Mar 12, 2009


As many of you know, the Federation Of Light in their channelling of March 8th (see Channellings after Oct 14th page 9 for deeper understanding) requested that we on earth come together on a specific day to visualise with our minds , but more importantly to feel with our hearts, the following…

‘A vast vessel that is coming into view in your skies. The mists that surround it are lifting and dispersing to reveal us. You see colours of rainbow beauty but of a much richer vibration. It is for one to FEEL the PEACE that this occasion shall bring. As if your world ‘stops’ whatever it is doing and feels the change in vibration that will take place as we come together in glorious union. Imagine and FEEL only Love of the purest level as you look at this picture in your minds. Strengthen this image on a daily basis. We are showing you a swirling ball of energy. Imagine the energy that you are, becoming the colours of this ball, and KNOW that because of the upliftment of your planet … WE can now entwine into this same ball of energy, enabling us to be present in a manner that many of you can ‘get’. The more of you that ‘get it’ the more of you will see us, and the more of us will be seen.

Due to this request I would like to propose that on

Good Friday April 10th (Full moon) at 9pm (EST) 12noon (GMT)

those who choose ... may sit for half an hour and do just that!

MAY I CATEGORICALLY STATE … There has been NO MENTION of the ship showing at this time. It is a proposal of LOVE offered to The Federation Of Light to let them ‘feel’ our readiness … as HOSTS OF EARTH … and welcome their energies to merge with ours … so that the Ascension into 2012 may take place with grace and ease.

I think it is important to suggest that we try to do this visualisation on a daily basis. If millions of us fulfil this request then there would be a continual stream of Light and Love from our hearts (not heads) being energised into making this vision the reality that we are here to manifest. We agreed remember? Open your hearts in KNOWING … (not your minds in hoping) … that this union of worlds must take place. For it is so.

My thanks are given to all who play their part in this project, however large or small. Maybe groups could be set up for that time; some may feel more comfortable on their own, in their own space. Whatever suits. It matters not how or who with … what matters is our souls acknowledgement to our Light Families not of the earth plane, that we are ready for the transition to begin.

Many thanks to all those who have sent me encouragement and support in this matter, for it allows me to be brave enough to send this message out. (However apprehensive) I simply cannot walk away from my TRUE KNOWING that this process is part of the plan and WILL make a vast difference. I am the messenger … the deliverer of a message. No more, no less.

White Cloud has taught that Visualisation is one of our most powerful tools!

So let’s get to it!
In Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays …
Blossom Goodchild.

Please feel in freedom the desire to pass this on.

Picture kindly sent in by Miep Bos. Painted many years ago with the title
" Heaven Descending on Earth" . It sort of belonged here! Many thanks Miep.

thanks to 'humo'.


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom!

What a wonderful idea I think it might work :)))

We need to show this message to everybody we can :)))

By the way Blossom I am in Southern USA and when it is 9 PM here it is morning of the next day for you.

That is at 9 PM of 04/10/09 for me is 11 AM of 04/11/09 for you.

Am I right?

Blossom Goodchild said...

Nope. I mean Australia EST... (thats what the world clock calls it anyway! I did check!!!) which is 9PM my time. 11am GMT england. On Good Friday 10th. best if you google the time for you going from GMT probably. thanks.Hope thats clear! Bloss

Ted O. said...


In support of this and in behalf of our group on Facebook, the "Feel the Love" World Visualization Event is already On-Line.

So to those who have Facebook accounts, FEEL FREE to Spread this Link and JOIN IN and BE-come 'One'!

Here's the link to the Event:

In Lak'ech Ala K'in!

Debora said...

Hello dear Blossom, and friends!

Now that you mentioned April 10th, I would like to share with you a link:

In the 'Warning of Garabandal explained'(an interpretation of the Virgin Mary' messages (1961) to children), it is written:

"The purpose of this event is to get everyone's attention, and to awaken anyone who is sleeping. It is very brief, even momentary. It has been said by Conchita that this event begins with the letter 'A'. I believe that the 'A' stands for Angel"
---- or 'A' stands for 'ALABAMA'
That has been my feeling since I discovered this link.

