for me. It made me so joyful! And happy.

What I think the feds were talking about near the end of it, is maybe taking the light body out for a trip in the universe :) like astral projection.

Either that or actually going on a spaceship and seeing the rest of the universe. Both are really really cool.

Unknown said...

Dear Blossom

Thank you for your channelings.
I like them.

(At first I joined you because of White Cloud, but I have never seen any fresh / up to date channeling of White Cloud by You)

Congratulation with your Grandmotherhood :) Blessings to the Family <3 Oliver is a good name.

Merry Christmas and happy 2014.

<3 Dan

Unknown said...

Dear Blossom

Thank you for your channelings.
I like them.

(At first I joined you because of White Cloud, but I have never seen any fresh / up to date channeling of White Cloud by You)

Congratulation with your Grandmotherhood :) Blessings to the Family <3

Merry Christmas and happy 2014.

Piperon said...


There is a video about the Pillar of Light from Meline Lafont - check it out at

Thet said more are appearing and most likely the Cities of Light will appear soon too - a Christmas wish indeed. Hahaha!

May the LOVE be with you always.
Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.

Unknown said...

Awwwww. Congratulations!!!

Sharaed said...

Congratulations Nanu - what a gorgeous grandson and thanks for the latest post, the amazing pillar of light photo and the latest channel. Have a glorious Christmas.
Much love, light and peace.
From a Shanananna.

Ami said...

Congratulations, dear Blossom! Joy and love to your family!
Thank you, as always, for those amazing channelings!
With Love,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Blossom! Your bairn is gorgeous! Seasons blessings to you and yours!

I had such a rush after seeing the pillar photograph. I must confess to a bit of a doubter - not regarding your integrity, dear Blossom, but to everything (as there is so much BS and deliberate deception out there). But this pillar of light pic finally tripped something. It made me whoop. It truly did. Bring it on!! I think I even said that out loud!

I've always hoped that this was the real deal (I'm a scientist by profession and training, so it goes against the accepted and the mainstream), but it make my heart sing nonetheless, and shines light on the parts of me that the mainstream could never reach.

Have a wonderful Christmas.
Here's to an amazing NEW year!


Anonymous said...

It is indeed happening Blossom and friends around 4am yesterday at the Solstice I awoke to see a gold grid above me:)
Merry Christmas Blossom and everyone,may your highest dreams that are beyond your imagination come true,these dreams are where we all meet as one to co create a new world that is suitable for our individuality as well,how awesome is that!

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas to you and your growing family, Blossom! Enjoy <3 NYC

Anonymous said...

A special ‘pillar of Light’ 2 days ago at Hervey Bay (Where Blossom’s new grandson is)

Reminds me of the ‘snow cone’ The Federation of Light spoke about:)

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks Kerrie , yes like the snow cones. ... Not that it matters, Grandson on Hamilton Island ... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

Oh well only 11 hours away! I got a bit excited when I saw it:) I just checked out Hamilton Island,nice! I have a friend who lives on the Whitsunday Island who is always at me to visit,maybe I should,I’ll make it one of my new year resolutions.
As I have told you already Blossom Leanne’s niece saw a UFO near where I live,I thought it was her friend but it was her niece,she said it lit up everything,it was the same place the locals saw that UFO drawing up water some years back.
Looks like 2014 is going to be an interesting year:)
Happy New Year everyone:)

1994 UFO in Gosford sucks up water

Unknown said...

Oh Blossom...he is absolutely gorgeous. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
Wishing you and all your family a Happy New Year from NZ

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought. Maybe you could have asked the FOL about their crew upon our planet.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Blossom. Regarding your latest channeling, it seems to me that these guys are exactly where we are, waiting and hoping the Event comes soon, to fulfill their own agenda. I feel they are desperately promoting what they need to feed themselves (literally) to survive while waiting: our excitement. It would be better off to not expect anything else more from them. It is Creator Itself who will perform the Event, not these lost brothers of ours, who are looking for freedom out of the dimension they are trapped, just as we are. I truly believe they need us more than we need them and I feel compassion for them... after all, we are all One.

