Dec 28, 2012


Here we are then! So … how was it for you? Each account of course shall be different from another’s … yet in a way … that is the beauty of it.
At first on the 21st I could find no beauty to be honest. There I was waiting … as always.

For me ... I had hoped the best scenario would be this incredible Light coming in that we would visibly see and as White Cloud and The Federation had said … we would drop to our knees in awe.
 I need to firmly state here and make this VERY CLEAR … White Cloud and The Federation at no time gave the date of 21st Dec for something to take place. It was ME … in my assuming that tried to put two and two together and come up with zilch!

Surely something had to happen on that date … something … anything! There had been SO MUCH impressed upon us about it throughout time … that I FELT in my heart that SOMETHING would take place. It was a bit like a wheel of fortune as to which ‘attachment’ the arrow would stop … yet surely to God SOMETHING tangible would occur!
Strangely enough … as with OCT 14th 2008 … an inner KNOWING as I awoke seemed to KNOW that the day would pass by uneventful … one would surely have to FEEL something in the air if a BIG EVENT was to take place.

My depression lasted for three days … unable to speak about it without tears … so chose not to speak. Been there in my life many times … yet very rarely these days. My three days of darkness perhaps? I became vulnerable and susceptible to FEELING the doubts and fears of years gone by. When is enough enough I wondered?
My position in this game seemed to once again be questioned … most of all … by myself.  How many more times could we Light Workers be made to look the fool? How many more times could our souls deal with the smirks and the ridicule? Not so much from those we don’t know, but by those sitting on the fence waiting to jump down on their side of it once again … knowing that ‘our’ side simply is a load of twaddle. How many more times … Truly … would we lose face? Indeed Faith?

HOWEVER … I awoke on day four with a song in my heart … well maybe not a song … a bit of a hum perhaps … which was such a joy compared to the funeral march that had got stuck on repeat!! I felt so much better  ... nothing had changed overnight … or had it?
Looking back I FEEL that perhaps many of us had to go through the darkness not just for ourselves but to transmute the last remnants of much that no longer serves the planet into a final ‘letting go’.

It is now a week later. I cannot say I have transformed. Yet I can say there has been a change. A change that could go unnoticed should I choose to believe that nothing happened on that auspicious date. Yet … there is a more loving FEEING within me. A KNOWING that what I want or don’t want can be manifested so quickly now … so to keep my focus on what I do want!!
I FELT a LOVING community of souls at a gathering at my sisters on Boxing Day. Many generations shared LAUGHTER and chit chat … Babies danced as we ‘elders’  watched on in glee … ‘oohing and ‘aahing’ as we delighted in the little ones delight at the excitement of living .

I have never been one that has been drawn toward community living … I am very much a person that gets ‘peopled out’ very easily … and yet for the first time … I ‘understood’ the community FEEL. The ‘family’ that is a soul family … not necessarily the one that we chose to enter into this world with ... as for me, many of them live on the other side of the world …. But a family made up of souls of all ages that have been drawn together over the years and choose to be with each other to celebrate many an occasion. I FELT blessed to be part of that community. I FELT a deep LOVE for the entire affair and all it entailed. 
I FELT a deeper LOVE for everyone. That was a good recognition of ‘a change’ … I simply just FELT so much more LOVE … for me and from me.  Others aware of the ‘energy coming through’ felt the same way.
There is a creeping awareness that perhaps I put too much onus on that date for personal reasons … so that the ‘change’ would change things. An easy way out? An Easy way in?  And here I still was … having to create IT ALL for myself … Yet the dawning once again … That creating ‘it’ for myself … would ripple out to creating it for ALL.

 The responsibility of LIFE cannot be brushed off with the hope that an ‘Event’ would make it easier … yet my soul wanted THE LIGHT to make it easier. I thought it would. I thought we would be washed in an energy of Love and Light even just for a short while and our ‘slate would be wiped clean’ … and we would all begin again in a different LIGHT of our world and indeed ourselves.

