Nov 27, 2010


I believe in the US they are celebrating 'Thanksgiving'. Something we do not do in Australia, nor did in England. The word in itself says it all. I was lying in bed this morning thinking about things, as you do ... and I became filled with thanks in my heart for the position I find myself in regarding my channellings. It's not that I take them for granted ever, but it's what I do, so I just accept it.

There are many souls out there who have communications with Beings elsewhere, angels, Ascended Masters, etc. Normal people just like me, yet I am fortunate enough to have my 'conversations' with others not of this realm , spread across the globe. Truly, it is quite something. It is an absolute honour for me to share the stage on with the likes of Suzy Ward, Mike Quinsey and Sheldan Nidle and others too. The fact that this website exists in itself is wonderful. A place where those of like mind can find channellings that interest them. And then, to have them translated into other languages is absolutely fantastic. So many souls offering their services to assist the whole. All of us do this, join together, to get these messages out there to make this world a better place. So many others then paste them onto many other sites enabling many more to continue to do the same, and so the word spreads. We all do this because our hearts are telling us to do so.

Some days, and I know others feel the same, for some reason, complications arise over something or other and the mind insists that we should throw the towel in, but luckily the soul won't listen and that fight within us, battles forth, KNOWING that this movement of LOVE is growing at such a pace that no matter what, we simply have to keep on going.

Channellers put themselves out there every time they are in communication. For me, there will always be someone somewhere with their twopence halfpenny worth to say in disagreement , yet the Love and thanks that are repaid to us, I am sure we can all agree, far outweigh these small discrepancies of those who are not on the same page.

To be a part of this awakening, this Ascension process is so very humbling. To share with others and they in turn feel deeply enough to share with me, is a treasured gift. So many on this planet have no one to share ANYTHING with. Loneliness as I learnt throughout my twenties, is way up there in the 'too hard basket' on the souls journey, so if, like me, you are one who is blessed to have loved ones around you , give thanks from your heart. Many long just for a smile from a stranger to change their world. How much more have we to offer? How simple is it to befriend and give of your time to one who is lost?

How do you compare what you have with that of another soul? You cannot, for it is only your own Truth that can let you know where you stand. How easy it is for one to fall into the 'lack' instead of climb onto the 'plenty'? We KNOW that giving thanks for all we have is necessary for our souls to be able to know who we are.

As we move into our new position could we not make it our personal responsibility to make sure that we give thanks for the less obvious as well as the obvious?

We are all changing so rapidly. Our souls FEEL the need to give thanks for the very sunshine above our heads, for the earth beneath our feet. Our souls are talking to us now in a different way than before ... and we are listening, because when we don't, when we block ourselves out from our True source ... we crumble. Everything falls apart. Yet, when we heed that inner voice, when we are ingratitude for/to life itself then we see unfolding right in front of our eyes, all that was always there and yet it appears differently. It shows itself to us in its Truth and because we allow it, we give ourselves permission to encounter it in all its awe and wonder.

We KNOW these our days of great transformation of our planet and ourselves. We KNOW we are here to help that process. We KNOW so many many things now and the amazing thing is, the best is yet to come ... by far!

We are communicating with each other not just via the internet , but we are touching each other through our heartsong. We are connecting through an Unconditional Love that we are beginning to understand. How wonderful it is to LOVE those who we have never met. How grand it is to FEEL LOVE for no other reason than BEING IT.

WE ARE "GETTING IT" aren't we? We really are! These teachings that are sent to us are starting to have an effect on us all.It matters not how we discover these things for ourselves. It matters only that we find them.

Take time to FEEL YOUR LOVE and then connect it to others who are doing the same. This creates a wave, a band of colour that illuminates our planet. The more we FEEL it, the more we can simply BE it. The more we BE it, the more we ARE it. Because we are! We had just forgotten how to recognise ourselves that's all, and now as the memories come flooding back, we awaken fully into the NEW DAWN. The time that we have long been awaiting is soon upon us.

BE LOVE, ONLY LOVE. That is all we need to do. Nothing else is required of us. How easy is that?!

OK , a few things to add if I may?

