Jul 31, 2010


In the last few months many of my many single friends seem to have come across Mr Right. I can't say the same sadly for my male single friends coming across Mrs Right or in some cases Mr Right ... But hopefully their turn will come.
It fills my heart with jumpy bunnies!! I get so excited for them. That excitement of new romance ... that feeling of behaving like a sixteen year old when your heart misses a beat when they call. That passion ... that having a smile on your face in the morning before you've opened your eyes ... oh the joys ... the joys ... the joys!!
Yet should we not be like this all the time anyway? Regardless of the handsome prince turning up on his white steed .... charger in hand!!!!!?????????????
Isn't it now ... in this time of enlightenment that each and every moment should feel sunkissed? Isn't 'the lurve' that is in the air suppossed to be melting our hearts into fluffy marshmellows, so that to each and everyone we come across we can simply dissolve in smiles of understanding and hippyish peace signs?
Is this how it is meant to be? Or is our New World that we are creating of a very different picture ... a very different nature?
Cast your eyes inwards People of the Sun. Is your radiance warming your soul?
Does your desire to spread your Light to ALL motivate your actions?
Do you TRULY FEEL that who you are is who you want to be?
Could you fall deeply in Love with yourself if you met you on a summers day ... and would you compare yourself to that day (as shakespeare once said) seeing the beauty in yourself as the flower within you opened up into full bloom?
I cannot assume obviously ... yet I would imagine that their is not one of you who has not experienced this feeling.
Would it not be a grand thing to recall the experience and imagine falling in Love all over again ... with YOURSELF?
BE that handsome prince. BE the beautiful princess! Live your dreams and hopes and FEEL yourself ... BEING ALIVE!!
How easy it is to allow complacency to cast the shadows of mindless monotony?
I wonder if for a moment we were able to view ourselves from another vibration, and see ourselves down here doing whatever it is we are doing. Would we be proud? Or would our jaw drop in amazement of our 'whatever!' attitude ? Our 'not a lot I can do about it' manner?
Or perhaps we would applaud ourselves for our valour, our determination to see our mission through. Would we be in awe as we looked upon how bright our Light had become due to our soldiering on through thick and thin in order to accomplish the Divine plan that we know not a jot of ... and yet we march on regardless for our agreement with our Higher self sprinkles tiny insights of our orders and our souls respond in obeyance to the overall well being of ALL THAT IS.

Keep on ... swords of Light to the skies! Our victory lies not far away ... when we shall find oursleves in our New Home amongst each others friendship. We shall relate stories of wonder and yet not one word need be spoken for our Loves Light shall tell all.
Be of strength . We have travelled so far. In times of weariness, go within. Ask Angels and Guardians of us brave warriors who accepted our positions with honour, to uplift our weakened moments and carry us through on their wings of Grace as they always said they would. We have not let them down. They will not let us down. For we are ALL in this together. And together we are just round the corner from home.

BE IN LOVE. For IN that LOVE you can BE ... LOVE!
Absorb those Golden Rays.
Blossom xxx


Sharon VK said...

Once again Blossom...this is just what I needed to hear at this time. Thank you!!!
Love & golden rays,
Sharon xx

yk248 said...



Amy Debeij said...

:D :D :D

Dan said...

Hmmm. AND a big grin.
Awhile back I was talking with a friend and I was told that I'm FAR better than when he met me, but I needed to truly love myself.
I told him it had taken years just to LIKE myself and I really was working on it.
He said Not to "learn to" or "work on it", but to just DO it.
I finally realized that if I can love others, (Friends, family, people I just meet and barely know, etc.) not because of what they've done or NOT done, but due to them being who they are as defined by their hearts, not actions, I certainly could do the same for myself.
It made a big difference and now I can take a few more steps up that ladder. I can like myself for the changes I've made in my life and how I look at things, etc., but I don't really need a "reason" to love myself as I don't need one to love others.
Stranger and stranger I find myself, to myself. :-)
There are actually a few people that I don't "like" but love with all my heart. With others, I had 2 lists. One group, I love enough that I said I'd take a bullet for.
The other, I MIGHT call an ambulance for.
Since "everyone" seems to have moved to that first list, I can finally see myself the same way.
That doesn't mean I always like myself for whatever reason, but I can also forgive myself, where I never did before.

Dan said...

AND... Dear lady, your blog, words and channeled messages were a BIG help getting me over myself enough to love myself.
Much Love and Light!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom:) Happy World wide disclosure day!

Ami said...

Today. August 1, is the day of the Pachamama (gaia). Love to mother earth. Love to all you!
Thanks for the post, dear Blossom!

Laura said...

