Jan 5, 2013


Just now in a reply to an email I wrote … ‘KEEP ON KEEPING ON … FOR THERE IS A TRUTH INSIDE OF US THAT MAKES US DO SO!’
Sometimes I question all of this stuff, and believe me; I have had enough emails to leave not one stone of this ‘messenger lark’ unturned. Yet as I work my way through my TRUTHS … at the end of the day … I simply say to my heart ‘What do you FEEL?’ and instantly I FEEL A DEEP LOVE.
SO … Yes indeed … There are some issues that I would certainly like explaining whilst discussing ‘The Earthly Agenda’ over a pot of tea and a current bun with the affectionately known FOL … yet for now … I choose to accept the notion that it is wise to carry on with these ‘Off World Light Warriors’ because they seem to focus on LOVE more than anything else. In fact I don’t think they have ever done a channel and not brought the utter importance of it to the fore.

SO … Over time I have thought and thought and decided that indeed they are TRUTH. Not only are they TRUTH … they are very wise and very Loving and very understanding. Never have they spoken negatively of anyone or anything.  For me … I have a lot more that I wish to learn from them.

SO … They said last week that indeed we have Ascended and that it shall be a gradual thing … and that THE EVENT … THE HAPPENING … is still to come.  Fair enough. I can accept that.
If it doesn’t come in my life time then so be it … It doesn’t mean it’s not coming!

SO … Where does that leave me and my thoughts about the rest of my days?
In all honesty no different from how I used to think ‘before’! Except there is a little stirring that’s playing on my mind and in my heart. I am not sure whether it is my mood or whether or not ‘SOMETHING HAS CHANGED’ … AND … IT IS ALREADY ‘STEPPING UP’ IN ITS FREQUENCY. The more you go along with THE CHANGE … the quicker one is ‘getting’ how THE CHANGE works and what THE CHANGE actually IS. It’s not easy to put into words. Why? … Because it is a FEELING.

I have been faced with a few challenges here and there over the last week … some trivial … some not so trivial (to me).  I am sure many with ‘their challenges’ would say ‘Get over yourself Blossom … you should try my life!’ … Yet … I have found such a quickness in the turnaround of my thoughts about them … almost … I repeat … ALMOST instant. As if my mind simply doesn’t want Ms Neggy Nag to be given any free time to hang around and moan … For it is instantaneously recognised that she no longer serves.

SO … there is also this FEELING of … (and these words will not accommodate, yet will have to do) … a sort of acceptance about ‘everything’ regarding where one is at … What one should or should not do … a sort of ‘whatever will be will be’ type of laidbackness   yet at the same time … awaiting some signal as to when ‘the mission’ really starts to take off . Even though I accept that this whole Ascension things is a gradual one!
SO … what we do here is follow this FEELING. This deeper understanding of ONENESS. It, for me… is so subtle at the moment … but maybe I have just been metaphorically reborn and these things take time to absorb. If the LIGHT was to smack me between the eyes at its peak … I would be overwhelmed and blinded!!! Yet … as my eyes adjust gradually  ( and during my three days of darkness to my soul …  I had to wear my sunglasses continually because although it was not super sunny … the LIGHT was too bright for my eyes . Mmm … interesting Holmes!) … I digress …

As my eyes adjust gradually … I will begin to see things as they Truly are … now that the veil has been lifted (If indeed it has!!! Really who knows … at the end of the day … who knows?) Yet the fact is millions of souls on this planet for one reason or another KNOW DEEP DOWN that the world is CHANGING and CHANGING for the better.  They KNOW too that our Star Family are part of our journey … it is as simple and as TRUTHFUL as that.
SO … what does one do now?

Love Loght Laughter & Golden Rays
Blossom G. xxx


Anonymous said...

