Jun 3, 2009

Sunshine , Lollipops and Rainbows.

Now then ... how are we all? I have to say that although I am merrily rowing my boat downstream,(subject of my newsletter this month, for those unaware.)

I cannot deny the fact that my heart chakra is going doolahlah. Thankfully I recognise it for what it is ... 'moving into the Higher Vibration' ... because I have met some poor folk who have literally packed themselves off to the doctors thinking they were either having a heart or panic attack. NOT AT ALL! Relax and KNOW this and all will be well. As the Federation Of Light say, it is just our minds associating that feeling with panic or anxiety ... yet it is not. So be at peace with it people, be at peace. Its a LOVE ATTACK!!! It sometimes makes me feel as if The Federation Of Light are literally 'hovering' over us. I felt this same feeling so very strongly in the few weeks building up to Oct 14Th last year.

Rainbows!!!!!!!!! Whaah! What can one say?? I have seen the most amazing rainbows in this last week. One over the sea, one over a mountain. The mountain ahead of me actually 'became' the bands of colours because the rainbow was so low to the ground.Sounds of enrapture flowed from my Being without consideration. I felt like Heaven would surely be around the next corner. I have NEVER experienced such magnificence.

I am well aware that those who study weather patterns will have a perfectly rational explanation for these pictures in the sky. Good! Lovely! Marvellous!. However ... those of us who study spiritual patterns do not have to consult charts, or apply atmospherical analogies, or tamper with temperature thermostatics (surely that's not a word!!). Nay! ... we simply FEEL the goings on 'upstairs' with our friends on the landing!

Maybe it's just me ... But my instinct tells me not so ... There is something that happens to my entire being when I see such wonders. It feels like those Beings in Higher places are saying hello through the vibrance and depth of these colours in the sky. I know The Federation talk many times about rainbows. Therefore my association with them automatically send out Golden Rays when presented with such things. Maybe its because our vibration has lifted to a level that is able to 'see ' things from a Higher perspective. Whatever it is, I simply cannot deny that what I have seen ... and indeed photographs that others have sent me of these 'Get Ready' signs ... fill me with Light and connect me with home. The feeling is so strong I could burst. And ... this is just the beginning.

It is so apparent to me that everything is indeed changing. As difficult as we may make it for ourselves sometimes, it is SO important to focus on all that is GOOD around you. FEEL the GOOD STUFF! Let the good stuff in. Repel any negativity ... It does not serve. THRIVE ON BEING ALIVE. And be vigilant at all times! Allow all thoughts to come from a place of Love. The quicker you recognise the 'fear' thought and send it packing, the easier it becomes for your entire day to be filled with Love ... not just a bit here and there when you make the effort.

BE LOVE ... and BE LOVED. We are definitely getting there. We are certainly heading in the right direction ... down stream. Talking of which ... it came to me the other day that when you visualise your boat drifting down stream, turn the water into liquid gold. It seems to bring a deeper acceptance to 'going with the flow'. No harm in giving it a go. And it certainly makes for a very peaceful meditation.

So be of great cheer and spread some Laughter around as you journey onwards. Play a game to see how many people you can make laugh in your day ahead.

Lets Lighten up and Brighten up this wondrous planet and the souls upon it shall we?

And just to say to those who don't know, as it appears quite a lot don't ... The Federation Of Light channellings our put up on my website every week. Go to www.blossomgoodchild.com and you will find The Federation of Light page on the menu on the left.

Many thanks to each and everyone for such Loving support that is shown to me.

Swords of Light to the skies Guys. We are a force to be reckoned with!!

Love Light Laughter and a rainbow full of Golden Rays.

Blossom xxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

Hey guess who..

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for putting that in Blossom about the heart, I havn't had it this bad since about 3 years ago, when I took myself off to the doctors and then the doctor sent me to a heart specialist and they couldn't find anything, cramps in the legs too.
These days now that I know what is happening I just go with it and tell others to breathe into it and now I tell them to breathe in the pink light, but wow this week I even said to spirit ok if it is my time to leave the planet can it please be after my Noosa visit:)

Oh yes bless your water and drink heaps,

Well I am off it's my Birthday and my daughter is cooking a roast:)

I just listened to my daughter and my 3 year old grandson sing Happy Birthday to me on my answer machine so cute:)

Love to all keep breathing:)

P.S. Love the youtubes Blossom we are all getting so musical, and yes my lovely Leanne that works for me saw a beautiful double rainbow that was so vibrant she was moved by it as if it was speaking to her.I can feel them so close:)

Anonymous said...