Over these few days … I am experiencing the KNOWING … that although it is not ‘obvious’ … it is here none the less. That ‘something’ that I was looking for … waiting for … IS HERE ... and as I learn to adapt to it /with it … my vibration will keep rising.

My thoughts about ‘The Event’? (The one where we fall to our knees in awe and wonder) … That it is still to come … and it will. The ‘when’ I no longer seek …
This energy that came in (for I feel it did) will show us the way … should we chose to look.

Eventually … when we are TRULY ready … the LIGHT SHOW shall begin.
Maybe it won’t. Maybe I am kidding myself? Maybe I am in denial?

Yet this time … my heart didn’t question the TRUTH of The Federation Of Light and White Cloud … My mind did for sure , yet my heart had a KNOWING OF THEIR TRUTH.
 How quickly I allowed the days of old to lure me into my fear. Yet … how quickly I bounced back.

It is in our makeup to do so.
Many may have lost faith over this last week. Yet they too will bounce back. I KNOW they will.

We are here to see this change through and we cannot do our job properly if we become and remain moaning Minnie’s.


Exactly where we are in this moment is where we find ourselves.  Do we take an attitude of gratitude for BEING HERE … Or do we choose to give in?
We cannot. I do not think anyone will give in. For this LOVE we have recovered is too strong now to turn around and go back.

 We choose to TRUST IN OURSELVES and WE KNOW the path we walk is leading us home. How do we KNOW this? Because we can FEEL it … NOW more than ever.
The Federation of Light have taught me that it is all about FEELING. They have indeed taught me a tremendous amount … or perhaps simply showed me a way to recall this knowledge.

Either way … I KNOW from all the letters received that WE ARE AMAZING!
Many had wonderful LIGHTED experiences through meditation and BEING. Others … like me … watched the jigsaw fall to the floor.  Yet ... it’s back on the table … not complete … yet a few more pieces in place than before it fell.

Just a few left now. Yet I FEEL it is time to leave the puzzle for a while and get on with other things. When the time is right to place those final pieces together we will KNOW.  
I FEEL an excitement about my life most of the time. For I am also having odd moments of the ‘old me’ wanting to make it a struggle. How long I chose to stay in the moments is brief and futile.

 What a joy to pull oneself into gear almost immediately. No more wallowing in the ‘but I ‘m too tired to be positive right now’!  Tired or full of energy … I shall endeavour to keep my thoughts in LIGHT and in LOVE.
I CHOOSE to take advantage of life’s synchronicities.

I CHOOSE to take advantage of meditation.
I CHOOSE to take advantage of good health and all that is available to assist my body in keeping well and toned and energetic.


I FEEL NOW we can look forward to meeting ones ‘better half’. The integration is happening.

We will recognise ourselves as we blend with ourselves and each other.

We have so very much to look forward to. Our hearts are telling us this.
Keep on skipping … playing … jumping (I got a rebounder from Santa) … laughing … Living in joy and … LOVING.  JUST KEEP ON KEEPING ON!

Just watch how brilliantly this plan comes together now ... Piece by piece.
Thanks to everyone for their support and LOVE … I thank too ... those who felt the need to tell me it’s time to get off the train … They too had their role to play. Yes … I derailed a little … but still remained on board. I AM NOW back on track … and looking forward to each and every acceleration forward on this beautiful and eventful journey .

How blessed are we? Truly how blessed are we?

Many thanks to THE ALL … THE ONE … THE US.
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays

Blossom G. ow quickly I slumed in Ho


patricia said...

You are really I good soul Lady. I'am glad your are OK. For me, the change is that I really stop reading all the channels and their messages. It was for me a non-sense, a lost of time, because I really thought something was going to happen. When I see back, I see year of waiting and waiting.

Now, i don't wait. I have only one goal: to lear japanese for the love of my son. That will take my attention in the next months.

I'm sorry for the honest channels all around de world. In Latin America also are many, many people with a sort of depression because the non-event.

I don't think there will be a big event, out from ourselves. Yes, mother earth will go on .... moving with the wind, the water, the soil. And we with her.

I send you all my love Lady Blossom


Anonymous said...

