Jun 16, 2009

Your Rosy Pink views!

Please feel free to commment on the last weekends channellings ... 13th & 14th June.

The Rose.

Some say love, it is a river that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger,an endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower,and you its only seed.

It's the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.
It's the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance.
It's the one who won't be taken, who cannot seem to give,
and the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long,
and you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong,
just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed that with the sun's love in the spring becomes the rose.

Hope your watering those seeds you've planted.

Thanks to Pam for the picture.

Golden Rays to all with sprinklings of Love Light and Laughter.
Bloss xxxx


Steve said...

Blossom, if I wanted to try and channel these beings like you do, how would I go about doing that?

Blossom Goodchild said...

Hi Steve ... it is far too involved to go into here ... and I reckon there was an agreement made with The Federation and myself before I came here (perhaps?). If you are interested in channelling then I feel it is very important to be of pure intent. If channelling is 'on the cards for you' ... I am sure if you meditate on it you will 'feel' the desire that will guide you to the kind of channelling that you are meant to do. It is of the utmost importance however to protect yourself in Love and Light at all times. Hope this helps in some way . Golden Rays. Bloss .

Willie G.R. said...

Hi Blossom. Hope I'm not going outside of the theme here, however I wanted to share this for many to see. See, I have a beautiful backyard (to me it's beautiful ;) since it's like a miniature forest) and lately, without thinking, I've been raking leaves, and clearing what looks just like a path, as if expecting very important visitors sometime soon. I am sure many are feeling this way lately, without realizing. Maybe what I am saying is... we should all have out kettles ready to serve tea, and maybe some cookies too. Also, ever since those last two channelings, I've been seeing pink roses during my meditation. More each time. I believe we should look closely as the skies on the coming days.

Steve said...

I totally understand, I just feel that we all have the potential to be and do anything. And if I put myself out there, I know they will be able to feel me... I'm sure I'll get some sort of response. I think in these times more and more of us will get the chance to communicate with them.
Thanks! I'll tell you if anything happens!

AnonimaAnonima said...

Hello Steve,

Read one of Blossom's channelings, feel the energy, tune into that energy, ask for them to communicate with you, listen and trust.

An open heart and a willingness to communicate is actually enough. It's just as easy as using an instant messenger and starting a conversation with a good friend who lives in another country. And if you don't get a message in words you definitely will feel their energy.

Merge your own energy and your own light with their energy and light and you feel how connected we are. Because both the lightworkers on Earth and off-Earth work together on the same job. And since we're doing this together we are also able to communicate with one another. And so it is :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to comment that right now, 8:50pm here, the sky is PINK... and not like when the sun is setting, the WHOLE SKY is pink, and is casting a beautiful pink glow onto everything! :)

Faith said...

I have been reading channeled reports of some major 'clean-up' missions being done by lightworkers where they are removing lots and lots of 'bad guys'. Has anyone picked up on this in dreams etc.?

Anonymous said...

Pink sky fantasic!What country are you from Anonymous? I heard from
another channeling we were going to get some more pink skies like the one in London.
Faith yes in my dreams I have been aware of that,the dreams are very vivid but I am detached non judgementle, I started noticing it about 3mths ago.
I've been away from this here computer for a while.
I've just got home from getting a reading from Blossom/White Cloud:)
Hi Blossom, I miss Noosa already! 364 more sleeps and I'll be back, I didn't even go to 'last night at Noosa dinner' at my daughter's inlaws, I just wanted to be alone on my rocks and say goodbye to Noosa.I couldn’t believe how sad I felt.
Well everyone if you have any doubts about all this, just go and get a reading and a 'Blossom Goodchild hug' and all your doubts will be gone.
Love to you Blossom,Goody and Ric miss you guys:)Miss the sunrises the sunsets and the dolphins,On my second last sunrise, I saw a light very high in the sky go across the sky and then disapear,and then 2 dolphins appeared in front of me circling and playing before pairing up and going out to sea and then just on cue the sun started to rise and paint the sky with beautiful colours, My heart was full to bursting I recalled when I was writing about the Feds in my roses story and I said it is as if my heart beats in time with theirs and I felt as if I was breathing in time with Mother Earth and she was smiling back, grateful that her gifts had been noticed and that her children are waking up.On the bus to the plane( I’m not a good traveler ) The Carpenters song came on 'Day after day I must face the world of strangers where I don’t belong, I’m not that strong , it’s nice to know that theres someone I can turn to who will always care (THERE ALWAYS THERE) When theres no getting over that rainbow, when my smallest of dreams won't come true. I can take all the madness the world has to give, but I won’t last a day without you:)


From The Feds June the 13th
Allow yourselves to FEEL the resonance of such a land and to FEEL the heart beat of its very core. Again we say … as we have done so in past days … take the time to become One with the very core of your Mother Planet. When an unborn infant lays gently within the womb of its parent … it’s comfort … its resonance … knows only of the regular heart beat of the soul that is providing its very nurturing. It relies upon the FEEL of that heart beat … to know that all is safe and well. It is ‘at one’ with that pulsation … for it is feeding from it in the knowledge that it can Trust the harmonic rhythm in order to be sustained and fulfilled. We say to you that this is no different from how we wish you to relate with your Mother Earth. Be at ONE with her heartbeat. The more you take the time to vibrate along with her, and to feed on her milk, the faster your growth shall become. And what does a young infant give in return ? Take a look in the eyes of a child. Look into the very windows of their soul. They ARE LOVE. They give LOVE. A Mother gives of herself freely asking nothing in return, yet a smile given in appreciation is worth more than any of your words can express.

Love,light and gratitude Kerrie

Faith said...

Hi everyone- Kerrie thanks for the post, I've wondered where you were! So, you said you have been non-judgmental...is it judgmental to be relieved that there is less restrictive energy out there for us? I am very relieved. Welcome back and thanks for another beautiful song and your loving thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Kerrie said...
Pink sky fantasic!What country are you from Anonymous?


I am from North Carolina, USA. :) As soon as I noticed the sky, I ran here to post about it, then I ran for my camera to take pictures, but the pink had already faded by the time I got back outside. :(

It was SO very beautiful, never seen anything like it before. The entire sky was pink, no clouds or anything, just PINK! Sooooooo pretty! :)

Sahari said...

In keeping with the 'rose' theme...

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith the no wrong or right thing is a challenge, but it is a freedom to just be with no judgement of the energies, it is all love we are just now choosing the energies that bring joy to the heart, we have had enough rain the sun is now shining. All is as it should be, no judgement just a choice, as The Feds said without the rain the soil could not produce the beauty now that the sun is shinning. We have simply had enough of the rain, a little balance is needed.Now we KNOW how not to tilt the scales,we KNOW what IS NOT, so lets REMMEMBER what IS!Bring on those pink skies!Yes the channel said there would be some pink skies in some major cities:) I took a photo at Noosa of an orange sky and when I had a closer look there was a light in the sky:) MAYBE!!!! I'll pop it on my blog.

FOL, 13th June:
Recall how it feels when you have what seems like endless days of miserable weather … and then … the sun peeps through the clouds … Lighting up EVERYTHING. The flowers shake off the water, the grass turns a deeper green, the puddles of water turn into rainbows that glisten as crystals upon the snow. Dearest ones ... This is the privileged time you are living in. When YOU have chosen to be where you are in order to bring back the sun. And you will recognise too … that as your flowers and trees and all things that are planted as seeds within your Mother Earth … that it is because of the rain … that one has received sustenance throughout and given one the inner power to grow into the fullness of who/what it Truly was designed to be.

Raúl said...

Dear Blossom,
First of all, hello!!. I hope you are having a good day. Blossom, I live in Honduras, a small country in Central America, and in the last month we have experienced a very noticeable increase in sismic activity. Our country has never suffered from earthquakes and recently, this has increased in a manner that is, to some point, a bit disturbing. People in my country are beginning to create all sorts of stories. I was wondering if you could ask "your team" if this has anything to do with the closeness to the year 2012? Would they give us advise on how to prepare for catastrophic events. I know 2012 has to do with changes and spiritual growth more than with destruction and suffering, but it's been stated that great changes are also coming. I suppose this changes involve tectonic-plate movements and thus, a lot of material destruction(probably). How could we prepare? I hope I don't sound too paranoid, but I'm curious and concerned. I've read some of Edgar Cayce's channelings and he predicted lands rising from the ocean and others sinking. Some pictures were take of a piece of land emerging after the earthquakes started in my country, less than a month ago. I'll appreciate it if you could widen my prespective on this. Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone, its incredible the amount of sightings of ufo nowadays, very interesting!!!

ufo in valley of elqui, north of chile.


its now or never!!!!
golden rays and peace to you all


Anonymous said...

Sahari thanks for this youtube:


Mary Joyce, a resident of Sylva, North Carolina, went "skyfishing" with her new digital camera. Watch this video to hear her describe what she captured on April 5th 2009

I know the cross she refers to I have one and have been guided by the universe to this cross:)

Wanda said...

Om my...Blossom, this last message makes so much sense to me right now. I would honestly say, a few months ago I would never have even been close to the understandings that resonate so deeply if I had not been led to Dolores's books.
There are no coincidences...
I can't stop singing this song now...old flashback..the Moody Blues.."Say It With Love".

"Wherever you go, whatever you do, whatever you say...say, say, say it with LOVE"...

here's a kinda cool animated video to the original song..so old it's hard to find. BUT, I just had to smile when she releases the pink rose petals and a white feather materializes and drifts off !!
yea..no coincidences.


Pink Love And Light To All !!

Anonymous said...

Rauel here is a link to a post I put of the fears of 2012 it is from a letter to Echart Tolle and is very good at explaining acceptance and releasing fear.


Know that you are the creator of what is to come, start by BEING who you really are (love)and create from love not fear in every moment with enthusiasm as if your life is joyful and at peace, As The Feds said focus on what you DO WANT and not on WHAT YOU DONT, feel the empowering feeling of simply accepting what ever, even death if this is what is to be, by surrendering personal will to Divine you will feel the energy that flows to you from a supportive universe,you will be open to creative energy that brings joy to the heart rather then creative energy that serves your fears, REMEMBER who you are and the energy that is you will be read by those that are around you by you simply BEING.

Anonymous said...

Raul Here also is an extract from The Feds 14th March Channel on fear.

May we offer these words that we feel our necessary. There is much fear that is branded around your computer machines regarding what may or may not take place in your days ahead. There is much ‘scaremongering’ as you would say. Yet, we would say … who is it that is scaring who? Those of you in Light continue to pass on knowledge that you cannot know for sure is of Truth, because you feel one should be made aware. Yet, we say in all importance my friends, if you spread this fear around… it will dominate. How often have we shown a way to bring to yourself Light and Love? To abound /reside in that very energy of purity. Then, and only then shall you feel the warmth of The Love that is your guide. Then shall you feel safe in the knowledge that nothing can harm you from this place of being. Your inner souls know so well of this, and yet you deny yourselves the right to be free. You allow the darker lower vibratory waves to mingle with your Light , therefore causing confusion and uncertainty of the self and your planet.
We have been and will continue to teach you, to help you remember your knowledge, that what you feel and think … IS! YOU KNOW THIS! It is, from our perspective … of confusion, for if you know this, why is it so that you allow the self to fall into the set traps? You are ABOVE these little anomalies.
Your mission was to spread Light … in those places of fear. Do you not see people of earth? As the darkness is falling away, there are threads of that energy that desire to fight for their place with every breath that is alive within. In that darkness … place Light. Do not fear it!!! Give it Light. YOUR LIGHT. Transform that presence of darkness into a place where it is in comfort and warmth … as you yourselves are. NO-ONE shall be forgotten in this great plan. You came here to serve this scheme. You came here to release the bonds that CAN NO LONGER dwell within you or upon your planet.
It is apparent that the great plan is in action … to us, from where we feel it. Yet, to many of you, you are choosing to see it from the view of what is NOT to be. You pay it attention. Be careful dearest ones … be of much vigilance. It is not quite over. Therefore we beseech you to be strong in your KNOWING of TRUTH. SIMPLY KNOW IT. That is all there is to be done. And by allowing this KNOWING to BE, you allow the Light and the great plan to BE also.
LET GO OF THE FEAR. We shall repeat this to you over and over to enable you to understand that it plays no part in your future days. It cannot have a place in the NEW WORLD. Therefore it is up to you to let it go if you desire your new way to come about. The quicker you let go, the quicker you create your New World.
We TRUST that more and more of you as you wake from your drugged sleep recognise that you are creating your New World with each moment of thought that you chose. So we ask that you chose wisely in these coming days. It is not of difficulty to present your mind with pleasurable ideas and visions, and yet to some it would seem it is the most demanding ‘chore’ of all. Release your conditioning dear ones. It is time to undo the doing! Time to alleviate

Anonymous said...

hi everyone, the last channeling touched me deeply!!! when the feds talks about living in love, being yourself and let go fear they put it in just a simple and beutiful way that it just touches your heart so kindly, because its true!
its not an easy task but the simplicity of the "equation" and the way they explained it makes one to see it very clear.

well, a few weeks ago i dreamed about looking to the skies and suddenly a white ring of light appear from out of nowhere into the beautiful blue sky, it just appeared and it started growing in size more and more, amazing!
in this dream i remember to start running trough the streets very happy, excited, jumping and laughing, saying to everybody around "they are here! blossom was right! they are here!!!!" hahahahaha!!!!

im not saying i need proof to believe in you blossom!!

here is this very recently video, with a ring shaped ufo in the sky, when i saw it on the net it all maked sense.



pd: blossom, i love when you go like "here we come again!!" when the feds are trying to explain to you something, i think the feds enjoys your sense of humor!!!

Faith said...

Hey all, you may remember my post a while back about the Hopi prophecy that says if you see 3 sundogs in a row, it means the Space Brothers are coming...anyway, today I saw my 2nd one in a row (yesterday also) Get the teakettle going! (A sundog is a big rainbow ring around the sun)

Anonymous said...

Blossom I knew it! today I was feeling it.
I just got home at 5.20pm and read the channeling. They were with me today, I was not present at work, I couldn't get out of that well being state as if I was floating through my day with them and my work was being done by another aspect of me, I kept thinking of you and sending you my love, I couldn't not think of you. I was reading the channeling you got about the pink roses, the fact that you got it on the day that I flew to Noosa was bought to my attention, I read my channeling I got from them at Noosa,the one I told you about that I was doubting because it came in differently then my first one that I had no doubts about and I knew that it was them by your channeling today because it was all about the light,when I asked who they were they said that they were love and that the light is shining bright now and to climatise my self with it that I am it (we are all it!) and my connecting with you physically last week I was told it was necessary and for months now I KNEW that it was necessary for some reason, my fingers are flying as I type this I can't believe how fast I am typing! I told you we are in good hands the Masters are watching us ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE my friend:)

AnonimaAnonima said...

Wow Blossom, thanks for sharing your beautiful experience. I'm always so curious what you will channel next time, because it confirms the messages I get from my own guide. Sometimes it's almost an exact copy, the intonation and the words may differ, but the message is the same.

I had a vision scenario (for want of a better way to express … again!) of White Cloud taking my hand and as if we went inside a capsule briefly, and came out in a lift in a building … which I knew to be a large craft …although it looked like a large office building … there were many ‘people’ on board at their desks … and White Cloud held my hand as we walked passed them. All of them smiling and yet I didn’t see any faces...

Guess what, I've been to a place like that (in a vision) several times now, and I've also described it as an "office building", which is of course a mobile office building. I even got a tour and then a guide who knows his way around comes in handy ;-) I've also heard about "the staff", but I didn't meet them. The reason I've been shown around is to get used to the energy, to get an idea how everything is organized and how clever their working place is designed. And now I know that they're not "alien" but very very clever, they have many good ideas that can be used in our world as well.

I've been wondering many times if my guide resides on the same vessel as the Federation of Light. There a too many similarities and coincidences.

But yes, they are actually the ones working for us, wanting to get us in touch with our hearts again. But it's hard not to look at the sky and not to think about them. Because they are the ones that love to talk so much with us, isn't it? :) But we love to chat with them as well. Because they are like...well...like family.

Anonymous said...

With Love it is sooo good to see you talking about your experiences it feels like more people are prepared to open up this will allow others to do the same, what a beautiful world we will create as we start owning the light that we are:)
Today a lady popped in to my dog grooming salon with an injured baby parrot! syncronisticly my special needs worker happened to be working ( she is only there 2 mornings) and is a parrot whisperer/healer however 20 min. latter the parrot died despite the love that this beautiful soul gave it, Anne Marie cried and I told her that she was meant to be there for the parrot and she now has another angel on her shoulder (she sees animal spirits) she tried to bring the bird back by blowing into her hands and sending love to the bird as she held it, I watched feeling that maybe one day she will be able to do this, as there was such love for the bird,she is only starting to open up now since she has met me and I confirm all this stuff to her as she has been told by her family that they will lock her up if she tells people,She also said she shouldn't cry that they say she is too emotional, she said lately her heart is so sad at night time and it stops her from sleeping, I asked her how long her heart has been feeling like this and she said for a few months now, I asked how many months and she thought for a while and she said since
14th October! I said to remember to breathe in the pink light (she saw the pink light when I was doing a healing on her) and I had not mentioned the pink light she just told me that there is a pink light in front of her:)

Raúl said...

Dear Kerrie,

I can only thank you for reminding me the importances of not living in fear. I think just let myself to get carried away by all the negative articles I've been reading latetly about 2012. I just hope to be able to guide the people around me in a positive way if the road starts to get a little bit more bumpy. But then again I know they have their personal milestone; they must decide for themselves not to see this change with fear. I'll do my job by setting an example. Thanks again for your advise.

Faith said...

Kerrie- I am very glad to read about your story with Anne Marie and the parrot. I think it is very important that you and Anne Marie are together at least for the 2 days/week, that you can be a great help to her, and she to you.

I want to direct people to be reading the posts at the yahoo GRT news and GRT-CIP groups--very very amazing things going on!

Did anyone else have a rough weekend leading up to the solstice?