Dec 2, 2008


Hello again! Not one for 'plugging my books', just find that kind of thing a bit awkward to be honest. But as it's Christmas, I decided it would be a good time to start!!!! So please find below the Xmas special offer of my books and Cd's. I have also (huge thanks to Ric here for his assistance) added a breakdown of the chapters, as many people ask me If I could ask the FOL this and ask them that, whereas in actual fact my mate White Cloud has spent the last 9 years answering many of these queries. Hope the breakdown is useful (although long).

Christmas Special Offer on my Books and Cd's. White Clouds wisdom has helped so many on their journey ... and now I need to help him get his message out to as many as possible.

Buy a paperback copy of "The Spirit of White Cloud", "A New Dawn" or "The Bridge" and receive a paperback copy of "Walking in the Light and the Love" FREE!!!

(Only while stocks last so get in quick!)

Buy an e-book copy of "The Spirit of White Cloud", "A New Dawn", "The Bridge" or "Snapshot" and receive an e-book copy of "Walking in the Light and the Love" FREE!!!


1. WALKING IN THE LIGHT AND THE LOVE . Book 1 is an introductory script which offers many metaphors from White Cloud and assists greatly in teaching us how to live life to the fullest here on earth, and learning to look at Life's ups and downs from side to side!!

Subjects in “ ….” indicate a metaphor used by “White Cloud”

Chapter 1. Finding God, Gratitude and Appreciation, Choice.

Chapter 2. Truth, To learn and to Love, Facing new Challenges, Crystals, Healing.

Chapter 3. “Snowdrops”, “Snail”, Listening, Soul Mates.

Chapter 4. A time to be born and a time to die, Silver Cord, Life after ‘death’.

Chapter 5. Meditating, “Golden Chalice”

Chapter 6. “White Cloud” sees through Blossom’s eyes.

Chapter 7. Angels, Guides and Helpers, ‘Ducks on a pond”.

Chapter 8. The beauty within, ‘Canary”

Chapter 9. The ‘inner voice’, Giving Love to the World.

Chapter 10. ‘The Stream”, “The Mountain”, releasing negativity, “French Loaves”.

Chapter 11. “Light at the end of the Tunnel”, “The Goose”, Other realms.

Chapter 12. “The Frying Pan”, “Cooking”, Judgement, Trusting, “The Monkey”.

Chapter 13. “The Clothes Line”, Meditating, “Cleaning the House”, Soul Extensions.

Chapter 14. The Crucifixion of Jesus, Tuning in to the spiritual side. “Toffee apple

Chapter 15. Dealing with Pain, “Swings and Roundabouts”, star seeds.

Chapter 16. “The Metronome”, Take five minutes out, ‘The Pillow”, Display your talents.

Chapter 17. Tuning in to a Higher vibration, Into the Light, “the dropped stitch”.

Chapter 18. “Pages in a book”, “Golden Sword”, Angels and guides.

Chapter 19. “The Leek”, “Chess”, “Dice”, “Snakes and Ladders”, Lost Souls.

Chapter 20. “The Sea Shore”, “Toy Sailing Boat”, Dealing with people with drug problems, Helping Souls Find the Light.

Chapter 21. “Pastry”, Opportunities.

Chapter 22. “Sand in a Jug”, “White Cloud” takes a drink.

Chapter 23. Have a Plan. “Shopping”, Knocking down brick walls.

Chapter 24. “White Cloud” experiences nature again in the garden.

Chapter 25. “Parachutes”, “Slice of Bread”, Trust and Truth, Seeing another’s Light.

Chapter 26. “The Roses”, “The Swing”.

Chapter 27. September 11th, Lifting the Vibrations.

Chapter 28. “The Oak tree”, “The Christmas Lights”, Love Yourself.

Chapter 29. “The Yacht Race”, Making the Right Decisions.

Chapter 30. Finding peace, “The Double Decker Bus”, “The Bowling Alley”. Healing Energy.

Chapter 31. “Eating Sweets”, Listen to your Heart.

Chapter 32. “The Pin Cushion”, Indoctrination.

Chapter 33. “The Frie”, “Crossing the River”, Acceptance.

Chapter 34. “The Banana”, Golden Chalice.