Like many others I drove myself mad waiting for "someone" to produce an "Event" despite my guides assuring me it wasn't going to be like Bonfire Night. Now it seems clear that if we want an Event it's down to us to create it. It's not going to come from the Pleiades or Sirius or Arcturus and neither should we expect it. It's our show and our responsibility to create the reality we want for ourselves. To do that we'll need to find new ways of working co-operatively, harmoniously. That will be challenging and hard work but with the extra boost of energy and light we can do it. It may not be as sexy as a flotilla of spaceships with loud hailers declaring it's all over, but it's surely better for our spiritual and social development to be our own masters (with, perhaps, a little help from our friends).

Anonymous said...

Ask this, if I focus on creating my reality, fully absorbed in knowing it is, where does everyone else go? My reality doesn't have the hate mongerers fighting wars all over the earth, or the corrupt leaders picking our pockets clean, in fact money isn't even necessary as there is abundance of everything each person needs. So am I then in my own little bubble world? Do I create my own people to share it? Or does those souls who want the same reality just zip in with me? Do I focus on the aggressive ones leaving? Or do I focus on the compatible ones arriving? If I do this am I jumping to another timeline? If so, what do I need to be aware of to prevent this current undesirable timeline from ever sucking me back?

Anonymous said...

thank you so much Blossom!!
you describe my sense of things now exactly! I appreciate your reliance on feelings also. our emotional body is more connected to our essence than our mental body I have been taught, so yes... feel truth...it is coming thru loud and clear with all love...
your sister from the other side of the planet where there is a gorgeous manifestation of pure snow filled with rainbows, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

To make my questions even more specific, I had a great day 12/21/12, clearing my chakras and working on creating my reality, knowing that we can do this. I'm ok with with letting the young souls who wanted to be blown away in their 1st grade classroom at Newtown have that experience. I'm good with letting Diane Feinstein duke it out with a bunch of ex-marines over gun control while her husband siphons off billions from taxpayers if those are the experiences they choose. I have less and less stress over the world, I am learning to surrend when someone else's values conflict with mine. Now I want to filter them out of my reality, because I am expressing my gratitude for those lessons of duality and releasing them from my consciousness. I find the bleedover of their reality to be noise in my reality. I want to release the Fed Reserve and the Income tax system from my consciousness as participating in all that petty monetary bartering neediness keeps me from what I came here to experience. Do we just keep releasing each of a thousand lessons we no longer want or need? Or is there a more powerful way to release it all? I never really believed in the whole scenario that a small number of Arabic men flew planes into the Twin Towers justifying the Bush family to fabricate a second gulf war so they could loot Iraq, but I keep seeing articles about 9-11 and how corrupt their family is. OK, so they want the experience of ruling the earth. Or maybe not, since I can be indifferent to that whole event and let go of needing to judge who did what to whom. But I didn't come here to BE ruled by someone else, to be enslaved in some else's economic game. I have my own agenda and it doesn't necessary require any one else's participation, but short of lying in a catatonic state of meditation the rest of my current timeline, how to I massively eliminate all the hooks other's have in me?

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom, I want to share with you and others some of the things I have understood, not only from the FOL, but from other sources.

Our spirit, escence, origen is light and love, because we come from the source that is the same light and love.

Inside us in our brain, on the frontal lobe is recorder all the information we need to get activated all the things we want like levitation telekinesis telepathy teleportation, all we need is to get in touch with our inner self.

In something called seed atom, located in our chest on the position of the timo gland, is the same information and the energy we need to activate the knowledge. Again the point, to get in touch with the inner self.

and the power of visualizing what we want, and here is a little extract.
have a desire, to visualice it by liveing it in your mind, and once lived like something just done, the emotions come by them selves and this emotion detonates the energy to get it done.

ok thats all, land let's keep playind this third dimension experience.


Ami said...

Dear Blossom:
Thank you for the last two channelings and Blog's post. After Dec 21-23 I felt more energy/light in the air but, immediately after those days, I felt the need to "retreat into a corner" (although without a blanket over my head and never again emerge). Until today, I coudn't clear my thoughts and feelings (a state of "nebula" :D). After looking for inner peace, and with a lot of patience and contemplation, I walked away from the corner... Today, I read your beautiful channeling, at the right moment... Voilà: KNOW instead of HOPING.

I´ll focus on that; it's not as easy..

I also liked the sentence: "for those who KNOW LIGHT cannot turn away from it", it's so true!

So, once again, dear friend of my soul, I apreciate the assistance from the FOL, and your ongoing effort, to bring us those lessons, with grace, love and your personal pinch of humor! Love you!

A big hug to all you,

Anonymous said...

As the old saying goes - Heal the world, Heal yourself- .

Try it and you 'll find that by healing oneself, you can't help but notice that the people around you seem to be changing .

Of course you are the one that is looking at the world from a different point of view but that doesn't really matter.

Reality is what you see, feel and hear.

Don't wait up for other people or beings to help you, you are the only one capable of doing so!

So...get up already ☺

Anonymous said...

While I have stopped reading all channelings (from all channelers, not just you Blossom) due to too many letdowns and no trust left in them... I DO very appreciate your upbeat attitude and encouraging, uplifting words and sentiments, Blossom! Will continue to check out your blog and wish you the BEST in every future endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom, thanks for your blogs, I am new to them. I like what you have to say, I LOVE that you are open to question the guidance - not mistrust but open minded....you know what I mean?!! I have had the most challenging 6 mths ever, in fact, my life has got more and more challenging since I was a teenager! It's kind of peaked and now I am hopeful that things are going to get better (I am working on 'knowing') from now on. I've done a truck load of healing and whilst it's still going, I hope that the 21st was the last of the big energy downloads, and now we need to adjust and recover and heal. It's been exhausting. I have also had subtle signs, just subtle....one being similar to your own, I have noticed that a fear or worry or negative thought does not seem to last as long, I seem to get over things more quickly, not stew on them for days....and I am noticing also that negative thoughts are being noticed more by myself so I have the opportunity to say 'cancel and delete!' (Apparently you can do this!!) and re-word it.

I do feel something happened, or perhaps I am going by what others are saying, I don't think so. My daughter (5) had a strange experience - wasn't herself during that time, she seems to be quite psychic. I had a few moments of feeling such love for my children (those moments you look at them and just go "ah, aren't you adorable" - and hugging them felt more intense and joyful. It has lessened now - ha! Sounds horrible but hopefully you know what I mean!!

I don't feel ready for instant transportation anyway, do you? It would be too weird having people popping up everywhere with no warning!!

Jane x

Carl Marshall said...

December 21st came and it went, but there was no event. Our days continue on as each day has in the past. It is up to each and everyone of us to express the Love that God has put into our hearts and to not become disillusioned with external expectations. We seek signs and become frustrated when the signs don't appear as we believe they should.

I've seen UFOs and I've had a talk with a being when I was very young, I don't remember what was said, I just remember the talk with the being in my room.

Everything happens in it's own time and we have to trust that we're at the place and time that we are intended to be, by and for the Will of God.

Anonymous said...

More riddles and bla bla... just stop enough is enough.
Galactic federation of lies and broken promises.
Pillars..reunions..fantastic events.. what a joke.
There is an event coming for sure.. but it has no golden rays in it.
Just stop, even us donkeys dont want that golden carrot anymore.

Anonymous said...

There were a couple of posts (jan 5 and 6) that seem to come from the same Anonymous (it would help to use a nickname or something to refer to when replying to your questions). I will tell you that you can and you MUST overcome the world. In my case, I am no longer under anyone's hooks because I found out that it was me (my ego) hooking on other's deeds so I just unhooked my ego, not anything or anyone else outside of me. I am no longer under the financial system because I feel no need for money at all. I understand that people in darkness still believe they own things and look for security demanding money for them, like my house landlady or the supermarket or the government, they still don't understand that everything is from and for Creator. I gladly give them whatever they ask from me because it has been given to me freely by Creator so why should I keep it for myself and what for?. Find your True Essence and you will be Free, you will still be IN the world but never again you will be OF the world.
Be at Peace... Enrique

Anonymous said...