Oh thank-you so much Blossom, not just for your blog post but for the new channeling today. I just woke up and immediately checked to see if you had been in contact with the FOL as I truly needed to hear from them today. However I have to say it was more your words than theirs that brought me comfort this morning. I've been struggling to find and hold the light within a bit myself these days, and just knowing that someone else is feeling and thinking the same as me brings me comfort. Sometimes I don't know what I would do without you and all the people that visit and comment on your blog. Someone here always seems to have the right words to share. So thank-you to everyone here - I love you all! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom I was asking those questions on the beach today,it was a cold windy day and I was saying to myself what are the whispers in the wind telling me? they are speaking to me, I don't know what is being said, but I know my heart is listening to something,something is going on, energies are being blown around people are feeling something and they don't know what, who are you? when you come will I feel those feelings I feel sometimes now? will that stop any fear? are you so different to us? then I said who am I??????How will I be able to help? I have this knowing and yet I also have this mind that says who on earth are you kidding!
Then I smiled as I started to feel as if they were like loving parents so happy that their teenagers have returned home,and I felt they were listening to me,I could feel love that made my eyes water briefly and put a big smile on my face as I resumed collecting shells with my two young friends. Love,light and gratitude Kerrie

yk248 said...

I understand the words of the federation saying that they will come when the light turns green. Many things that I do are only brought into action when I see that the time is right (Like something's on my mind for quite a while sometimes, and when the time is right, I act, and so many synchronicities happen that I just gotta say "This is gotta be right")
So I see what they mean.


Ami said...

What a channeling! Thanks for posting the whole message (morning and evening part). What they say makes us think so much... At least, your questions Blossom makes them think too ;-)
Love to all you.

Wanda said...

Blossom, how can I describe the feelings of Knowing what you Know, but not Knowing what you Know. You Know it is happening now, you Know you are being changed, and you KNOW why... you just can't quite remember at this moment exactly what your plan is, but you KNOW it will be that moment, and in that moment, you shift.

but wait... I think you just did .. :-)

You verbalize what I can't seem to pinpoint. I LOVE you Blossom, and I LOVE all the fellow Lightworkers sharing this journey.
Namaste' to you all, and I am guided to share this most beautiful video sent to me from a very special being... my favorite alien. I dare you not to feel good. :-)

Josh Grobin.. angelic voice.



Anonymous said...

AHH Wanda I just LOOOOVE Josh thank you for mentioning him,


"Don't give up you are loved"

I am going to put this under a few comments that went down after the last channel on a site I go on. Blessings

PenguinUK said...

Just read the blog post today. Another inspirational and uplifting message Blossom, thank you for shining it my way.

I have often thought that wonderful happy, gleaming self-confidence and contentment we see in friends who have met a "new" love, was indicative of a state we should all be in all the time. It really is, albeit usually temporary, a golden state of being (whether oneself, or witnessing another). It is proof positive that such a state of love is easily attainable whilst in human form.

You have brought up something that is so "obvious" (yet astute), but something most ignore. It really is a reminder to all how we can feel or BE naturally (ie without drugs, alchohol, stimulants) just naturally. Being in the early stages of "love" SO is our natural state. I would add, personally I get a "lift" seeing others in that state too.

Lovely post Bloss, wise words, and thank-you for brightening my day.

Trying to shine brighter,

Rosemarie Sinclair said...

Blossom dear Goddess,
Thankyou for the LOV-eeeely words of wisdom & LOve you have once again brought to us with your connection with the Federation of LIGHT -- so wonderful to be reminded of how lovely we all are on this journey of 'hope & confusion'! The motivations we all need to keep-on-uplifting our LIGHT body into the higher frequencies.
Cheers, Blessings and Laughter to ALL -- Rose-marie

Simon said...

Hi All!
after reading the latest channelling from Blossom and the Light Beings I feel moved to send my Loving Heartfelt rays of Golden Light to Blossom. Our Sister here asks for nothing in return for doing the profound and sometimes (very) challenging work she has gracefully and joyfully chosen to do. And so I encourage those who are reading these words to join with me in Heartfelt intention to share our Hearts Love and Light with Blossom on Sunday August 8th at 12.30 GMT. for 30mins of joyful celebration for Blossom and in celebration of our loving Star Brothers&Sisters and Ourselves. If you are reading these words after the time just place your intention on joining in with this upliftment of energy and you will be there : )
Personally I feel this will lift Blossom into a space and a place where no 'negative' energies can influence our beloved Sister (if she so chooses this). Of course I ask and intend this for the Highest Good and if Blossom chooses not to accept this Light energy or cant in any way then I intend it to go to the highest good of all.
I feel Sunday is a special day and we can all be uplifted Together. Lets Unite, focus on sending Loving Rays for Blossom and Feel the Knowing of Light within Ourselves.