Chapter 35. Nature Spirits, Know that you are Love, The Concept of God.

Chapter 36. “White Cloud” on Blossom.

2. THE SPIRIT OF WHITE CLOUD ... 3. A NEW DAWN ... Books 2 &3 contain a wide variety of questions asked to White Cloud during meetings held over the last 8 years.His answers are 'his opinion ... his Truth' and as he often gently states, if they do not sit well with you, then seek the answers that do. Very wise!. Subjects covered can be found below.

Topics in “…” indicate the theme of the story or metaphor that “White Cloud” uses to get his message across.

CHAPTER 1. James Twyman Peace Vigil, Giving Love, A Higher Energy.“Sandcastle”, “Candles.”

CHAPTER 2. Connecting with Blossom, Compliments, Results of Peace Vigil. “Handkerchief”

.CHAPTER 3. Children passing to spirit through illness, The “Reptilians”, Passing to spirit when you are spiritually aware.

CHAPTER 4. The White House, Preparing and communicating with Blossom, Blossom’s fits. “Pile of matches”, “Torch”, “Toy Soldiers”

CHAPTER 5. Soul Mates, Energy Levels, Coping with Changes, Life Directions.“Sweets”, “Rose Petals”

.CHAPTER 6. Human Conflict, Cruelty to Animals, Animal Testing, Curing Disease. Spirit entering body at birth and leaving at death. Miscarriage, Abortion .Sin, Murder, Do Not Judge.

CHAPTER 7. Suicide, Euthanasia, Other Channels of “White Cloud”. “Kangaroo/Joey”

.CHAPTER 8. The Truth of the Bible?, Being Positive, Feeling Lost. “Snow Boarding downMountain”.

CHAPTER 9. Patience, Knowing, Money, Why Noosa is Spiritual Place.

CHAPTER 10. Relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Spiritual progress. “Cable Car”, “Blind Girl and Old Doll”

.CHAPTER 11. Relationships, Causes of Disease, Spiritual Protection, Judgement.“Pelican”, “Ladder”

CHAPTER 12. Cremation or Burial, Re–wiring the Physical Body. Listening to the Soul, Meditating. “Street Lights”, “Driving”

.CHAPTER 13. Emotional Shifts and Changes, Alien Abduction, Alien Implants. The nature ofLove. Visualisation. “Skipping Rope”

CHAPTER 14. How many lives have we had. Are we from a different planet? A New Energy talks on Truth and Love.

CHAPTER 15. Music and Singing, Music in other realms, Music and colours. Cruelty to Humans and Animals, Animal experiments, Animal Souls, Talking to Spirit Energies.

CHAPTER 16. Crop Circles, Why Spiritual attraction to Noosa? “Flower Petals”, “Flowers and Weeds”

.CHAPTER 17. Dreams, Spirit working on Spirit, White Light protection, Protection in general. “Grand piano”, “Making Music”

CHAPTER 18. How does Spirit World manifest itself, How do you progress in Spirit, Psychic Children and disabilities. Another Energy Talks. “Building Site”, “Goldfish”, “Fish Tank”

.CHAPTER 19. Blood Transfusions and Organ Transplants. Medical System, Donating Ones Body to Science, How Long in Spirit between lives, Can a Soul return to an earlier time in history. “Teapot”, “Stations on a Continuous Train Track”.

CHAPTER 20. Passing on Spiritual Knowledge, A New Energy takes a Meditation. “Computer on line”

CHAPTER 21. Effects of changing Birth time by inducement / Caesarean, Progressing on other realms, Connecting with the Soul. “White Cloud” chants.