Let's get together in Love, visualization and celebration!!!

Anonymous said...

I will most definately participate. I look forward to re-linking with this energy.

This will change everything!

Anonymous said...

lol [lots of love]

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

Thank you again. The world must come together as one. Your mission is so beautiful, you are a love messenger, a brave one.

I hope people join this event. With love to all you, from Argentina.

Anonymous said...

The Central Standard Time in the US will be 5 a.m. April 10.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
It's worth a try isn't it! I've written it on my calendar so I won't forget. I truly believe that SOMETHING needs to happen soon. The world is being cloaked in such doom & gloom lately...& while I believe that this is all happening for a reason, it's still a very difficult time for lots of people. It would be great to have some positivity again. Thanks Blossom for arranging this.
Love & light,
Sharon V.K. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom, my wife and I have been keeping up with your blog and all your channelings from the Federation of Ligh since last October. We believe that this event will and must take place in order for the human race to continue beyond 2012. We take the current world economic state as a sign of the impending change and look forward to the future. I would like to welcome your readers to also look at this link: that, we hope, will enlighten everyone as to the extent of lies we have been fed all our lives...


let's become ONE!

Emerald said...

I'm looking forward to the visualization here in EL Paso Tx.
Checking everday for updates.

Jade said...

Hi Blossom,

If you are on the Sunshine coast/Queensland area, then according to the World Clock, April 10 at 9 PM your time will be April 10 at 7 AM New Jersey/New York (eastern daylight savings time) here in the US.

My heart will be joining everyone else's at that time!

Anonymous said...

This would be 7 AM EDT for NY, Detroit USA 6AM CDT Chicago USA

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom;

I really love your idea and I also will join you for this event.

It seems to me that really we are not too much people but I hope this time it will work for something good to happen.
Lately I feel that we are in real danger and we are really needed of help.

If finally something happens somebody please let us know, because I live in a place (Spain) that seems to be forgotten even by the Galactic Federation.

Love and blessing for all.

Hombre Azul

Anonymous said...

WE ARE ALL ONE indeed,!! and on that day we will,we are sending our intent as a colective consciousness,and this way we'll be closer to meet our galactic family,PLEASE CHECK AND SHARE THIS VIDEO{about april 10th that i made] THIS WAY MORE MIRRORS OF LIGHT CAN JOIN US AS ONE IN OUR PATH TO ASCENSION,,LOVE & LIGHT TO ALL...thank you blossom for being such a beautiful and strong being!!!

Anonymous said...

Humans can collectively create the fifth world with our thoughts. Visualize a ship coming and it could happen. Someone should do a international time table so everyone does it at the same time. We are co-creators with the Prime Creator. Mother/Father god wanted it that way.

Anonymous said...

] Nope. I mean Australia EST...
] (thats what the world clock calls
] it anyway! I did check!!!) which
] is 9PM my time. 11am GMT england.
] On Good Friday 10th. best if you
] google the time for you going from
] GMT probably.

Just remember, everyone, t check for the Daylight Saving Time clock changes that take place in many places around the end of March. For example, 11am GMT on 10 April will actually be 12 noon English (i.e. UK) time, and 13:00 Central European Time (CET). If you check your times NOW you may be out by an hour when 10 April comes round.

Best wishes, and 3xL (Love, Light and Laughter) to you all,
Neil J

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom!

I've been visualizing this event ever since I can remember, and today I see it not as a visualization but as an actual event that WILL, or as I may say "IS" taking place!! It fills me with hope and love to see that now many people are in tune with this energy. I will try to continue spreading the word as much as I can in this little spot in the world.
From El Salvador, I send "us" all the best positive energies and blessings. Thanks again!

Rodolfo Gonzalez

Anonymous said...