I was interviewed by Joe Pena of

The interview will be posted on 11/30 at 10am Central Time (the link will not be active until it actually posts).

For us in Australia, this is 2am on the 12/1, and for those in the United Kingdom, it’s at 4pm on 11/30 etc. If you are unable to listen to it then, feel free to go to the video/audio page on my website where I will post the interview within the next couple of days.

Also just a reminder for those who have the time to visit the Absent Healing page on my site. Please send your Light and Love and Golden Rays to the many names on the list. You KNOW it will have an effect. Thanking you in advance.

OK people, I must away!!! I know I have been a little slack lately regarding postings. Where does the time go?

As we walk together, holding hands,smiling, laughing and Loving,
Blossom . xxx


Ami said...

Dear Blossom,

...and I give thanks to you, to all our brothers and sisters, from here and from there...

With love,

Anonymous said...

Blossom your work has filled my life with love, thank you

Lyn said...

Dear Blossom once again you have posted the exact words and message that I need today, thank you. Blessings and love Lyn

Anonymous said...

This is sooo good,

The Secret Power of gratitude

It is with grace and GRATITUDE we accept the assistance of The Federation of Light for the betterment of ourselves and our planet.Love,light and GRATITUDE Kerrie

Anonymous said...

smile.... you connected!....see what GRATITUDE can do ( I refer to my previous post)LOL

For all of those that feel them close and want to connect, I know how you feel, remember THEY do not judge us, we do,yet in love they ARE reaching us dispite our unworthy ego. (Bless it!)

April 17th 2009

How we wish we could dissolve your feelings of unworthiness.

DEC 14TH 2008

It would only be the self blocking the self from believing one is worthy and indeed capable. Worthiness, we have discovered, is quite an issue for you upon your planet. It is of great surprise to us. For where we are within ourselves is a place of KNOWING who we are. and when you KNOW who you are, there simply is not a question as to whether or not one is good enough. Good enough for what? Good enough for whom? To whom? Friends, each creation is equal,

27TH July 2010

We welcome you into this communication with us. We correspond with you in this way , yet we would say that there are many other interactive measures that we are taking with many in order to resume connections with those upon your planet.

~The Federation of Light~

Blossom did I say thank you enough in my email this morning?THANK YOU big time ((Hugs))

yk248 said...

Blossom, Thank you!!!!

Love and Light.




Muksha said...

Hi Blossom,
Thanks for the info.
Hi All, I live in Cairns and am looking for like minded friends to hang out with, talk, meditate, look to the skies with, etc.
email me if you are interested:

Red said...

Thank you so much for your latest channeling Blossom. That was wonderful.

RafaelVR said...

Hello there! Just checking everything is alright! Blossom, I am so glad by the reading we had a few days ago, actually on the day Jupiter and Venus went direct! It was special and a very heartfelt experience, white cloud has inspired me a various ways, I am learning to direct and to control such abilities yet to be understood by even myself, and the session was a lesson in some way.
Please people, send golden rays to Rio de Janeiro, and all over the world of course! Rio needs the ‘Aquarius age’ now.

"So much trouble in the world;
So much trouble in the world.
All you got to do: give a little (give a little)" - Bob M.

To all my people in the world!

Sahari said...

To All who view 'trouble', look with new eyes, and see transformation in progress. Do not pray for healing, but reach out your arms and embrace the Change -- knowing that Change IS the healing.

The Phoenix cannot rise from the ashes without a fire.

There is no death, and resistance equals pain. Let everyone choose their level of experience in the face of the ultimate opportunity that is upon us to let go of what we THOUGHT, revealing ourselves as Rays of Love.

Always and Only Love,

Anonymous said...

Four messages in one month! We are spoiled! Plus they are about Now more and more. Thanks for asking the hard questions as well Blossom. Thank you for all the hard work

love and light
live long and prosper

RafaelVR said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi there, Blossom and all.

Blossom, on january 7th, 2010, you channeled this message:

"We are very aware that there has been chit chat regarding appearances etc from those in the ranks, and that many of you from your position are feeling excited and yet tiring of the ongoing presumptions that do not seem to occur. Yet we say this … Your eyes are soon to pop out of their sockets when we display to you an inkling of the possibilities. And we can feel you are requesting a time frame around the word ‘soon’ are you not?