CHAPTER 22. Meaning of “White Cloud’s” Chant. “Giraffe”

.CHAPTER 23. Truth and Doubt. “Kangaroo and Joey”

.CHAPTER 24. Laugh Lots, Spirit in Human Form, Communication with one who has passed on. “Gym Work Out”, “High and Low Tides”, “Jigsaw Puzzle”

.CHAPTER 25. Staying Positive, All is as Should Be, Helping Others, Sacred Secrets.“Balloons”

.CHAPTER 26. Expectations, Cruelty to Animals, Evolving, Reincarnating. “Camera/ Photograph”, “Diving”

.CHAPTER 27. Angels, Meditating, Contacting Spirit Guides. “Basket of Flowers”

.CHAPTER 28. Harmonic Concordance, Portals, Golden Age. “Skyscraper”

CHAPTER 29. Personal talents, The Sea, Spirit Signs. Feathers., Music. Dreams. “Racing Car”

.CHAPTER 30. New Vibrations of Energy, New Phenomena, Love shall Conquer All, Natural law. “White Horse”

.CHAPTER 31. Celebrating Christmas, The Ego, Visualisation. “White Christmas tree”

.CHAPTER 32, Trusting, Handling Negativity from others. “Snorkelling”

.CHAPTER 33.Connecting with the Higher Self, Finding time to Meditate, Stop Thinking,


Topics in “…” indicate the theme of the story or metaphor that “White Cloud” uses to get his message across.

Chapter 1 : A new level of connection between White Cloud and Blossom. Connecting with other spiritual/cosmic beings. A New Energy Speaks. Removing ‘Guilt’. Enhancing one’s spirituality.
Chapter 2 : “Monkey”. The vibration of names. The Truths/Un-Truths in the Bible. The transformation to the New World.

Chapter 3 : “Crow’s feather”. Menstrual cycles, future changes. Coping with change and Trust. Releasing old baggage. Nature spirits. The socks.

Chapter 4 : “Sand in jug/ocean”. “Pumping up tyres” The ‘Ascended Masters’. Angels and Archangels Trusting and letting go.

Chapter 5 : “Giraffe/Elephant”. “Chocolate Orange” Spirit faces. Spirit Guides.

Chapter 6 : The Virgin Mary Energy Speaks. “Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce”. “Kilt”. Negative energy. Visualising/ manifesting/spiritual agreements. Giving Love. Intellect v. Feelings.Sharing Higher knowledge. ‘Words’ and intention.

Chapter 7 : “Turf ”. “Box of chocolates” The Immaculate Conception. The VirginMary Energy Speaks. Two souls as one.“Golden sock”.

Chapter 8 : “Playing golf ”. ‘Out of body’ experience. spirit consciousness. Individual aspects as petals on a flower. The visitor.

Chapter 9 : Other aspects of ourselves. Determining Truth. Whales and dolphins. “Ring of fire/hoop of Light”.

Chapter 10 : The tunnel of Light. A New Energy Speaks. The Golden key. The New World. “The swimming pool filter”.

Chapter 11 : “Snowdrop”. Dreams and dreaming. Soul and Spirit. Aura Photography. Your Divine Purpose. Healing.

Chapter 12 : “Blade of grass”. A New Energy Speaks. “Jigsaw Puzzle”.

Chapter 13 : “Painting”. “Lawn mower”. Terrorism. Negativity and Judgement. Working whilst sleeping. “Playing the recorder”. Importance of Preparation. Follow your Truth.

Chapter 14 : “Bird in a cage”. “Snorkel and goggles” Home planets/stars. Energy connections. “Lighthouse”.
Chapter 15: “Origami”. Water and Crystals. Relationships.

Chapter 16 : “Toy car track”. The Ball of Love. “Knitting”. Light Workers. Making a friend with yourself. Opening to Love.
Chapter 17 : “Yacht”. Enthusiasm. Travel by thought telepathy. White Cloud’s healing in last lifetime. “Brick wall”.

Chapter 18 : Outer appearances and judgement. Knowing your Truth. Visualisation, Sending Love. A definition of Love. Connecting with Higher Self. Animal energies.

Chapter 19 : “Aeroplane”. “Target cans”. Divine Timing. White Cloud’s last lifetime.
Chapter 20 : “Rocket firework”. A New Energy Speaks. Another New Energy Speaks. “Slice of bread”. Communicating with other energies.

Chapter 21 : A New Energy Speaks. Putting Love into everything. Spiritual awakening. ‘Walk in’ Soul exchanges. “Grapes”. Dreaming and Sleep states. Extra-Terrestrials.

Chapter 22 : “Balloons”. A New Energy Speaks. Our purpose in life. Another New energy peaks. U.F.O’s. Raising our vibrations.