Brazil .pillars of light

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom - thank you for your lovely sharing and for your beautiful being. Our being is a gift we are unwrapping with awe and wonder with each passing day. Sending much love and gratitude for your brilliance.
~Esther from Sedona :-)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Blossom,

So, now what ?

Will there be another communication

from FOL, anytime soon?

Still wait'n, still hope'n

Peace Out

Anonymous said...

Good for you Blossom. I'm sure the loving messages you bring through have helped many people. The 21st was never mentioned by the FoL as the date of the Event. I think that's all part of not knowing too much beforehand which could change the course of events. Have a strong feeling something is about to occur...keep the messages coming, as and when you feel it's a good time, lets see what happens! Keep the love flowing, things happen for a reason xx

Anonymous said...

Some one posted this link below on my site on the 9th I only just now saw it, it speaks to me of how I feel,I set my Alarm clock to awaken and awaken I did with a huge bang in 2006,but I kept putting on the snoose button,I kept listening to others who fed my unworthy ego,I did not listen to those who supported me,our biggest controller is ourselves,so in divine timing this will happen with ease and grace,so as The Federation keep telling us to do I will 'go within' and heal these past 4 years of a roller coaster ride and open my heart to all this light that is coming to us now,I will not give up on me, they haven't ! after 12/12/12 I experienced two days of heightened awareness,clarity and love for myself and everyone,it was beautiful and everyone around me felt it, then something happened and my mind started it's game of 'thinking' again, as the 21st arrived I had once again put on the snoose button,I didn't want to have any expectations I was over it,I didn't go to the mountains, just wanted to stay home and look after my family.We are so used to living in this density the light is scary to us,it feels too far away from reality,we get a taste of it and slowly we remember.Thank God for those lightworkers out there,up there,in there able to hold the light for us.

Your homeward journey is almost complete and your intent to awaken is strengthening daily because you chose to be here and awaken, and the strengthening of your intent is aligned with the timeline that you have set for that awakening. It is a little like setting the alarm clock to wake you up in the morning: many of you wake shortly before it intrudes noisily on your sleep and cancel it. Setting the alarm is making an intent, and spiritually you have set the intent to awaken into Reality, and the moment of awakening will not be because of a noisy alarm but because it is the divine right time. And when you open your eyes into Reality the brilliant warmth and joy of that moment will be utterly spellbinding.

As the moments before you awaken rush by, release all your doubts and open your hearts in eager anticipation, because the experience — the actual feeling of the intensity of God’s Love for you at the moment of awakening — will be beyond anything you can imagine.

With so very much love, Saul.

Anonymous said...

I love this post Blossom, it's like you don't need the FOL to remind you of a lot of things, you remind yourself!! that's good education...and we all have benefited. I also have felt a shift into more love and appreciation, and have heard from many people who feel it too! even normally grumpy ones...

and I am sure we will have some wondrous things, I have dreamed twice in december that the amazing things I have only seen in my dreamtime, in the sky, are now visible in the waking reality!!like beautiful color shows in the sky...images of big fish, spaceships, all kinds of things swirling around, fabulous!

Big hugs to all! Faith

Anonymous said...

"No ‘s**t’ Sherlock!"

lol. Oh Blossom. You're so funny. Cute. Cute/Funny. :)

cencen said...

Maybe this is a lesson to all of us,
we have the answers inside and keep asking for external answers, we do have so many beings looking after for us, may be we just have to listen a little differently. Blossom, you are a divine being, do not doubt, I live each day wishing I had more connection to the other side, and to hear like you do. You have kept so many people believing and that I think is part of your mission. We are here all together and cannot give up. Maybe things are because of the time - we look at time as linear, it is a spiral. We can't possibly know all the answers until we are ready. Do you feel ready to know??

Piperon said...

With much love for your wonderful work done for the humanity, beloved Blossom.

Keep going and know that you are loved deeply beyond measure too. The work we having been doing bought much humuliation and tears but the radiation of our lights goes far and wide.

One day when this is over, we will look back and wondering how could we done that - the persistance and faith in this Divine course.