Wow I've been busy since this came out,people are ready!The day you released this visualization, I had a visual during meditation of an Indian in full feathered head dress on a horse looking over the planes into a mist, I felt a feeling of calmness and all knowing coming from the Indian.
And then I get your email on the visualization.maybe White Clouds getting ready for an event,didn't the Chief of the tribe used to put on a full head dress when the went into battle? L&L
P.S.I am now using L&L instead of LOL as I have been told that LOL means laughting out loud not love and light so sorry if in the past you thought I was laughting at you instead of loving you:) LOL?????

Anonymous said...

I am so ready for this- and let's all remember, don't wait until 4/10
to start visualizing! Practice every
day! Thanks Blossom and everyone here for hanging in there and keeping the Faith! Much love from Faith in Minneapolis MN USA

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, from Ont. Canada,
Since we truly are all one in spirit, when a large mass of people unite with a common goal or purpose, it will manifest!
And on that subject, I recommend that everyone check out the message at You'll be surprised by what it says. Look forward to July 20 and 21 and brace yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Wow Blossom, this is getting soooo interesting! I can FEEL it, it's becoming so powerful, it's transpiring throughout my day, not just when I think about it. Our union with the Federation through love is getting so much easier and automatic, it is all coming together. All the things they have said about the love being the most important part, them and us being closer than we imagine at this point (or the same..), the October 14th 'non-event' - which was SO important! And now the visualization, which is more about us learning to recognise how our love energy is the same as theirs and thereby becoming one with them (in my experience anyway). !! I had to share this with you! Don't feel like you have to post this, I am just so very very very greatful for all your efforts in waking people up. It's working!! I could write you novel, but for now, I would like to share that I believe they will show up only after we have melded with them, as though their materialization is an after effect, not the main event. Anyway, the love I send you and the appreciation I feel for our entire existance at the moment is automatic, yet I do wish for you to know what a wave of change you are helping create. What a gal you are, and what a life we are leading!

Have a phenomenal day. Love and Light, Brigitte.

Anonymous said...

Love is the key to all things that point towards the light.
"I am so in need of this"
Thank you so much Blossom.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

I think is important to clarify if this event on April 10th finally will be at 11 or 12am (GMT), because of the Daylight Saving Time clock changes in Europe as Neil J has told.
Thank you.

We have to be ONE at the SAME TIME.

Hombre Azul

Anonymous said...

By the way, if the time changes the video posted in Youtube need also to be updated.

Love and best wishes

Hombre Azul


Hi Blossom, as I said in my email, although many did not see any ships on October 14 my house was lit by an incredible light that night, in the middle of the night october 15
2:am and I did send you an email unfortunately you did not get it among the many emails of people who emailed you that day. I had not expected such phenomenon to occur and was too quick to get it on video. After October 14 many weird phenomenons had occurred in my house, I imagined because I had the crystal outside and I live on top of the mountain isolated from the world, it would be more difficult for those who live in an apartment to have seen it and so they thought that they did not come on October 14. I also believe in order for one to see these light beings one need to be in a higer frequency, no different than speaking to other entities such as loved ones who have crossed over, they cannot communicate as much as they would love to because they need us to be good conduit, meaning high frequency; and what's high frequency? joy happiness and love for ourselves,gratitude but all these emotions must come from inside, one can say I am happy and I am grateful but are we really? how do we feel inside? are we impatient? doubtful? depressed? worried? fearful? jealous? critical? if one feels any of these emotions we are not really aligned with our inner spirit. If we love ourselves, not arrogantly, but love ourselves as the beautiful spirits that we are then we are going to feel love toward others. Here is a link to two videos I was able to capture, one of what it looks like an angel neon pink, the other a halo and two suns, in the video you see a light, it was not the sun the sun was on the opposite side, it was almost gone by the time I saw it. I went out to feed the birds and as I looked up to hang the feeder I saw this amazing halo rainbow thing on top of my house.
I will be visualizing on April 10 this time camera ready!!!!

White light to you Blossom and every person on Earth

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom and Friends~

I would like to be a part of this as well.
What time would it be in PST??

