Jul 2, 2009

Just to let you know

There is a new channelling up on my website ... page 18. July 2nd. Enjoy.
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays .
Bloss xxx


Anonymous said...

i write this on 30th june @ 18.00
2 days behind (england) wierd

Frosti said...

hi blossom and all.

What is going to happen is that on 7 of July a Solar Storm is going to happen. During that storm, the heat will enter into Earth trought the Poles of the planet purifing it from inside.

Don't ask me how i know this, because even i can't explain it.
i just know.


Frosti said...

I can't believe im saying this...but I feel the Planet.

Bianca said...

Perhaps one of the new crop circles will have a 'Y'-pattern?

Anonymous said...

I am sooo late for work just as well I am the boss!
Leanne and I have been hearing the sound Blossom we both commented on it a few days ago and yes it is uncomfortable I thought it was them trying to communicate with us:)must rush I have been so busy on the net things are hotting up whoo hoo:)

Cath said...

Hi there Blossom and all friends,
A Y in a circle...Mmmm, a picture of the good old sixties peace sign popped into my mind. Also the Hand gesture of peace is in the shape of a Y.
All My Love Cath.

Faith said...

Interesting about the idea of the peace symbol. Since recently we have the US Army withdrawing from all Iraqi cities, barely publicized in US media by the way. But I'd say that is a major step toward WORLD PEACE, which as we know seems to be a prerequisite for the type of open CONTACT we would like to see! Love, Faith

Frosti said...

does anyone feel the same? that the planet is not well inside?
i feel it like really like something physical not spiritual. altough i can sense the bond between me and Earth.

My stomach has been hurting me for years and only now i know what that is. Its Gaia, she is in pain too :(

Anonymous said...

Frosti send Mother earth your love my friend, stay centered in your light focus on the love not the fear both are riseing with these frequencies and it is your job to anchor in the light by being the light and focusing on the light that is how you will heal Mother Earth that is who you are.
With every choice you make through out your day choose to come from love not fear EVERYTHING!
When I feel these frequencies it is a choice how I interpret them so choose to know that 'All is as it should be', don't misinterpret them. the heart knows, the mind will make up all sorts of senarios.
HEAL YOU don't judge what has happened to Mother Earth.This is how you will heal her if we don't she WILL heal herself and that wont be nice!

Anonymous said...


You mention that you've been hearing the sound that was discussed in Blossom's latest channeled message? What does it sound like? I've been hearing a ringing/hissing sound in my ears for the last few days. If I go somewhere very quiet and focus it is much more pronounced.

Love and Light,

Anonymous said...

hi all i dont trust these guys anymore the latest chanell left me feeling strange .i felt this was somewhat arrogant in parts

fed> (Our nations. Our flags.

bg> Really?

fed> You asked and now you are questioning. Is it that you do not feel this is correct?

bg>Give me a moment to think about it. What … all of them are this?

fed>That is not what we said dear one. Allow us to continue …

bg> Mouth zipped!)

this just isnt right i dont know how you perceive it. then theres another line.

fed> Quite a while ago did not Mr White Cloud speak with you about this

where did the mr part come from.

i dont know, doesnt work for me anymore the channels are always full of mystery just leading you on whanting more truth and then finish abrubtly.in the psycology of this is, you are being conditioned in to a state of conciousness where your perception of these is i want more/i want the truth. based on so much mystery.then you deny everything said bad about them which has led you to loose your objectivity and are creating smaller reality tunnels within your perception of the world through the 5 sences.
its okay to read negative comments like some will think this is ,just be objective but dont close of your mind whether it be good or bad ,to dismiss one is to dissmiss the other .everything happens for a reason good or bad they are magnetic polarities pulling and pushing things in and out of your life just accept that EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE .

one more thing before you get on them ships if they turn up is that thing we call gravity is the law of attraction to the mother goddess of the earth.

peace and light

a true friend of the earth and yours

Frosti said...

thank you kerrie you just comfirmed what i expected to hear.
i will make a video today and put on youtube right away. thats how i work i need too express what i'm feeling to know its real. i will do it today we will be okay.
thx everyone.

love is ALL.