Chapter 23 : “Large white sheet”. Your Truth. “Untying bootlaces”. Discarding old beliefs. The Friendships Speak. The 11/11. “Mouse”. Another New Energy Speaks.

Chapter 24 : Spiritual progress. The Friendships Speak. Terrorists and Judgement. Extra- Terrestrials. Negative energies verses Light and Love. The New World.

Book 1 from The Federation of Light. On December 7th 2005, I went for a reading with a gifted clairvoyant and through her, I was asked by spirit, to start writing another book.It was not going to be White Cloud’s words; it was going to be … for want of a better way of putting it … White Cloud’s bosses! Interesting! They asked me if I would sit down at the computer every morning for half an hour and they would channel the words through. This was very unlike the other three books, which were simply transcripts of the White Cloud meetings that had been held. A matter of transcribing tapes of the meetings into book form. I say ‘simply’ because compared to this one, that is what they were … simple. The next day was my 48th birthday. What a marvellous day to begin. I took some deep breaths to tune in and promptly wrote down the thoughts that came into my head.A year later on my 49th birthday I finished the book. I call it 'Preperation for the soul."

SNAPHOT. (eBook only). Book 2 from The Federation. In Dec of Last year I was asked to resume my channelling with The Federation. It was during theses writings that The Oct 14th meassage came through! The rest is history ! Or not!


"White Cloud" Long Guided Meditations c.d.s (Pack of five) ‘White Cloud’ came through and in his own words and voice guided us through these beautifully uplifting meditations - as direct from the source as possible and to our knowledge unique in their own right in capturing the direct voice of spirit. There are five compact discs with long guided meditations from 'White Cloud' of approximately 40 - 45 minutes each .
"White Cloud" Short Guided Meditations c.d. Ideal for a busy lifestyle... One compact disc containing five short guided meditations from 'White Cloud' of approximately 11- 13 minutes each plus an introduction and blessing from 'White Cloud'.
The compact discs are available with ambient music composed by Ric Halstead and designed to keep you in the ‘zone’ without distraction..

Now, if you're still with me and haven't dropped 'awf ya perch' ... I would like to finish up by saying
'Have yourself a very Merry Christmas' ... and may the year of 2009 reveal to us further Truths of the soul that allow us to connect up with our home ... to which one day ... we shall all return.
I send each one many thanks for your continual support and an abundance of
Blossom. xxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,
I know you will sell lots of books
(and it is so!!!!)Boy do some people need them so synical.I have been asked if I work for you on Brads site:)White Cloud and F.O.L.
It is with grace and gratitude we ask for your assistance for our betterment and that of Mother Earth:)Do you FEEL that??? I just did:)
Love and Light Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Do you know what Alex Collier is doing now?

Anonymous said...

12 is a sacred #
12Zodiac,Hours,Months,Disciples,Jury,Court,Crystal skulls,DNA strands,sun discs,days of Christmas,Creator Gods,Sacred Truths,Dimentions of Earth,Chakras,Titans,Tribes of Israel,Knights of King Arthur The 12 squared 144 of the rapture. (The timeless Enigma of the Crystal Skulls)
And FOL asked for 12 to go to the heads with you.
And recently (moon) we give you #3
12 (1+2) On the 12/12 Full moon in Gemini 3rd on the zodiac wheel 21/12 stargate opening.
This is FUN:) not crusin for a brusin, people who say that to you don't know how to live in the NOW but still have fun playing with possible future happenings.
Inner child is 'Dancing in the Light'.
Love and Light Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Kerrie, I didn't realize that the full moon was on the 12th... After the 14th of Oct, for no reason, I reset the count down timer on my laptop to 12/12/08. In my timezone, the moon is full at 8:38am. Now I'm wondering what's going to happen THAT day.
Blossom, It's ALL your fault. :-) When I found the first You Tube message about you, I started a LONG list of searches and I've become so much happier and full of real love for those around me. If you hadn't had the courage to post your message, a lot of people would still be clueless as to what love really is and how you CAN turn disgust, dislike and an almost hate of someone to love and caring. I've not had electricity in my house for 3+ months because of a bad room mate that was to take care of ONLY that bill to stay here. I've not been too upset or angry at all and still love the turkey. :-) I have a few things that give me light and run my laptop from the car. I'm glad there are propane heaters too. Anyway, if YOU can start a change like that here, your words, books, CD's and videos can only do more good. Bless you, Brad and the hundreds of others that are really spreading the light and love. I hope that your holidays are more than grand and that we all have so much more to celebrate before they're over for the year.
Love, Light and the brightest golden rays,

Anonymous said...