Anonymous said...

To the people in Spain:

The Event will take place on 10th April 2009 at 01:00 PM (12:00 Noon on Canary Islands)

Para la gente de España:

El Evento tendrá lugar el 10 de Abril 2009 a las 13 horas (las 12 del mediodia en Canarias)

Thank you very much

Best wishes

Hombre Azul

Anonymous said...

hi blossom, hi all,

i will definitely join this occasion from here in holland on april 10, and start visualizing it daily from now on.

for those of you maybe wondering if and how visualizing works, Gregg Braden made a very down to earth and great video on this. you can watch it on , it's called The Science of Miracles.

the most important thing to remember when visualizing something, is not to HOPE for it, but to KNOW and FEEL it. even if only, like, 100 people feel it at the same time, the generated power and energy will be huge. good luck to all, let's make this work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

I am writing from the Northeastern Caribbean, and wanted to thank you for all that you are doing for Humanity!
Could you please confirm that the visualization is at 11.00am GMT Friday?


Anonymous said...

I'm so inspired by the people on this blog that I've decided to share my own experience following the events of October 14, 2008. First let me assure you that I wasn't aware of the prediction until after the date passed. I've been always very interested and strangely attracted to the UFO phenomenon but have been busy at work and with my life in the past years and the topic hardly crossed my mind. Well, on October 18, 2008 I had a powerful dream that completely changed my focus in life. I woke up a different person (or perhaps more "myself"). When I searched for some clues on Oct 18 regarding my dream, only then I found all the different posts and discussions about Oct 14. I couldn't believe it. My Oct 18th dream was so vivid and profoundly important that I'm convinced there was a connection of some sort, although I was completely unaware of it.

In the dream, I walked over to a large field with a crowd of people standing and looking up at the sky. It was an early evening. I looked up and saw a bunch of star-like shiny dots. But I then I noticed that they're getting bigger and are in motion. I realized that they're not stars but objects, appearing from everywhere. They were coming from all directions, closer and closer but no-one was afraid. We all felt calm and in complete awe of what we were witnessing.

I remember feeling a surge of excitement and unusual connection hard to put into words. I kept looking up at the shiny metallic objects gently hovering in the sky. There were bright red lights on most of them. I ran home to see what the TV networks say. And indeed, every channel was covering the event. They were visible to everyone everywhere in the world. There was no panic, no fear, no incidents, no warnings. Just pure awe and excitement.

I remember looking out of the window. They were out there, hovering peacefully and calmly, as if observing or wanting to keep their distance.

Suddenly, one of them "spotted" me and moved toward the window where I was standing. I felt being singled out in some way. I felt as if they/it knew me and recognized me. I felt safe and confused at the same time. The TV coverage in the background reminded me of the reality - the planet is experiencing something incredible and I'm standing at a window with an alien craft approaching my direction. Yet inside I felt it's alright, there's a reason for this and I don't need to be afraid.

The object got very close to the window, it was dark grey with metallic plates all over it. I could see the points where they were connected with huge bolts. And then I saw it turn nose up and it expose its "belly" to me. And then, to my astonishment, the red lights on the belly formed the shape of what we call the "smiley face". I almost chuckled, thinking "oh no, not the smiley face..." but something about that gesture wasn't comical. It was obviously completely unexpected and I felt warmth and gentle energy envelop me in one of the most incredible sensations of my lifetime, sleep or awake. The gesture was almost cute in a way. But innocent at the same time. I felt this was their way to tell me that they're coming in peace and are willing to communicate with those who can open their mind.

When I found information about Oct 14 in the morning, I couldn't believe what I just experienced. In no way could I have been influenced by the prediction as I was completely unaware of it. And believe me, up to that night I never dreamt of UFOs or the night sky filled with extraterrestrial objects. The intensity of the "dream" changed my life forever.

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thea. Yes, GMT April 10th. there is a blog post further along with time Zones for you to check out what time it will be in your part of the world. thanks Golden Rays . Enjoy the day!