Cory P said...

Hello Blossom, it has been a while since I replied to one of your posts! Unfortunately, I fell out of the vibration for a while, when I felt like I was so connected. I guess I am just human and don't completely understand, right? Anyways, I've managed to bring myself way back up, and I can feel it in my heart once again, that nice warm glow. :]

Anyway, This vibration sound that was told to you. I think I may understand it. I've heard, for the past week, this very low toned, deep vibration. I can't really pinpoint a sound...something like that cheesy "magnetic" sound, along the lines with a propeller of some type. Pardon me if I sound like a goofy person for trying to point out what I think may be it.

It is an uneasy sound, like it was said to you. However, it's not something that has been driving me insane or anything!

Anyway, other than the sound. That 'Y' shape instantly gave me the image of a very loosely done Peace symbol. Makes me smile thinking about that! I can't wait to see what is in store for us all!

Also, just entertained me a bit to notice this 'UFO' popping up within a news article. Take a look-see yourself and tell me what you think. Related or not? ^^


Anyways, I'm happy to be back with you again, and feeling a nice feeling once more. It's really great to have uplifted spirits!

~Love, Light, and Laughter!~
-Cory Pontsler

Frosti said...






Victoria said...

Hi Frosti,

I feel the same and since about three years ago I realized that is Mother Earth I was feeling, that She is alive and aware! Sometimes I wake up knowing there has been an Earthquake somewhere else in the world. I FEEL her pain but also her LOVE for us. However, I know her pain is related to the Transformation or Metamorphosis we All are going through together. Being aware that we are part of and alive within another Being is part of our Awakening.

Congratulations Frosti!

In Love and Light,


Anonymous said...

Above is the link to a looong explaination of the Y in a circle it is good, this man knows stuff!
I have just joined a site that the owners profile has Morning Star on it and they have embraced The Feds sooo much, apparently Morning Star (the name I was awoken with in my head sooo loudly at 3 am) is the uniting of dark/light, ego/soul end of duality sounds good to me!
and this is what the Y thing is communication to man/soul,anyway see the link.

Cath said...

HI everyone,
Regarding the 'Sound'. I heard it yesterday for hours...it nearly drove me nuts. Even local dogs were howling (which they never do). My children were manic during that time too.
Love and light,

corrina said...

hi blossom,
i have been hearing a similar sound for the past few weeks. its not annoying me just yet, in fact i thought i was starting to open up at last. it happens every evening, and sounds like a low toned vibration which sounds like its moving, becoming more intense and then relaxing again but not in any sort of rhythm (its very hard to explain) i am hearing it right now. i wonder will it become more intense in time? and become uncomfortable. as of now im just glad to know what it is. i thought i was getting some form of tinnitus!

love and light and laughter

corrina said...

by the way i live in ireland, so geographically why would i be hearing this pulsing vibrational sound? there are no crop circles around here as far as i am aware, but all is as should be im sure

love and light and laughter

James said...

In the message:
"So… well, you know what I am trying to ask … what the point of them … now … what do they represent?

Our nations. Our flags."

In the link http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2009/milkhill6/comments.html within in their interpretation of the "Aztec meaning of colibri" the
tip of the beak is located in Canopus which is viewable in the south hemisphere. This is one of the 'stars' that are, I feel, being covered by ships as the twinkle brightly and even more with a lot of love being beamed up at them. This is what I've experienced.

Funny, on a clouded night when I look to the area in the sky that I know the ships might be I send love to them and through my third eye I can see purple and within this I can see small white "orbs" flying in and out. Any thoughts on


Anonymous said...

