Mar 14, 2008


Overcome with extreme tiredness lately, I found it more than a coincidence that I recently received two completely separate emails explaining that there is a planetary energy shift which is causing many symptoms including wanting to fall asleep at the drop of a hat! Hooray!! It's not a passing virus. It's not out of control hormones. It's not dehydration. It's not lack of vitamins and minerals. It's your plain and simple energy shift as more of your body is transcending into its "Lighter Vibration'. Now why didn't I think of that in the first place?I could have saved myself that trip to the docs and avoided the blood tests and not wasted so many people's precious time ... including my own!!!

It is a bit hard to believe on one level, yet on another, I have known for years that we are, as human beings, being rewired in order for our physical bodies to be able to enter into the new vibration that is now being widely broadcast. In fact, if you do your research, you will find that it is now scientifically proven that we are developing more DNA strands. Babies are even being born with many many more than your average bear!

When you think about it, that really is something. I mean it actually can be proven. WOW!
On the other hand, as marvellous as this all is, it doesn't help one when they are experiencing all these 'artificial ailments', these transmutations in disguise. I mean , its not something you can simply pop a Nurofen for and it all goes away in twenty minutes. AND ... whilst all this is taking place we are still expected to carry on and function normally in our every day lives! HELLO! Does someone in the know want to do a recky on what that's like down here on planet earth? All good plans and all that, but really, for me, I just keep nodding off at any hour of the day. Is this ringing a bell with anyone out there? Because in all honesty, none of my friends seem to be encountering this sleepy syndrome. Thank God I am able to pass them on the emails. Just to let them know I'm not making excuses. Perhaps I should send them on to the Doc too? Wander what she will make of it?
I accept what is taking place, with Love and as much grace as I can muster. But it would be SO SO helpful if those from other realms/planets could drop an energy/enthusiasm pill into the ether to counteract this lack of lus z z z z z z z z z z z z z ... oops sorry ... luster.
Mind you, if any of you are like me, when I am unable to do something, it makes me realise how little I have been doing it and that when I'm back on form and able, I will definately be doing a lot more of it! Do you know what I mean?? Interesting that. Kind of gives you a kick up the proverbials! Maybe that's what its intention is in the first place. Or perhaps, a double whammy ... upgrading your DNA and at the same time helping you to realise you need to get into gear with whatever it is you need to get into gear with. YEP. That cooks for me. No more complaining. I shall sleep when I have to ... and heh... how blessed am I to be able to? I shall accept that I have to sleep and not beat myself up for doing so. Why is it we feel we have to achieve something in a day or we have definitely failed? How about achieving 'not needing to achieve' every now and then? How about just accepting and just 'being' every once in a while? Allowing therefore, the changes within to take place smoothly, which in turn allows the mind to go with the flow, which in turn makes the whole process so much easier for all parties involved. Mainly yourself. Stop fighting the transforming, by allowing and accepting. Simply slow down and enjoy the ride. Its a freebie! I bid you Goodnight !


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Oh how true that all is, you hit the proverbial nail on the head,,,, yeah slow down is a huge thing in these times, and as far a the DNA is concerned, that too has (is) changing. Yes we are slowly re-connecting to "the whole" albeit very slowly however there is a process that fast tracks our evolution bringing us back into balance and increasing our personal frequencies by reconnecting our meridian lines to the grid line of the Earth which in turn connects us to the Universe (as we once were). We are all one and have the power within us to heal and just be.
Love & Gratitude Sonia :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Blossom,

I can certainly relate to feeling so darn tired , especially in the early evening right through to much later

I was beginning to get a little concerned :-), but then read your message which made such sense to me & now I will just stop being concerned & go with the flow :-)

I have felt the energy what I like to call shifts , it feels like a wave of energy is entering into my head & filling it up , also a sensation of rising

Its relly difficult to describe :-)

But I know that many others must be getting these same energy feelings

Also feelings of almost electricity that seems to just run through the body ( I have no idea of what this is ) but guess I will find out when its the right time

I do both healing & readings so feel its maybe a kind of downloading

love & light