Well I just got home and looked at the Moon it has 2 huge Halos I don't remember ever seeing it like that they are huge and I noticed that the time was 11:11pm 3rd June Sydney Australia:)

With Love said...

Bless you Blossom, you are so connected :-) I actually wanted to cheer you up with a funny video yesterday when I realized that you also receive not-so-nice emails.

One really has to be brave to spread love and light, to share channelings from higher dimensions with so many people and to say nay to those energies that don't serve you and and the work that you do. Respect for that!

And of course happy birthday to you, Kerrie :-)

This is my video share for today :)

Faith said...

OK, THANKS BLOSSOM for that very very uplifting happy message from you and the WONDERFUL songs! Music is great- I would like to do some singing at the big FOL party that is coming up, get ready! Let's plan the refreshments, games, entertainment etc. now ok? OK, I was feeling happy before I read BLossom's latest but now I'm SUPER HAPPY. Speaking of music, you know how I wake up with songs sometimes that are part of my 'gift' or 'souvenir' from the dreamtime? Well, guess what I have today- 'Santa Claus is Coming to TOWN'.
So everyone, BE GOOD!

And Kerrie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And Hi to ANonymous, we know who you are!

Love to ALL--- Faith

Anonymous said...

You're having strong feelings because they are so close to you ... Have a look





Anonymous said...


I noticed a BEAUTIFUL indigo halo around the moon here last night (US). I tried to take a picture, but my camera is not so great, so I ended up with a big blur that maybe kind of resembled the moon in the picture, lol.

My roommate couldn't see it though, he said I was seeing things and needed to have my eyes checked! haha

Anonymous said...

With Love, She is so cute (youtube) and thank you for my birthday greeting,

Hey Faith you are sounding very happy thank you for my birthday greeting,

Anonymous that is great, the halos here in Australia were gold and white,

Anonymous those youtubes of the sightings were good, I am looking forward to the full moon in Gemini on the 7th, I so would like to see something, I go out twice a day and send my love to them and sometimes I can feel a reply back.
When I watch those youtubes I think of when The Feds referred to the skies of your protection:)
Blossom thanks again for your birthday youtube so cute:)
Well one very grateful blogger signing off:)

Faith said...

Hey everyone- I had to share a great dream from last night. I was riding in a car being driven by my father, and I was seeing interesting things out the passenger side in the sky. I told him about them but realized he couldn't see what I was looking at from where he was sitting. (hmm symbolic or what?) And then I realized I was seeing large round or near-round objects were attached to the ceiling overhead. Each was different with different colors or markings. This was quite unusual, I knew I had never seen this before. There were a whole bunch of these objects in series, at least 10 or more.

Well, woke up and realized I had seen a parade of spaceships! What seemed to be a 'ceiling' was the sky! Years ago I dreamed of a 'ground level' parade that included a bunch of spaceships, going by on the ground like floats in a parade. This one was in the sky! Anyone else have anything similar?

Faith said...

oh yes, and anonymous, thanks so much for your set of youtube ufo clips. Especially that first one with the big formations of ships! Reminds me now of my dream I just posted about here!

Karmallama said...

Yeah the past couple nights there has been some huge rings! Not sure if it means anything though... except it is fun to look at

Anonymous said...

Faith thanks for sharing your dream, the car is significant, I was given a new model in my dreams recently, I was learning with difficulty to use the high tech stick steering, but heaps better then my old car I have had for so many years in my dreams where the breaks wouldn't work:)
Maybe it is time to take hold of the steering wheel yourself and believe that you can do that?
Even when I couldn't control my old car somehow I managed not to get hit by another car despite the breaks failing when the lights turned red.
Go for it Faith just tighten your seat belt, we have a lot of assistence now as you have seen in your dreams:) Namaste

RafaelVR said...
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Ami Drutman said...

Thank you very much, Blossom. Your words are wonderful. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

so can you clue me in on when the aiens are gonna come???

Faith said...

Kerrie- I did notice that indeed it was my father driving the car and not me...and thanks for the encouragement. I have actually never learned to drive a car, although I have done so in some dreams- with kind of faulty brakes like you- but have been ok. It is definitely time for me to take off!