How absurd is it that aliens would coose crop cycles as a means of communication?...Or fo that matter a channeller? ;-)

Anonymous said...

lets be honest what have they taught us that we coudnt find on the net with research in to history of hermetic traditions or budha,celtic,egyption every other culture studied this stuff till the church killed everyone who followed it. alls their doing is repeating what we can already see.in my opinion tell us something new that we dont know about.and if iam honest they only have just on 3 years, now to me this is a small amount of time considering earth history and we all know that time is a major factor in this .even if they turn up tommorow it would still take a considerable amount of time to adjust let alone last minute stuff.i believe some are ready and some are not but the fact that some are not means they are not going to show up for they are love and wwhether it be that 1 person or 1 million arent ready how could someone of pure love desroy anothers life,whether for good or not.i think some people have found their way and are of a higher interlect and vibration that this rable we believe to be true masters(not)evolution has showed us that we are evolving some are some not but we are still evolving .we have come this far and we will make through again i dont want someone turning up claiming all the glory for the hard work we have done for millenia.look at the Y mentioned in the latest channell how many of you have scoured the net trying to find an answer and come up with nothing but speculation trying your best to fit it together in to this mystery,just give us the answer to the Y why so secretive .i believe that these channels are of a human being with a small amount of iterlect in science and history and i can see right through it.i hope iam wrong
only time will tell.

piece and light

a friend of the earth and yours

Bianca said...

@ Anonymous #3:
I don't see anything wrong or arrogant in those bits. I think the way the words sound to people depends strongly upon the way they are interpreted.

@ Anonymous #4: It would seem, based on their previous explanations, that the energies that these crop circles send out are more important than the shapes they are in.

The 'flags' bit was also explained in the sense that the energies from these crop circles served as beacons.

The images do have some meaning, but for most people they are only pretty pictures. It's the energies that they send out that do most of the 'real' work, if anything.

On top of that, there are also theories that some of these 'circles' are actually created by this planet's global consciousness.

Anonymous said...

morning blossom,
a knowing of a beautiful lightness that is settling into our everyday, our every moment. The vibrational pulse has been raising or 'turning up' over the past 3 weeks, I hear it when I am in a quite place. I feel it resonate throughout my whole body, it commenced 2 days after our last channelling together. To me it is not confusing, it is not unsettling and I am certainly not going out of my mind. There is a knowing within it. It is with me all the time, whether awake, working or sleeping. It is the most amazing sensation and I love it.
Yesterday at work, I felt this cool breeze across my shoulders, but it was warm in the sun. My Kundlini was very active at the time, It felt like a massive electric shock when right through my being and when I opened my eyes, everything and I mean EVERYTHING was crystal CLEAR.
It is time to continue our evolution into the light, walk hand in hand to a freedom that we as a species have not known for a very very long time. 'Bring it on'.
have a fantastic weekend beautiful lady,

Anonymous said...

beautiful lady Blossom,
We as humans are individual in every sense of the word, and as such should allow the freedom and give ourselves permission to express as such without being judged.
Individuals that read your channellings and blog should understand that you are only the messenger, (with a wonderful message to deliver I might add) and you should not be judged for your expression.
It is almost like some individuals are too scared and far too insecure with their own individuality to be open minded. Dare to remove the conditioning and belief systems of society and this wonderful journey that is unfolding before all of us, would be less threatening and more delightful to walk.
Wake up and smile, it has the most profound effect on people that cross your path.

Anonymous said...

Blossom I am feeling so much, my energy is incredible have been on a site that is telling me so much about who I am the pieces are coming together what our job is ect.I just got this from Jenny just now:

Hi Kerrie
Last night while watching the stars, a beautiful lightship passed slowly overhead for about 2 minutes...a magical sight! Mike asked in his channelling about it...they were in the vicinity on patrol,noticed us so decloaked!
Love and light

And last night I went out and spoke to them as I do all the time any way but I was so joyous and I just said Hi Guys as if they were next door:) I was speaking to White Cloud again last night also and white buffalo woman has been around alot and I came across this in the Christmas channeling and as I type this I am getting those tingles I get on my crown love that!
From the Feds~
White Cloud has taught many that there is reason in ALL things and that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE. We say to you that when we say ‘Hello’ … when we stream down into your atmosphere with a GLOW that Brightens the entire planet … that it will be understood by all that indeed this BELOVED Energy is indeed ALL

And Tony the sound I hear is a high pitched toning with a sound that follows it like a lot of people all talking at once but very incoherent and the feeling that comes is one of agitation but I can switch it off easily enough,it is a choice I can listen and try to comprehend or not, I choose not. and it stays away.

