Jan 29, 2009

White Cloud Speaks.(uncut!!)

Apparently a couple of people have had trouble listening to this. But others have no trouble at all. I have looked into it and was told that there is no problem with the audio my end and that maybe the issue is to do with the individuals internet/download. Golden Rays upon it! However .... just found out it was only running for 31mins instead of 57mins. Now fixed that problem too!!

Ok. Now, probably no-one will believe me , but it has taken me over ten hours to get this audio on here. It was recorded in June 2008.

So ..............

Put your head phones on, perhaps light a candle, take a few deep breaths, get in the zone and ... enjoy his energy.(It lasts nearly an hour!)

The lady coughing apologised greatly afterwards.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays .
Bloss xxxxxx


NightHawk said...

Blossom, That was a profound speech. I've read, written and experienced words used in many forms but none like this have ever touched my heart so deeply. I almost always feel like I've been "stuck" in this one place and things just keep repeating over and over while I stand by watching. I love the idea of how maybe we've been stopped by time to allow for those who will lead us further. I have been expieriencing "De Ja Vu" for my whole life. I don't know why but I constantly "feel" the same things happening and the same results. Mind you, nothing bad happens, there all good things but because of you I realized that this will happen until the person I'm waiting for has "caught up" to continue on this journey of time, love and understandment.
P.S.: Lol, White Cloud sounds a little Russian with that accent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blossom,
So good, I love White Clouds tenderness so genuine, I listen to his meditation tapes every day I am in heaven, I am going to see that Guru in a couple of hours, I bumped into yet another old friend from my almost hippy days, who is going also, the universe is getting us together! it won't be long now! I am feeling so much love energy these last few days since 26th.so calm and centered. After listening to your audio it has answered my request for guidance tonight, love the syncronisities, All is as it should be.We are indeed space brothers:) my heart is buzing again, so good to have that feeling back! I keep getting songs in my head,last few days I have been geting this one 'Go tell them on the mountain to let my people go'is that the seekers?
Love,light and gratitude

Gu said...

Thanks for sharing love and understanding Blossom.
I have coming to this site for a long time and now i found out i have to make my own blogg.
Please take a look.

Anonymous said...

Its started again!
Myself and other members on Brads site are starting to notice the changes in the moon more apparent in the day, gone more at night, brighter sometimes gold with a halo when it does appear, strange red and blue flashing stars that stay for hours than go, and the moon is in a different place in the sky.
And I have been up since 3am again on the net,Synchronicitly I was guided to a site, one of the many sites I have taken FOL group to I happen to comment on a lovely ladies paintings she had on her page and when she read about FOL on my page she told me about her friend that had contacted you about a channeling she had did from FOL. And yesterday I had such a lovely serene love energy going through my body, I sat down closed my eyes and saw a very bright white light that got bigger and brighter and blissed me out, I floated the rest of the day and couldn't stop thinking of them, I really feel the Angels are close,
In my angel cards there is a card that reminds me of White Cloud it is of a cloud that is the shape of a UFO on top of a mountain And a feather. AH I love it when I pull this card.I always say hello thanks for being in my world!
Love to you Blossom

Anonymous said...

I've also noticed that the moon appears lower...more northern in the sky...I live in Adelaide. It's been real golden these past few nights. I also read / heard that the red/blue flashing stars are actually ships. Another thing raised was that any moving satellites seen between an hour each site of midnight are possibly ships as well. Not too sure about the last one though.

My first entry so I take this time to thank Blossom and I await their next message.

As someone special always says:
"love, Life and Laughter"

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Blossom, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done. It was because of YOU that I am now on the path to enlightenment.

Please continue with your work for as long as you can to enable many more to wake up to their true selves.

Forever in Love and Light dear space sister.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I ever heard White Cloud speaking through you, and wow, it gave me chills a little, in a good way! I enjoyed listening to that thickly accented, wise, almost mystical-sounding voice. :D