My day has not been a great day didn't know why, clients and staff asked me what was up, I didn't know. I think I was wondering if people were ever going to wake up.If I was waking up, doing enough. I read the Mark Kimmel Andromeda post, We are coming and knew of its truth, but I didn't feel the same love that's in FOLs.But then I get home and there's an FOL channeling speaking their truth sending their vibes I will sleep well tonight for I know all is as it should be:)
Love, light and gratitude Kerrie

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

I am really enjoying your conversations with the Federation of Light :-)

I wonder what I would have said to my family if I still were a rebellious teenager: I won't be around at Christmas because the intent isn't right! And Blossom and the Federation of Light tell the same! :)))
But seriously, that's how I always felt about any holiday or celebration that felt depressing, because nobody really wanted to be there. So I started skipping social events "that didn't feel right" from a very young age. But that was in a time without much emotional or spiritual back up.

I'm a soul searcher for quite some time and I never really thought about life "out there". I also never considered that it was possible to communicate with them and to learn from them. Yes, I've been trying to communicate with my spirit guides for years, but talking to people in spacecrafts, feels kind of different.

10/14 really made me think and research this kind of stuff for the first time. That really opened my eyes to a different reality, it gave me more clarity about certain things. And it also gives me great ideas and inspiration.

"They" are spiritually and technologically far more advanced than we are. And the more we channel their wisdom into our own lives and actions, the easier it is to upgrade the world we live in and of course ourselves. Now we contact "them" through channeling, but I think that channeling is only a start, this is only the initial stage of First Contact. As soon as we get used to communicate with them, to learn from them and to put their wonderful ideas into practice, we finally might be ready for physical contact. And not a few "chosen ones" but many of us, who are ready to co-operate.

I'm not totally sure if I get all of it yet, but I get something, and it feels good and exciting.

Love you guys and girls and Blossom! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank-you to Curtis for your questions! You asked the questions I think a lot of us wanted to ask. And thank-you to the FOL for being so forthcoming! You made my night!

Love & Light,
Laura, Nova Scotia

Claudia said...

Blossom, I've just read the Dec.7th FOL channeling....all I can say Juicy! Meaty! Palpable! Curtis, U ROCK!!!This is what we needed, wanted, CRAVED! THANKS CURTIS! THANKS FOL. THANKS BLOSSOM!!!

Oh yes, and HELLO BAAACK!

Share the Knowledge

AnonimaAnonima said...

Amen to that, Claudia :)

Thank you Curtis, thank you Blossom, thank you guys up there!
You really know how to touch my heart.

Love you! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom

I was hoping to talk you into posting this in your blogs if possible:

I have been checking around on different websites and I have found the Pimp Turtle and the website as well as the Half Past Humans website ... they are the one who contain most of the web-bot predictions. The Half Past Humans website is the one that created the web-bot.

They base their predictions on "language" found in the posts, websites, news in the internet, etc.

In other words, when we talk about disasters and the voice starts spreading around many people start talking about the same or even parallelly other people talk about the same events.

They start growing in quantity and in graveness, ending up being part of the concious mind of the collective.

This means that we all are creating by thought and our believe that these events will occur, and guess what? they do actually happen.

We all are creating them ... we all are making them happen.

When Blossom was able to unite so many people together under the only purpose of love MANY events that were due to happen during those days ceased to be a threat for we were decreeting the event of love instead of devastation.

We have only 2 to 4 days left for the big earthquake that was announced to happen between the 10 and the 12 of December.

We need to concentrate, focus, meditate and send all the love we can to the world so this events don't ever happen.

We can do it... it has been proven that it is us who make them happen therefore only US can stop them.

Please join us today and these coming days on meditations of Love to Earth and our human fellows. Send all your love to earth and to the people and huge rays of golden light and compassion to all.