Cath said...

With love....
We are all one...they are not alien...it's just that we as a race have forgotten our relationship with them. Imagine if our 'Friends' just showed up (mayhem would certainly ensue)! They are leaving us subtle reminders so as to raise our vibrations. Crop circles and channellings seem a great way to do this.
Love and Light,

Wanda said...

Blossom, never let the negativity get to you. I remember somewhere they said "Those that get it will, those that don't, won't." We are awakening en mass, but in different waves. If it's not understood right now, it will be when it's time for that individual. What matters is that they are still here, reading the words..so something's trying to reach them :-)
and I want to say, again, that it has been stressed over and over by our light family, We cannot sit idly by waiting for some ships to come save us. If that is what you still think, then you have completely missed the point. Our TRUE family sits waiting for us to make the choice to raise our vibrations and accept the energies that are bombarding the Earth right now. They are here now, waiting for us to catch up.
Those that choose to remain in fear, will remain in the cycles of doubt.
and yea, the ringing and buzzing in my ears has always been there,(my 1st husband used to say I could hear dog whistles.. :-)..)
but it has intensified over the last few weeks.
and just to throw this in, my first feelings of the 'Y' thing... I too, immediately thought of a peace sign. wierd.

Golden/Pink rays of Love and Light to you Blossom. Thank you for all you do.
Love & Light to ALL. Namate'
Wanda in Chico

Cath said...

Hi Blossom,
What Wands said!!!
Love and Light,

Anonymous said...

Just read your channeling for the past week Blossom, which I located off the Dragon fly crop circle comments section, and I am interested in what you are channeling on this topic. I do remember well last years UFO "no show" event and didn't feel that was a waste of time at all.

I do feel that we are reaching a new level of awareness of crop circles and their many meanings. The comment, "they are our flags", does feel informative.

I was curious about their relevance to predictions of upcoming Earth disasters.

I was reading the latest "Children of Now" book tonight with the children interviews and one child (2004) said that a major catastrophe would befall a continent in 2009 (and 2013).

And, in another related matter, I find it disturbing that the US military just told NASA this week that they would no longer share asteroid detection information obtained from their spy satellites due to security issues.

Perhaps these Crop Circles will be another source of important planetary information.

Eileen H.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
good for you! Best for your energy to do this on your terms and not anyone else's expectations.
Love your site, thank you.

Take care,


Victoria said...

Hello lovely people,

I was about to do some sorting and filing of papers but after reading your comments I realized that I can't put this up any longer. You are more important. So I'll share what I have. As always you are free to choose what to think of it. Choose wisely.


In regards to the Y:

About three weeks ago I had a little tantrum with my Higher Self and the Feds. I was just frustrated and tired of waiting, like some of us feel sometimes. Then I had a few dreams following my tantrum. Yes I dream a lot, and the dreams are long, very detailed, some are incredible and some span time, space and many levels of dimensions. They can continue for nights, weeks or months. I guess this might be my gift to give. Well, at least I choose to believe this. The following are only summaries of some of my dreams.

On one of my dreams, I was helping someone with her career when out of the blue, space ships showed up and there was chaos in the cities. The buildings were shaking and falling to the ground in big chunks, people were running around like crazy and afraid, looking for cover. My husband and I were trying to calm people down and were guiding them to safe parts of buildings where water and other necessities were closely available. This part of the dream went on and on for a long time, too long in my opinion.

