Oct 7, 2009

No Channelling

Hello everyone
Just to let you know that I have tried twice to channel The Federation Of Light this week,but to no avail. I seem to be walking around in a daze and could easily fall asleep whilst standing up. Maybe that is why?
I am in the last week of a fundraising show at the local theatre ... although I have slept enough in the few days off!!!!!!
This happenns to me about once a year. I often wonder if I just need to sleep and get 'topped up', as the whole feeling is that I am very 'off planet'. It feels 'spiritually' based and indeed when medical specialists have been consulted ...... blank! So whats new in my case!
I will suddennly be 'back in' any moment now ... very much like when I was origianlly ill before channelling White Cloud.
So.. I ask for your patience.
All is as should be!!
I am sure if The Federation have anything of VITAL importance to say ... they will get the message through somehow.

Keep sending out your Golden Rays to the planet and the souls who reside upon it.I will let you know via the newsletter (as usual) when the next channelling is up.
Many thanks


Sharyn said...

Hey Blossom,
That's cool. Yes, I'm sure if there was a message to get through from the FOL then it would happen. Strange, there's been a few of us down my way who have felt really tired this week, like wading through a fog - off planet, as you say. Might be something in the air!

Unknown said...

Yes, definitely something in the air! I'm feeling a change inside of myself again as well in these past couple of days. You hang in there, Blossom!

Let us all stay centered so we can get the best out of ourselves for the betterment of all. I feel very strongly there are times coming very soon when we'll all need that. Erase the doubts inside but question everything. Seek and speak your truth as always, and we'll get through this all while (symbolically) holding each others' hands as one...

Dear Blossom, could you please give the link to your newsletter subscription page for the Federation channelings? Or can I use the White Cloud updates form in the sidebar of your website?

Thank you! And thanks everyone for the energy you're giving to the upliftment of our (potentially) very beautiful planet!


You said...


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted. I was begining to worry a bit. I hope your feeling more energetic soon. I have been exhausted these past weeks myself. Thats not even to mention the weird bits of time where I feel like I've lost time, or forgot where I am, and what I am doing momentarily. It's a bit strange. Sending you love, light, and golden rays. We love you Bloss!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Blossom for your kindness in updating us on the channelings. When the time is right, it will happen again, I am certain. As you say, everything IS as it should be ! The GFL just sensed that you needed a little break to regain your strength, that's all. We, the Lightworkers look forward to the next words from the GFL, as their words give us such inspiration to carry on God's good work on the planet. Keep you ear to the ground, as the Native Indians say !

Love and Light to you, Mike D.

Anonymous said...

hi blossom,
all is as should be as you say, so take care and rest up... we need you at your best to help relay those fantastic messages.
i know in your last channeling of 23 sept that you played down the anniversary so as not to get our hopes up, (well thats what i thought) but i seem to have this air of expectation again, and its totally unrelated to anything i have read. for the last couple of days i have been feeling the same as last year.... expectant is the only way to describe it. is that odd? well anyway, i hope the federation of light soon make their appearance and you can be vindicated at long last, as i know its a heavy load you have had to carry. but chin up your doing a great job my dear and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
its true when you look back over the last year... how many souls have reawakened because of your messages.... its been a great ride.
all my love corrina

Anonymous said...

hi blossom,
all is as should be as you say, so take care and rest up... we need you at your best to help relay those fantastic messages.
i know in your last channeling of 23 sept that you played down the anniversary so as not to get our hopes up, (well thats what i thought) but i seem to have this air of expectation again, and its totally unrelated to anything i have read. for the last couple of days i have been feeling the same as last year.... expectant is the only way to describe it. is that odd? well anyway, i hope the federation of light soon make their appearance and you can be vindicated at long last, as i know its a heavy load you have had to carry. but chin up your doing a great job my dear and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
its true when you look back over the last year... how many souls have reawakened because of your messages.... its been a great ride.
all my love corrina

Blossom Goodchild said...

@Nick. thanks for that. And yes, subscribe via the White CLoud updates.
Golden Rays. feeling brighter today.Oh Joy!

