Nov 14, 2008


What Ho! How are we all?

I was sent this link by SO many people, but because it was quite long, I kept delaying listening to it, telling myself I didn't have the time. I tried twice and got interrupted, so I figured I would leave it for a while. I received it AGAIN today... so decided to LISTEN UP and MADE the time. It is an interesting take on what happened on 14Th Oct. I am glad I listened to it, and clearly those 'upstairs' wanted me to listen too. How often do we need to have something put in front of our noses before we 'get it'?

Because the majority of people are chasing their tail, the bit about Oct 14Th begins just after the 40.00 mins mark. Anyway ... have a listen ... see what YOU make of it.

(Can you believe it .... I sent the link out to my newsletter subscribers and some have written back saying it has a virus. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SO apologise if anyones computer has been damaged. naturally I have removed the link!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone sent me the transcript though so I will post it at the bottom. Sorry chaps. Trying to put Golden Rays on it .... but a bit miffed to be honest!! )
So really that leads me in nicely to "listening' ... not just to others, but to ourselves and to just exactly what it is that we are asked to listen to! So often, in this busy hubbub we have created we rush through our day without sparing a thought to what 'the self' is asking for.

The physical will tell you when you need food .... rumble rumble ... Ah yes ... hungry ... chomp chomp... satisfied ... onward.

The physical will also tell you when you thirst and you need liquid. Parch parch (???) ... ah yes ... thirsty ... gulp gulp ... satisfied .... onward.

It will tell you too when you need sleep. Yawn yawn ... ah yes ... tired ... snore snore .... satisfied onward!


Plod plod ... ah yes ... meditation ... plod plod ... onward ... plod plod ... onward ... plod plod ... onward ... plod plod ...

It is essential to feed the soul ... all the wise ones tell us so .... but how often do we do it? Our physicality has to eat and drink or it will fade away .... so we always make sure we do that. But your soul fades too without sustenance, and we wonder why sometimes we are feeling a little under par. Do you not recognise how much your soul serves you? And most of the time you refuse to offer it sustenance in return! It is not only for the individuals benefit, but the benefit of all . And we all know how much better we feel when we tune in on a regular basis. And we all know how much better the planet feels also.

So children .... at the end of class today .... I would like you to make a chart .... The only thing that needs to be on that chart are the days of the week and the word


Your task this week and for the rest of your days, is to place at least four gold stars a week on that chart. Then allow yourself to beam with pride when you look at it , KNOWING you are assisting not only yourself , but the EVERYTHING ... and that's gotta be worth smiling about.

In my wise old years, I have learned many things, as have we all no doubt ... and one of the most valuable things I have learned ... is that one can never stop learning. And we learn by listening up. Taking that time to listen up to what we want to know. We may not always know what we want to know until we know it ... but when we do ... we KNOW!