Next, I looked up and saw one of the ships and immediately recognized it. I knew her name was Abby and I knew she only looked like a ship from our dimensional perspective but she was a Light Being. It was night already and I asked her to help us find some mattresses for some babies and children we were helping. So my husband David went with her. Many people were still running around back and forth on the streets. Actually, there were thousands of people on the streets. It was CHAOS everywhere! It was taking a long time for them to come back So I looked up again to see if they were coming back and I saw millions of bubbles going up into the night-sky, I felt "Freedom" from them. In that moment Abby and David came back. We help the children and so on. This part took a long time also.

Next, the buildings kept on falling and the Earth shaking strongly. I said to Abby that this was it! and to please take us out and She did. In a fast zoom we were inside her. Once inside I felt this overwhelming LOVE for her and I felt her LOVE for us, David and I. The feeling and connection was so strong. Inside, right in the middle, there was a big Bright Light. When I looked at IT I instantly knew or remembered that ALL Knowledge and Truth was contained or available within that LIGHT. Anything I ever wanted to know, past present or future was inside that LIGHT. I also knew that we both (and many others) were part of Abby that she was our Higher Self and the Light in the middle was our Soul, which collected all our experiences. (I am crying now!) :(
It was sooooo Beautiful!!!!!

Victoria said...


Next, I asked her to show us what was happening in the dimension below and She did. She showed us what appeared to be three roads intersecting in the middle (like a Y!) and there were thousands of people coming from all three directions and they were angry and ready to fight. I felt I didn't want to be there when all these people would finally meet in the middle. So I asked Abby to take us away. She took us in a bubble across time and space into the future. Many, many other things happened on the way but they would take too long to mention here.

Finally, we settled in a small town during winter but Abby created a "cloaked bubble" on a frozen pond. Inside the bubble she created a beautiful beach and took care of us. Then one day we went inside a home nearby because we knew the people who lived there. There was a little girl who could see us but her parents could not. We told her all the things we had experienced. Then her parents came in the room and they were David and I! (I'm crying again!) :(

The little girl demanded to be told the Truth about her past and about the things we had told her. They, (her parents David and I, weird) explained that all was true and that after the people met at the Y intersection, a big war for power broke on Earth. That a tyrant took power over the Earth and controlled all the people on Earth for a while but in time the people took him down and now there is Freedom.
The End.

What I get from this dream first, is that if the ships show up at the wrong time when not enough people are ready, CHAOS and an unnecessary big war may happen. And there would be a lot more work for us, the ones that are ready, to deal with in terms of calming down and helping the people. Perhaps more than we could handle.

Second, is that the people coming from the three roads meeting in the middle to fight for power on Earth might represent three main galactic races from our past galactic history. There is a lot of information on the web about this. The little girl demanding to be told the Truth about her past might be us on Earth in the present or very near future because as her parents said "That a tyrant took power over the Earth and controlled all the people on Earth for a while but in time the people took him down and now there is Freedom." Noticed they said the "people" took him down, WE are the people. And the "cloaked bubble" on the pond might represent our Higher Selves (the FEDS and others) with part of them assisting us by communicating (channeling) with some of us who can see them or hear them like the little girl (Blossom Goodchild) but not the parents (which are also part of us, lol, as we are all ONE.)

I also get that the bubbles I saw go up into the night-sky might be other peoples' souls being released. They were FREE at last and were being taken care of. Or they might be the released energy as this reality falls down (like the buildings) to start a new one. Either way, I finally get that when the time comes, no matter what happens, our Higher Selves will ALWAYS take care of us, so we have NOTHING to fear. We All are very much LOVED That's Y we must learn to TRUST ourselves Within and also be patient with the Feds. Please now re-read the last paragraph from their July 2nd channeled message.

All is Well as it should be.

In regards to the flags and again the Y:

I'll save this one for my next comment. I need to take a brake now.

In Love and Light,


AnonimaAnonima said...

Dear Blossom,

You've been working very hard to keep us updated and this helped many of us to attune ourselves to our own inner truth and higher guidance. All of us go through major shifts so it's perfectly alright to take a break, to work out personal stuff and to relax. Channeling is much more enjoyable when you feel relaxed and inspired to share the newest updates from the Feds.

