Sep 1, 2016

The Fairy

In a wood, along the path … a fairy sat there weeping,
Her dress was torn and through her shoes … her little toes were peeping.

Alone she sat … her head held low … with eyes so sadly staring,
All will was lost inside her soul … for the world seemed so uncaring.

‘Little one’ I softly spoke … ‘Pray tell me of your sorrow.

Lay down your load … let tell your thoughts and the sun shall shine tomorrow’.

‘My heart’ she said … ‘if Truth be known … is filled with much despair

For when I want to enter it … I knock but no-one’s there.
What is it I must search for to open up that door?
I’ve lost the key to reason and I can’t seek anymore.’
My child’ replied a knowledge … that can touch the very Being.
‘Don’t see what you are looking for … Yet, look at what you’re seeing.
Find beauty in the pastures … Find wisdom in the air,
Find Peace within the songbirds tune … and your searching will end there.
For once you have the insight and there is no fear and doubt,
You’ll realise that inside your heart … it was you who had gone out.’
By Blossom Goodchild. ( some time in the past! )


Unknown said...

Oh, how absolutely beautiful, Blossom . . .
Thank you for sharing this!
Ann xx

Humble Dandelion said...

You talked exactly what I was going trough in your lasted channeling...It's scary but I don't wanna keep thinking 'what if' all the time, I'm gonna have to face my fears eventually, and I want to.
Btw I love fairies and I believe in them ;).


Anonymous said...

I love this! Pat

Kathy McDonagh said...

This beautiful little poem really struck home. I'm very drawn to your youtube videos and just discovered your website. It fills my heart with hope. Thank you for helping me find my way back to the path.

Anonymous said...

Divine poem Blossom!
Just what was needed in this moment too, so very fitting, thank you for sharing :-)

I just read your jan 16th FOL message. Wow - reminds me of a lucid dream i had 3 years back now. It was one of the first truly lucid dreams i experienced.
I was outside my rural home looking up at the night sky when my awareness entered the dream and i said to myself ''Aha! I'm dreaming! Woohoo, i can do ANYTHING HERE in the dream realm'' (It took some training during my waking hours to instill the notion that i am able to create my dreams and be/do anything - before this training i would become lucid in the dream and just that awareness made me sooooo chuffed, the excitement would wake me up!)

So in this lucid dream state, looking up at the sky, i'm wondering what i should do in this dream to 'test' my theory of i create it all and can do anything. So obviously i choose to try to fly. It was literally like in real life, i felt the weight of my body, but i'm being bossy with my mind to force it to believe i can fly. I put my arms up in the air like superwoman!...ahem...i really did hahahaa! ....and i feel my heels lift. I got so super excited! I them said outloud ''I CAN fly!'' and my heels and feet starting to move upward wobbling. I repeated for a third time ''I CAN FLY'' and my body lifted off the ground and i SHOT up into the air and i'm sooooo shocked!!
Lucid dreaming feels just like real life! It really does!
I was flying and wobbling and then i focused my eyes on being smoother with my flying and so it became smoother and i was zipping around going higher!
At THAT moment a 'knowing' entered my head "If ONLY we TRULY believed we could fly in real life, we REALLY could! We just HAVE to BELIEVE and KNOW we CAN!!"
That realisation floored me. I felt that sooo deeply to be absolute truth. I was astounded that came to me in that moment.
I looked down on earth and i saw thousands of people suddenly on the ground and only the very few were taking off from the ground and flying - they were glowing golden lights and i could make sense that they had seen me fly and so believed too that they could fly...but only the few.

The next day i recalled the dream instantly as it's so easy with lucid dreams to do. I went outside to the spot i took off from in my dream and i tried to really believe i could fly and just have that levitational feeling lifting my heels, at least!, like i had felt in the dream. Alas, it didn't happen.
I realised that we are all under such a 'weight' of years/decades of 'mind conditioning' as to what is and what is not possible in this realm, that for anyone to break down this 'indoctrination' requires a lot of mind conditioning to counteract the limiting conditioning of what is truly possible in this reality.
So i have a general personal mantra that 'Anything is possible' - for me that covers everything at all!!
I was astounded to read the FOL echoing that we can indeed perform 'miracles' and fly or move mountains or ....anything IS possible :-)
Thank you and the FOL for the reminder, it is most timely.
With gratitude and love,

Anonymous said...

Blossom please remember to mention "Global Unconditional LOVE" day on May 1, 2017 - it is the only way we as a species will survive while on this volatile somewhat hostile planet - We need to get off the End Times Mentality or we will think it into reality.

Enjoyed your last post as always, remember you are more down to earth than most.

Global unconditional Love is the only way !