Dec 20, 2008


Just a few things I wanted to share ... if I may ?

1. Regarding the channelling about the moon from The Federation.Nov 30th.

' We give to you the number three. It will be as if there are three moons within the one moon. We are giving you an image of the moon, and it is more Golden as opposed to white, and it has two outer rings around it.'

Well, someone sent me this link ... interesting huh?

During the video, at time 3 min 02sec, you will see a crop circle that depicts the moon inside two rings. And to top it all off, it is a crop circle from 2003 ("we give you the number 3")

2.I received this link and the subject line said FOR YOU. So ... for each one of you that chooses to listen ... I offer it FOR YOU ... the words touched my soul. I hope they do yours ... for indeed we are all beautiful souls. So ... just for you then ...

3. And last but not least for today ... A young man by the name of Kevin made this video. He and I have become friends through Oct 14th ( as with many new friends of mine).He is Braving it ... like many of us ... and stepping boldly out there. Good on ya Kevin. Keep on Keeping on!!

(for some reason I cant get this to link , so please copy and paste)

Golden Rays. Bloss xxxxxx


Mr Nice said...

Words cannot discribe the feeling that is inside off me right now! i wont try....i will how ever say "Blossom Goodchild you are true, LIGHT & SOUL"....and joy to know.
Golden Rays my friend & thankyou.xx

Anonymous said...

All beautiful as are you for all you are still doing.
I found a video on YouTube:
that I liked so much that I found and bought the CD of all his music. The song in the video is part of my daily meditation. It reminded me of one I made a few years ago, so I out it up at:
Keep up teh good thoughts, the love and golden rays. It really IS starting to show and even on and through a lot of folks that haven't got a clue of what's going on with and around us.
Hope I didn't post this twice...

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom and everyone,
Christmas Eve I should be wrapping presents, but I needed to connect to my new friends here and on I received sooo much love on that site,at work and from above:))Heart is bursting, need to give some to you Guys, May your days be full of love and joy of spirit, may you see the beauty that is all around you in the stillness that is the Grace of Spirit, may your cup overflow and may you find peace in acceptance of your now....Phew:)) well I don't know about the walls of Jerico but my walls have definatly come down:))
Love,Light and Gratitude

Anonymous said...

hey blossom, I saw some weird, uncanny strands of multicolored lights in the sky above northern utah. ive never seen anything like it before, especially in utah. Maybe its a sign! haha i don't know. . . but maybe :)