Anonymous said...

Great channeling for 1/2/14 Nanu.

Glad to see you fight for a better place for your Son and new Grandson to live in the future.

I do not know who mad you mad enough to have the conversation you did but I am glad they did. We are grateful to have such a wonderful spokesperson like you to tell it like IT is.

I do believe they are attempting to awaken the Masses more than ever but so many are still PROGRAMMED to believe what they see on TV and hear on the radio or read in a Newspaper are true.

yk248 said...

Dear Blossom,

I wrote a post but on my mobile and when posting I don't think it went through.. :(

Anyway, the gist of what I was saying there is that you really, really don't need any concept of an Event that will save the Earth, nor do we as a collective need it!!! We just have to be Love and let the Divine take care of the rest. We are already heightening the vibration of the Earth each and every day. What more could we ask??

Although I can really see your tiredness and I do know that it can be *very* hard at times (believe me, as a lightworker I really do know) even though I don't have the task that you have been entrusted with which is so so important and challenging.

Anyway, not saying no to an Event, it would be down right awesome!!! But just saying to not be attached to the concept of it cos that will definitely without a doubt, bring suffering until it happens.

Thank you Blossom and I appreciate the work you do!!

Love and Light.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Blossom:

I have been following you some years ago already. You are really an honest person and I appreciate you a lot.

But I don't feel the same things about the "fol" you are talking with. Because i don't have a doubt that you really talk to them.

The problem is WHO are them? Who are really them? Since you talked to them, there is only one feeling that really is coming out from all this: FRUSTRATION.

They have put you and us in a feeling of frustration since 2008. WHY???

And you still trust them??? Open your eyes please. Ask yourself, your inner self is they are what they say they are. I feel that you begin to have doubts.

No todo lo que brilla es oro. We can translate: not all that glitters is gold. Think about it.

With all my love

Anonymous said...

Bravo Blossom!!! Don't know what got into you, but to me it felt like you finally stopped tip toeing around our friends!! Remember, they need you as much as we need them! I commend your perseverance. It takes a very special person to withstand all the ups and downs these last few years. Having said that, thank you!! Sending loving vibes your way and relax, it'll happen when it happens!! Blessings NYC ((hugs))

B said...

Dear Blossom,

Firstly, huge congrats on your grandson - he is a sweetie-pie!

Happy New Year also :-)

Bravo for your recent channeling! Obviously a lot of what you said was unexpected by the fol and their reaction seemed very surprised and muted.
It reminded me of when we have a lot of 'serious words' to say to someone here, it's normally a one-sided conversation and the other has to go away and let it 'sink in' and then the conversation continues at a later date.
It's good for them to get ALL perspectives of what this realm is like to live in.
The frustration you showed was truth for many.
We're all doing work to's very hard work - working against the grain of 'darkness' that's all around. Yet we persist and always will.
THEY were the ones bringing the gift of assistance - and their words do help, yet as we say on earth, all talk and no walk...;-)

I 'connect' when i look up into the starry night sky with our galactic family - they know of our history, the quarantine here, the suffering due to the few. I simply remind them of the suffering and of those who are opening up to universal love and that we need to become one family, in order to unite all the love in the we are all one.
If we had the power/technology to travel too other worlds and found a planet full of suffering people we would jet in there like a REAL United Nations and relieve the suffering!
So i question what is holding them back. Why the carrot dangling? But i do believe them. Not in my head...but deep in heart. I know their words are truth.
What they know of the force of love and of other subjects spoken thru the yrs suggests a consciousness of purity - so i dismiss notions of them being 'energy vampires' - they are too enlightened to stoop to dense energy voids such as that.
If they were, i believe and trust your ability to sense such tricksters. This is your gift and your heart guides you.
Don't allow wild doubts of the brain cloud the true judgement you have of heart about the fol.