Thank you guys!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Blossom, I just wanted to say that the reading with the questions from Curtis was indeed an excellent one. I have a question of my own that I'm sure everyone has on there mind, Is there anyway that we on earth can do anything to help speed up our ascension or is there anything we can do to help the G.F.O.L become known on our world? I'm sure there are a lot of people who would help in an instant if we only knew how.

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom thanks for the photos of the roses it inspired my story.
Once upon a time there was a little girl who believed in magic but as she grew her faith started leaving her until as an adult despite the many magical events she forgot the love and light that she was,and as the darkness engulf her she cried out and denounced God.
Well Guys that was me. until 2 years ago I had a vision of Jesus ( I know cliche' but true) It started the transforming, I read books from Deepak Chopra,Echart Tollee,Gregg Braden ect.I stopped alcohol,stopped watching TV,started meditating ect. No I didn't turn into some religious weirdo that is soooo not me, this stuff is NOT religion it is soul truth, it is the magic of who we are pure love energy.The joy of spirit.LIGHT (light is information) raise your sword of light and cut through the illusion of fear.
My soul started communicating, I started to feel energies beautiful blissful energies, One day I couldn't stop thinking about a UFO experience I had in 1989 this repetitive thought led me to researching UFOs but I didn't really get all that interested, but I woke up one morning with a thought in my head which led me to Blossoms website as I listened to White Clouds voice on the demo tape tears ran down as I said I am home, an energy of love so huge went through me.After reading The Message I was activated as FOL calls it. I connected big time, how I would explain it is my heart beats in time with theirs.On a Friday I got it in my head to send roses to Blossom but I thought she is fine now FOL has explained the no show but Saturday it kept up, but I was so busy with my business this is my busy period I ignored it, come Sunday my heart was ready to burst as so much love energy was being sent, but I thought I don't even know her address.By Monday afternoon I knew what I had to do.I rang a florist in her home town and half an hour latter she got back to me she found out her address through her publisher. I said do you have any feathers and to my surprise she asked me what one would I like. I knew what I had to write as I had read White Clouds books, I knew I had to do it anonymously and see if the universe did its magic if we were meant to connect somehow I would find out.two days latter I heard her mention the roses to Brad in a interview and when I heard that she had ask White Cloud for proof and as he hasn't been channeling lately he sent a rose in her head and she said ok if I see a rose in 3 days I'll know (she would have gotten the roses that day) as it was she got them on the Monday but she said she would accept that as the florist was closed on the Sunday:)) We are one !!!!! BELIEVE it is happening.....
Love and Light

Anonymous said...

This is so epic!! Why don't you do more to get this to people around the world? I mean if this is all true

Anonymous said...

dear ms.goodchid, iv'e been folowing the whole FOL subject for quite a while now, and i just wanted you to know what i think about it.
Like you said "everybody has to pay bills" and everybody has to make a living somehow, but i would like to know your honest opinion regarding all the people that belive in you, brad jonhson, druana me u seem like a really honest person, and it must not be easy when people put yourself in "the same fruit basket". but thats the way i'm forced to do it. regarding the moon for example, u claim during your sessions that the moon has been replaced, ok. but then again i can make such a claiming too, such as "we have been replaced to a diferent planet over night and we havent notice that". you see blossom,that is were this whole message goes wrong, when words such as "the love" you bring, leads people towards confusion. u problably must be saying right now "if you don't wnat to believe, then dont", i don't belive in them actually, i used too. but what hurts the most is seeing people grabbing in to this in such a way that they ignore the real joy of life. when people say that they have to believe in something, and when that something is just a huge among of claimings without any proof. u change some lifes weather u like or not, and the fact is that, along this path, online comunities have been created, new ideias have been formed and people misleaded. people hanging on in this with such a strenght, that are losing all their sense of reality, human relations and contact. i'm not here to judge, im not here to say what people should or not believe. im just here to express my opinion.

much love.

penguins said...

I can only speak from what MY inner truth calls out, so if not to your liking, I'm sorry.

1) Appearances

Maybe we can WILL the proof so many desire, but I am moving to the belief that this is not necessary. Wanting and hoping something to be "real" in our conventional rationale does not help .. just trusting that inner knowing should do the trck

2) Global Financial "Crisis"

Do you not think this is yet another attempt to dull the positive frequencies?