Well to be honest, that word has sort of lost its meaning where you guys are concerned … from an earthling’s understanding of the word anyway. But I am not questioning the credibility of your words dear friends, far from it. I feel, since our last break, that I am ready to receive you in an even more TRUSTING way, if you know what I mean. I always trusted you, but probably didn’t trust myself enough, but I feel different about that now. So, no, not questioning ‘soon’. I am but your messenger. It is not my place to interfere. So when you say things like you just have, are we to assume that these wonders are to take place this year?

Dearest and most TRUSTING souls of earth. Can you honestly say that you do not know of this? Can you not feel your hearts beating faster with every new dawn? We have spoken to you of rising up within your beings and coming into a new understanding of yourselves. Whilst we have been silent with this communication, you must surely be aware of the new place within yourselves that is serving you now? Quieten your minds for one moment and inquire as to your hearts knowing at this stage in your progression. If you KNOW of yourselves … there will be in this silence the answers of all your inquiries … just by the FEELING of KNOWING that we are on our way. AT LAST!"

Blossom, i remember that when i read this message i was very excited, but now we are 30 days away from 2011 and nothing happened. I´m starting to feel a little disaponted, again.

Can you or anyone else here, light me up on subject, please?

Anonymous said...

Yes only 30 days to go indeed, and although a lot has happened and is still happening I don't think we've seen the real show yet. ;)

- Catherine

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ ANON. I do understand where you are coming from. And I feel so much has happenned, yet we still await 'The Greatest Show on Earth'. Sometimes I think about quitting because I get as confused as every one else. All I can do is continue on bringing the messages through because my soul asks me to.
And at the end of the day ... these messages have helped me understand so much and I believe, allowed me to be a better human Being.
Golden Rays to all. xx

Sahari said...

With humble gratitude, I'd like to utilize Blossom's crystal clear pool of love connection to drop a seed of thought:

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks and currently on the run for his life (even while he continues his mission) is doing some extraordinarily courageous work shining a light into the dark corners of this paradigm.

I believe people in all walks of the light need to signal their support of him. It is time for those of us who acknowledge to each other that we ARE the Light, to stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Assange's intention to present Truth. Are we ready for it? Are we ready to put aside the false authorities in our lives and see what goes on behind closed doors? Are we ready to live with opened doors?

This is much, much deeper than political interest. This is about naming ourselves as bearers of Light and together we shall be the Tipping Point.

To be clear, I do not say that Julian Assange is a perfect Being. I do not say that every move or remark he makes is Divinely guided. But I do say that in the Big Picture, he most certainly personifies an unveiling, and that is what this time is about: removing the veils that mask ourselves.

For all those who complain that nothing is happening -- I suggest that you do not overlook this event!

Seeking alignment with all Truth,
I am Sahari

Anonymous said...

@sahari: i TOTALLY agree with you!

the FOL always said that because of the new energies coming with the ascension process it was going to be an unveilment in all sort of things as a result, the wikileaks thing is one of the manifestations of that.

along with this!!!:
"NASA will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 2, to discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life"

Pablo from Chile

kerrie said...

Anon they await our leaders to disclose, this would be how it could unfold with more ease,I have just read that those running our planets time is up and they know it, 2010 was the dead line for them to announce the presence of Extraterrestrials this was a deal that was made.

26th July 2009

Do you think dearest Blossom … that we would simply spend all this energy and time on a topic that was only a ‘fairy story?’

You have to ask also if this is not true, why is it that we are ACTIVATED, I am not into ETS nor was I interested in talking outside my family and friends of spiritual maters but now I am on a mission there is no stopping me God (and Blossom) knows that I have tried.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Blossom. I can feel that you talk from the bottom of your heart.

And Sahari, when i said nothing happened i was talking about this: "Your eyes are soon to pop out of their sockets when we display to you an inkling of the possibilities".

You all know that they were talking about some kind of disclosure, decloaking of ships, et cetera, that would rock our world, and that didnt happen.

Anyways, keep on with your hard work Blossom. It comes from the heart, and that´s what matters.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2011 to all of you.