Much Love

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Simon. How very uplifting just to read your intention. I must away to find my cement boots for that Truly touched my heart and I am floating on air.I humbly accept the invitation and thank in advance all who participate. This downheartedness I get now and then could of course just be hormones!!!!!!!! Golden Rays. There is so much Lurve about one cannot but help grin!
Cheers Simon.
Bloss xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Simone that is a beautiful idea, I will be there with bells on and will pass it around,I agree with you that something is in the air! Love,light and GRATITUDE!!!!!!

RafaelVR said...
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Wanda said...

Dearest Blossom, I will try to figure out all the time zone stuff so I can be there to join in. However, you must KNOW that I am Always sending you Love & Light, and much Gratitude for all YOU do for the ALL. You have been a beacon of Light to me, and to so many other souls that just KNOW.

Did anyone get to see this on Galactic Channelings?? posted today.... a BBC promo for a series in the UK.... I think they know sooo much more... I know I felt a vibrational upliftment... here's the link...



It's time to shine everyone. LOVE is ALL there is. I'm grateful to be here now, in the midst of so much change... knowing that I'VE never changed... it's just that the WORLD has changed around me. We are all heading for the Light.

Namaste' to ALL...

Ami said...

Great idea, Simon! Let send love to our dear lady! Get ready Blossom! We are on the way!
Love to all you.

Blossom Goodchild said...

I have to laugh. I made sure I was back home for 2.30pm (my time GMT). Had a lovely meditation. Came round bang on three pm. It was then the penny dropped ... WRONG!!! I sometimes get so confused with this time zone thing. Even though I should know as quite a few of my family are still in England. The time when you so kindly will be 'lifting me higher' is actually 10.30pm tonight!!! Ah well. I get a double whammy. How perfect. I shall do it all over again tonight.
Perfect. Thank you so much everyone ... and of course I know you shall be enjoying the upliftment for yourselves and The Greater good. May Golden Rays pour down on you. Bloss xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...


Yesterday (8/8) the energy going through me OMG,I was ready to take on the world, real solar plexus stuff,personal power and all that, it scares me a bit when I get like that, I need to balance it out with heart energy,I feel this is what is going on, balanced Christ consciousness.I did the meditation to send Blossom some golden rays as we all choose to do and that was good, I saw many beautiful coloured lights and geometrical shapes,I saw a being with huge black eyes looking at me and I saw outlines of beings in a group they felt so nice,I have been a little bit affraid of what my reaction would be if I did see them for real.
I felt very powerful as if I knew what the shapes were for and were very familiar with them but of course this me doesn't know.
I hope you are flying today Blossom:)((HUGS))

Klinton said...

this is a bit long but it explains a lot of ...stuff ...and also sets the stage for our friends to come.. but once again as you will see its up to us..watch it all if you can to get the whole perspective...
love and light and golden rays Blossom


Simon said...

Hi Blossom and All!

I had a fantastic time with the meditation, great fun : )
Just prior to the meditation i had a thought that this was a time to honour all the messengers who have made many joyous sacrifices to bring through messengers of Love. in my experience I felt Blossom and a couple of other messengers who I love being lifted high in my hearts Love n Light, up into higher echelons of Love. this was soo uplifting for me too. I certainly feel the 'Lions Gate' was a step up the vibrational ladder.
I feel a message in my heart saying 'Thank you to all for participating for if we know it or not we certainly all are doing so' : )

Thank you again and love to Blossom and All Our Family : )

Simon xx

Anonymous said...

7th Aug UFO in Australia,


Luisa just put this video up, beautiful pulsating coloured UFO breathe in the pulsating light as Zilanthra once channeled that these pulsating UFO’s are down loading, so in free will ask and it is given, (Our Angels can’t assist unless asked)

4th July ~The Federation of Light~
Perhaps we would say that some have been ‘put on a timer’ and for those who did not feel it immediately they will WITHOUT DOUBT KNOW the moment when their particular ‘timer ‘ goes off. There can also be for some … ‘activational triggers’ that shall take place at the correct time for each.

Anonymous said...

Great video Klinton. It certainly explains what we are up against. Well worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom... Some chanellers are talking about an URGENT message about Gulf of Mexico... Do you know something about it? Did receive any channelings of warnings?
Here is the link... Please, open up to us!! http://minhamestria.blogspot.com/2010/08/comunicado-atencao.html

Blossom Goodchild said...

@anon. I am afraid the link you sent does not seem to have translation. I personally feel regarding the Gulf that things are far from over , although The Federation have not commented on it lately. We must still send Love and Light to the situation.
Golden Rays . Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Hi there guys.

Hope this help us waking up from this dream.

(Official trailer from the Brazilian movie "Nosso lar".) Nosso lar means our home. And It is the name of a spiritual city, astral city, right above Rio de Janeiro,in another plane of existence or dimension, of course.

Nosso lar is also the name of the book from 1940´s writen by Chico Xavier.(thats why you will see World War II scenes)

Light up the darkness.


Ami said...

I read your interview on Kerrie's blog "THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT". Delicious!