Thankfully not a WW, difficult to do now by the dark as we would destroy all, and they can't survive themselves. financial is current best option to pervade fear amongst humanity

- a big powerful negative energy being created

- this is exciting as it means an equally powerful positive energy exists concurrently

- basic physics (for every action an equal and opposite reaction) and karma lend credance to this theory

- there is a huge positive energy existing now which you can tap into to raise YOUR frequency level.

- blessed to exist in a free-will plane, hence YOU can choose which energy stream to be influenced by.

- fear is dark energy's only weapon against you. you can attach yourself to light through love, respect, kindness, trust, peacefullness, self-tranquility, etc

- events like this can also be seen as "wake-up calls to the soul", which manifest themselves in some form or another to every sould in every lifetime on this planet. Of course it is your free-will whether to leap out of bed and seize the day, or hit the alarm-clock's "snooze" button, and roll over and continue to sleep for another 10 minutes - or life.

There is so much to live for and through here and right now.

PS Buy Bloss' books. :)

Pam said...

My dear Blossom!!! :)

Indeed this is epic as Jamie said!

Lots of love for you my friend! :)))

Jamie, we all are working on spreading the word and Blossom has been doing so much already that to ask her for more would be overwhelming I think LOL

But join us and feel the loveeeeeeeeeee lol

Blossom and Kryon have been the only ones that have inspired me to better myself and to go to the light and let it in :)))

I am not saying that the other channelers are not good, just that Blossom's and Kryin's messages for some reason make me feel more warm and enlightened.

Maybe because all they talk about is LOVE :))))

Love you Blossom I am wil be buying your books in the order you recommended next week.

BTW Blossom if you talk to white cloud again please tell him I love him (blushes) lol

Love and light !!!! :)

Pam said...

WOW Kerrie that is so fantastic!... I also felt attracted to Blossoms website and what made me admire her and respect her the most was her valor when she published that message... She was WOW :)

When I come to this website all I can see, read, feel, and express is love. It has become my first resource to stability for me... that is when I am troubled or in pain or feeling lonely or lost I come here and read all you guys say and you all lift me up sending me a message that things aren't as bad as I thought and we all still have a chance to change :))

Love ya all lots!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Blossom and everyone,
I refer to FOLs 'Buckle your seat belts' this term was just used
today on as we are sharing so much information from all corners of the world. After someone surgested that before we view a certain video clip we should tighten our seat belts as it will blow your mind. Light is information as our light increases our ego (mind) may need to take a back seat and enjoy the ride if it resists it will cause stress.
Love,LIGHT and peace.

Apocalypstick said...

Dear Blossom,

I invite you to check out one of the newer sites on the internet covering the topic of Ascension. Age of Ascension is a group effort whos aim is to provide unbiased information regarding all topics connected to ascension. We also have a chat room (independant of the website) where we often have lively discussion and debate on a wide array of topics including (but not limited to) UFOs, chanelling, automatic writing, ETs, Disclosure, conspiracies, charkras, healing, the list goes on and on.

Whilst I understand you would be histant (and possibly too busy) to join us in chat, I would love for you to visit our site and gives us your opinion on our efforts.

Many Blessings to you at Christmas time.

<3 Daina

Anonymous said...

Hey Pam, I can feel your joy of spirit:)) I dance in the light with you "just now I'm getting the fuzzies" I think spirit just enjoyed that:)Jack, your big heart is worrying about people losing their way. Too late! have you not noticed we lost it long ago, we are being ever soooo gentley guided home to our real home our soul truth.the one real truth,LOVE.As FOL said: For those of you that know we are here with you....allow us to enter your hearts.For those of you who are unsure as to whether we are here with you.... allow us to enter your hearts.For those of you who choose to deny we are here with you let yourself and the LOVE that you are enter your heart.You certainly are not in need of "us" to figure out that!
Jack,there are many truths, I only ask that you consider this one see how it fits, see how it FEELS.In gratitude for your heartfelt honesty.
Love,Light and JOY

NightHawk said...