Anonymous said...

Whoohooo! I had my first dream of light ships last night ( not metalic) one passed over shaped like a triangle with white lights all around the edges and disappeared and then another one that was shaped like a merkabah with lights all along the edges:)
Not much work being done at the momment Blossom I am sooo sleepy:)
I forgot to tell you that rainbow song you put up I got in my head 3mths. ago and bought it off itunes and my little grandson sings it!
gotta love syncronisity, I have such fun with it:)

Steve said...

Got something for ya Blossom, Your latest channelling reminded me of this from Matthew-Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Thanks BYEEEEEE :)

Frosti said...

OF course crop circles make sense. within each year, they evolve into more complex shapes, just like us we are evolving too

Anonymous said...

What can I say Blossom, words cannot express what I am feeling after that channeling,so I'm not even going to try:)
Today I had an experience with them and now I know why!
Love,light & gratitude

Anonymous said...

Clarification on tomorrows Full moon it is in sag so I am guessing what the below post was refering to is that it is in sag but in Gemini!!!! So Blossom its your moon also enjoy

Sagittarius represents idealism, faith, enthusiasm, the quest for meaning, and a generosity of spirit. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is an invitation to bask in the light of some good old-fashioned Jupiterian optimism and joy! This Full Moon represents the union of the physical and the spiritual in the search for knowledge.

The Gemini Full Moon, which is the third of the Full Moon Festivals of Spring, is known as the celebration of the Goodwill of Humanity. During this Full Moon, which will occur this year on June 7th, the Love Nature of The Christ and the Enlightenment of the Buddha bathe the Earth and bless all Humanity.

AnonimaAnonima said...

Rafael, we all go through this soul searching, and it's necessary sometimes, so we know from within what is real and what is not. Even if a spacecraft would land in your backyard or if you meet God in person who can answer all of your questions, there are still so many things you want to figure out yourself.

I think the Federation of Light and others can help us to get the bigger picture and to answer some of our questions, but real awakening is an individual process we all go through, and we are the ones who need to "get it", not just with our minds but especially with our hearts. They can help us to get there, but we need to get it ourselves.

It's been a wild right for many of us, because awakening happens so fast. Perhaps we need to slow down a bit and spend some quality time with ourselves. To relax and to do the things we enjoy to do.

@Anonymous, the "aliens" are already here. If you consider the starseeds and awakened ones as aliens :)And many of them are in direct contact with their off-world family.

The connections are there and the preperations are being made. Those in the sky are sending us energetically and telepathically all the information and assistance we need. Those on Earth (who have a conscious connection) are aligning themselves more with the energies of the 5th dimension. And energetically we are already so connected that it's only a matter of time before First Contact can take place. I think "they" wait until the collective consciousness of humanity is ready to welcome them on Earth.

That's the reason of all these UFO sightings and crop circles, to open up the hearts and minds of humanity, so that everyone will be ready and not too shocked or surprised if First Contact becomes a fact.

And the "ground crew", the starseeds and lightworkers, are getting ready too, many of us are already counting the days...
So when? I personally think within two years or even sooner. If the vibes are right, the time is right.
We will know soon enough :)

Faith said...

Hi Blossom and Community-
I enjoyed that channeling about the crop circles- I keep a close eye on cropcircleconnector.com and have been amazed at a couple of 'fauna' images that have appeared recently, first a jellyfish and now a dragonfly. One can look up the symbolism of these creatures and get a lot of understanding. For example, I found that the jellyfish was a message for us to basically allow ourselves to surrender and FLOAT, like the jellyfish must, without any obvious propeller- and have FAITH that, in a way, your BOAT (row row..) will be guided to the right place.

My take on the part of the channeling where FOL said 'not of our knowing'- is that basically, like they said- they didn't produce the phenomena Blossom mentioned- they said there are myriad beings participating now, some who used to live on Earth. I think part of their point is that it isn't necessary to NAME every source, more like we should enjoy that it is a big party with lots of great entertainment from talented beings!

And congrats Kerrie on your lightship dream- I note that it went overhead, much like my dream where they were on the ceiling over my head...a good birthday present!

Anonymous said...

As The Feds have said they are us!


was asked by a subscriber if I could bring the collective forward for their responses on Crop Circles. How are they made? And for what purpose?
The collective come forward with their response saying that Crop Circles are made by the Circle makers? Who, exactly, are the Circle makers?

by MagentaPixie

JB said...

