Mar 31, 2009


I was sent this email which the writer is happy to share. It is a dream that he had recently. Many send me their dreams which are very interesting, but I feel this one may help with the visualisation for April 10th. Many thanks DW.

Federation of Light Dream – 29th March 2009 – 10.00 am.

“I was with a female friend or relative, and she was telling me that a craft had appeared in the sky.

I didn’t believe it at first but was so excited I ran to try and find a window. Running towards one, I wondered what the craft would look like. I got to a door or opening and looked up at the sky, and saw the moon, which was small compared to some days. Next to the moon, another circle of white light was glowing in the sky. It started off faint, but grew in intensity until it was an extremely large bright circle, a few times larger that the moon. Then a symbol began to appear on it.

Just then another circle appeared to the upper-right of the first, and it too grew in brightness until it was pure white light. Then each of them turned to a colour of the rainbow and a symbol appeared on each one. (Can't remember exactly which colours, but I know the first was red).

I got excited at this point, as I realised this could not be mistaken as anything of earthly origin.

I ran into the house and tried to call people – everyone I knew to tell them what was going on and to look outside. I managed to get through to a few people on the phone. One of my friends was in the house, but I could not convince him to look. No matter what I said or how excited I was, he would not budge from his position laying on the sofa.

After a great deal of coercion, I finally convinced him and we ran downstairs and out into the street to try and see the objects, that had no resemblance to any traditional idea of a UFO, I had seen before. As we ran outside, there was a crowd of what seemed like hundreds of thousands of people all looking up at the sky.

By now there were about 7 circles all forming a larger circle and they were each a colour of the rainbow, and each had a different symbol on it – pretty much like a chakra wheel. They were all glowing intensely, and had merged into a larger intricate, almost, psychedelic design.

I looked at the crowd and realised they were all in the throes of ecstasy. I thought to myself ‘Oh yes, just let go - just feel it’. And running towards the crowd I started to close my eyes. The last thing I saw was the man closest to me in the crowd, with his head lolling to the side and his mouth wide open. He was in pure ecstasy. Behind him, I could see the configuration in the sky quickly growing to the most intense brightness and iridescence, of the most amazing colours I have ever seen. As my eyes closed further, the middle of the circle was like a giant sun. It was orange and red, but many times bigger than the sun and its light burst, and shone forth and covered everything, everyone in the crowd and everything all around. But at the same time it also became everything and everything, became it. Everything was this sun, and chakra configuration, and it was us. The last thing I saw was everything around me, fracturing into a million pieces and all becoming this yellowy-orange mesh of vibrating energy.

This is when it really got fun. With my eyes closed I realised that I could feel every person that was there. I could feel all of their thoughts and feel all of their feelings, and the feelings of ecstasy built up in me and got so intense it was unbelievable. But the funny thing is I really felt this pure ecstatic joy in my dream and no words I use can describe how amazing it felt.

We were all one, and we were the same being, and yet we were millions simultaneously. We were one with the craft, and each other, and everything else around us. I felt as if we were part of a living blanket of particles and atoms, and when I moved I could feel a physical pull from the others around me.

I still had my eyes closed, but at this point was only very vaguely aware of my own sense of personal space, I was this sea of energy that contained everyone, and there was a vibrationary element to the feelings of ecstasy. A vibrating, glowing sea of energy which contained everything.

Then everyone started to sing a song simultaneously, about how ‘I knew this would happen and I knew this day would come…..’, and everyone was in perfect time.

I still had my eyes closed and think I was running around, or stumbling around in the crowd, with the most intense feelings of happiness. I suddenly realised I couldn’t keep up with the singing any more, and just laughed, and coughed to clear my throat. At that instant I was absolutely shocked to find that the whole crowd of people did the same thing at the same time as me - they all coughed, and laughed!

This is when I woke up wondering, what the hell had just happened. I felt incredible.

I should say that I have read about the instruction to visualise the ship of rainbow colours, which should merge with us, and I had tried once or twice to do this, but my mental images were not very stable, and also nothing like what I saw in the dream, with only one traditional saucer-shaped ship, made of many rainbow colours, much like a soap bubble.

The thing that stayed with me that I can’t get over, was this actual feeling of being hundreds of thousands of people at once and feeling pure ecstasy. That was a very real, very powerful feeling, that I could not ever have imagined feeling before I felt it in the dream.”