What we gain in this course will be nothing in compared to the mortal materistic which doesn't last. Your contribution will remain in your heart with much lights and love within.

May the LOVE be with you always.
Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.

Piperon said...

With much love for your wonderful work done for the humanity, beloved Blossom.

Keep going and know that you are loved deeply beyond measure too. The work we having been doing bought much humuliation and tears but the radiation of our lights goes far and wide.

One day when this is over, we will look back and wondering how could we done that - the persistance and faith in this Divine course.

What we gain in this course will be nothing in compared to the mortal materistic which doesn't last. Your contribution will remain in your heart with much lights and love within.

May the LOVE be with you always.
Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Player.

Graham said...

Great inner perspective Blossom. You have answered your own fears/concerns of why nothing "appeared" to happen on the 21st. When contemplating my own "what happened, did anything happen", all I got was a get out of the way notice. I seem to have been puttinig my EXPECTATIONS in the way of what The Higher Realms are experts at "that is, allowing Unconditional Love and Trust to lead the way".

Keep up the excellent work, much Love and Light Graham

Claire said...

That is resonating so much Blossom, thank you.
I for sure didn't feel the bliss neither on 21st, but I really feel like we are in oneness with many souls all over the planet...!
Much love from France ☼

mukesh parmar said...

Dear Beautiful Beloved Blosoom :: Namaste ::
Come what may come what not ~ Love always transforms ::
We have to positivise and help others to positivise ~

I feel personally that all the Messages / Channelling is to spread Love n allow our soul friends to positivise.

No doubt 21st was a different day, full of energies, as many have felt it.

Let us put our steps forwards in Love ~ For Love is Light.

Thanks for every thing n every one
always in gratitude to you all

Love ^ Light

rb said...

I could feel the change on the 21st. The bliss lasted for several days. My subtle body has changed. I can 'switch on the light' whenever I want. Wherever I look I see peace and love predominating.

According to lord Ashtar, the shift of the 21st was a grand success. We are firmly fixed in 4D now. Any 3D experiences we seem to have (like illness) are only memories laid in front of us to be cleared out. The reason why we did not disappear in a puff of smoke is that our presence here is still very much needed for phase 2 of the ascension process.

Thank you so much for your blog.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this. I too had 3 days of darkness and the worst part was feeling completely separated from the Creator Energy, if you will. I felt "empty" and it was this longing that left me short of breath and afraid that I would not find it again. I also get "peopled out" and it's been my struggle in finding the balance between my Awakening and "reality". However, I've noticed that the people in my Life who have Love in their Hearts have grown closer to me and we have shared great Joy together in recent weeks and it continues to grow. Thank you for sharing your's mine if you would like to read it.

Much Love to you and your family for a most Magical New Year!


Anonymous said...

I too felt as you did for a couple of days. The I began to feel a gentle warming loving energy. I too thought oh had to have time for some of the crap to leave. The gentle energy gets stronger each day. Last couple of days I worked on bills. It proved to be very interesting because I had thought it would take me about 5 months to recover. I paid way more on bills than I thought possible and still have some left over. Will be done with them in 2 months. Sounds like a miracle to me. So more insight into the gentle loving energy. Has been a very interesting time.

Look around you may find that more has changed then you thought. Keep your eyes open in the next few weeks. I am very suspicious that more has changed than is obvious.

Many Blessing to all

avatar102641 said...

Dear Blossom,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your honest and heartfelt words. I too was so awfully disappointed when to all appearances nothing seemed to changed after 12/21. In fact, my disappointment changed to anger at just about everything. I fully expected the world to change in some significant way overnight. After reading how you felt the anger has dissipated and, like you say, we will keep on keeping on. I does get lonely though. My adult children address me as their "crazy" Mother. I have no friends to share my enthusiasm with, and without the company of fellow lightworkers on the Internet I would not know what to do. Since reading your blog post I am now choosing to believe that this assencion did happen but will probably be a gradual process but a steady progress into enlightenment. I just REALLY would like to see it happen in my lifetime :)
P.S. Yes, this "crazy" Mom DID travel to Alabama to witness the October 14 event. I send you all my love and respect, Pat

Spiritual Coach said...