Golden Rays throughout your days.
Bloss xxxxx

Kryon Oct. 14th eventFrom Venezuela channeling on Nov. 2. Now I’ll tell you what’s happened in the last 2 weeks…my partner I want you to get this right because it’s the first time you’ve heard it…I want you to go slowly so that you can present this in a linear fashion that make’s sense…there was what you would call potential prediction in October…I can speak of this now because October is gone, in your linearity that was last month, and we have told you of some potentials that might have occurred…and I will tell you of some potentials that might have occurred, and some of them sounded like they might have been challenging – we were not the only ones, in fact even science told you the same thing. The science of prediction is alive and well on this planet…more than a decade now, those in a university have discovered how to make certain kinds of devices that react to human consciousness, and since human consciousness is inter-dimensional, these devices react before events happen! You might say they are able to pick up the randomness of potential – this is not a secret, even my partner has reported it in his lectures…it’s an interesting study and futurists love these machines, for the machine starts to react before potential things start to happen, and they’ve seen it, they’ve seen it before in things like the tsunami, the death perhaps of Princess Di –, and these indicators were starting to go off. They were starting to read that something is in consciousness being sensed before it happens, and it was centering around the middle of October. What they were beginning to pick up is a shift that took place on October 13th and 14th, a major shift took place!The earth moved its vibratory level – did you know that? And you’ll say no, but that’s what I want to tell you about. How do I describe this? My partner, go slow – humans tend to linearize these potentials in their own belief systems, thousands of human beings were convinced there was going to be a landing of a giant flying saucer on the 13th or 14th of October, and out of that flying saucer would come entities from beyond your planet with wisdom, and depending on who you talked to with their belief system, some of them would be called Arcturians and some would be called Pleidians – and they believed it. Let me tell you what this was – this was the best thing they had to linearize an earth shift that was expected. They linearized it so completely they had a ship landing. I tell you right now there is nothing wrong with this – it was the best thing they could do. Were they right, did a ship land? Not that we know of. But were they right – yes! Were the scientific instruments right? Yes! But you didn’t see anything, did you? Let me continue…I told you in channel, before those dates, not to fear change in October, for even Kryon saw a challenge coming. For Kryon sees the potentials of what is there, And I was not the only one to channel it, seemingly from many sources and many places, you heard the story: beware of October! If you did the simplest kind of numerology on the 13 and 14, the 13 becomes a 4 – in simple, numerological terms 4 is an earth number, it is a Gaia number, it is grounding, the 14th becomes a 5 – which means change. Gaia, earth, change! We were expecting an earthquake – a big one! A global one. Much like the tsunami, which actually was so large it changed the rotation of the core of the planet. Slowed it down, it did. That’s how big it was. And here’s what you should know. Because of an old energy paradigm that hooks Gaia to consciousness, every single shift on this planet which had a consciousness vibration required some kind of physical-ness of the planet. An earthquake, a movement of the planet’s crust, that’s how hooked you are to Gaia! Now be careful, by partner because I want you to get this correct. Go slow. Two weeks ago this planet moved in an interdimensional way without the expected challenge. All the sources including the ones on my side of the veil expected something larger than took place. We didn’t expect that human consciousness had raised to a place where nothing would happen. The first time it has ever happened – a major shift of this planet took place, without the challenge of disaster and without the challenge of death! And all the predictions were there – but what about that saucer landing? Well, in an interdimensional way this planet has been imbued with more wisdom from the ancients than ever before! Without any challenge, without any earth motion. Well, did a landing occur? In a way it did! For now this planet is vibrating higher than before – it is a consciousness shift that was higher than before, it was two weeks ago and you slept right through it, didn’t you? Blessed is the human being who slept through it – for that is where this planet is going – change without challenge, it is what the goal always was. Won’t be that way every time, but it was this time. And we tell this to you, for so many of you got to see the prophecy, even the machines! Even Kryon! And this incredible human being shocked us all…It’s working, less than one half of one percent of you need to make an awakening to create peace on earth! Oh Kryon, how soon? It’s up to you. But things will happen faster than you think, and all you have to do is look inside, and find the light that you carry!"


Pam said...

Hiyas Blossom :)))

One of your channelings talked about the tremor... was in No.12 I think that it said there was going to be a small tremor before they came and it was something they couldn't avoid... remember?

..."Accept us in your TRUTH as we draw closer to your earthly vibration, and remember of the (small) tremor that we spoke of. We speak of this so that there shall be no cause for alarm." ...

Jyothir said...

Hi, personally I had felt something going on on 11/11, and felt changes not mentioning all others who witnessed it. I see how I am standing more on myself, that I am unconditional love, no matter what is happening outside. I guess everyone is changed in this direction in past days or month. It all plays out well, as was mentioned to stay focused on our truth, which is... understood personally, about unconditional love. Just the words without realization doesn't do that.

So, my greetings, and have a good day. With Love,

Pam said...

Ok here is my thought Blossom :)

What I think that really happened was that the FOL's plan originally was to align the polar axis of Earth.

They knew this would cause trenors around the globe and to make it easier and less traumatic for all of us they decided to get the shps as close as possible to earth, for that we would have seen them hovering in our atmosphere.

I would have taken them some time that is why I think that they needed the 72 hours.

They needed to preppare the population for their coming so there wouldn't be mass hysteria thinking that we were being invaded.

But as we all started sending our love and golden rays all over this helped mother earth to complete the shift withou the FOL intervention.

That is why they were so happy.