This was sent a little later.

I am so amazed because I have just now listened to the audio clip of White Cloud's visualisation meditation. It was pretty similar to my dream.

I should also add that I was away snowboarding from the 21st of March and hadn't read any of the FOL channelings since before that date, until after my dream.

I am not actually that suprised though, because of the intensity of my dream, and the feelings I experienced - I knew since then, that it was a vision or a message and not just a normal dream, originating from imagination.

I am soooo excited because I know within myself what is going happen and that this is a reality, and that humanity will be OK!

Keep visualising folks!
Blossom xxx


Anonymous said...

Sorry but dreams, are just dreams nothing more than that. it certainly don't prove anything.
How can people relay on this? have you ever proved your claims? So where is the voice of truth blossom?

DW said...

I'm the person who sent this to Blossom. It was not my intention to prove anything to anyone. It was merely to share my dream. Those were my words at the bottom saying that 'I know this is a reality', not Blossom's.

People should take from it what they want.

The fact is I personally, Know, (with a capital K), what I experienced, and no, I will not be able to convince anyone with words of the power of what happened.

And for the record, dreams, are not just dreams, if you are aware of cases of shared dreaming and Astral travel where people have discovered and verified things, that they could not have known otherwise. Not to mention countless cultures that incorporate dreaming into their spirituality.

Again, whether you believe these people or not is a personal choice. You cannot know something for sure, unless you experience it yourself.

Take care,
Love, Light and Laugther to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Dream! yes it is the feelings that stay with you, I could feel his joy.The more we trust and allow our hearts to guide us the more they open and the universe just gives, People are starting to feel something! I can FEEL IT:))
We are remembering who we are, love only love.I had about 4 hours sleep last night,again! something is going on, I can feel them close, the last few days I kept meditating ALOT! and breathing into my heart area, I can feel like an intense energy in the head and the heart area that comes and goes and I need to deep breathe and drink water, ALOT of water and then I am left feeling a sense of well being and at peace.And sooo much energy just smiling all the time. Just before dropping off to sleep I see coloured lights and geometry shapes and once again I FEEL so at peace.
Love,light and gratitude

P.S I'm so glad you had some good replies with your tour Blossom you must be aligning with the abundance code,And not with the old spritual consiousness that thinks spiritual people have to be poor! the universe is a surportive universe it wants us to be happy and abundant, then you give others permision to shine.That saying that money is the root of all evil was edited (of course) the full saying is 'The LOVE of money ABOVE ALL ELES is the root of evil'

Anonymous said...

Reply to DW:
U see thats the thing
When you say stuff like "Again, whether you believe these people or not is a personal choice".
You tend to claim things without any single proof.
I was hopeful and positive about all this actually. However, after what has happened and the additional reading up of some claims I am now in a place that requires some proof. I already put myself out there and got kicked.


window of oportunity
window of oportunity

like i said on my last message to you, i was open and ready to accept this as truth. I was hopeful and positive about it actually. However, after what has happened and the additional reading up of some claims I am now in a place that requires some proof. I already put myself out there and got kicked.
I suspect I am not the only one who has withdrawn from this whole thing.

If this is in fact truth, its time for these guys to extend an olive branch that we can see, feel and touch.

thank you for posting this blossom. I think its a really good thing to approve some different perspectives messages in your blog.

Faith said...

All I can say is WOW WOW WOW, thank
you so much for having the dream and for describing it so beautifully! I am a major dreamer and I am impressed! I feel you were given this dream to share with the rest of us as a lovely affirming encouraging gift ahead of time... interestingly, the next night, 3/30, I was shown something quite exciting in my dreams- a symbol relating to the merging of the Divine with our money systems, that I think was showing me this merging was coming soon. Blessings- Faith in Minneapolis MN

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous
My son would not be alive today if I didn't listen to my dream,I dreamt my little 10 day old baby was drowning and that I just reached him in time.
The next morning I took him to the baby clinic and the nurse smiled and sent me home saying he a beautiful healthy baby,I then took him to the doctors ( when I get like this I get very driven)the doctor did a blood test and sent me home and said the results will be in tomorrow but your baby is fine. He phoned me back and said 'I don't know why I'm saying this I'm sure your baby is fine but if you go to the hospital they can do a test and give you the results straight away.I took him to the hospital they took some blood and sent me home saying hes fine we'll ring through the results in an hour or so. They rang me back and said bring him back imediately he wont last the night his whit count was sky high.He had a complete blood transfusion,He is now 25 years old and a personal fitness trainer,
Love,light and gratitude

Darling said...

