Mar 10, 2009

clarification regarding 8th March channelling!

May i just clarify a point that some seem to be confused about. When I wrote .... It is now March … by my calculations you have 10 earth months … if nothing by then , I will consider myself bonkers , find a tree and hang upside down from its branches, sucking lollypops whilst singing ‘I talk to the trees… that’s why they put me away! ... I did so because earlier I had said that I felt they should appear before the end of 2009..

Some are writing in saying I shouldn't put dates and times out there, because I am setting myself up for another bashing ... or I shouldn't be giving them ultimatums... that they will come when THEY are ready ... etc ... etc ... etc ... etc

I understand all this and Trsut me when I say that I, more than anyone woudn't be asking them to give a specific date ... the reason I said before the end of 2009 is because THEY said 'It's NOW or NEVER"! Well to me ... and this is just my personal opinion, I reckon 10 months is long enough for them to appear NOW! For isn't NOW .... NOW? Thats all I meant. Felt I needed to clarify that . many thanks.

I am working on the visualisation concept they mentioned ... and will publish something on those lines pretty soon.

Just to clarify also, that no-one has been having a go at me in a nasty way, there just seems to be a misunderstanding. Words are usually at fault!

Enjoy a great day ... Noosa is on the edge of a cyclone ... 'What a blustery day ' said Poo!

Love, Light, lots of Laughter and plenty of golden Rays!


Willie G.R. said...

Hi Blossom. I wish to let you know, a few months before I learned about Oct.14(08), I had a "dream" so to speak, where the sky was FILLED with many spaceships and one of them had landed close to where I was. I went closer and saw a being with a large head, big glassy-black eyes and green skin. I calmly approached the being and shook it's hand. Had thin long finger and wore a white robe. (Yes I'm suing that vision as my visualisation ^_^.) Just wish to share this with you, hope you din't mind.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,
I was thinking for a few weeks now that I should put some of the
postings and information on FOL channelings and 2012 the sites I go on, sort of have everything in one spot, but I didn't think of my blog DER! I havn't put anything on that, so thanks to luisa I have started, there is soooo much stuff after 5mths. on the net I'll sort it out as to what goes with what, so now I have
I was lucky luisa didn't have (the) in hers.
Thanks luisa for the inspiration,
We will get those guys down here yet.
Love,light and gratitude
P.S. Don't forget the full moon meditation on the 11th.
and I'm looking forward to the 21 day portal opening on 20th March equinox, I know another date. Blossom just be you, you come from the heart thats why you are their/our friend.If you stuff up you are helping us to learn more,you brave soul you. And don't forget in order to KNOW God you have to be out of your mind as Neale Donald Walsch says. LUV 4 U

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

I for one am ready and waiting to see what you have in mind (no pun intended!) for this 'visualisation'.

I'm rubbish at visualisations, meditation, etc. My mind ends up filling with all sorts of mundane, day-to-day stuff and I never venture beyond the room I'm sat in. I'm about as spiritual as an old dish cloth. Still, every little helps, as they say, so I'll be taking part when the time comes! (Hopefully, the FOL won't chicken out if they see that we're sending them a dish cloth.)

I continue to admire your energy, courage and commitment, Blossom, in bringing us these messages. I can't imagine a better representative!

Best wishes,
Neil J

NightHawk said...

Hi Blossom. Just wanted to tell you if you wanna hear some of my piano playing I created a you-tube channel called UfoNightHawk! Well PEACE!! Talk to you later :D

Anonymous said...

We are still with you Blossom here in the UK. You would not believe how our lives have changed since all of this came about (actually you probably would)!!!

We are there every step of the way with you and loving the journey it has us on!

Love, Light, Laughter, Golden Rays and more Love!

Sarah & Mick

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

Have just finnished the latest message and published it.

To see the photo in full size, please click upon it. Tks.



Blossom Goodchild said...

Love your piano playing Nighthawk. thank you to Luisa for the translations. ... No photo to click on.?? And while I am her ... thanks Everyone, for such kind words and encouraging support.
Golden Rays . Bloss xxx

Blossom Goodchild said...

Eli has left a new comment on your post "clarification regarding 8th March channelling!":

so have you changed your date to october 2009? i am not quite clear on that.

I believe i have had dreams about this "Federation of Light". In my dreams it occurs at night. The lights above the mountains occur red, green, purple, yellow, white, and pink these are like flashes accompanied with the influx of fog. Blossom please read this i would like to know if any of this means anything to you. My thoughts on specific places don't matter because thay will be everywhere. The beings are transparent more like pure energy then actual forms. They can enter the bodies of those who are vulnerable and when they do they light up the brain with pathways of visibly white light. Many people, although you say they come in love and peace which i can believe, do die in my dreams. They come in many ships which cloak and un cloak at their leisure. The ships appear solid and not solid all at once. I believe amongst themselves they communicate throgh telepathic energy. The great change i have been feeling did seem to begin october 2008 but if you say the ships were coming then why did they not? Blossom once again please read this it would be much appreciated to get a reply.

Sorry Eli. there was a mix up with your comment so have had tp put it up like thi! If you go to my website and to the Federation after oct24th page , there is an explanation as to why they didnt'show' themselves. Thank you for your inquiry. Many golden Rays to you.

Eli said...

Thanks for your reply. I read the pages and find them quite interesting. I am just wondering if anything in my description of my dreams strikes a chord with you or your guide. I live in Chilliwack B.C.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

could you put the following note on York blog/Site? Many thanks. luisa

If you feel the need to translate these messages in your native language, please send them to my
and I’ll publish them in a blog.
Translations already available in Portuguese.
In Love and Light

Anonymous said...

Weird, I've been visualizing it for a while now. mostly at work, everybody running over to the window to have a look at the spaceship that just appeared out of nowhere.

Had a bad dream that huge diamonds fell from the sky from a huge mist of clouds - but there were horrible monsters inside the mist that looked liked dinasours. I flipped out, but they just walked away. I guess it was my fear intruding. The lesson I can take from that is that I may be getting scared over nothing.

I have come to accept the fact that reality can be what you chose to make of it. I may be a little jaded from life and everything else going on, but I am still open minded.

this song keeps popping into my head:

--It's dorky but it always lifts my spirits :-P