Mar 25, 2009


As many of you know Blossom lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and since the October 14th 2008 message from the Federation of Light went out to the world she has received support and interest from people just about everywhere - the U.K., U.S.A. Canada, Europe, South America, Africa even Russia and China and of course here in Australia.

Many people have expressed an interest in meeting Blossom (and "White Cloud" of course) personally.

Subsequently we decided to look into the possibility of Blossom travelling both inside Australia and overseas in 2010 to deliver "White Cloud's" messages and that of The Federation of Light in person.

We would like to hear from anyone who might be interested in hosting or organizing meetings in their community - no matter where they may be and what they might be able to offer by way of help.

Blossom can offer:

Public/Group meetings in either large or small venues where she can talk of her experiences as a channeling medium, discuss the Federation of Light messages and also Direct Voice Channel "White Cloud" and other energies of Light.

Initially we would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in helping - where you are and what you think you could organize.

Blossom is very excited at the prospect of taking White Cloud on tour! ... Luckily he doesn’t need an airline ticket!!

Many thanks for your continual support

Please send an e-mail to

Love & Light


Anonymous said...

So where are these aliens? I would like to meet these aliens, since I believe I am an alien myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

Where I live, in Sarasota, Florida (USA) we have a large, very enlightened, and very metaphysically-inclined community. We even have our own vortex! I am sure that if you decided to head our way there would be a lot of people very happy to see you. We are also close to the metropolis of Tampa, where psychics and spiritual leaders tend to attract large audiences. Hope that you will consider us:-) Tina, Sarasota

Anonymous said...

hey blossom

your thoughts on march 6th are exactly mine. i feel like i know why i am here, and i am just waiting, and waiting, and waiting, like this whole life has been waiting. i am not waiting to be saved. i am waiting for truth to be told here. truth about petty murderous stuff like vaccines and chemtrails, fluoride and aspartame, war and starvation, hate and fear and greed that is our daily grist. i am waiting for earth's disclosure project, for the people of this planet to open their eyes to what is going on, what has been hidden. i can accept that it's not a useful thing to force the heads of many out of the sand, but i am so tired of the waiting. i am ridiculed by those closest to me for what i feel i know. all i see is nothing in this plane from the FoL. i have dreams and i have what i feel i know, yet if nothing ever actually happens here, what is any of it worth?

some specific questions that i'd like to see answered; how do they perceive obama is doing? i see that his pre-inaugaration promise to immediately withdraw troops from iraq has mutated into possibly considering a 2 year timetable for withdrawal, while doubling the number of troops in afghanistan, that the 1000 page stimulus bill was rammed through congress in a matter of hours to ensure that no-one could read it (upon threat of martial law if the politicos didn't sign it), that since then no-one will actually show where the money has gone, that a new bill which is apparently about organic farming is due to be passed within a couple of weeks, that national service is under consideration for re-introduction in the US...much of it seems extremely familiar. are these the acts of an enlightened human with humanity's best interests at heart, or is obama just another puppet, surrounded as he is by CFR, trilateral commission, wall street bankers all?

i sit here with the feeling that i know why i came here, and it is to be part of humankind's transition to a greater awareness of our galactic/spiritual reality. i've been here what lately feels like a long time with just this waitingness. enough, enough, enough.

Anonymous said...

will you be charging anyone for these tours??

Eli said...

why all anonymous anonymity is fear releasing this fear is key

Blossom Goodchild said...

to anonymous... where exactly are you coming from with this question??
Golden Rays , Blossom

SM said...

Hi Blossom!

Emailed Ric re the world tour.

My hubby and I are very excited!

We are in Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK and have some great ideas for your visit!

You take care and keep up the good work


All our Love
Sarah & Michael