Anonymous said...

one more thing blossom, i have just been looking at google earth, and again from pole to pole there is a big chunk missing, going right over australia, and a little triangular section missing in the northern pole. just thought id share. i would love to know what google earths explanation is for the discrepancy, does anyone know? thanks again
love corrina

Anonymous said...

Our beautiful lady of light,
Its being felt all over the globe, all that are aware or desire to be are feeling a building of energy from many many sources. All these experiences are wonderfully important for each soul to explore and understand within their presepective that they allow for more light to illuminate ones path. Never allow the if's, but's, why's, wherefore's stop you from being true to ones own soul self. Everyone dare to be out there in total and absoulte joy and happiness, allow all the unconditional love from all the entities everywhere to fill everything about you and your day. Our awareness has moved significantly in the last 12 months, this to me has been one of the most blessed times in my life on this level.
Take the time to look within, and reconise the signs along your journey my brothers and sisters of light.
Blossom, I have no idea where this is going, I am so so grateful to you for your dedication to deliver your messages to us, so on some level we all get to bathe in the golden rays of awareness or enlightenment and unconditional LOVE.
To all, Be in the excitement of great change as we all continue to evolve.

Be true to your soul always.


Wanda said...

Dearest Blossom, I've been away for a while, I do apologize. A great healing took place within my heart a few weeks ago, and let's just say it's been a ride.

I also feel something brewing all around. The NASA Lunar bombing in 2 days... more sightings.. LOTS of people around me now talking about stuff openly... Love It !!

I heard this song on the radio today, and I had to find it. Hopefully, this link will work... .
The video is so beautiful.. I want to live out loud !!


Brightest Blessings, Love & Light to you always.


Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Wanda. Nice video. Thanks! Golden rays to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom thank you for that, I am still having to come to the library for the net, I am not working at the moment, as I said my salon is been run by another for now and I have sooo much time, I feel lost! I am over going within already!!! I too keep trying to contact them. Three communications two weeks ago and now nothing.But as I think over this year this is what happens just before I go through some releasing they come to me to give me strength. I asked last night for at least a feeling anything! and in meditation my heart started going to town as if it was going to jump out of my chest, so they are still close! All is as it should be:) I was feeling that I need to let go and let God big time, and keep patient, sending you my love and to all here I thank The Divine oneness for this, as The Feds say imagine what your life would be without anyone to interact with,and how we interact with each other is how we create our world.
love,light and patience
As I was walking to the library just now I looked up at an office building and on the second floor there were about 15 smilie face baloons on the ceiling, I smiled and gave thanks and said hello!I have these smilie faces at my salon and the fluffy one I have on my wall kept falling down after being there for 10 years!!!!!just love these little syncronisities:)

neeti said...

hi blossom
writing to u for the first time .i was wondering if anyone has read "abduction to the ninth planet by "michael desmarquet".i feel that the federation is the people residing in that planet coz of the similarities in their teachings.if anyone feels the same write back at neetighai@yahoo.com.au

Sharyn said...

Hi all,

On my Google Earth tonight the blocked out section streches from one pole to the other, right across Australia.
It's quite impressive - even if it's a glitch! What do others think about this?
Love Sharyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
There are so many channels recently bringing the message about the first contact very soon!
I stumbled about this video yesterday and wanted to share with everybody. It's about the Alien disclosure from the US government!
The parts 3 and 4 are very interesting!!! it's worth watching it!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5JTtnXy2Q4&feature=player_embedded
Much love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom... take a look at this...

(The dark side of the moon where Moon will be bombarded)


and this...

(Strange clouds in Moscou)


and this last one.

(NASA releases image of black labyrinth on Mars)


There's HUGE things in the air... something will show up.



Pedro Carvalho said...

Hello Dear Blossom

Please check this:

circle in Moscow sky


Keep nice work

Pedro - Portugal

Anonymous said...

hi blossom!
love for you all.

this video es interesting, please look at 6:10, the whole video is great tough !!!

an interview to a man who came across a lot of information on aliens and ufo while archiving and filing artifacts, videos, films, etc...


part 1 is great too:

what a shame about the usa government bombing the moon!!!
lets send golden rays to her!!

at this moment the moon is shining gold over my city.

love and peace.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?

Strange Cloud Formation/ UFO Mothership Over Moscow October 6, 2009


Anonymous said...

oh, by the way, i forgot to tell you about a dream i had a few nights ago.

i was at a bus stop, and all the sky was clouded, completely, all the sky was very dark.
then i looked to the sky and i saw that in a point in the clouded sky the clouds started to difuminate a little, slowly, alowing the clear light of the " real" sky to pass trough, and in that part of the sky there were a lot of some kind of ufo, orbs or light ships!!!
and then, that spot or "hole" in the clouded sky started to get bigger and bigger and i was able to see that were A LOT of these light ships, they looked like stars but bigger and more shiny and all of them were golden!!!
finally all the clouds started to dissapeared and i could realize that the whole sky was filled with these star-like lights, and all the atmosphere was golden and light blue, and then some kind of transparent and long vessels that looked like some sort of train or caterpillar started to make amazing pirouettes and maneuvers with lights and i dont know.... but it really felt like a light show to me.



Anonymous said...

Back at the library hi all!I feel that our energy is sooo focused here at the moment ,fantasic!
I too Blossom have been walking around in a sleepy daze can't seem to do much at all, I go from one project to another,should be doing my tax I wonder if the Feds can come before I have to get it in! would be so good:) I don't think the taxation department will acept my story that the left side of my brain has been switched off so the right side can be accessed by ET'S!!!!I keep hearing in my head that song they put in your mind Blossom way back when you wrote snapshot "I'll be watching you" and when I went to do some shopping it came on the sound system at the shops!
The weather here in Sydney Australia has gone back to winter (middle of spring) first the dust storm and now electrical storms, rain (which I love) and freezing winds. The Feds told me to listen to whispers in the winds so I am:)Love,light and gratitude

Sharyn said...

Hi all,
Kerrie, its very cold here in Eastern vic Australia as well. Can someone explain what is supposed to be happening to the moon and the bombings (?) that a couple of people have referred to?
Many thanks and love,

Sharyn said...

Hi all,
I saw the news and the bombing of the moon so please ignore my last query. LOL.

You said...

Hi Blossom & All.

I've made this video.
It's an Indian prayer for peace.
I hope you like it.
It's my favorite.

Love & Life.


Andrew said...

Hi Blossom, I was becoming worried too so I'm glad you posted. I too have been in some sleepy daze this past week. As Kerrie said "just going from one task to another". And today I had this weird 20 minute period of a sort of light headedness going on.

My Google Earth appears as usual as ever.

Daphne said...

Iwetta, thank you for your link to the beautiful series of coast to coast with D. Wilcock.
Recently I came across an exceptional series as well:
From Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Love Daphne

Anonymous said...

Our Beautiful Lady of Light,
Like I said this morning, i cant help myself, I just needed to send channel 9 a email regarding moscow report, so you can just blame me. Big smiles.

Have been just listening to GRT from 08/10/09 part 3. WOW, this is really happening, physically happening and again only confirming what i know deep within.
It is time for us all to go within and find those places within us. Please let us all take the time and dedication to do this for the betterment of not only our own selves, but for everyone around us. We are all worthy of this beautiful and unconditional journey we have all agreed to partake with.

Brothers and Sisters of light, together with the rest of mankind, awake and allow yourselves to open up and be of unconditional love within every moment, allow yourself to breathe in the new vibration, the new consciousness, that we are all worthy of. We are all beautiful souls of light, dare it to be, in its own individual way. Dare to be publically out there, Smile as brightly and as brilliantly as you want, feel it as if you are doing it with your whole body. The shift has happened, it is here now, right now.

If you are feeling off colour, or out of energy or not quite your smiling happy self, dont be too concerned as the new timeline has or is coming into our deminsion allowing us all to resinate at a higher vibrational frequency.

Again, please do not let the if's, but's, why's, wherefore's to stop you from physically walking in your own soul truth.

Sometimes if you are just feeling numb, it could be that you are already there, but not quite aware of it, your physical is catching up to your true light.

Remember this doesn't take any effort, let it come from within and you will feel it. Allow your goosebumps to resinate throughout your whole body, feel them, really feel them and feel the love that comes with them, follow them, you never know what opportunitity may present itself to you.

Have a fantastic week my brothers and sisters of light. Your own individuality is the most beautiful gift of all, embody it in unconditional love and allow it to be.

Be true to your soul always.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone I am here at the library and looks like it will be another week off line for me at home due to yet another error with my connection, three people making an error what are the odds on that! I know this is my creation and all that, but right now I am not a happy person.
But it feels that its more then the problem with the net, the me that I love being around has left the building, I want her back!this one is not nice to be around.
I had a huge energy go through me for about 3 minutes on Sunday very powerful needed to breathe big time, felt something, I don't know what but it was good.
I have been dreaming full on these past four nights all water involved, no ships in my dreams yet!once again Blossom I give thanks for White Clouds meditation tapes soooo beautiful soooo needed.
Love,light and patience

Staying in my light!!! staying in my light!!! as the little train as it climbed the mountain said I think... I can I think I can:)

AnonimaAnonima said...

My prediction of the day: the Feds are preparing a Happy Anniversary Channeling for 10/14/09 :)

And we probably also get an evaluation that shows how much we progressed the last 12 months, so everyone will know that the ground crew is ready.

The time is now, amigos :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, please watch the second video on the top post and see if it has anything to do with your feelings this week! I think these things are all connected and something must be going on. Cheers.

22050hz blog


Anonymous said...

What a difference a day makes! whatever releasing I went through yesterday has been released! I am on top of the world today:) syncronisities abounding feeling so much connection to everything to love to me!!!!
When all this started I thought it would be good to tell my cousin about this as he is a producer of documentries for ABC Television, but I haven't seen him for 20 years, but I knew the universe would provide and last Sunday on one of the rare occasions that I am at my salon these days he sees my name on the roof of my salon and wondered if it was me, he said to me you don't recognise me do you, I flung my arms around him and said of course I do, as the rest of his family walked in I began my story and gave him my site address and told him to keep an open mind, he said well it'd be pretty arogant of us to think we are alone in the universe:) All is as it should be!
It it blowing a gale here in Sydney and I keep thinking of The Feds telling me to listen to whispers in the wind.
I have just now come from my account and told her the story and she was lovely, I am wired and me again!(and I'm getting a refund!)
I have been going over the journey of this year and the magic and feeling such gratitude for what I now feel, sending them my love over and over, I just can't stop it, I didn't feel this much love last Oct 14th so if feelings are anything to go by I KNOW tomorrow is going to be good what ever happens!no pressure Blossom Whatever happens is going to be for the best and that is all that counts, I KNOW they know what they are doing,I love you my friend:) may you be surounded by pink roses:)Love,light and blessings

Ami Drutman said...

Today is my birthday. Im so glad and thankful; this last year was very special. You, dear Blossom, have given me one of the best gifts: soul messages, consciousness, awakeness... Thank you. God bless you.

Cherryduck said...

Happy anniversary all!! I really hope the feds contact today!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, I hope you are doing well. No word from our little friends from the skies ? The last channeling was Sept. 23rd. Just curious, since it's been so long.... I will check your blog for more info.

Thanks, Mike D.

You said...

Hi blossom and all. I just wanna express my opinion, before October 14th comes up.
The way I NOW see things, i feel that i can evolve even more if they do not show up.
There is tones of stuff that i feel that i can do. Like painting, art music. stuff like that you know.
I just feel a little discomfort regards the fact that i have to restrict myself from my beliefs in the world that i'm living in, just because people refuse to see the truth as it is.
In the end you always get offend no matter what you say.
because when you start telling people about The Truth, they always get hurt in the process.
Some of the reactions that i get are like "oh i see your the smart guy, and the rest of us are all dumb and stupid, get a grip"

My opinion is, let them show up, let them prove to all these people that the universe is right next door, if thats what it takes.

I'm tired of living in a lie.
This world is me. I can keep going against the tide, but i cannot keep going forever...

If they do not show again, well, i guess theres not much that i can do about.

Whatever it happens. My heart belongs to you.

Much Love to all.

You said...

Blossom this is important.
Evolution is in progress.
We are evolving has we speak.


Cath Clift said...

One Year On!! I'm Keeping my eyes to the skies (Although 99% humidity and super cloudy). Love to You Blossom and The FOL.
Love and Light to all,