And what they say about preventing also damage to us was because we all know that there are many that don't want them here because they are helping us to wake faster.

so what you think of my theory? rofl

Lost of love and peace to you Blossom as well as to everybody here xoxoxxoxo :)))

Anonymous said...

I cannot resinate to Kyrons channellings I did however listen for 5min. from the 40min. marker. But as was the case last time I read one of his channellings, it did not sit well with me. With The Bridge and Snaphot the balanced loving energy that I feel from FOL feeds my soul.They are of light and I know all is as it should be.
Love Kerrie.

Eve from Alabama said...

Blossom, oh my god! Don't be afraid of the email you sent about this teaching from Kryon.

I downloaded it thru the email and I saw no viruses, etc. I know you are a little gun-shy after all the hate heaped upon you since 10-14, please don't be, be strong!

I listened to the whole thing, with my crystal in my hand. I listened NOT for some "explanation" of 10-14, but rather because I was DRAWN to hear the whole thing.

Never, ever ever have I felt so completely and entirely LOVED. Never ever have I felt so alive!

I was crying so hard by the time it was over, I felt RENEWED! When he said in the end- "have you ever wondered who came to see who?'

I have regained the idea of importance of my soul, I have learned from this teaching how powerful I am as a spiritual being. That is a concept that absolutely must be shared, so please send it, make it available by cd, whatever you have to do.....

I am so greatful to have had this sent to me. Thank you!

Words cannot begin to explain the power of this message!

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

With regard to the last chanelling regarding the 'coming days and those that don't think they can be surprised' etc...

Has anyone heard the news recently of the discovery of new planets with their own suns with the potential of 'supporting alien life'? 128 light years away with pictures taken by the hubble telescope. Saw this on Sky News (14th Nov 08).

Could this be what the Fed meant?!

Love to all xxx

Sarah & Mick

Anonymous said...

I just read kyrons chanelling and still do not resonate with it.As was the case when I first listen to the audio. Yes a virus did try to download but I quickly closed it down and typed the web site in.I was thinking about FOL comment 'with bells on' it was also mentioned in Snapshot.There is a portal opening around Christmas time 21/12/08.I know not another date to be let down by.But you can't be let down by anyone not even FOL if you are centered 'IN LOVE'.

Anonymous said...

Something you may be interested in which I have posted on another website, regarding my idea for another meditation on the 21st December 2008...

Let me know what you think -

Unknown said...

I knew you were right in a sense about Oct 13/14. I felt something coming too. I resonate with what Kryon was saying.

BlackSwan said...

I must say i liked Kryons message and it gave a wonderful sense of hope. This was indeed a major success. Conciousness was raised sufficiently high by the expectation and hope of a sighting that the physical effects of an Earth transition were not only lessened but completely avoided.

Do you understand what this means?

It means that we have the capability of easing our passage to 2012. By simply loving and being of service we can dissolve not only our own karma but to some extent group karma. This is key in creating the golden reality we are all aiming for.

Simple - be positive, loving and giving. That is all that is required to ascend into the golden age. The more we practice this, the more people we show the way and the faster the process.

reb said...

i believe kryon's message is truth :)
this was the information i've got from myself too.

heaven on earth indeed...with no challenges.
how awesome the power of human consciousness.

golden rays to you too! * *
* * * * ** *
* * * * * * *
* * * *
most importantly,
golden rays of love all around the galaxy!
* * * * * * * *

Toastmaster said...

Blossom you may have the size of the exact ship who intends on visiting us wrong. Another thing the date you have received is wrong and the location is possibly wrong but what isn't wrong is they have arrived and I've seem them!

Now listen everyone who likes to make a mockery out of someone legit Blossom Goodchild was right about the visitation she just had a few things off not necessarily wrong but the interpretation could of been off since its a Alien language being used. Here in Colorado was where they decided to let us know they are here i don't give 2 shits if anyone here believes me i know what i saw and i need to get a hold of you Blossom earthier through email and or phone. I for one believes Blossom now more then ever since I saw the enormous alien aircraft appearing as a innocent Cloud formation hovering over Pikes Peak Mountain all day on 12-1-08.

MAAZ said...

There is a site that has examples of aura camera systems at that prints aura photos. Has anyone experienced this system?