I want to wish all the best during the coming holidays. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukau, Happy kwanza, and Happy everything I have missed... May your new years eve's be bright and prosperous. My new years resolution will be to share the light love and inspiration I have lived in and have been ever so greatful to always be surrounded in. I wish all a happy and healthy new year welcome to the light.

Anonymous said...

Helllo Blossom,, I come across something interesting.., Brad from on his new site through his channelings says that FOL are imposters , that they are some kinda group of manipulators with their own agenda and that they bring false light. What do you think about that?
Greetings from the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Hi my dear Blossom :)

I wanted to ask you for a favor to see if you can post this link in your website?

It is about a petition to President Obama to Disclose the truth about the UFOs.

It is in his website where he encourages people to propose changes needed to achieve a better government etc.

this is the link:

Anyone can vote... there are no constraints of any kind :))

Thank you very much :)

Love. peace and light xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Vigusa I posted the following on has replied to my request for disclosure so far 6 votes how's everyone eles going?Posted by Kerrie on December 18, 2008 at 3:12am
Disclosure of workings with UFOS
As I have been awakened to a reality concerning beings that do not have our best interest at heart working within our governments it is my request and the request of many others that the world at large be informed and contact with the beings of light that have our best interest at heart be listened to. I refer you to The Federation of light Channeled by Australian Medium Blossom Goodchild We are a group of people that have come together on a site we are a mix bunch who have united due to a common desire to awaken the world to the larger picture we are not of any religion some are spiritual seekers some are UFO followers some are just ordinary people who have had an extraordinary experience our collective experience seems to be not of abduction but rather of visual and of feelings of a powerful love energy and of telepathic communication we are average working citizens from all over the world it is with gratitude that I offer this request.
Love and Light Kerrie
- Kerrie Brown (Grandmother, buisnesswoman .), Sydney, MS Dec 11 @ 09:32AM PST

I agree 100% with Kerrie.

We Americans and all the inhabitants of earth have the right to know the truth.

The cosmos wasn't meant to be for the few... But for everybody!
Posted by Pamela Pendergraft on 12/17/2008 @ 04:40PM PST

Anonymous said...

Theo are angelic beings (Ester Hicks {law of attraction} went to learn from before she started channeling)

Blossom I see/here your name everywhere these days even mentioned here (blossoming) :))

Theo, how do you see the world today?

We see the beauty that it is of your planet. We see the goodness of the hearts of humanity and the lessons that are being learned one unto the other. But more importantly, we see the awakening of the consciousness of humanity, more than it has ever been. And in that recognition beings taking responsibility for their inner process, which is necessary to acknowledge those aspects of self that are imbalanced within. And bringing the little orphans home and to the heart, meaning the fragmented aspects of the self. And when this comes to fruition there is much information to be imparted to all. For each being as they do their inner work recognize that connectivity to the god source. We're not speaking religiously we are speaking in that sense the individual connection to creation and to each other. This is (blossoming); individuals having personal experience with spirit and engaging on a much deeper level and reaching out to one another.
I wish you ALL the peace and joy that is the one real truth of Christmas.
Love,Light and Gratitude XXXXXXXXXX

NightHawk said...

I see that many people who visit this blog are interested in extraterrestial and U.F.O. related themes. I am a huge believer. I don't know why. I have some kind of addiction to the mystery of what is really going on in our universe. I say addiction because to me it is almost like a drug. I get this urge on a daily basis to explore the internet for new sightings, new breakthroughs in nasa space center, anything related to the stars. It must be for a reason. I believe there are many, many others like me who have this craving for knowledge and do not know why. I can't offer any type of answer but I do know that we are all going in the same direction. I'm not sure where the end is or even where it began. We may all just be chasing our tails in one of lifes mind boggling games, but I believe something so much better is right on the edge of the shelf just waiting to be knocked over. I can't help but get angry that goverments withhold technologies because they are run by greedy money-hungry people. It's a shame to sit and destroy such a beautiful gift: The World. Maybe when the polluted air can no longer be breathed the truth will be reveiled and my mind can be put to rest. Until then I will have to be satisfied with what is inside my own soul: I wish you all love, laughter, and friendship.

Blossom Goodchild said...

just to let you know Brad johnson has written to me and it was not The FOL that he said were imposters but a few channellings from The gfl that did not ring true for him.Golden Rays.