Sahari said...

@Anonymous. I have had many meltdowns myself over the years. And when the dust settles, each time, I realize that I am like a little girl who wants a pony and has no interest in the respnsibility aspect of it (build barn, get hay, learn to ride, etc.).

Please don't 'assume' I am trying to make you 'wrong' here. It's perfectly natural to express frustration, as long as we move on to a greater embrace of our original choice to be here.

YOU chose to be here, Anonymous, and if you are having trouble with the process and pace of the 'unfolding' then the only thing for it is to get right with yourself via a good hard look at your assumptions, preconceptions and expectations -- all part of the 'veil', instead of blaming it on the FOL. Either you believe or you don't. Which is it? This is the kind of no-nonsense talk that I have been GIVEN by my out-of-body teachers, over the years. MANY times.

Don't be afraid to put down your negative thought habits. It's not like they're helping you feel better, right?

Love from one pony=girl to another.


RafaelVR said...
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Pudim said...

Embrace this December. It is the last month of a year of great change and now comes the time to let go of everything that we need not hold. I'd like to share a channeling by Jennifer Hoffman, which can be found at her website Here it is:

"The Energies of December

It’s finally the last month of what has been a challenging year but not as much as previous years. This month may seem to move slowly because there will be many opportunities to complete work we have been doing all year and that includes the final release of beliefs, people, situations and memories that we have been working on since 1995. To give us support Mercury is retrograde all month, Venus is re-tracing its retrograde path until the 21st and we have a full moon lunar eclipse on the same day. I hope you’re ready to let things go because it has moved from ‘optional’ to ‘required’.

The Mercury retrograde is probably the most significant thing we have this month because it meets up with Pluto for nearly a week. This is a highly transformative energy that removes all obstacles to change—with the power to vaporize anything in its path (think of Darth Vader). I have always thought of Mercury as being strongly associated with karma so be prepared to face your karmic cycle challenges with the purpose of ending them forever. If you do not know what they are right now, don’t worry, when they come up you will know. A hint: watch for anything or anyone who makes you very angry or pushes your buttons in a way that‘s hard to ignore..

Then there’s the full moon eclipse which is at 29 degrees of Gemini. This is the third full moon that has occurred at the last degree of a sign and that is very significant, given that this year has been about endings, releasing blocks, and completing karma. And on this day Venus moves out of its shadow and Mercury passes a 29 degree mark in its retrograde. Mars will meet with Pluto two days before the eclipse. Do you think there is going to be some serious ‘ending energy’ happening around Christmas week? Pay attention to what happens at your family gatherings during this period.

The focus for this month is on how you want to enter the new year. What intentions do you want to set for yourself and what do you need to do to be ready to fulfill them? December will help you let go of anything that stands in your way. In other words, what have you outgrown that you can now leave behind knowing that as soon as you do something else will take its place that is aligned with your new intention? As you go through this month don’t regret or resist what leaves your life, as many things probably will. Instead, make a list of your new life intentions and let that be your focus as you allow this energy of completion to help you remove anything that blocks you from the peace, joy, prosperity, abundance and love that you want in your life. Have a wonderful month."

@RafaelVR: O RJ está passando por mudanças há muito necessárias e que, apesar da forma como ocorrem, se mostram bem menos violentas que se esperaria para essa situação. Tudo está cada vez melhor, meu amigo. Enviemos amor a todos os envolvidos, para que o processo se apresse e acabe bem.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@ Andarilho. A little long, better to just direct as you have done to the actual post. Thanks. Also gooogle translated your message to Raphael (just checking :)) All good. thanks Blossom. xxx

Anonymous said...

I have just listened to your interview with Joe Pena, what a lovely man!it makes such a difference when one is in good company like that, it just flowed beautifully.I am feeling rather good today, it must be Christmas coming up and isn't it your birthday on the 8th? I can't believe another year has gone.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Sahari.
English is not my native language, so maybe i didnt make myself clear. I´m not assuming that you are saying that i am wrong. I always come here to learn, and i think that is exactly what we are doing right now, learning.