I think its wonderful!! Thank you so much, I was having such a hard time visualizing the ship and what it would be like... you helped me a great deal!

Love and Gratitude to all!! <333

Anonymous said...

Blossom Hi!
4th April channelling confirms what I've been feeling, like down loads and so much energy, I feel it in my head and heart, I need to deep breathe, it is pretty consistent, everyday with breaks in between but even then it is like I can feel something/someone,when I think sometimes, I seem to know they are observing lovingly, I'll be thinking of how people are going to handle these frequencies and I get a thought that it will be fine,That we just need to hold the light and the love and it will go out to them. I don't feel fear, I haven't felt that for sometime now, like I don't care and All is as it should be. About the pink I got that too! before I even knew about all this,I was laying in bed and I said out loud 'I am so tied' and pink flooded me it was incredible as I wasn't so into this stuff back then. I felt energized immediately.
Love and light and much excitement

simon said...

i had a similar dream to this a few weeks back. i think i've been focussed on more negative stuff lately, so it didn't end quite so beautifully. i was in a field somewhere, a dozen or 2 other people around. some ships appeared in the sky, and i got really excited, running around going "look! look!". however no-one else would actually look. this all felt rather familiar (i've been trying to get people to pay attention to stuff like environmental destruction, 911, fiat money and fractional reserve banking without a great deal of success for much of my life). in the dream, people simply refused to look at the sky while i ran around kinda going "they're here!!!". after a minute or 2 of this, some kind of stargate/transportation device appeared. i knew that going through this device would be unlike anything i knew, went through it with a sense of surrender. i woke as i went through it.

unrelatedly, a month or so ago i took a picture of the sun with my mobile phone. there was a second bright dot showing in the picture, close to the sun. i'd just put this down to a photographic aberration of some kind, but i just realised, i think, that it's nibiru. i had paid no attention to the planet x stuff at all, and indeed that picture sat on the desktop of my phone for a month before i even - i think - realised what it is.

so i'm rather curious to hear what the FoL's take on nibiru is. from brief reading, it crosses our orbit every 3600 years, tends to cause chaos when it crosses on the same side of the sun as the earth, and that the nibirians (aka annunaki) have held earth humans as slaves for many millenia. there's some discussion i've seen that 2 brothers, enlil and enki, have lately had something of a disagreement and that one seeks to give earth humans their freedom, while the other still sees us as his property.

i have lately begun to feel a sense of joy and optimism about the coming changes. i'd been on the buy rice and gold mentality for a while. now i feel more this sense of surrender and que cera cera. and less stressed at the realisation that i have no bloody idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is a lovely post I got off Brads site this man always has alot of wisdom and integrity in his posts and alot of compasion in his heart:
Somehow I knew there had been contact last night. Like you, Kerrie, I can feel there has been a marked increase in activity over the last two weeks, and there are times I can actually feel presences around me.

Last night, however, was an interesting experience. During my usual breathing meditation just before going to sleep, I could feel myself being drawn deeper than usual, and the world simply 'spun away' from underneath me. That happened to me only once before, and a lot of warning bells go off in my head when it does. This time, however, I remained calm and focused, and rather than the contact abruptly being broken like last time, odd things happened.

I could see myself sitting, very strangely, in a capsule of some sort, behind a bank of controls, and I heard myself say 'It's been a while, but I think I still remember how to drive one'. That's when it felt as if my body dissolved entirely and my vision simply filled with golden light. Still, my heart was going a mile a minute, and after a short time I got the sense that it was time to break off. With a rush of energy throughout my entire being, I found myself back where I started.

This morning I've broken routine and tried it once more just after waking up, and getting much the same results. Only this time I can stay in the 'dissolved' state a lot longer.

All I can think of is that this is my personal energy attuning to that of my higher self, and someone is concerned enough about my well being to force me to break contact when enough is enough.

I don't know about anyone else in this community, but ever since this morning I have this sense of joy and anticipation I haven't felt since I was a small child on the night before christmas :)