Jul 28, 2009

and so it continues ....

Tuesday morning 8am ... after three hours on the phone ... they have put my old site back up!!!! Any hour now the situation will get rectified. My boat is down stream ... my boat is down stream.
Golden glorious Rays.


Anonymous said...

We all go into panic when you are not there Blossom, I was being emailed as to are you ok:)

I woke up this morning thinking it is not about us looking to be rescued by these beings that some say we should not be doing, it is about staying focused in the positive which is what these messages do.For me personally it renewed my faith and that is why I am so happy all the time..... (most of the time) I am kept focused in my heart and everyday the universe responds to THAT vibration keeping me up there where I belong and my joy attracts others to their hearts and so the collective consiousness grows in love not fear, I talk about the magic how I got the message to get the roses to Blossom ect. all the time to prove to people that we are beautiful creative beings, but I can't tell of every little thing that happens to me everyday all the time, as it would seem insignificant, but when it is happeng ALL THE TIME one is kept above the dramas that are being released and you know that you are safe and that you are love and that WE are beautiful beings that the human race is WORTHY:)
It’s not about ‘look what I did aren’t I good’ it’s about ‘look what we can do aren’t we amazing’

* When you offer a vibration the universal forces are working in concert with each other in order to satisfy you………Abraham *

Wanda said...

I am so blown away by this latest chanelling, Blossom. I feel like they gave me a personal confirmation of the comment I made earlier.
It's about KNOWING WHAT IS, and understanding that ALL THAT IS is the TRUTH to who we really are.
"We are brothers and sisters of the same family, THE TRUTH".

Thank you for all you give for humanity, Brightest Blessings.

Will see (or feel) you all at FIRE THE GRID tomorrow.


Blossom Goodchild said...

Frosti ... again I do not feel the youtube you sent to day is in keeping with this blog and yet PLEASE UNDERSTAND it is nothing against you. How about you send me an email at bloss@blossomgoodchld.com ? I hear your plea and if i could assist you in anyway it would be my honour.Golden Rays to you BIG TIME! Bloss xxx