I have a great life, love my family and have friends that are just like my brothers. So you see, i cant complain about my life...If i look to the world in a selfish way, it would be nice if we stay the same way for the next 60 years or so. But that´s not what my heart tells me. Makes me sad to see the world as it is these days. And that is why i belive so much in this ascension process. I can feel it. I´m trying to improve myself every day and doing so, i belive i´m helping the world.( i think every body here feels kind of the same way).

And it´s not first contact that will change the people of earth, although i really belive it will help a lot.

But my question about first contact and GFoL is: If they aren´t sure or cant control all the odds, why do they tell us that it´s going to happen at a certain time? I mean, i kind of understood their oct.14 explanation, but that was it.

You see, i wouldnt have trouble with the process and pace of their 'unfolding' if they never talked about another time frame, but they did...

But anyways, i know that i´ll only find the answer for this question inside me. And i´m trying to get there!

Peace to all!

Pudim said...

@Blossom: I find it easier when thing are just there to see (and I had some trouble finding the message in the site I pointed to: I got it translated to Portuguese in yet another one), but I'll keep it in mind for an eventual next time.

As for the translation, better safe than sorry, right? =)

Anonymous said...

Blossom...I am wondering about the Federation of Light and their message to us all re what is happening to our planet. Why do they not just show themselves, it would be a darned sight better to get the message across rather than causing the death and mayhem they say will happen. Have they ever talked about that, or have you asked?

Many thanks, love your site.

Lyn x

Anonymous said...

May be this will help Lyn, it would be too long a discusion for here.

May 16th 2009
How we wish we could comfort you in a manner that would be more suitable to what you feel are your needs. Yet agreements were made and must remain in their rightful place. Know dear ones, of the Love that is filtering through. Feel it … for you are of it. As this is recognised more and more the vibration that is now with you shall become more apparent to those who are Truly in awe of themselves.

or this:

7TH DEC 2008
Each and every one of you as an individual is responsible for your own Ascension. You cannot simply hope that you will be taken along with the tide … it is not like this. For you cannot move into a vibration unless the entirety of yourself as a soul sphere is able to sit comfortably in that new place. It simply does not work in a way that would allow this to beTherefore …. This is why we are asking those of you who ARE aware to assist. This is why you are here. Not just for yourselves, but for your world as a whole. As a ONENESS. It is essential for those in the KNOW to liberate those who are not yet able to understand this movement into Higher Realms. It is interesting to us, that some have slipped away from reading our words, for they are not to do with what you in your world express as UFO’s and all the phenomena that goes with it. And yet …. What theses souls do not understand is that these words of LOVE that we offer is exactly what all this UFO phenomena is about!!!! So many of you want to see for yourselves … these wondrous ships in your skies … to PROOVE to yourself that there is more … more to your earthly existence than just that of the goings on upon your planet. You need the proof. This is what you desire. And yet, what many of you cease to understand, is that until there are a certain amount of souls that can ‘anchor’ our vibration we cannot present ourselves on a continual basis. Yet we know that more and more are Ascending. This is not to be confused with the actual ASCENSION … which is in preparation at all times as you move forward.

Blossom Goodchild said...

@kerrie. Truly Kerrie I know The Federation are always saying
'hold on to your hats' , but I take mine off to you. You HAVE to be top of the class on your knowledge of their channellings!!
Thank you for always being so helpful to everyone here. (and me just quietly!)

Anonymous said...

Ami said...

Dear Blossom,

Without a doubt, Kerry is our "index" to the FOL's messages. I love her; a great woman, positive and kind.

These days I felt so tired, needed to disconnect from the world... Even maditate was difficult. And then I remembered some words from your last channeling that helped me a lot, really: "We mean in a deeper way. Breath in deeply and out again deeply. As you do so you will be conscious of a difference within this taken breath. It is of a Higher depth." I breathed deep and it was great, every time I feel that way...

So, again, thank you FOL. Thank you Blossom. The answer exist; we are blessed when we can discover them (wherever they are).

Be in your light. Don't let dissapointment win the game.