It's wonderful to see you don't hold back! :-) I love your unassuming innocent strength in your work - please just keep on being you and the wonderful work you do :-)

With much love and blessings from the other side of the planet,

Hafrun said...

Congratulations Blossom on your grandson and thank you for everything.
Here is a song from one of my favorite movies.

Keep up the good work.
Much love to you from Iceland

Ami said...

Thank you Blossom. It was a courageous message. Definitely, our dimension (density) is very very different to their dimension, and your words seems to be a necessary "report" for the FOL: you assisted them, to assist us better, KNOWING they CAN do it, because WE DO ask for an intervention..

Many many thanks to Joe; he read your channeling beautifully.

Anonymous said...

To "B": "If we had the power/technology to travel too other worlds and found a planet full of suffering people we would jet in there like a REAL United Nations and relieve the suffering!" Guess what? WE are a planet full of suffering people and we HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE to relieve the suffering!! Too much looking to the stars and not a single glance to our neighbors.

B said...


I was referring to the position of the FOL, if we were like their peaceful civilisations with a true appreciation of Love, without wars and famine etc, with their technology, we would try to help those in other places we know that are suffering.

Of course we are not in that position, and there is suffering here, which was the point of my message!

I don't agree the planet is completely full of suffering and we're not able to relieve it. There are many doing wonderful things for others. Many organisations of charity helping others of all walks of life.

We don't have the power to tell the government what to do, which country NOT to bomb.... it's like being looked after by drunken parents - the kids end up looking after one another and try to stay away from the destructive nature of the parents!
So we look after one another, and pray that the collective love and awareness shall invite a global change. If that comes from another galaxy in the form of a peaceful race, at this point in earth's evolution, i wouldn't turn them away - would you?!


Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom..thank you for being our go between to the FOL and congrats to you on the birth of your beautiful grandchild..may your families future be happy and joyful.
Sometimes it is soo difficult trying to stay positive regarding our ascension..I know it is going to happen but... OMG the frustration is mounting..thank you for being straight forward with the FOL and I hope you continue to do this.
Sometimes when they have said they need permission and consult..with our governments for things to happen..I truly cannot believe it!!!.. if thats the case I cannot see it happening anytime "soon".
I thought this was on a spiritual level .."our ascension" but sometimes they talk like the "star ship enterprise" instead not knowing our "feelings" in all this and our "timeframe" ..our governments etc..Where is their phsycic knowledge and spiritual requests coming from if they are not asking/knowing this?
We were told we are under "control" from the illuminati how can we help ourselves anymore than we are trying to do..and arnt the governments part of our earthly why listen to them!!.

Also the part where they say we have to wait.. as some will be too shocked to handle the Knowing and change..makes me feel like a sibling who cannot go on holiday.. as their brothers and sisters have played up.. how is that fair..we may waiting years..
I hope they listen and do that phenominal display they promised us SOON..I and alot of others are exhausted with our duality and waiting for change.. and if I hear the words "we are the change we are waiting for" once more ..I will scream!! Sorry but needed to vent..
thanks Blossom X

Anonymous said...

fly keep our spirits up!

x x x Joke

Unknown said...

I thought you might like this video


Anonymous said...

Dear StarChild Blossom,

Always Believe in Magic -- Ciao for NOw

Light Pillars All over the World: Soon MORE to come

Spring Arbor Michigan USA
December 11, 2013

Bozeman Montana USA
on December 7, 2013

Lestijärvi, Finland
January 16, 2014

Vuokatti, Finland
January 15, 2014

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thanks for the photo's of the Light pillars ... they are indeed beautiful ... yet not that which The FOL are speaking of. Yet how spectacular!

xufwipp said...

I've just found this site that explains why the pillars from the pictures above show up:

Just wanted to share it.

Anonymous said...

LOVE is the only thing that matters

Anonymous said...

This is interesting: