Jun 12, 2009

Something fishy going on!!

Recently I have been blessed to inherit my sons Siamese fighter fish ... Trevor ... whilst my son and his girlfriend travel around Australia seeking further enlightenment ... and why not indeed!

However ... Trevor ... in these last days has been laying very low, and not really swimmimg ... which led me to believe he was off colour as swimming is what fish do best. This very morning at feeding time Trevor once again showed no sign of enthusiasm ... so I stood there for a bit and tried to tune in to his 'fissues!! I put my finger in the bowl to try and literally stir him up and found to my surprise that the water was freezing! I thought he may be tropical ... a guess ... so added some warm water ... careful not to boil him and then end up having to serve him up with chips and ketchup!

It is winter here in Australia and although beautiful sunshine outside ... inside ... my house in particular ... is absolutely freezing. When walking from outside to in it is like stepping into a freezer!

Aha! Trevor needs some sunshine! So I carried his bowl outside where he has remained for most of the day.

Trevor loves sunny wevver!!!

He is darting hither and thither and has revived his enthusiasm for living in a bowl with only a stone turtle for company. Never has Trevor assumed such a happy disposition.

And your point Blossom????

My point is ... that I am going to become a fish whisperer! My point is that if we just take a few minutes to tune in to anothers needs ... then we could make this world a much brighter place in a blink of an eye. We tend to rush about looking after our own needs and just assuming one is having an 'off' day ... which they may well be ... but instead of adopting a 'whatever Trevor' attitude ... if we just took a few moments to tune in to their requirements ... we might amaze ourselves with what frequency we actually tune in to and how such a small adjustment can make such a difference to someones day.

Yes, it is important to take care of our own needs ... but it is also important to look out for one another. Yes ... there are always plenty more fish in the sea ... but each fish is a part of this wonderful world that we are here to share with each other. And sharing requires caring.

That's all I wanted to say really. Lets try to be more 'in tune' with each other. It only takes a minute of our time ... and by doing so ... it can not only enhance the kind of day another may have ... but the joy is in watching a friend splash about in the water ... knowing that your thoughtfulness for that one minute of time given ... made all the difference to the drop in the sea becoming an ocean.

Golden Rays ... and good wishes to all fishes!

Blossom xxx


Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts from you as I sit, almost ready for bed, listening to "If Everyone Cared" by Nickleback. Weird moods striking at me from all over and hoping that some BIG changes, announcements, revelations or discoveries make themselves known soon. Love, Light, Compassion and Gratitude to All!
Can't get my ID to work, so I'm annon'n this.

Sahari said...

You've touched my heart. It then occurred to me that those of us who will accompany Terra in her ascension WILL be Earth Listeners. And eventually we won't need to 'take a minute out' to tune in because that will just BE the way we ARE. We won't be living in the illusion of our separate 'selves' anymore.

Thank you Blossom for giving us the perfect expression of this truth!

Anonymous said...

Blossom, you should teach your son that having a fish in a bowl is not the most humane and spiritual thing to do. Don't you think that fish would prefer to live in an open ocean rather than a bowl?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the recent crop circle on www.cropcircleconnector.com ?
Fishy coincidence? I think not!!!!
check it out!!! Very exciting

Anonymous said...

Everything is spiritual.

You, as your Creator Self, created a hologram and "stuck yourself inside it", and it was the most loving and creative act. And you, being God, adapted beautifully and learned to create within this "unnatural environment" with amazing skill.

A bowl of water for a fish, which is God also, is a lovely environment for exploration and experience. Of course, if the fish had a human consciousness, maybe not. But that's the beauty of the fish! It doesn't have a veiled consciousness! It's awareness is that it is life itself, never imprisoned, never in need, never separate. It is what it is, existing within what is, perfectly at home.

Sounds pretty spiritual to me!

How "at home" do you feel? :-)


Victoria said...

When I read the FOL message today, I couldn't hold my tears!

When I was a baby my mother used to called me "a petal of a pink rose". Actually, she has never stopped calling me that. That is my nickname that only she calls me when she sees me in the morning. She has told me many times that the reason she started calling me that was because since I was a baby every time I woke up in the morning and smiled at her I reminded her of a pink rose and since I was so small she called me only "a petal of a pink rose". Now I realized that we ALL are petals of ONE pink Rose of Love.

In my post on "Awakening" at http://2012-ready.blogspot.com/
I mentioned a most overwhelming experience of a dream about finding a dying little girl and I sense the FOL pals want me to share it with you now:

"...One night after reading an article on the internet about the importance of connecting with our “inner child” I asked my God-self before falling asleep to “please let me meet my inner child”. That same night I had an overwhelming dream. In the dream I found a little girl of about 4 years of age that was dying in a dark room. When I held her in my arms, with her last breath she said to me:

“I only wanted to play with the animals but it got really dark and cold. I was hungry and scared all alone”.

As she died in my arms I cried and gave her all my love. I could feel all her pain, fears, desperation and sadness. I thought to myself I “feel pity for her”. Then I heard a voice behind me saying,

“It is not pity, it is unconditional love. Look at what the power of unconditional love can do”

I looked at the little girl as she turned into a beautiful Being of Light! I kept crying and as I brushed her hair I asked her what her name was. She said

“My name is Rosita (little rose in Spanish) and NOW the whole world can hear me!”.

She then turned into a bright light and I woke up crying. The feeling was so overpowering that I had to get up to breathe and I cried for weeks!"

One day while crying about this dream and about how much pain I was in because of my sickness and trying to make sense of my life, I asked myself “what is happening to me?” The answer came from within me:


I said Meta what? The answer came again:

“You are changing”

I said into what?

“Into your True Self”

Then I asked “Why is this happening to me?”

Once again from within the answer came:

“Because of this you are going to help many people. In order to best understand and help Humans you had to be a Human yourself”...

That dream has marked my heart with a big X and has changed me ever since. I can't forget about it. I ponder about it constantly and it never stops being present in my awareness!!!

In January of last year I got inspired to paint a pink rose in memory of my inner child "Rosita". (See a picture of my painting on the right column at http://2012-ready.blogspot.com/ .

Now it ALL makes sense to me in the light from the FOL messages.

As each one of us learns to FEEL "pure unconditional Love" for our Inner Energy Self, we transform ourself to the Being of Light we truly are. Only when we KNOW this Love for Self we can give it out to the world and help lift it from fear, separation and darkness to simply Love and Light. Then we can say surely "Now the World can hear me!"

Because mother Earth is waiting to hear the voice of her children as they awake in Oneness to sing the only tune there ever is, LOVE.

Doesn't this "Mark the Spot"?
The spot is YOU within the awareness of your LIGHT!

What else can I say? The FOL have their agenda and "the glorious plan" is indeed unfolding as it has been for a very, very, very long time!

I LOVE them so much as I love YOU!

Thank you Blossom!!!!

AnonimaAnonima said...

It's interesting that the Feds and my guide use exactly the same metaphors. Sometimes quite strange metaphors like...zebras. And yesterday we talked exstensively about love, opening the heart chakra and roses.

What I have learned is that it's not easy for most humans to create directly from their thoughts, because we have trouble focusing thoughts, and it's also not very helpful if we're not really sure what we want to create. Thoughts create, that's true, but first you need to know what you want to create and to hold that thought with the right intention and feed it with the right energy. Visualization and using our imagination abundantly increases our focus and the positive energy. But the best way to increase the positive energy is to feel, feel, feel! If you want to create heaven on Earth you need to 'drench' yourself and your heart in the things, thoughts, feelings and activities you LOVE. You cannot create joy if you don't feel joyful. That's why it's so important to be more playful, to have more fun and to watch silly or cute YouTube videos, because it enlightens our mood and it raises our vibrations.

My guide actually says: fall in love all the time, be in love all the time, name that love, say out loud I LOVE YOU, nurture that love, hold it, caress it, become that love. And of course one rose is not enough, plant your garden and your day dreams full of roses, fall asleep on a bed of roses and let LOVE kiss you awake :)

overzicht@hotmail.com said...

Nice Blossom, put a smile on my face! And what a lovely name for a fish :) Take care!

Sahari said...

As I finished Terra's latest message (http://godandearth.com/terra3.htm) on my laptop, I clicked to Blossom's site see if the FOL had left a new message. Earlier that day, in the midst of struggling, I had insisted that I needed validation in order to continue posting Terra's words.

And there it was.

Blessings to us all!

frosti said...



Pearl velvet for the smooth skin
Crystals and fairy dust for magic

Hollographic plastics for all the colors of the Universe
Imortality from the ashes, that he can never die

A sleep within a dream, to awaken the ideia and enlightment
A mirror horn, to reflect and bow, our relation with divine

An existant diamond frame, to be nude and pure, in the place that all exists
And a shooting star, of a single moment in time, to make that wish come true

Will you show it to the Federation of Light please? it has the power to make a dream come true.

Much love

Dave, UK said...

I grew up in an environment where pets/animals were dirty or wrong, and into my 20s was afraid of dogs for example.

Since my early 30s when going into someone's house where a dog resided I simply tried to meditate and "reach out" to the animal. It always works and the animal in question always moved close to me and showed affection.

As Blossom's readings indicate, ALL of us on Earth, in whatever form we take, are here to experience the reawakening that all "God's" creatures are part of the ALL and we are interconnected in the highest sense.

AnonimaAnonima said...

Love is gentle as a rose
And love can conquer any war
It's time to take a stand
Brothers and sisters join hands
We got to let love rule


Faith said...

Sahari- thank you for your beautiful dream about your inner child. With Love- thank you for the bed of roses image....and Blossom - thank you for more beautiful messages- I read in the Arcturian channelings by Patricia Pereira that the scent of a rose is a 5th dimensional experience..that by inhaling it you actually go into the 5th dimension for the moment.

Anonymous said...

sat nam, blessings on this golden evening ~ and I'm taking a note from a previous writer & going the anon route, cus otherwise I dont get posted.. hmm. wanted to say for Trevor fishie try using a heating pad under his bowl that is what our little water froggie injoys during the colder times and also please make sure the tank water is either distilled or let the tap water sit for a day or so to allow the chemicals to release otherwise it may be byebye fishie.. and we want to take good care of Twevver!
Amen to tuning in, being aware of others - part of All One ! lightswords 4ever. golden pink rays,

Blossom Goodchild said...
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Anonymous said...

My fish story:)

My fish looked weird swimming around with its mouth opened, after 2 days of doing this and not eating I decided action was required, so I took him out of the water and looked down his mouth and saw nothing, put him back into the water and watched him swimming around and not looking very happy, well he didn't FEEL very happy, I took him out again pointy nose tweezers in my hand and followed my feelings and started pulling at something that just looked like part of the fishes mouth, I kept putting this poor wiggling creature in the water to breathe and then pulling this thing that I FELT shouldn't be there and out came a long clear plastic cap that the fish had sucked up with the top facing towards the back I replaced a much happier fish back in the tank and he went about eating again:)Blossom I have sooo many strange animal stories, the stray pet rat that found me (I love rats) my sons fat pony that tried to turn around in the skinny horse float and when I came out to check on it it had fallen over and got stuck upside down on its back!
any time you need material for your childrens books I've got heaps:)