With all my love,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ami, I am so tired also and waves of energy washing through me and yes I too find breathing helps a lot and I breathe in the pink light The Federation said we anchored in on that Good Friday, I know how that one helps and I drink a lot of water and I keep going bush of late and breathing in nature, everything is changing our bodies are undergoing a huge transformation and as this happens within us it will go out to more and more people,the ripple affect,we sort of act as a bridge, well this has been my observation over about 4 years but it is quickening now.The Federation explaines it often like in the 14th May 2010 channel,how blessed are we thanks to have this assistance it would have been scary other wise.((Hugs))

terri said...

perhaps the fol is speaking as well of the love and wonderment right in front of us, within us and around us in our own lives. we are a microcosm of the macrocosm, as above, so below...
if we can see and acknowledge our own divinity and then act and feel accordingly, then we shall see what was previously hidden, only because we are now looking with different perspective and intention.
change and creation always come from within, then the "outer world" reflects this for us.
reality is truly relative...
trust yourselves, love yourselves, only then can you love or trust life, or anyone else.
its when you no longer need proof from outside of yourself that you see and know and enjoy life more than ever....

yk248 said...

Nicely put Terri!!! (:


Anonymous said...

Aurora just sent me this Blossom and I am forwarding it to you for your garden, beautiful pics of flowers with the song imagine,I hope you had a beautiful birthday ,so many sending you their love and gratitude ((Hugs)

Sahari said...

Hello everyone. I recently stumbled across:

Mark Boyle is the UK's Moneyless Man, having gone 14 months (current status even?) without using money. More to the point, the world view that his journey has given him is, in many important ways, SO in tune with the new paradigm we seek.

The site itself is more than a blog too == it's a place to register with any talents, skills, willingness-es you have to 'give away' and a place to seek such from others.

I encourage everyone to check it out, read through some of his blogs -- like Blossom's blog messages, his writing is a joy to read -- and see if you encounter harmonic resonance between what he's doing and the messages of the FOL.

I'm a big fan of practicality and find his energy to be inspirational in my own quest, as in: WHAT CAN THIS DIMENSIONAL SHIFT LOOK LIKE IN MY OWN EXPERIENCE?

At the very least I am hoping, dear Blossom, that you will consider whether or not this is a good add for your list of websites.

Love to all,

yk248 said...


Thank You for the latest channeling.

Love and Light.


Ami said...


What a wonderful message (Dec 11th). You express the thoughts and feelings of several of us. Many times it seems we're talking live with FOL. We are lucky having you ;)

Thank you, as always. With love,

Anonymous said...

thanks for the last channeling blossom i felt you were expressing as exactly how i feel i felt your frustration and the wait feels like forever even 1 more day is so long away. i dont know how many billions are on this earth but i can say i think only 5% are awake to this side of life how is it we convince the other 95% to wake up and even if we tried how long would it take, im not really sure this whole plan is going to come to light in my lifetime maybe just maybe in my childrens but i just dont feel its going to happen for me i am losing faith with everyday that goes by and the more i try to love the angrier it makes me, in saying that i dont think i am anywhere near where i should be for "ascension" and i think it is going to take me years and years to get there, so how long is it going to take for people who have no idea yet?

Sahari said...

Dear Anonymous --

Letting go of a belief is a tricky business. If you really believe, you will find that even if you TRY to let go, you will not be able to.

When all seems pointless, it is an indication that deeper digging is the ticket. Ultimately YOU are the treasure you desire and what the FOL seeks to guide you to find.

I have to tell you this story -- maybe you'll find a kernel of hope in it:

In 1992 my husband and I spend many days interviewing a mother and her 11-year old son. When he was 5 years old, he began telling his mother stories about being taken on a spaceship for rides. The mother asked him where they took him, and he answered "50 years into the future." She asked him what the future was like and he said "I could have anything I wanted, but I didn't want anything."

Over the years, I've done the math and this is what it looks like:

The boy was 11 in 1992 so he was 5 in 1986. 50 years from 1986 is 2036. So, to get from where we are NOW, to a place where we can instantly manifest anything by 2036, I'd say some pretty radical changes will have to come about.

When the water boils, it has been working up to that point, hasn't it? A cake isn't a cake until it's done baking. So chin up, stiff upper lip and all that...

It is already written that we cannot fail.