The FOL stated:
"yet we are a major part of that which is known to you as ‘The Light Of the world’."

Christ called himself the "light of the world" just before he made a blind man see.

John 9:5 -- As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world. (6) When he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, and made clay of the spittle, and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay

Makes one wonder where this is heading.

Blossom Goodchild said...

thought I'd just pop in here to say that 'my' interpretation of 'Light of the World' is LOVE.

Hello to everyone while I am here and to say THANKS for keeping it fit and healthy ... and so caring towards one another. I think I 'll come here for my holidays! Golden Rays. xx

Faith said...

I highly recommend a book titled 'Crop Circles Revealed; Language of the Light Symbols' by Judith Moore and Barbara Lamb. It has a mass quantity of information and includes something I haven't seen anywhere else- Judith channeled the 'meanings' of 67 circles. They turn out, somewhat like the youtube clip Kerrie provided, to be in part 'answers to our questions'. As in, they are the formulas for everything we need now. For example, one is a formula for purifying all of the earth's water! And one reverses plutonium poisoning! I think just by looking at the photos of the circles we are downloading quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Blossom what they said in todays channeling is everything I went through on Saturday, my breath was indeed taken away as the powerful energy went through every part of my body, it made me a little afraid,I think it is the fear of power consciousness or pain body as Echart Tolle calls it, I kept saying to myself you are just unfamiliar with it and are afraid ego will attach, you are pass that now, I even asked them some questions and one of the things I wrote is ALL IS WELL! I kept saying to myself feel it, own it,release fear and doubt, feel the power and then I became aware that my soul was smileing as if it was observing my mind trying to grasp what was happening, it was as if my soul felt that the ego (mind) was ok and not attaching its identity to it. And today I was so balanced and centered in self and I received a few love hits in the heart that were so strong, but instead of falling apart I was able to own them, I realized that the more love energy our bodies can hold, the more we can give out, maybe this is how we will heal our planet, it is as if when you are at that frequency there is no judgement or ego it just is.You are above the lower vibrations of the fear consciousness. This is true freedom. Love lifts us up where we belong! Jesus said all this and more shall you do too. I even asked White Cloud and I opened A New Dawn at the page where he talks about his life when he was a powerful healer , I opened the exact same page on both days!

The Feds (extracts 7/6/09)

Even to the point that as it merges with you, it can be known to literally take your breath away. This is perfectly acceptable, although it may appear a little unfamiliar to begin with.


The strength and energy that is building now is stronger … much stronger than you realise
Release the doubts and fears

We ask you to ‘FEEL’ this power and strength within you. It is of such Love.
FEEL IT.FEEL the power
Rise up dearest ones into the POWER OF LOVE. It is there for the taking … if it is not received it lies dormant.

I have this hanging on my wall

Marianne Williamson

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others"

Anonymous said...

Dear Blossom,

Please see the march 2009 talk from George Kavassilas I think its very importent for you to see.
I feel/read doubt in your answers and questions. In the beginning I felt good by what they said but I don`t anymore, and that is nót because of you dear Blossom but because the GFL..They stopt resonating with me ..it felt 'off'
Now I have seen the talk from George K. I am very sure they are nót the real thing. Please hear the talk....

With all respect..

A fan

Anonymous said...

Anonymous PLEASE they are NOT the GFO They are The Federation of Light and they made that clear at the very begining,I share your concerns over GFO I checked out your referal:

from George Kavassilas
Please understand the Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Council of Light of which I am a part is not the same as a group calling themselves the galactic federation of light. At the time I gave my 2004 presentation I too was being manipulated by the galactic federation of light, however the majority of information provided is valid.

From Me (Kerrie)
Please know that I have been around the net and DO NOT get taken in by the UFO hype, I am very spiritual focused as is Blossom and I have been told that the Masters are with me and I am very protected and this I truly believe, I have had too much proof of this and I KNOW my heart dear friend as I am sure Blossom does know of her heart. White Cloud is not going to be involved with beings that are not of light it would not be possible for such a great teacher of many years be other wise have you read his teachings? have you read any of Blossoms books? I did! all 4 of them in 3 weeks! I was awoken 2 years prior to all this by experiences of such Divine energy that I believe helps me to feel the truth in all this, be at peace. All is as it should be:) Love to you