Jan 20, 2008


Sometimes I am shocked at how some souls of this planet are still so fast asleep. I don't mean that in any disrespectful way ... after all it is their choice to remain asleep and as White Cloud teaches ... who are we to judge another? For we do not walk in their moccassins!

I do not consider myself 'strange' because of what I KNOW to be my Truth. And yet, even in this day and age , with so much overt discussion regarding ones spirituality, there are still so many that squirm at words such as ...VIBRATION... ENERGY ...MEDITATION ... YOGA ... ... ... anything to do with finding out who we really are ... anything that benifits the soul ... they turn away for another sip of G&T and hope the offending conversation will quickly abort!

I guess its not that often when another asks what one does that the reply is ... (not before a missed heart beat, I might add) 'Em ...I'm an Actor , Author and Channelling Medium!'

' Oh thats nice dear, another scone?"

Not that I'm knocking the scone offers you understand. It makes me smile really. One minute you can be having a lovely conversation about the state of the weather and the price of the veggies and then the inevitable question is asked ... the reply is given ... the scone is presented and you find yourself suddennly alone with only a spot of butter and teaspoon of jam for company! Where is that vicar when you need him most!

Yet the joy... THE JOY ... when you meet another soul of Light , who's instant mutual rapor can only ... in my eyes ... be put down to 'recognition' ... coupled with the sharing of information that uplifts the soul to such a degree that the memory of the scone lady has become a distant crumb.

It is quite astonishing is it not, that the snoring souls think that those of us who are no longer in a dream are few and far between? Like attracts like I guess. If they were to go on the net and look up recipes for the soul instead of recipes for scones, they would find there are MILLIONS of us who have come to understand that THE TRUTH is the FEELING we receive from our INNER CORE and there ain't nothin' and no-one that would ever lull us back to sleep.

It is a relief to KNOW that for everyone that thinks that what I do is 'odd' there are many many many souls who have opened their eyes, and the Light they have found is beyond explanation.

I desire with all my heart to share White Cloud's wisdom. It has come to the aid of so many at the exact time and allowed souls to literally change their life around. I have no ego in this , for I am just the honoured vessel that agreed to be used. I KNOW in my heart that his wisdom can SHOW THE WAY to many who walk in the mists of lost Truths. I KNOW too that we are all here to 'LIGHTEN UP' not just ourselves but the planet. That is what we came here to do. To assist in the LIFTING of our present vibration into a HIGHER ressonance that matches the frequency of who we are choosing to become.

Fellow Light Seekers, Light workers, Light Bulbs!! ( Sorry, just had to)) ... Lets spread the word of HOPE and JOY and ABUNDANCE. Lets share the ways in which we have come to understand the LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE. Lets LOVE like we have never before LOVED and CHANGE the way things APPEAR to be ... into the way that we know IS.

Its up to us down here on this miniscule dot called planet Earth to do what we came to do.

So SMILE and get on with it.

You KNOW who you are and you KNOW it makes sence.

Here endeth another lesson!
Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays to all.
Bloss. www.blossomgoodchild.com

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