Blossom....I have always resonated with the Federation of Light. I like you was also a little depressed but love how it was a metaphor for our 3 days of darkness....cause it was 3 days for me too. I never blame you for anything....but I also now fill the love intensify and see people who are starting to open up but still are not aware. it would be my dream to close all the schools and reopen them to teach the children about real life...maybe one day. I love you your channels.....grateful to have found you.
Maxine (Orion starseed)

Teasy Love said...

Congratulations, Blossom, friends, and our sacred companions, for we have reached the state of graduation!

Unknown said...

The meek shall inherit the earth. Google idle no more dec21st and you will see what took place that day and has spread around the world since. I advise to look at the grassroots point of view and not lame stream media, hiy hiy!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks we are in 4D needs to come up with more evidence than "a feeling".
If this community wants to spread, for others to be involved it cant just be based purely on faith!
Channelers as prophets.
we need hard data, evidence. actions and re-actions instead of thoughts and feelings.
If the GFOL worked for you you would have terminated their contract by now. All talk and no action. No "light show" no "interaction" no "close encounters" nothing. They made all of us who believed the 21st to be such a spiritual day into fools. Don't even write that the cabal said they would nuke Europe if they did anything seriously.
Lets form our own Earthen network. We clearly dont need these entities. If I told you I was secretly raising your vibration levels you wouldnt believe me. Why should you just believe them?
Lets cut out the middlemen, they arent here to save us.

Anonymous said...

No way, was i going to hold my breath this time again.

Im so glad Im still standing after the toughest 6yrs of my life. What a journey!

Bring it on come what may .. ill be ready :)

Hang in there blossom ... just want you to know that i had the most profound experience of my life on Oct 15th 11pm Sydney waiting for the event.
I felt a connection to the living mothership as though i were on it followed by a vivid vision of being surrounded and encircled by everyone whom i have ever known...i felt we were all one at that moment and loved everyone unconditionally.

Next came a wave of intense feeling of love that had me sobbing uncontrollable like a felt like nothing i have ever felt before until I questioned how i could survive in this world in that vulnerable then began to dissipate as i pleaded for it to stay longer.

I am curious to know if others had a similar experience?


Anonymous said...

To the person who thinks we need hard core data that something happened, we are the happening. We are the lightshiop. The heart is led by feeling and that is the lightship. Lift to the heart within, and you will find your way. The way is through the heart, and the heart is home always in the heart of the Christed Ones. The entities being channeled are home aready and they are here through the heart. Look within and not without for your answer.



Unknown said...

Hi Blossom

Yep, add me to the list of those that seemed to fall into a post-21st dark hole! As others have stated, it lasted for about 3 days. After what felt like a couple of days of lifted spirits, it was as if all the negative emotions I had ever felt suddenly came flooding back with a vengeance. All of the demons came home to roost. Every single one of them. I don't know what triggered it. It was all so grossly disproportionate and irrational - a part of me even knew this at the time, even though I could barely leave the house without dissolving into floods of self-pitying tears. After 3 days it lifted. Everything was back in perspective and I felt surprisingly good about myself and about life in general. It was all very odd.

So, not so much 3 days of literal darkness, but certainly 3 days of no light (and no hope) for me - or at least 3 days of living under a big dark cloud. But, having now emerged the other side, I can at least say that I have a clearer idea of exactly what remains to be let go of and for this I am grateful.

Thanks for the latest channeling, Blossom. The FOL seem to have an uncanny knack of saying exactly what I need to hear at the exact right time, and I'd bet it seems that way for others too. Perhaps they have a better understanding of what's going on 'down here' than we think they do :)

Onward and upwards indeed!!

Wishing you love and joy for 2013,

Anonymous said...