Follow your own pace and your own heart. And go with the flow that feels right. Bless you :)

Avraxis said...

Blossom, don't force anything on yourself. Remember, if it leaves you with uneasiness, don't do it. Let it come naturally, if you do, it means that everything is as it should be. I'm sure there is a reason you feel you should make channelings less frequent. After all, you've done a wonderfull job already.
In peace and love.

Frosti said...

Hi Blossom and ALL.
I was wondering if anyone could help how to express the Merkabah into this reality. All help is welcome.


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time there was a little girl who believed in magic but as she grew her faith started leaving her until as an adult despite the many magical events she forgot the love and light that she was,and as the darkness engulf her she cried out and denounced God.
Then my soul started communicating, I started to feel energies beautiful blissful energies,
I woke up one morning with a thought in my head which led me to Blossoms website as I listened to White Clouds voice on the demo tape tears ran down as I said I am home.

Anonymous said...

The link is to my page on a site I take The Feds to so you can see the tapastry picture,Blossom tears won't stop everyone is being soooo nice,we love you my friend have a well deserved rest.xxx


The Federation Lenses the Light - J. Lopez 2009

For Kerrie, Blossom, White Cloud and the Feds. Thank you for being. The help you have given will always be on the internet and in the very tortional field of the All, be happy with your combined spiritual efforts, they are great, and they are forever.

Blossom, Kerrie, the Feds, and White Cloud have made a soul-mind weave that we may look upon, take warmth from, and see hints of how to get back to the Best place, the Illuminated Garden, from the patterns in the weave. If the physical part is ripped, it can be re-made by reflecting the Eternal soul part of your messages. Fractal, self-repairing truths, you speak, Blossom.

Rest, M'am, you have done SO well, as has Kerrie and everyone who lenses out the Light, Federated or not. White Cloud and the Feds are outside of Time, so they don't even consider it a wait if you need a break, or to wait more time between arduous channelings.

Love and Respect from Zero Point


Blueagle said...

Your comments on the solar storm and your ability to feel the earth pains have given me quite a bit of food for thought. Also your idea of bringing in Merkabah... visualization would be good! (this is the time)They ARE Divine Light vehicles. Merkabah is the vehicle of communication used by the Command of the Hosts.
I know that many of us are ready for that activation.

Vigusa said...

I would take the Y more as a cross roads.. as a possible uniting of the duality?

Vigusa said...

I have been hearing that ringing in my ears for months now.. everytime is louder... Makes is a bit hard to achieve concentration :/

frosti said...

At first i thought the light veicule was supposed to higher us but its the complete opposite.
I don't wanna be above it all, thats why i need it.

Anonymous said...

We are one Blossom ~ and we support you 100% in taking your time and sharing when you will ~ absolutely ! Could be just what we all need to be doing is rest, meditation, healing as mother earth heals and we are one with her, we also are healing ourselves and bringing and holding light in the Earth grids xoxox lightswords up^^^
peace & luv to all!

Frosti said...

I i'm opening my Heart to you.
I might be one expression of the collective conscienceness of planet Earth.

Anonymous said...





Frosti said...

Is this silly?

im not self centered, i just know i'm you...


Anonymous said...

Wow the sky tonight sooo PINK all over, I almost missed it but my neighbour knocked on my door to talk to me:) this morning I had a black out for 1 min.I laughted as I said to The Feds that is one way to get me of this computer:)at work today my special needs lady was talking about her bubble machine she has just bought that blows 100's of bubbles and they all have RAINBOWS in them she said,then she suddenly came out with I got a symbol in my head this morning a triangle with a circle in it, I drew it and she added 3 lines to it from the corners to the circle which made it look like my pyramid I always get, she said that they are paths to be chosen, one for bad people
( I'm working on that one with her:) one for religious people and one for us! she said the circle is for those that haven't decided yet!they stay there for a couple of years and then they have to choose, she then went on with her usual being in the now stuff! then she asked me what time it is I looked and it was 11:11! the other day she came up with yet another comment on the 14th october out of the blue,this lady is surpossed to have the mind of a 12 year old I loooove her!SHE IS BLOWING ME AWAY !!!!!well actually these days NOT MUCH CAN DO THAT ANYMORE:)

Frosti said...