I just got it- even though the FOL has said it over and over- Know IT-FEEL IT ! I am going to stop wishing for events and the world to change and just KNOW IT that it will! I just realized that I had been doing just that- languishing around waiting for something to happen! Duh! I am going to get off my behind and make it happen MYSELF!
Thank you so much Blossom, for continuing these channellings and sharing them with us!
Love you all!
Thank you Thank you!

Sheila USA

Anonymous said...

If FDL has the technology and means to do instant teleportation, then they could easily pay a visit to Blossom. And they tell us to not hope but knowing, i would say to them, ok, then you do it! use the KNOWING to get here and show your selves. But im sure they will come up with another lame excuse again. Overseers of the overseers?? Well, they really seem to have no say in our universe thats for sure.

These people are definitly not in charge, and they have obviously no knowledge of future events either! Most likely they are just pulling our strings, for who knows whatever reason!

They have demonstrated again and again that they are not thrustworthy, and their TRUTH is definitly not OUR TRUTH!

I wonder how long Blossom will bother with them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Enrique,
That is the the tether to cut now, my ego. So simple, to look back at the source of those ties and see where they all connected!
I KNEW when I read Blossom's message I would get an important next step. Thanks, Blossom!

Anonymous said...

the latests channeling leaves me thinking what is the point of it all i mean i was like that before i got involved only to find myself messed up by all these empty promisses of the fol so thats basicly years waisted on this whole thing :)

the way they play with possibilities as certencies is just mindboggeling for me the story only gets crazyer with last channeling coz it does not talk these promissed right

basicly they play the same emotions as our own politicians do and do we realy need that? saying it is so or it is truth because it can be that is not that it is truth

aslong this world is stil run by cabal this wont do any good at all your hopes what we need is action to get rid of the systems that suppres us and before that all this is useless information

Anonymous said...

I don´t understand the idea of letting go our HOPE and start to KNOW. Honestly, think seriously, didn´t you KNEW something was going to happen on December 21st?

Blossom, I don´t think it is a good idea to expand the trust on this event (assuming that there is an increase from HOPE to KNOW). I got miserable enough after the last two let downs. Isn´t it strange that FOL wants us to start all over again? WHY?


Anonymous said...

Do you like the way contrast is causing you to focus?

Anonymous said...

I just saw this post on my site and had to share it here Blossom and friends, Serena is a very bright light she often brings me such joy,she has been getting such beautiful pictures of orbs and 'pillars of light' The Federation of Light have said there is energy in words so enjoy!

We ARE here Federation of Light,
I AM ready to unite!
Let's embrace and bridge the gap,
For Here is Now, and Now is Here!
We shall always look up to await our reunion!
All time exists NOW.
The feeling of reunion is already in my heart,
And it is GRAND!
By Serena Dawn Gailey January 7th 2013
P.S. This poem was inspired after having an incredibly vivid UFO dream. The most vivid I have ever had!!! I wish I had grabbed my dream camera!

Anonymous said...

Here is one of the photos Serena has posted, this was taken on the 21st Dec 2012,I was just now drawn to it by a comment on it and felt I was meant to post it here,so 3rd post this morning from me,but at least there short! xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Blossom,

You and the Federation of Light are mentioned in this article:


Anonymous said...

For more information about the 'Event' and what's happening with ourselves, our Earth, etc. I'd recommend reading Ken Carey's works, starting with The Starseed Transmissions.

Anonymous said...

Greetings all,

I have friends who grew up in the 60's. That could have been a great time for human ascension and yet here we are.
There has and always will be love and hate.
Absolute anything love or hate is just not possible. The balance is not just obvious it is necessary.
For people who are truly interested read the Law of one readings.
I love Blossom.