Blossom please post this link for those who feel we are not making progress toward positive global changes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
I have read your channelings for the last 5 years, hang in there.
The best part I loved hearing from you was about the Boxing day with your sisters and the delight in watching the kids have fun.
The feeling of being with family, sharing family customs and passing on to the next generation - the feeling you get when you feel part of something.. I feel that this is the real stuff, the real light. There are some people I know, that do not have a clue about light beings/energy/channelings/lighwork, but they are the most amazing light filled people I know.
I grew up in a very private family who wanted a lot of quiet and our own space just as a family - but now I have my own little family, I am experiencing the most amazing feelings of kinship and community from neighbours and the Mums at Kindy, it really feels like freedom - the support and warmth that we have all created as an informal group - it is so good!
The good stuff is all around, it just takes a couple of people to make a little effort and it snowballs from there - it has been so invigorating and fun to be part of a little community, building our own story together.
Thanks for letting me share, Happy New Years to you and just focus on the things that you enjoy, have a giggle, do something unexpected, we all get inspired by how others lead their lives, and your energy will rub off to others around you and in turn their happy energy will rub off on somebody else.. badda bing, badda boom, the light is all around!
Cheers! E

Anonymous said...

Anonymous it is interesting you mentioned the 15th if you read what I said earlier....

......after 12/12/12 I experienced two days of heightened awareness,clarity and love for myself and everyone,it was beautiful and everyone around me felt it,
.......since writing that I have received emails from many others having experiences,I am feeling that soon I won't feel so alone,as they are starting to experience things I have been experiencing yet have had only a few on my site who want to listen to a dog groomer with no experience,people seem to have a huge fear of ego THAT IS THE EGO FEARING! our higher self dosen't judge us,I am glad these people have me to talk to,they unlike me don't want to talk to anyone else about their experiences,please speak up, there are many I am sure who would have a story to tell.but are afraid to tell it because of what others will think,or that their ego will attach,this spiritual ego is the biggest controller,this is why religion kept the people ignorant,you do not have to be a medium or experienced, I am a dog groomer,I never wanted to be a medium, still don't! I am only doing this because I was ask by spirit NO OTHER REASON...NO AGENDA...same as The Federation of Light ...NO AGENDA ....let go of the minds conspiracies when you have these experiences you know they are real and who you are, you just know,but when you get told or made to feel less then you are, you fall back into old self doubts,especially when you think those telling you those things are more 'spiritually aware' then you, we must have courage to speak our truth,listen to me going on again,only yesterday I was thinking I might give this all up again and just focus on my beautiful family,but I received an email last night that made me realise we all can not stop it has just begun, we must come together as White Cloud said in his 12/12/12 talk to those gathered, their combined light could be seen as one big light as they came together and remember what The Federation of Light said to Blossom about being afraid to acknowledge who she is.

17th Jan 2010

No, I wasn’t brushing it aside …. But I feel I am here as an earthling with an earthly purpose. Whoever I am as a spiritual body is of an understanding that cannot be understood down here, so therefore … I feel … not necessarily appropriate to know.


Because … what difference would/should it make? It shouldn’t matter.

Exactly. It does not mean anything other than recognising the magnificence of yourselves!! For you simply do not! … and we would so desire that you begin to understand the importance of this recognition. For it will allow you to bring forth the wonders that lie within. You all sit about wondering when all this ‘’miraculous stuff’ will start happening … when you will really see the beginnings of the New World. Dear Ones, as we have said to you in days afore …


Anonymous said...

Hello All,
Just wanted to wish Blossom, Kerrie and my friends here, a very Happy and Healthy New Year !!

Peace and Blessings'

Kerrie, thank you for your words and forgive me for sometimes being such a cranky old bird. Keep doing what you're doing !!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Intriguing that the FOL said THEY did not confirm the 21st...for i remember reading a channel some while back of yours blossom where you ask if it will be the 21st - and they said Yes!

I remember it vividly because i thought 'uh oh - they've confirmed a date again!'

And there's no way you would have 'stuck-by' a date again without some kind of confirmation from the FOL. It's easy for the confirmation to be forgotten when you channel so much.

When i have more time i'll find the exact session you channelled and post it.

I just hate the thought of your talents being abused most of all Blossom.

May 2013 enable us to thrive!

Blossom Goodchild said...