Love, Sahari

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sahari, I liked how the little boy said he didn't want anything, I know how that feels when your heart is full.

Here is an extract from a bit of assistance I received at a time I was feeling down not knowing wheather to keep on doing this.

20th April 2009

Kerrie we are with you be strong

Thank you my love to you family.......I don't know what to say? where are all the questions gone?

Your heart is satisfied

Yes that is it I am fulfilled.

I had so much love going through me, I just wanted to reside there forever.

Below is a lovely youtube of tired shoppers suprise when a few people amongst them started to sing a Christmas song. ((Hugs)) Kerrie

P.S. @ Anon remember anger is good it is one step up the emotional ladder, it gets you out of depression, just don't judge yourself and keep going up that ladder.

yk248 said...

Hi Anonymous,

The more we attach to an idea of something happening, when it doesn't we suffer. Ultimately there is nothing to do or accomplish but being ourselves all of the time. Things might happen we might reach heights and create amazing things, but still after all is said and done, what are we left with? Just ourselves being Love (and unfolding each and every moment to be who we are inside). We are Love so being ourselves in all honesty, IS spreading the Love (:

Love,Light and thanks


Anonymous said...

just sharing a thought

last year i went to see a psychic medium and she was very precise on EVERYTHING but that is not the point the point is she told me that my now 4yo daughter is very talented and will become a singer,do i urge her to hurry up and get older,to become a singer because i can not wait to see it? NO.i am busy enjoying every minute of her life at this age and at every age until she becomes a grown woman and flies the nest, i am not rushing my baby to grow up quick so i can say i told u so,i am just sitting back and when it happens it happens!!! just thought others may be able to use this method in our waiting stage :)

Coach Enrique said...

@ last anon: I believe most of us feel more as if the psychic medium told us that our little girl will be healthy soon while she's currently in pain and dying, we just can't sit down to relax and there is nothing to enjoy while this happens. Just speaking out for so many in pain and despair throughout the world.

Sahari said...

@Yonatan -- you totally nailed it!

What you said reminds me of an interview with the Dali Lama that I read -- before he gets on a stage or takes a podium to speak, he tells himself that he is going up, and will be coming back down (I'm paraphrasing, of course).

Where ever we go, there we are and it's only a question of how we receive and share (or don't) the Love!

Love, Sahari

Anonymous said...

@ coach enrique
im sorry i am not in that position of an ill child i am very grateful that i have healthy children for now.
and no i tend to focus on SOME positives through life especially when it comes to my children,
i m not quite sure what you were getting at with your comments? but if it was an attack on my way of gettting through this life maybe you could use a little bit of positive thinking yourself

good luck :)

Anonymous said...


I dont think Coach Enrique was trying to attack your way of thinking. You gave us a example, and he used yours example to express his fellings.

I feel the same way as Coach, but i wish i could feel as you feel, anonymous. But in my reality, i just cant. I live in Brazil, and my country, right now, is in a completely mess(especialy politics). And i just cant see a way out of it. I mean, i have a very good condition to live here, but 98% of Brazilian doesnt. They live in poverty, and that is killing me.

But anyways, i´m reading "The Law of the One" Books, that i found in David´s Wilcok site and its one of the most amazing book i have ever read. I recommend.

Light up the darkness!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys just a heads up if you do not already know we have an important event coming up on the 20th Dec. apparently this solstice is going to be huge and we also have the gathering of the Eagle people (Indian tribes of USA,Canada and other tribes of the north) and the Condor (Inca and Mayan and other Indian tribes of the south)as was prophesied long ago and just today Little Grandmother Keisha Crowther has urgently requested we all wear a clear quartz crystal around our neck to assist our reconnecting to Mother Earth as she awakens,also we have had some more solar flares so emotions are high become the observer and stay centered in love is the advice James Gilliland offers to get through this.phew thats where we are at it's been a busy couple of days hold onto your hats, no wonder I have been feeling floaty, I went and had some reiki done today, my first time, I am back for more after Christmas, soooo good.
P.S. We have also had a lot of UFO activity around the sun again!and my site is getting about 5 sightings a day these past weeks since 13th Oct

Coach Enrique said...