Love is not suppose to cry, its The Truth.

AnonimaAnonima said...

Victoria wrote: is that the people coming from the three roads meeting in the middle to fight for power on Earth might represent three main galactic races from our past galactic history.

This is what I've got from my own galactic news angency: we are one has different meanings. We will unite on a soul level, we will unite as many particles of light, we will unite as one human race, we will re-unite with our star family. And different star nations who fought many galactic wars will also re-unite. This is the time for ending all karma and for galactic reconciliation.

All of this will happen upon Earth, not by fighting another war but by becoming the LIGHT that we are. The starseeds, who are currently living on Earth, are the representatives of many different star nations, including their former enemies. They all have the same mission, the same soul urge to work out personal karma and to raise their vibrations. And because it's been such a lonely ride for a long time we are always so happy to meet other starseeds who vibrate on our frequency. No matter how different they are, no matter if our ego wouldn't pick them as our friends, our soul loves them anyway. That's why we make so many new friends at this time, because we recognize each other for what we are.

If the light ships are actually our higher selves (I could agree with that) our higher selves will encourage us to embody the light more and more and to blend with other lights. Other lights that might shine differently than ours, because they are just as beautiful and unique as we are :) And this is the blending, the becoming ONE of different star nations.

I seem to be the representative of a star nation I didn't trust in the first place. What do THEY want from us was my first reaction. But they are my soul family. And I am here to heal the schism this created in my soul, but also between them and the inhabitants of Earth. I will bridge the gap, if necessary, between them and us. Because they have a long history with this planet and they feel emotionally connected to Earth and to humanity. In fact they LOVE us. For them it's also a healing experience if we become one in one way or another.

And we will become one, just take a look at this: http://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=1582&category=Environment

Does anyone know what star nations these three birds represent?

Anonymous said...


We have now entered into a three-in-a-row ECLIPSE cycle! Lunar Eclipse: July 7, Solar Eclipse: July 22, Lunar Eclipse: August 6

The Transmissions
The grid transmissions take place every new and full moon, solstice and equinox. These regular transmissions shower amplified infusions of light to assist in our personal transformation and as that is divinely aligned. As a forcefield, this amplified field supports each of us in releasing the old and embodying the new. We unite and link our collective light in a purified, highly tuned geometric field. This unified geometric field is also know as Group Merkaba.

Tuesday's Grid Transmissions:
A 24 hour transmission period of New Earth energy
in the collective consciousness Unified Field. With unified meditation/ceremony synchronized to 3 global times: Sydney 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, New York 9 pm

Feeel the power the love people tune in! love & light Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Y means you. The circle represents completion. Completion of the self.

Anonymous said...

Sooo good to see you guys posting:) luv it! we are coming together big time here and on the sites I take the Feds to wonderful,I was told that the light is shinning bright now and to climatise my self with it that we are it, later on I was told that we are to align with each others light that together we are a great force of power,I got this info in on a different frequency then the heart it came in on a frequency of the solar plexus so I was unsure about it ( I am such an elitist if it doesn't come in with ecstatic bliss in the heart it goes in the maybe basket:) but the universe has done it's thing and backed it up apparently the hummingbird crop circle is activation of the solar plexus ( personal power) (individuality, ego) don't forget we are ascending body and soul,ego gets a look in too just not the wounded ego it gets healed, I also was told to listen to the sounds, I asked what sounds? and I was told the whispers in the wind and bird song, I questioned and in a humorous feeling was told 'You know you like puzzles,enjoy' and just now I checked out the new birds crop circle, I will think on that one! Crows have been around me, at Noosa there were heaps and I was reading White Cloud's take on these birds in a New Dawn and it was so Good, I'll leave that because I can not do it justice White Cloud has a way with words I can only dream of pocessing and I do dream:)