Indeed ... please find the post , fo I certainly don't remember that.
Many thanks .

livinglibrary said...

Sounds like you went through your 3 days of darkness, Blossom. That is not "nothing". All are firmly planted in 5D NOW, it cannot be otherwise. The perspective has flipped though. Where we once were striving, hoping, projecting TOWARDS something, NOW we are LOOKING BACK from where we arrived to. If our visage is a panorama of 'nothing has changed' then we are stuck in the movie theatre of all our attachments. We are powerful creators NOW. We have been told to be mindful of our conscious creations. Why would anyone consciously create nothing? My guess is they loved their doubts more than they loved their faith. Even Yeshua had a "doubting Thomas" among his followers...Welcome to's a big can look out the back window and keep projecting what you've left behind OR look out the other windows and see all that is new and exciting! It's a Magical Mystery tour!

Anonymous said...

I just came across this,love it!

Its simple ~ All events are created as "POTENTIAL". If the collective consciousness vibrates higher transformation is faster ~ otherwise momentum is built up for another "POTENTIAL" All predictions depends on how we respond as collective consciousness. Predictions are TRUE at the moment it is predicted, and its outcome is in our hands ~ Each one of us on Mother Earth ~ its we who make it or otherwise. All the help from cosmos is made available to us ~ we fail to honor it ~
So know that "POTENTIAL" needs more n more collective consciousness. :::::

And below is what The Federation said recently about dates,I can’t find the one you mentioned about the 21st Anon but I do recall it,they didn’t actually commit to discribing anything in particular occuring,Blossom did ask them about that date,I can’t remember how they worded it exactly but they asked can’t we feel it? saying that the date has been in the collective conscious for too long not to have nothing occur,for the record I did not feel ready,but is it that as an individual I did not feel ready or do we ‘tune in to the collective’? I feel as if I am just content to continue working on me,I am enjoying that there is no dead line now,dead lines are made for a reason and that reason is past,Mother Earth has ascended now we just need to relax and enjoy the journey,can you feel that peace? a lot of us have been talking about it,we are feeling it,a lot had experiences and those experiences are expanding with ease and grace just how we like it I feel.

Nov. 26th2012 ~The Federation of Light ~

We are not wishing to confuse you at this juncture … We merely desire to accompany your thoughts with that which is most valuable.

Thank you. I would also like to clarify that you have not given a date for this Light to come … Is their reason ?

What do you recall?

That I decided not to go with 'times' as far as you were concerned …

We are merely adhering to your wishes.

Anonymous said...

We all LOVE and support you Bloss tell the CREW when you chat again we are becoming LOVE LOVE LOVE....

Anonymous said...

There is no group of people or any person that knowns Gods plan. So stop looking for a leader. Just follow your own inner voice. believe in yourself and your inner knowing. No one can take your Power away unless you allow them. Love yourself and others but don't worry if they love you back help others but don't wait for them to thank you. Be the person you want others to be plants the seed and watch it grow.

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to put this out there. we were made from God's unconditional love and that's the key to everything. until we learn to love everything and everyone unconditionally we will not evolve.

Unknown said...

UFO orb drops the Mayan prophecy

mukesh parmar said...

21-12-2012 was only a potential ~ whether confirmed or not. All potential are energies and manifest according to vibes manifested by we the people on earth. Hence, what vibes we manifest is what manifests for us. It is collective consciousness that decides.
We were given many messages, many channelling etc., ALL with one core message ~ Manifest more n more Unconditional Love ~ To manifest unconditional love you have to drop all the veils and know that you are Light ~ not just understand but feel that your are Light.

Its simple ~ but not impossible. There will be many potentials created for us and cosmos will provide us lot of help but we have to act ~ not with words but with deed, feelings ~

2013 waits with lot of GIFTS ~ Open up n receive

Mother Earth is in arms of Light, experiencing Love Unconditional and waiting for each one of us to manifest the same to enter the GOLDEN AGE DOORWAYS:

LOTS OF LOVE N WARM HUGS ~ Pass it on with a smile.

Gil said...

The purpose of the channelings is two-fold..The first an primary one is for us to become MORE of ourselves by doing "The Work".
Secondly (which is actually a double edged sword method)to help us mentally to create a future on earth which is based od peace and harmony..a society filled with people that "get it"..the problem is that when that what is so called promised doesn't appear we blame those who promised ,
yet at the same time we claim that we KNOW that thought creates reality. Clearly we dont believe it we POINT AT OTHERS(disappointment).
So this is my suggestion to us..Do the inner work dilligently..this automatically raises our vibration..and at the same time follow channelings of inspiration without expectation of exact's a matter of "timing"..For an event of that magnitude to manifest for billions of people, "MUCH" has to "line up".
EVERYONE involved contribitues to its manifestation beacuse EVERYONE will be THE WORK!..all else will follow..because it HAS NO CHOICE if the work of raising our vibration is done! Disappointment is a CHOISE and lowers vibration.Depression is a choice and lowers vibration..since we're chosing our state being ..chose one thta works!..all others are masochism..and no one gets any benifit from it and you are the ONLY one hurt in the process..So laugh it off ..get back up and keep going! only good can come from it !
Start with having fun with everyting we do..change your perspectives of what was termed bad and see what you can learn!
It's a 24/7 journey it's arduous but it pays..

? said...

There seems to be a regular pattern to all of this. Someone or something ignites a flame of hope in us all, we watch it grow and spread, getting more and more optimistic and excited. It's coming we think, this time it really is coming. Great profound changes, abundance and peace for all, finally.

Our consciousness will rise to such levels,we will be able to meet our star family. The world will change, never to go back to how it was. This Great change / Event/ Disclosure should happen by the end of the year or during the first quarter of this year, on and on it goes. the deadlines come and go with no perceivable changes. We are made to feel that we did not truly believe it enough to manifest it. Somehow it was a lack on our part. Those who really tried to awaken family and friends are left feeling humiliated.

I have watched you Blossom and people like Steve Beckow and his team, giving your hearts and souls to all of this, only to be set back time and time again.

Most of us know and understand the core message of BE LOVE. We get that, it is a work in progress. Maybe like ascension,one and the same thing. But what if just one of the FOL or AAM predictions had come even close to manifesting,in a way that is perceivable to all, surely there would be such a huge outpouring of love and light in the world. mayybe I am being naive, but I can't help wondering who benefits from our hopes being raised then dashed.

I hear people talking about hope being something we should let go of as it implies the lack of something, instead we should proceed with absolute knowing. I understand that and for some people that is enough but for others they need proof and I can understand that too. So how are we to progress without something to point to.

A year or so ago, I experienced some wonderful things via a Reiki healer, things I had never experienced before or since. I know what it is like to be in pure bliss and joy surrounded by the deepest most beautiful, unconditional love. I was moved to tears, beyond any words to describe it. I could never have brought that about myself, I think of the healer as a facilitator. I wanted to live with that love every moment of my life and for everyone else to experience it too. Is it really beyond us and the FOL to bring this experience to everyone.

The other thing I wanted to say is sometimes, reading what others say will or won't be happening,makes feel like I am giving my power away, someone else is in the driving seat. When I read people like Eckhart Tolle, Greg braden, Thich Nhat Hanh, I feel empowered and peaceful, very aware of presence, very connected who I am.

last thing, I was thinking about manifesting what we want and need and having to believe that it is already there before we can see it. Not to hope we can do it but to have a knowing that it is done.I am an artist, but this would apply to film makers, composers and writers.

I don't just pick up my paintbrush and paint. I have an idea. Ideas and inspiration come when I am in the now, no question about that, you cannot make ideas come, they arrive as subtly and gently and unobtrusively as breathing. If you are not attuned or aware, you might not even notice it.

The idea takes on a life of its own, you nurture it with love and care, you live it, breath it, dream about it, you bring it to life with your feelings. You have to be able to visualize what it will look like once it is finished. In other words you have already created this work and you are living it, all you are doing now is bringing it forward so that it can be seen by others. I am aware that I started this post very different to how I have ended it.

Be well Blossom

Love and best wishes