anon: Eddie is right, far from my intenton to "attack" you or your post, maybe I shouldn't have used your example to express not only my feelings but the feelings of millions over the Earth, I apologize if it made you feel unconfortable. As a Life Coach, I know that most of us are dealing with big phsycal and emotional challenges, the kind that can actually destroy our spirit, some people may not be experience this and that's good for them, but the vast majority are fed up with the material circumnstances of their lives, and it's not about economics. A couple of relatives of mine have been recently diagnosed with cancer which is totally unfair from my human point of view and I just can't wait for the new Earth where no more pain, disease and suffering shall exist. Knowing that Heaven is around the corner and still have to experience the dark aspects of life is excruciating and no mental tricks can really take us out of this.

Anonymous said...

i apologize coach enrique i think you are correct about the emotional upheavel hence the reason i lashed back and yes i am sick of it aswell 2 a point where suicide is looking great and that is why i try to find other things to occupy myself or ways to think about things so as not 2 go crazy willing and wishing them to come, i am also really really terrified if they do not show ever,what will i do then,how long do i wait

Sahari said...

If we can just find more ways to give, even when we are at the depths of our despair. Surely there is someone, within reach, who could use some love? And in giving for it's own sake we connect again to the idea of divine purpose, and in giving, we are creating a network of love THAT IS THE NEW WORLD YOU ARE WAITING FOR.

We have to start out, each of us, with an idea, an air bubble, an inch of foothold on a precarious ledge, and expand from there. This is wax on wax off for our hearts, and THEN, suddenly and when you are not waiting anymore, the love we ARE will all click in somewhere grander but by the time it does, maybe it won't even feel like relief, but the awesome spectacle that is the reflection of ourselves AS love.

Can anybody see the image I'm sending behind my words?

If nothing else, you can see from the many posts of despair that you are not alone, and THAT could be proof that there is something going on, something worth stretching for...

Myself, I have recently been staring any feelings of despair right between the eyes, without fighting or avoiding, just KNOWING it is entirely within my choice range to allow the despair to rearrange into love, because I KNOW that it MUST be love (because there is nothing BUT love), but it is APPEARING as despair because I'm looking at it incorrectly via a condition (conditional love vs. unconditional love).

Please, sad hearts, open up and let this little light inside?

You are all so loved.


Anonymous said...

Hang on in there anon,can you perhaps practice focusing your mind else where, just stay in the moment and don't project your thoughts to the future or the past as many times as you can, this will eventually uplift you, I know it works, this is how I have done it all my life, it is only now that it has become trendy. ((Hugs))
P.S. I know what you need, a Christmas story, I was just talking about this today,remember Blossom when White Cloud gave you a picture of a large white poodle jumping up and wagging it's tail with a tartan ribbon tied to it in your mind, when you were returning one of my many emails:)and when I got to work the following day a client came into my dog grooming salon with a white feather she had found in her garden to give to me (she knew of the feathers I keep getting) one of her dearly beloved white standard poodles had just died and it was near Christmas time and she said she used to put tartan ribbons on them every Christmas.

P.P.S. Read the Christmas channel from The Federation 6th Dec 2008

Blossom Goodchild said...

Thank you to everyone for supporting these comments and being there for each other. It really is so heartwarming and so good to read so many words of great wisdom. Hoping to do a blog post before christmas. Hoping for a channelling too. Just finished a beautiful White Cloud evening and hope to have the youtube links to you soon. An energy of joy spoke!!!!! New to me!!!!
Thank you everyone for your Loving vibration to each other.

Laura said...

Thank-you Sahari for your beautiful words. You have such a lovely energy! I too am finding life quite overwhelming these days, although I do my best to try and stay in the present moment, and try to stop and breathe when I find myself getting low or discouraged. This site is always such a big help in bringing upliftment. Thank-you to everyone here for sharing your thoughts. Blossom I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Looking forward to seeing the latest video of you and White Cloud!

Lots of love to you all!

Anonymous said...

WOW how cool was that last channeling,and blossom you were in such a positive mood i think i may have felt your excitement

cant wait

Anonymous said...

hey blossom i think you should take a look at this

yk248 said...

Thanks Blossom,

Love and Light (: