May 17, 2009

The Yoyo Syndrome!!!

Well Hello one and all.
I have been meaning to do a post for ages ... but the ins' and outs' of living every day prevented me from doing so.I think really, the recent channellings say all that I was going to say anyway. I have felt like a yoyo lately, as if the finger loop got so tight I couldnt shake it off, so I continued on this up and down motion/emotion for longer than I cared too.

I can't remember a time when I have felt so strongly that one needs to hold on to The Truth within ones own soul. One's vulnerability can cause such harm if we let our guard down from that which we know to be our strength. Not saying one shouldn't look at things, but it's always a good move to make sure you protect yourself from the energy that the particular issue you are dealing with is carrying. Do not bring it on board with you ... a silly move!! So just be vigilant folks.

Two things I have been wanting to put up here ... the first is this link which a gentleman sent to me, and it might help in the understanding of what is going on at the moment ...

Thankyou Paul. And also a new visual from Victoria, to help those who struggle meditating and visualising.

Because I KNOW you are all still doing the meditations ... are you not???

And remember , although it is good to live in the now ...

'don't forget to look to the future, because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life!' (got sent that quote, thought it was rather nice.)

Be of cheer good people. Truly the Light is winning through, and then I feel the wonders we have all been waiting for will reveal themselves in all their glorious colours.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Bloss xxxxxxxx


Faith said...

Thanks Blossom-
I love the new picture with the ship just emerging from the cloud with rainbow nearby. That is a bit like a very vivid dream I had in 1995 of a 'Mass Landing' of et's as predicted by Sheldan Nidle's channeled messages. (Now you know how I'm so patient by this time- I would have jumped off a cliff otherwise) In the dream I saw just a lot of scalloped curvy edges just barely coming out of the clouds, like bird's wings- but they were ships! Then I saw some little centers had been set up to help us deal with the sudden appearance of a whole bunch of ET's. There were military staffing these centers. I saw a woman in camouflage showing people how to get a healing from the ET's. You could just point to the body area that needed healing and they would direct healing energy toward you. I also saw a parked spaceship with the top propped open. Very interesting!

Anyway, your recent channeling about the upliftment going on lately possibly explains my recent dream wherein I levitated about 8-10 feet and landed on an upper deck/level from where I was before. This was the same dream I mentioned in another post where I was with lightworkers at some important multi-level event. Cool!

Anonymous said...

hi i would just like to share a few music vids for when you need uplifting thanks

it works for me i hope it does for all too

love rich

Unknown said...

Thank you, dearest Blossom. This link to Paul Cilwa's site made me smile and Victoria's newest visual gave me goosebumps. What an inspiriation!

The May 17th channelling from the FOL really made my heart race. I've been filled with energy and joy, espcially in the past few weeks, and I appreciate all that you do.

Let our "Love Light Shine!!"

Blessings and Peace


Anonymous said...

I just came across this for all of us:
“Be gentle with yourselves as you move into Higher Dimensional Life. Know that sometimes the Flow may be easy as you work with the Miracles of Creative Manifestation, and sometimes it will be a little difficult as you may briefly drop into old frequency addictions and fear habits. This will be because many around you will still be in the frequecnies of fear and they may briefly shift you from your center. If this happens, just gently move back into the Higher Frequencies of Love and Peace. It is so important that you embody this Radiant Light so that others may experience Higher Frequencies and learn to align with these energies."
— I AM Archangel Michael

Kees said...

of course we stay in our truth, blossom. once you find it, i think it's impossible to ever let go of it. and matthew ward lets us know that in the continuum, earth has already arrived in 5th dimension, so i guess we're all doing fine :-)

btw, our dark friends of the bilderberg club/illuminati are gathering in athens, greece these days, to make some more dark plans for us. which of course will fail again. why don't we send them some extra love? just to let them know we're thinking of them.

in my country holland, our prime minister balkenende just decided NOT to meet the dalai lama when he comes to holland, so i'll add some extra love for him :-)

knock first said...

Thankyou, Blossom, for the beautifully written messages. I did some YouTube-viewing and research on the 10/14/2008 prediction. Some compelling info has emerged recently . The name "Alabama" can be construed as a kind of code, being a numerical representation of 22.050 (22.05 Hz), or the threshhold number for radio frequency communications. Much peace, love and light to you!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic dream Faith:) what a great way for the ETs to get our trust by healing us, bring it on!
I went into a nothingness last week in meditation, sooo nice just pure nothing but peace and well being when I noticed in the nothingness a name, Sohrouel.
I thought of it again today, energies were going on all day! I have been up since 3.30am I found myself communicating with him/her? Owned the experience dispite my mind saying that I must be loosing it:)
P.S Blossom sorry I thought you wern't returning my emails:)thanks for the email on your email problems:)Love,light & gratitude
soon I pray

Anonymous said...

Above is the link to that song Blossom that I got in my head from the Feds to you when they took that Christmas break, I just now felt inspired to look at a video that the lovely lady that sent the Genisis quote of the rainbow had put on my site and it was that same song! I feel its them again!

Anonymous said...

hi all if you do anything today please watch this video it is amazing .please ...please watch


Anonymous said...

Any UFO's in sight yet?

Victoria said...

Thank you Faith and Sunbeam for your kind comments!

I'm very glad to hear that the image is useful and somewhat close to your expectations. While working on it I wasn't sure how the mothership should look like. Although I have dreamt a lot about it I realized I don't remember the small details, like how many lights there were and the exact shape of the ship. I am opened for suggestions and requests for modifying the image.

Thank You!Love and much Light to ALL,


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom... Where can I download good meditation songs to help find my innerself??

Thanks. Love and peace.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rich beautiful youtube (BELIEVE!).Love to you fellow humanangel

Anonymous....Re MEDITATIONS

White Clouds CDs.
And no I don't work for Blossom:) but just in case Blossom doesn't tell you how WONDERFUL they are I WILL ... they are unlike anything out there. White Clouds voice (heaps better then the voice he came through with in the visual, but I feel the energy of his voice then was for a reason) will take you to your soul and you will remember who you are and why you are here, and the visuals will take you to the places your soul goes to when you are are asleep, only you will be going there consciously and all this stuff will make sense.
Are you ready for the journey?
You only have to say YES.
Simple isn't it just say I am ready,
and 'let go let God' so to speak:) NAMASTE

Anonymous said...

It ALL boils down to Science/Physics.

I can't wait for the technology to be released to the public.

Podesta and H. Clinton should be coming out with SOMETHING by the end of May 2009.

I heard 'OTHERS' are going to be releasing extraterrestrial information by the end of May if the U.S. government doesn't do it on their own.

I can't wait !!

Dear starchild Blossom, thank you so much for your contribution to this whole endeavor.

Ciao for now.

Faith said...

Well, thanks so much to Kerrie and Rich for both posting that amazingly beautiful song with Bing and Grace- I had never heard it before, never realized how deep Bing Crosby is- there is so much love in his voice- it brought me to tears- this is going to be my comforter in the turbulence, and I have been feeling it lately, difficulty sleeping and weird body symptoms...guess it's going around...

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom
Just wanted to say thanks for your blog..and also for your recent entry..the excerpt from The Bridge put things in perspective, coz i was having one of those days of beating myself up over things.