I just feel sorry that the FoL put her through this. False promises that go nowhere. People try to say they felt something or its up to us etc etc etc. If thats true what in all these years have they actually said to us? No new ideas, or information. Love yourself, believe in yourself. I would of thought that was obvious, if not already surely by now. I am also pretty certain most people who visit this site already think this way. I dont understand the benefit of the repetitive nature.
They say they have workers on the planet working towards something. Why cant they meet those who are ready and leave those who arent to their own devices. The Fol since channeling have only lowered opinion of us all not raised it. We are now less credible due to their messages. I think they owe us and above all they owe Blossom. A conversation, maybe a visit around a ship or a trip through the dimensions. Some type of undeniable proof. Is it that so much of an ask? No more so than our expectance of blind faith.

We have a right at this point to request more.
Limbo is the only place where nothing changes...

Anonymous said...

Trust the process,it will happen all in divine time,it IS happening ! I like this:

During the past 25 years miracles have taken place that have exceeded the greatest expectations of Heaven. The Awakening that has occurred within the mass consciousness of Humanity has changed the course of history. There are millions of Lightworkers around the world who have invoked the Light of God on behalf of our sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity. Through these selfless efforts, people who have not been able to raise their heads above the mud puddle of their painful life experiences enough to see the Light for themselves have been granted a Cosmic Dispensation of unprecedented Divine Grace. This dispensation has proven to be God Victorious.

--Patricia Cota-Robles

Anonymous said...

I honestly know somewhere inside, but I have know since the '60's. But that is not to say how disappointed I am that I will probably be dead before any of this transpires. Their (the Powers that be)time and our time is so different. It could take centuries and the PTB are telling us it's comming. It's been comming for a Long Time(our time).
I don't mean so pessimestic, but this is honestly how I feel.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Anon!! Not centuries, not even many months. Society is dead already, the signs are all around. Don´t get excited, though. Excitement was pushing everything away, just Be at Peace, you WILL see it, be sure.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Anon :)

I needed that

Kay said...

Thank you Blossom, for letting me add my links here :)

Immaculate Connection is a nevel about a medium that gives birth to a child with galactic heritage.



Anonymous said...

This spoke to me in so very many ways! Much Gratitude for Receiving this message and sharing it with those who needed to hear it. I too have "struggled" with what you speak of...almost as if I keep trying to Live in this dense energy but I notice more and more how much I feel "separated" from it as well. I could go on and on but let's just say that I also Received your message.

Much Love,

yk248 said...

Dear Blossom,

Your latest channeling really resonated with me. Today I just had that experience where I was with a good friend and I felt how his energy was somehow draining or lowering mine, it was not pleasant, although he is a good friend and good person, and with me now a long time. And don't worry about the "thinking about saying to the other people harsh things that you think, things which you'll never say to their face". I just had that today and believe me, probably a lot of people, and the most experienced lightworkers, have that from time to time :)

Much Love and Thanks, and what the FOL said about the "change" creating difficulties, really resonated.


Anonymous said...

Dearest lady of most radiant light,
As you were channelling the FOL last night, I was buzzing wide awake again, almost on an eternal high of energy, this is the way I feel when I sense my higher self & FOL & others are close to me. I certainly cant sleep as my bed vibrates to much from me laying in it. So I tried something new, let go of sleep, unless I need it and continue my heavy physical work in a warehouse, again letting go of the things that I have been so conditioned with in the past.
I only have to attempt to look back 1 month, yet for me that seems like a life time ago, even this morning feels like a life time ago.
Within my perspective, everything that you have channelled over the years from the FOL have been spot on, even if I have been left standing shaking my head in "what the ...." sort of thought, but as experience by experience passed, so to did the settling of guidance given.
Your latest channelling again was bang on the mark, as it answered and confirmed all that I have been feeling. And like yourself and many others, it hasn't been pretty, but that is an experience that I had to pass through to be where I am NOW.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for having the courage and the love to continue sharing these magnificent messages with us.

For we are you and you are us!!!


Anonymous said...


Super Bowl blackout mystery deepens with film of UFO over Superdome
[Feb 6, 2013 - Examiner.com/Exopolitics.org] The search for an explanation of what caused the Super Bowl power
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